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One for her....Local Hotel

I sat back and signed into MSN, desperately hoping that you would be online. We had spoken the day before and had arranged to spend all of this evening chatting on MSN, and agreed to meet online at 7pm. Its 5 to 7, as I excitedly entered my screen name and password into my laptop. MSN opened up and I quickly looked for your name. There you were!!! I typed a quick message inviting you to chat and a new window popped up. " Hi" you said.

We started chatting as I sat there drinking my bootle of beer in my room, and you sipping your glass of wine at your home. It wasn't long before we were flirting, and my imagination was going crazy about meeting you in person. Unfortunately, you lived hundreds of miles from me and you wasn't likely to visit my area in the near future. We carried on chatting, and I asked you what else you had planned tonight. You told me that your only plans were to sit at your computer with a bottle of wine and to chat to me! Sounds good to me I thought!

We chatted for an hour or so with our conversation getting more personal and intimate as time went on. The alcohol had made us both a bit tipsy, and it wasn't long before we were both sharing many of our own wildest fantasies!. You were so much wishing that we could just meet right now, but you knew that was impossible because of the distance. I sat in my room thinking exactly the same thing...but I on the other hand, knew that it WAS very much possible.

Out of the blue, I asked that if you had the chance, would you meet me right now? You paused for a second and said "Yes, of course!".

" staying in the Hilton hotel 5 mins from your house" I casually threw into the coversation! Your heart skipped a beat as you tried to decide wether I was being serious or not. I had to convince you that I was indeed only 5 minutes away, and asked you to join me in my hotel bar for a few drinks. You quickly agreed, and excitedly ran upstairs for a shower and to get dressed.

I sat at the hotel bar, switching my glances between the clock on my mobile phone and the entrance door, with my heart skipping a beat every time someone walked in. Suddenly, right on time, you pushed the door open and slowly looked around the bar looking for me. I jumped off my stool and walked over to you, smiling, making you aware it was me. You smiled and I gave you a welcome hug and kiss on your cheek. You were everything and more than I had imagined and hoped for. You smelt devine as I kissed your cheek, and your figure was as amazing as your photo as I hugged you briefly.

I ordered drinks and we sat in a quiet little corner in the bar. We sat there for ages with the time going so quickly as we drank wine, chatted and flirted. Occasionaly my hands would run across your fingers and arms as we talked, making my body tingle. You looked stunning in your dress that had now ridden up high over your your knees showing off your amazing legs encassed in the the finest sheer barely black stockings. You had the sexiest high heeled sandals on that showed off your painted toenails through the reinforced nylon of your stockings. It was the most erotic and horny sight, and I was doing everything I could to stop myself from running my fingers slowly up and down those gorgous smooth silky legs! Not a good idea in a packed hotel bar though, I thought to myself.

We ordered our food and talked non stop about everything and anything, feeling so comfortable and open together. I was absolutely mezmorized by your beauty and your lovely eyes and lips as you spoke.

After a few hours, the bar was very packed and people were invading our space, so I sheepishly suggested that we take some wine up to my room for the remainder of the evening. It was hard to contain my relief and excitment as you agreed. I took your hand and led you through the crowded bar to the lift. As the doors closed on the lift, I pulled you close and you rested your head on my shoulder. I smelt your hair, and your perfume as I rested my head on yours. My hands tightly around your waist, pulling you close and holding your amazing body, before the doors opened and we walked to my room.

I swiped the card to let us in. You walked over to the big kingsize bed and sat down as I poured the wine. You were actually quite tipsy by now and I turned on the TV and said that I quickly needed a shower. You relaxed as I showered and after several minutes, I came out of the bathroom and I saw you lying there with your eyes closed, half asleep, relaxing face down on the bed. Your dress had ridden up over the backs of your legs and you looked so horny and sexy lying there.

