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Tie Me Up, Don't Tie Me Down

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Marcy lay hancuffed and blindfolded on the bed and waited for Tom .....
Marcy and Tom checked into the hotel. Tom had a look of excitement on his face that wasn’t shared by his wife. She’d been left at home to look after the children. Marcy, his mistress, didn’t share the look of excitement either. Quite frankly, she was getting somewhat bored by Tom and his idea of a good time. She knew exactly what he had in mind for her. The stockings and suspenders, the half-cup bra, the handcuffs, the blindfold, the gag …..

How many times had they been through this scenario? At least twenty, over the years. It was always the same. Always for his gratification. The first couple of times it had been exciting. Sneaking away for the weekend and checking into a hotel somewhere. Going up to the room. Taking out the toys …..

She’d enjoyed at first but now she didn’t even come. In fact she couldn’t remember the last time she had come with Tom. He didn’t ask. Ever. So long as he was alright. So long has he felt satisfied, that was all that mattered to him. Marcy wandered why she carried on with this farce of an affair. True she had been deeply attracted to Tom in the early days. She even believed it when he said he would leave his wife and kids for her. She knew now that that would never happen. Maybe she would pluck up the courage to end it, this time, as she had been intending to for months now.

The check-in clerk handed Tom his credit card back and called over to a young man standing close by.

“Jake, take Mr and Mrs …” he stopped and looked down at the register. “…Smith’s bags to room 435.”

Jake wondered over nonchalantly and Marcy inspected the easy swagger with which he walked. He was tall and muscular and the tight trousers he was wearing showed a bulging crotch that she couldn’t help but notice. Notice and want. Some young cock. Now, that would be exciting. That would get her juices flowing again.

Jake picked up their bags and signalled for them to follow him. Tom walked off behind him leaving Marcy to bring up the rear. She didn’t mind his rudeness. It gave her a chance to inspect and compare.

Jake’s black hair was back-combed and reached down to the collar of his white shirt which was tight enough to show off the muscular form beneath. His buttocks looked firm and taught as he strode off in front of them. In comparison Tom’s receding hairline and bald patch were almost meeting and his paunchy form wasn’t enhanced any by the trousers that were fastened below his belly. And brown shoes with black trousers????? Whatever possessed her to find this man attractive had been long lost by now.

Marcy sighed as she followed them into the lift. She positioned herself between the two men and noticed the difference in their smell. Tom smelled faintly of sweat. His increasing weight caused him to perspire more readily these days and she could smell him now as they stood there. Jake, on the other hand, had the smell of youth about him. It wasn’t just the aftershave and deodorant he was wearing. There was a smell of freshness about him. Marcy shifted her weight so that she was touching him. It sent a shiver of excitement through her. Jake turned his head towards her and smiled slightly and then the lift stopped at the fourth floor and the doors were opening. Tom stepped out and marched off in the direction of their room leaving Marcy and Jake to follow at their own pace.

Now it was Marcy’s turn. She walked ahead of Jake and slowed the pace right down. She was wearing six inch stilettoes and she swung her hips from side to side as she walked in the hope that Jake was watching her behind. Then he was walking by her side.

“I hope you enjoy your weekend with us, Mrs Smith,” he said to Marcy.

Marcy turned towards him and her heal went over sideways tumbling her into Jake. No accident of course. He dropped the bags to catch her. She noted how solid his body felt and how firm his grip was as he caught her by the arms. Something to fantasise about later, maybe, this young hunk, while Tom was doing his thing.

This bit of amateur dramatics hadn’t gone unnoticed.

“Come on Marcy. What do you think you’re playing at?” Tom asked as he waited impatiently outside their room. “You don’t think he’s going to be interested in you, do you?”

“The pig,” Marcy thought to herself. “The fucking pig. It’s not as if I’m over the hill yet.”

“No harm done,” Jake replied for her. “It must be a bit difficult walking in heels that high. Not that I’ve ever tried.”

Marcy straightened herself up and they caught up with Tom who was looking ever more impatient. Jake unlocked the door and they entered the room. He crossed over to the bed and, after depositing the bags, turned to Tom and waited.

“Will that be all, Sir?”

