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Well Rounded Girls

Well Rounded Girls

A very pregnant Keri has some fun with the family's head of security.
Gooood morning Santa Anita! We have ourselves a scorcher today folks with a high of one hundred and- you’ve got to be joking- one hundred and four! Whoo! This summer is turning out to be real heat wave. In other news, the squirrels of city park have found an entertaining way to keep cool in the new fountain put in place by-

The radio cut off as a hand slapped down on the snooze button, knocking it off the nightstand with a clatter.

“Shit!” The owner of the hand grumbled, emerging from a tangle of sweaty sheets. Seven months ago Keri would have been able to roll right over and retrieve the damned thing. Now, as she tried, the massive roundness of her pregnant belly got in the way. Forced to flop on her back again, she groaned, lifting a hand to scrub at her eyes. She could swear she got larger over night.

Keri swung her legs out of bed and heaved herself upright. The thin cotton of her tank top rode high, and she yanked at it as she got down on her knees. With all the grace of a jet airplane she lunged forward, breasts and belly flat on the floor while her ass stayed in the air. She scrabbled around under her bed, swearing as she realized the radio was just out of reach. The door slid open almost soundlessly behind her, and she jumped, hitting her head, as her best friend spoke.

“Oh hey, you were expecting me!” Billie dropped to her knees behind Keri and grabbed her hips, pantomiming sex while her friend tried to get unstuck. Finally she bumped backwards, knocking Billie on her ass but getting herself out from under the bed. She was out of breath and red-faced, but the radio was in her hand.

“Really! Like I’m not horny enough- I don’t need you grinding on me!” she said, which just made the other girl laugh and wink at her. Billie stayed on the floor, striking a suggestive pose with her legs sprawled wide. She watched with great amusement as Keri hauled herself upright. Putting the radio back on her nightstand, she made a beeline for the bathroom connected to her room, not bothering to shut the door.

“So those horny preggo hormones finally kicking in?” Billie asked, raising her voice slightly.

“They’ve been “kicking in” since I was like five months,” Kerri replied, standing and pulling her panties up, flushing. She stripped her tank top over her head as she walked back into her room, tossing it on her rumpled bed and heading for the closet.

“No shit? Do a lot of-” Billie rubbed a hand over her pantie clad crotch and made an exaggerated O-face.

“You try finding a guy willing to do a hippo,” Kerri muttered glumly as she wrangled her swollen breasts into a lacy bra. They’d never been tiny, but now in the final stages of pregnancy they were massive, bigger than her head and incredibly sensitive to the touch. Just wearing a bra kept her in a constant state of low arousal, and she’d given up ever having panties that weren’t damp again. Billie came up behind her, hugging her waist and rubbing her bare belly.

“You aren’t a hippo, babes, you’re a MILF. By the way, your parents have that stupid dinner party thing this afternoon, your mom sent me up to make sure you were dressed since people are gonna start showing up soon to set up and she has…I dunno, something stupid to do.” Keri groaned as she remembered she was supposed to be in charge of preparations for the dinner party, and shook her friend off to start digging through her closet.

By the time late afternoon rolled around, Keri was exhausted. Her back ached, and she was too hot in the stiff pantsuit her mother always insisted she wear for “public” appearances. It was too big for her, and cut so squarely it was almost made for a man, but it hid the majority of her belly. As one of the most prestigious families in Santa Anita, the Durans were naturally horrified when their seventeen year old daughter turned up pregnant. It stung, but Keri really hadn’t been expecting any other reaction.

“Miss Duran?” A polite, maculine voice interrupted her thoughts, and she turned, not realizing how close she was to him. Her belly knocked into the tall man behind her, making her blush and step back, hitting a pedestal in the process. The vase of flowers on top went flying, and she barely caught it. He steadied her as she flailed, trying to keep her balance, and the minute she looked up to thank him she wished she could just sink into the floor. He was gorgeous! Her mouth worked soundlessly for a moment, and finally she coughed out an apology.

“Um, sorry. Still not used to being a human wrecking ball.” She patted her belly with her free hand, busying herself with putting the vase back so she didn’t have to meet the man’s stunning brown eyes. Hair the color of rich coffee curled around his ears, and even his skin held a dusky, warm tint to it, offsetting his black uniform. A silver crest with an eagle and a sword was embroidered on his breast pocket.

“No, I shouldn’t have sneaked up on you like that. My name is Nate Keller, I’m part of the company that will be providing security tonight.”

“Oh, nice to meet you. Keri Duran, somebody thought it was a good idea to leave me in charge.” She shook his hand, trying hard not to wonder whether his large hands would be able to hold all of her breasts. He laughed, giving her a grin that showed knee-weakening dimples.