I walked over and sat next to you, putting my hand on your back and asking if your ok. You smiled and sighed, nodding yes to me. I run my hand gently along your back, and up to your neck, rubbing your shoulders, then down your arms, before planting a small kiss onto your neck. Then another..and another. You feel my lips tease your neck..then your ears..then your cheek, as you lay there face down with your head to the side. You feel my lips planting kisses on your cheek, getting closer to your lips..closer still...before our lips met for the first time. Tasting your soft lips as they open slightly, and our tongues wet. Our kiss gets harder, wetter as I explore your lovely mouth with my tongue. My fingers running over your body as we kiss.

I trace my tongue, so lightly along your cheek, to your neck again with my fingers running down your spine. Going lower and onto your lovely bum. My lips following closely, planting kisses down your back which you can feel through your thin dress. My fingers run across your bum cheek and down the back of your dress, onto your lovely smooth nylon covered legs. Teasing you as my finger traces its way downwards, followed closely by my lips planting gentle kisses, right down the backs of your sensitive legs to your ankle. I slip your heels off as I kneel at the bottom of the bed, running my fingers along the soles of your feet...not tickling...just nice slow sensual rubbing. My kisses run along your leg, as you feel my wet tongue run slowly along your foot and to your toes. My fingers massaging your tired achy feet as my tongue explores around your toes, nibbling and gently sucking through the thin sheer nylon. Im pinching myself to know im doing that to you..its good! You lay there totally relaxed as I do the same to both of your feet and toes...massageing, kissing..nibbling..sucking.

You feel my tongue run along the back of your legs again...going higher. My hands rubbing and carresing your lovely legs...pushing your dress higher..followed by my kisses. My hands push your dress up and over your stocking tops and onto your shapely bum. As I look up and find im in heaven. My heart skips a beat as my fingers carress your bum cheeks...followed by my gentle kisses. You turn over onto your back as I run my hands up your body..gently over your breasts...carressing you slowly through your lacy bra. Your eyes closed as I lean over you...kissing you passionately once more..holding you tight..pulling you into my body. You reach out for the glass of wine and take a big mouthfull...and as you do..I kiss you hard...beckoning you to spit some in my mouth. My mouth fills with the wine from your wet mouth, as I swallow.

I lift your skirt over your head, exposing your lovely breasts in your lacy bra. I carress them as we kiss...teasing your nipples... kissing them..licking..sucking, as I remove your bra. I go lower.. kissing your skin along your belly..going lower as you lay back...legs slightly apart..feeling my tongue go lower. You feel my wet tongue planting kisses as it runs along your navel. My tongue runs slowly down and along the inside of your thigh. Your legs wide apart now as I move them. My kisses going up your other thigh, teasing you feel my tongue run hard across your can feel it on your button...darting across. The sensation is so nice....getting wetter. I lick and kiss before gently running my tongue along your wet pussy..exploring you..tasting your juices. My tongue delves inside as you run your fingers through my hair. My hands under your bum cheeks..pulling your pussy into my mouth as I lick, and tease your clit.

Your legs now over my shoulder...feet on my back as you lay there, feeling my tongue take you to heaven, doing exactly as you love it too. Your so close to cumming, as you feel my tongue run from your clit, slowly...downwards...along your pussy....exploring inside...then going lower..lower! You shudder as my tongue runs slowly across your anus...its so sensitive...darting across your ass rude, so taboo! But such a lovely feeling and an amazing turn on, as my fingers explore your pussy. I take your fingers and guide them into your pussy..soaking them. Then guiding them from inside you..into my mouth to suck, as I tease your bumhole with my wet tongue. Then my tongue back to your pussy as you play with your clit..rubbing yourself to a massive orgasm as my tongue licks and sucks your pussy..drinking your wetness..swallowing all your lovely juices.

You lay there exhausted, as I kiss you tasting your own juices from my mouth...before I pass your wine and I strip off in front of you.