“Yes, yes,” Tom replied ushering him out of the room. The door closed in his face.

“Miserable old skinflint,” Jake muttered to himself and he stood there empty handed for a second before turning and making his way back along the corridor.

Inside the room Marcy inspected her surroundings. The hotel and the room had been carefully selected, by Tom, to meet the criteria of his needs. Namely an iron bedstead to which he could tie Marcy. Other than that it was pleasant enough. The décor was a bit flowery for Marcy’s taste but then she wouldn’t get see much of it anyway so what did it matter?

Tom was straight into his bag and extracting the underwear he had bought for her.

“Put these on,” he commanded.

“Hold your horses, lover boy,” Marcy replied. “I’m going to have a shower first. Maybe you should do the same.”

A look of irritation passed over Tom’s face.

“Well, make it quick,” he demanded. “I’m desperate for you, babe.”

Marcy turned and entered the bathroom locking the door behind her. She quickly undressed and looked at herself in the mirror. She was right. She was a long way from being over the hill yet. She had some slight wrinkling around the eyes and at the corners of her mouth. Some men found that deeply attractive, she knew. Pity Tom wasn’t one of them. Inspecting herself further she noted that her breasts were still full and firm. Ok, some slight sagging from their prime but what man wouldn’t appreciate them? Her waist was slim and her belly slightly rounded. She had to work hard to keep it that way and it pained her to know that her efforts went unappreciated. Her bum was still firm with only the slightest of stretch marks and her thighs showed very little cellulite. Marcy was proud of her body and had every right to be and if that idiot out there couldn’t see what he had then more the fool him.

Marcy turned on the shower and stepped in adjusting the heat so that it was comfortable. She didn’t like the water too hot. It made her skin go blotchy. She squeezed some shower gel into her open hand and began to rub it onto her skin. First her shoulders and then her breasts. They felt firm to her touch and she caressed them with her soapy hands. She loved the smoothness of the touch and her nipples responded by standing firm and erect. Next she moved down over her belly and lower, to her thighs. Her hand slid between her legs and she began to tease at her pussy. She could feel it moisten to her touch as she stroked the lips and slid two fingers into herself. Sliding them out again she played with her clit until she felt herself coming. All the time, she realised, she had been thinking about Jake and what it might be like to feel his cock inside her.

Stepping out of the shower to dry herself she could hear Tom knocking at the door.

“Come on,” he was saying. “What are you playing at in there?”

“What am I playing with?” Marcy silently corrected him.

Back in the room the paraphernalia for the games ahead were spread out, already, on the bed. Tom was holding the suspender belt and stockings.

“Put these on,” he demanded as he passed them to her.

Marcy fastened the belt around her tummy before twisting it round so that the hooks were at the back. Standing next to a chair she raised one leg its seat and slid one of the stockings over her foot and slowly up the length of her leg. She fastened it to the clasps that were dangling by her thigh and then repeated the process with the other stocking.

“Now this,” Tom ordered almost salivating at the prospect of what was to come.

Marcy wrapped the bra around her chest, under her breasts, and fastened it. Twisting it round she put her arms through the straps and lifted them onto her shoulders before adjusting her breasts in the cups. Her nipples stood out over the top of the material and she could see Tom staring at them.

“Now, lie down,” he said.

Marcy did as she was told. She stretched her arms up and out above her head. Tom took one arm and pulled it out towards the metal corner post. Taking a pair of handcuffs he fastened one of the bracelets round her wrist and the other to the bed. Walking quickly round to the other side he repeated the process with her other arm. Next he took one of the ankle cords and tied her foot to the bottom corner post. Moving to the other side he pulled her other foot outwards so that she lay with her legs splayed and her pussy exposed. This foot was also quickly tied to the bed.

Tom took the blindfold and slipped it over her head and covered her eyes. The gag followed suit. Now she was completely vulnerable. She felt him move from the bed and wondered what he would start with. The whip? The feather? Maybe just his hands. She felt a light tickling on her face. The feather. She felt it as it made its way down her cheek and onto her neck. Then it was on her breast and playing around her nipple.

Suddenly the phone was ringing. She felt the bed move as Tom shifted his weight and leaned over to pick it up.

“Yes, 435, what do you want?”


