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Worship My Bum

I want to feel your warm, wet tongue, caressing my asshole.

The music washing over me felt soft and cool, but knowing what you were planning to afford me, it was very unlike the blood in my veins that had steadily risen to an inferno like temperature. From your vantage point on the sofa opposite my armchair, I could see you gazing at me in sheer, unbridled lust, and I loved it.

I shuffled to the edge, then draped my legs over the two high sided arms so my bum was hanging mid-air over the lip of the fabric. I knew exactly what I was doing as I started to gyrate, then slowly push my hips in your direction. Framed by my slutty, sheer, black crotchless body stocking, my soaked pussy and so, so needy ass were spread and desperate to be pleasured by you.

Watching the way your tongue slid in delicate, slow circles over your crimson lips, and the way your breasts quickly rose and fell in metronomic time to your fast, shallow breaths, I knew there was no way you could resist me a moment longer.

“Finish your drink, then come over here and worship my bum,” I whispered softly but sharply, my words barely heard above the gentle rhythms emanating from the Echo Dot. “You know what I need.”

You sipped the last drops of your wine, then knelt between my legs, your warm breath washing over my already dripping, pearlescent, pussy lips. I could feel the honey trickling down between my legs and over my pretty star as you replied, “Oh yes, I know exactly what you want.”

“Tell me again,” I demanded, thrusting my ass towards your mouth.

“You want me to tell me how much I adore your bum; how much it’s the whole world to me.”

“What else?”

“How much I want to kiss it, lick it, put my tongue in it and tell you it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

“And… is it?”

“I love it, Katie. It’s my reason to be. I’m going to lavish it with my lips and tongue with all the attention it needs and deserves. After that… will you let me fuck it?”

“Maybe,“ I teased. “What would you like to fuck it with?”

“I want to lick it, and lick it, and lick it, then with your permission, I want to fuck it with my tongue.”

“What about my pussy? My pussy needs love too,” I enquired.

“While my tongue’s deep in your bum, I’d love to slide my arms under your cheeks and around the outside of your hips so my fingertips can worship your clit.”

“Tell me how you want to worship my clit,” I panted.

“I’m going to rub it slowly with the tips of my fingers and tease it out of its nest.”

“Then what?”

“I’m going to push it in slow, firm circles until you give me permission to suck it.”

“You’re going to have to take your tongue out of my bum to do that.”

“Only when you say I can,” you replied. “I wouldn’t stop worshipping your bum without permission.”

“What else would you like to fuck my bum with?”

“Can I put a finger in?”

“Oh, you know I adore a finger sliding through my ring and curling deep inside me. You also know I love more than one too, don’t you?”

“Yes, Katie. How many would you like today? I’ll slide as many in your ass as you want.”

“What if I wanted them all?”

“Then you could have them all.”

“What if I wanted the thumb too? What if I wanted the lot.”

“Oh, Katie, you know I’d slide my whole hand in if that’s what you wanted. Do you want me to fist fuck your bum?”

I squirmed on the chair, my ass just inches away from your eager tongue, loving the verbal foreplay but so wanting you inside my most secret of places. “I want you to stretch me open,” I replied. “Wider than I ever thought possible. I want to feel that delicious burn as I relax, then moan in pleasure as your fingers and knuckles squeeze through my defences and lay me bare. I want to see nothing but your wrist, twisting and turning slowly as you fist fuck me deep in the ass.”

“I’ll do it, Katie. You know I will. Anything that pleases your ass pleases me. After I’ve fist fucked your bum, I want to tongue the gape. Can I?”

“Of course you can. I want to feel your warm, wet tongue, caressing my asshole, getting me ready for the finale you’re going to give me.”

“What finale is that?” you asked.

“I want you to fuck me hard and fast in the ass with your strap, then just when I’m about to come I want to use your face to finish myself off. You’re going to put your face on the edge of this chair and let me fuck it.”

“Oh Katie, I’ll whisper sweet nothings in your ear the entire time. I’ll tell you how much I enjoy fucking your ass, how much I love holding your hips and thrusting our toy deep into your needy ass, and how much I want you to sit on my face and come in my mouth when you climax.”

“That’s a good girl. You really do want to worship my bum, don’t you?”

“Yes, Katie. Can we start? I really need to taste you.”

I trembled a little, goosebumps flooded my arms and my chest flushed a deep red at the thought of the adoration you were about to give my bum. “Make my bum yours,” I hissed. “Worship it. Worship it now!”

I closed my eyes, keenly anticipating the first gentle flutters of your tongue over my ass. Flutters that I knew would drive me to the edge and beyond. Ecstasy!





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