You lay there exhausted by the sheer intensity of your orgasm. I kneel naked by the side of the bed, kissing your cheek and running my hand down your back. You lay face down with your head in the pillow as I ease your legs gently apart and I kneel at the bottom of the bed. You feel my tongue and fingers run gently across the soles of your feet, savouring the silky smooth sensation of the thin nylon stockings stretched tightly around your feet and legs. I linger over your toes, and feet, before running my tongue and fingertips up the backs of your now sensitive legs and over your stocking tops onto your tanned skin. Now im feeling VERY rude so I take your hands and place them on your bum cheeks. You realise what I want to do to you now, and as my tongue gets closer, you ease your cheeks apart, exposing your beautiful perfect ass hole. You feel my tongue run slowly across it…its so sensitive, so rude, but we both love it, so much! You feel the tip of my tongue tease your anus, all over, before gently pushing inside, probing and teasing, exploring and licking inside your ass hole. The thoughts going through your head, the feelings you felt, the idea that I had my tongue deep up your ass and that I was loving it…those thoughts turned you on even more and more!

I got on the bed and pulled you on top of me in a 69 position, you taking me in your mouth and sucking, kissing and working my hard cock with your tongue, lips and fingers. My legs in the air as I feel your wet tongue trace down over my balls to my asshole. I nearly explode as I feel your tongue delve into my tight ass, slipping deep inside. You tongue my ass as I lay there in heaven, feeling your wet tongue and hot breath on my so sensitive ass hole.

My tongue explores your soaking pussy…firstly gently licking your clit, then passionately licking inside while sucking your juices into my mouth to taste and swallow. As I lick you, my fingers explore your ass, still wet with my saliva from my tongue. My fingers ease into your ass as I lick your pussy but you start to realise something! The wine is starting to take effect in more ways than one and you realise that you are suddenly bursting to pee! You tell me that you need the toilet, but I refuse to let you go and I hold you in that 69 position, licking your pussy and ass, but you cant relax now…its starting to hurt your bladder and the pain is getting unbearable. You struggle to climb off but the more I battle with you, the more we both laugh and the more you need to pee!

You half manage to climb off but I hold you on the bed. Now, somehow, your sitting on my chest but your laying back so the back of your head is on my cock! I feel your hair brushing against my cock as I pull your bum closer towards my mouth. Your legs either side of my head as you feel my tongue flick against your ass hole, before going up to your wet pussy, licking and tasting and then back to your tight wet anus. I pull your bum cheeks closer and you feel my wet slippery tongue slip easily deep up inside your lovely anus. But your now in such a state..the extacy of my tongue flicking between your ass hole and your pussy and the agony of holding your pee in. Your stomach is killing you now, your bladder bursting, but you cant let it out as I lick you!

I carry on, ignoring your attempts to climb off me as I hold you there. The sensations now driving you crazy..such a massive turn on, the different sensations clashing and sending the most amazing feelings from your toes all the way through your body. Im licking you and as you squirm and fight, I feel warm trickles of your pee run down my lips and tongue as I lick you. It turns me on even more, and now your so close to cumming again…so close. Our positions have become frenzied now as you cant hold it no more but I refuse to let you go until you cum. Now your playing with your clit to make the amazing feelings even more intense, and its only seconds for the combined feelings of your bursting bladder, my tongue in your ass and your fingers on your clit to make you reach the biggest orgasm you ever had. You sit up over my face…pushing your pussy down onto my tongue and open mouth as your body convulses with a magical orgasm, but at the same time you lose control of your self and my mouth fills instantly with your juices and warm pee as you let everything out at once. I swallow and feel your warm pee flow down my throat and hit my stomach as your squirm and push your pussy down onto my face, still cumming intensly. My face and hair soaked, not to mention the bed!!! But WOW!!! What a feeling! You look down at my soaking face and my eyes and bend down and gave me the sexiest, wettest kiss ever, before I took your hand and lead you to the shower.....

But thats another story!!!

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