“What, now?” she heard Tom ask.

Silence again.

“Well can’t it wait ‘til later?” he was almost pleading.

“Ok, ok, I’ll come down now.”

“For fuck’s sake,” Marcy heard him saying to her. “Some problem with the credit card. I’ve got to go down to reception and sort it out. Back in a minute, babe.”

And he was gone. Marcy lay there and listened to the door close and then listened to the silence.

“Fucking great,” she thought to herself. “Tied up like a fucking turkey and then this happens.”

She resigned herself to a long wait so she was surprised when she heard the door opening and closing again a couple of minutes later.

“That was quick,” she tried to say. She had forgotten about the gag.

“Thagwargguig,” was what she heard coming out. Tom didn’t reply.

Marcy lay in expectation as she felt a hand caress her breast and gently squeeze at the nipple. That didn’t feel like Tom. He was much less considerate with his attention. She lifted her head and tried to speak again.

“Who is that?” she wanted to ask.

“Shhh,” she heard. “Lie still and enjoy it.”

“Is that you, Jake?” Marcy tried to ask.

“Shhh, just lie still. You don’t mind, do you?”

Marcy was sure it was Jake and, no, she didn’t mind. She shook her head to indicate as much and then she felt two hands stroking at her breasts and light kisses on her cheek and nose and then her chin. The hands moved down over her belly towards her groin and the lips descended to her breasts and she felt the mouth sucking at the nipples, first one and then the other. Her nips responded to the teeth that then gently began to nibble at them. She could feel them stiffen at the touch. A hand was stroking at the inside of her thigh and closing in on her wet pussy. Whoever this was, it wasn’t Tom but she didn’t care. Her passion was rising as she felt the fingers stroke at and then enter her. She let out a gasp through the gag. Then she felt the bed move and could sense the body kneeling before her exposed and vulnerable pussy. She wanted to feel a cock inside her and she wasn’t disappointed when she felt one pressing against her yielding wetness. It was a big one, and no mistake. It made her draw breath as it entered and started to move slowly in and out of her. The pace began to quicken and she could feel herself reaching a climax. And she let out a smothered scream as she came.

As the feelings subsided she felt the cock leave her. The weight of the body shifted and she felt the knees and thighs either side of her chest as her gag was removed. Her lips parted and she felt the head of a cock entering her mouth and she sucked hard at it moving her head up and down, as much as she was able, along the shaft. She could feel his balls on her chin from time to time as he pressed into her mouth and suddenly the cum was spurting to the back of her throat. The bitter, salty taste shocked her and she thought she might choke as she swallowed. Then the cock was gone and she felt more come on her tits and belly. After that, nothing for a while. She lay still waiting to see what might happen next. Her pussy was tingling, still, from her orgasm and she wanted more.

Then the weight shifted from the bed and she heard someone shuffling around. The door was opened and closed and the room sank into silence. It stayed like that for what seemed, to Marcy, like a long time before she heard the door open and close once again. And then Tom’s voice.

“Fucking idiots,” he was saying. “Couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.”

“Right, let’s carry on where we left off, shall we?”

Looking down at Marcy he was surprised.

“How did you get the gag off? he asked.

“Never mind that. Untie me,” Marcy commanded.

Tom was shocked but did as she asked.

“I leave the room for a few minutes and have to talk to that idiot, Jake, or whatever his name is and when I come back you’re like this. What’s going on?”

Marcy stops in her tracks at the sound of Jake’s name. If Tom has been talking to him then who was it in the room with her? Never mind.

“I’ve been meaning to say this for a long time,” she informs Tom. “We’re finished. It’s over I never want to see you again.”

She grabs her bag and leaves Tom sitting on the side of the bed looking shocked and dejected. Back down in the lobby she walks towards the exit and turning towards the desk she smiles at Jake who is standing there.

“Bye-bye Jake,” she says to him. “Take care.”

“Oh, I’m not Jake, Miss. I’m John. Jake’s my twin brother.”

At that moment Jake appears at John’s side and, as she smiles and makes her way out of the hotel, Marcy is left to wonder which of the twin’s sperm she had been swallowing a little while ago. She could have asked, she supposed, but did it really matter?

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