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Smoke gets in his eyes

A beautiful woman smoking always gets him off
He sat at the edge of the bed, naked and full of anticipation.

She was topless, her full breasts swinging as she moved. She was beautiful, with short, dark hair done in a pixie cut.

She bent down to take his penis in her hands, but he stopped her.

"You know what I like", he said, pointing at the pack of cigarettes on the nightstand.

The woman took a cigarette from the pack and put it in her mouth. Her mouth was painted in deep red lipstick, which stained the end of the cigarette as soon as it met her lips.

He began to feel himself getting hard at the sight of the cigarette dangling from those oh-so-red lips. Soon she would light it and his journey would begin.

With the butt still held between her lips, she removed her skirt and panties. She could see that he was becoming more aroused. She smiled, knowing that he wouldn't last too long.

"Go ahead, light it", he said. "I want to feel your breath on me when you smoke it."

She did as he requested, lighting the cigarette, drawing deeply on it and then blowing the smoke toward his growing cock. The cigarette was unfiltered and harsh to her throat as she inhaled.

"Take a drag and then you can suck on it," was his next command.

She took a long drag on the cigarette, drew the smoke deep into her lungs and then took his now-hard cock into her mouth. She exhaled through her nose, the smoke gathering around his fully erect shaft.

He moaned, clearly excited by her actions. "I want to see the smoke come out your mouth," was his plea.

This time she drew in the smoke and slowly blew a long plume toward his penis. The smoke seemed to wrap around his cock, enveloping it like a fog. A small drop of cum had leaked out of the head and she bent down to taste it, then taking him fully into her mouth, sucking it as she took it.

This made his own breath quicken, as he knew his orgasm would be most satisfying.

She alternated her sucking between his cock and the cigarette, always remembering to show him the smoke escape her lips. He was beginning to move his hips and she sucked harder. Maybe he would cum soon, she thought.

He pulled her head away from his lap and told her to mount him. She complied.

His cock was thick, filling her pussy completely. She began to feel aroused herself, but knew she couldn't allow her pleasure to interfere with his. The instructions were implicit.

She rocked back and forth on him, all the while making sure she kept smoking the cigarette. It seemed to please him more when she took deeper drags, blowing thick lines of smoke onto his body.

His body convulsed, signaling the coming orgasm. She knew what to do next.

Before he could begin to cum, she dismounted and brought her mouth to his cock, wet with her juices.

As he began to cum, she kept blowing smoke on his cock. The cum sprayed into her mouth and onto her cheeks and nose. The end was in sight.

She took him into her mouth even as his cock convulsed, his cum spilling over her now-smeared lips.

When he was finished, she performed her final task. With her mouth coated with his semen, she drew deeply on the cigarette one final time and exhaled, the smoke escaping her glistening lips.

He sat up and took an envelope from the nightstand. He gave it to her. She had earned it tonight.

She rose from the bed, hastily dressed and turned toward the door.

And with that, she was gone like a whisp of smoke...

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