“Looks like you’re just fine to me. Anyway, I was just checking in, we’ll get everything set up and then I’ll give you a tour of the safety precautions we’re putting in place.” He inclined his head to her as she nodded, and walked away.

She was still staring at his ass with a stupid grin on her face when Billie found her. Her mouth opened to say something sarcastic, but then she followed Keri’s gaze, and her mouth snapped closed again- a rare occurrence for her.

“There’s not a pair of pants in the world that would disagree with that ass. Who was that?” she finally asked, and Keri blinked.

“Um, Nate Keller. He’s doing security.”

“Yum, gotta love authority figures. By the way the caterer is all set up and those dudes with the flowers finally finished setting up the roses on the stairs. They need you to come approve things.” Keri nodded, shedding her jacket and putting it over a chair. It left her in a sleeveless silk blouse, instantly cooling her as she headed off to inspect the floral arrangements and dinner courses. These tasks suddenly seemed terribly mundane, especially when she kept catching glances of Nate working with his men to install cameras and carry in equipment. It kept her distracted imagining what he looked like shirtless, which in turn fired up her long neglected pussy. She hadn’t found any relief besides her own fingers the whole duration of her pregnancy, and her hormones were magnifying her libido beyond belief.

An hour later Nate found her again. His eyes flicked over her tight blouse and the deep cleavage it offered before coming back to a more professional level.


Like you wouldn’t believe- “Yes, looking forward to the tour,” she replied, quashing her thoughts and giving him a pleasant smile. They started in the foyer, where he showed her three cameras that panned around and covered the entire area. She could barely spot them in their hiding places, though one was clearly visible. “Why is that one out in the open?”

“If it gets disabled, there are still the other two as back-up. It’s like a decoy.” Keri’s eyes widened slightly, and he hastily added, “It’s just standard procedure. Everything will go smoothly tonight.”

They toured the main floor of the mansion, but Keri could hardly focus on what he was saying when she wanted to drag him into the nearest closet and tear that sexy uniform off him. Every so often he touched her casually, a hand on her arm or light fingers against the curve of her back. Twice he lingered just a second longer than was acceptable. Keri thought she was going crazy, imagining that he was flirting just because she wanted him. But the way he smiled at her and stole glances down her shirt when he thought she wasn’t looking told her differently. Finally they finished going through security, ending up standing away from the crowd in the mostly empty dining room.

“Well, it looks like everything is covered, you do good work,” she commented, toying with the string of pearls around her neck.

“My company is rated highly in customer satisfaction. I have to go give my men one last briefing before guests arrive.” He grinned at her, shifting past at close enough quarters that his hip brushed her belly. The baby kicked, and she rubbed at the spot where he was sitting, looking after Nate a moment longer before hurrying off to find Billie. Her friend was going to love this.

That night Keri ate quickly, eager to get out from under the poisonous look her mother was shooting her across the table when everyone else was occupied. Rather than hiding her condition, Keri had chosen to flaunt it in a tiny black dress that hugged every inch of her luscious new curves. She knew she was the topic of some debate among the guests, but chose to ignore them as well. Finally she excused herself quietly, hurrying out of the dining room and out a side door.

Outside, it was finally cooling down. She stole out onto the stone patio in the back yard, slipping out of her heels and leaving them there as she padded across the soft grass towards the private gardens. It was a place she liked to wander, and the only place she had any real privacy thanks to her mother’s pollen allergy and the fact that her father was never home.

Tucked off in a corner was a gazebo with climbing roses twisting up the latticed walls, her favorite hiding place. She stepped inside, sinking down on one of the benches with a low moan of relief as the near constant pressure came off her back. Unconsciously her legs drifted wider to be more comfortable, bringing a light breeze snaking up her inner thighs to chill the gusset of her damp panties. Figuring she was alone, Keri hiked her dress up around the bottom of her belly and reached down to stroke her pussy over the thin lace. At first she only applied light pressure, but as she got hornier she finally thrust a hand inside her panties, teasing her fingers between the silken lips of her slippery pussy. The lightest touch against her clit made her gasp softly, body jumping as she pressed firmly and started to rub. Her head lolled back, eyes dropping closed as she let her imagination take over. She went straight to the good stuff, skipping over the preliminaries of mentally undressing her hunky security guard and moving on to what he looked like naked.

Her imagination filled in the blanks of what his uniform covered, painting the picture of masculinity in bronze skin stretched over a tightly muscled body. Her fingers increased their pace as she mentally panned down his flat stomach and hips, to the prize between his legs- A surprised sound made her eyes pop open, and her lips parted in shock as she saw the star of her private fantasy standing in the entrance to the gazebo. Nate was frozen, eyes riveted on her busy fingers. Keri decided to take a gamble, and spread her legs wider with a sly smile, patting her inner thigh in a clear invitation.

He pressed the small speaker in his ear, saying quietly, “I’m taking my break.” Then he pulled it out, thumbing a button and stowing it in his pocket as he came forward. Keri stood to meet him, and he pulled her straight into a scorching kiss that made her toes curl. One hand grabbed her ass firmly, while the other surprised her by rubbing the side swell of her massive belly. He pulled her dress up even further, exposing her belly to the warm night air and the roughness of his palm. She moaned, grabbing his wrist and steering his hand up to one of her breasts. Her nipple peaked against his palm, and she whimpered as he tried his best to get all of the lush flesh to fit in his hand. Nate pulled back to nuzzle her neck, pushing her panties down and rubbing an exploratory hand up between her legs.

“I need you,” she whispered as she wrestled with his thick leather belt, distracted every two seconds by reaching down an inch to rub his hardening cock through the heavy fabric. Her pussy was practically dripping down his hand, twitching and reminding her that he still wasn’t inside her. Nate responded by turning her around and pushing her forward until she was kneeling on the bench with her legs spread wide. There was the sound of his zipper coming down, and she wiggled her ass in anticipation, leaning forward so her belly could rest against her thighs instead of hanging so heavily. The head of Nate’s thick cock nudged between her pussy lips, gliding into her an inch.

“Fuck you’re wet!” He growled, grabbing her hips and pushing the rest of his length into her in two thrusts. Keri moaned as she was finally filled, stretched wide around his cock. He fucked her hard without bothering to start slow, fingers digging into her plump hips with each forward motion. The heat slicking her skin made her hard to hold onto, and she was surprised as he leaned forward, wrapping his arms around her to grasp her belly. It gave him better leverage to fuck her harder, and she cried out as he snaked a hand down to start rubbing her clit. Keri pressed a hand over her mouth, hips rolling up to allow him to get as deep as he could. Something about his ragged breathing against her neck was absolutely maddening, and as he pounded her pussy she realized why he was putting so much effort into fucking her. He was on limited time.

“Come on,” she encouraged breathlessly. “God! Your cock feels incredible! Cum inside me, fill me up.” He groaned, frigging her clit harder as his hips slammed into hers. As much as she wanted to be sure he came, Keri could feel her own orgasm rapidly approaching, promising to be a real hummer too. When it did hit, it was like her whole body lit up. Her eyes rolled back, and she couldn’t stop the cry of pleasure muffled behind her fingers as her pussy quivered and convulsed hard. Nate swore, unable to catch his breath as he rammed his cock into her. Facing the prospect of having to leave before he finished, he gave in and grabbed her belly. Realization struck Keri, and her eyes went wide.

“Do you like that Nate? How big and round I am?” He nodded into her neck, and she grinned. “I’m ready to pop. I…I bet if you fucked me hard enough you could get me pregnant again.” It was an absurd thing to say, but it did the trick. He jerked, and stopped his cock deep inside her, rocking just enough to wring him dry.

He pulled out of her, and she felt a sticky string of cum leak down her thigh immediately. Keri quickly pulled her panties up, soaking the lace with the gooey mess. When she looked over her shoulder, Nate had his ear piece back in and was trying to fumble his pants closed as quietly as he could while he listened to what was being said on the other end of the line. She kept silent, giving him a satisfied smile as she adjusted her dress back down.

“Tell Mister Duran she’s fine, I’ve got her here in the garden. She just needed some air,” he finally said, and her grin widened. She rubbed over her breasts and down her belly, drawing his eye. “Yeah I’ll send her in shortly. Tell Keaton he can start seeing guests out if their ready to leave.” Nate listened a minute more, then took his finger off the ear piece.

“So, that was interesting,” she murmured, and his handsome face went ruddy as he escorted her slowly out of the garden. “Do you really get off on me being pregnant?”

“When you put it like that I sound like a creep,” he muttered, and she giggled.

“Better than getting off on my age.” He looked worried as they approached the house, and she quickly slipped back into her heels.

“You’re seventeen right?” She giggled again and blew him a kiss before walking back inside. “Keri!” Pausing, she ducked her head back out and winked at him.

“Turning eighteen in two weeks.” He gave her a look that was somewhere between exasperation and relief, and she laughed, coming back out to meet him. “Here, let me give you my number. Call me some time, we’ll have to have another ‘talk’ real soon.” She programmed her number into his phone, then glanced around quickly before leaning up to give him a lingering kiss on the mouth. “Thanks, that was just what I needed.” With that she strolled inside, waiting until she was out of sight before running upstairs where she knew Billie was waiting to hear all about her little adventure. 

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