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3 Guys 1 Virgin(part 2)

A diary entry continuance of how I lost my virginity to three guys in one night
Brandon's brother who he called "Tay" stood at the edge of the bed while Brandon started putting on his boxers and pants then left the room closing the door behind him. I didn't plan on fucking any of the other guys but I was really in to it and his dick looked yummy. Tay came and stood in front of me while I laid on my stomach on the sheetless bed.

Without a second thought I wrapped my lips around his huge dick. Tay's dick was as long as Brandon's but I think he may have been a half inch smaller in circumference because I was able to take him in a little deeper then I could with Brandon. I decided to look up at his face to get a better look at him but he threw his head back and moaned softly. When he looked back down at me I notice that his eyes were a dark hazel and he had his curly,black, silky hair pulled back into a ponytail, I assumed that he may have been biracial or Hispanic.

"Use your teeth," He said in a raspy voice, and I obeyed his request.

"Yea like that."

Most guys that I talk to tell me that they don't like teeth on their dicks because it feels like the girl is going to bite it but for me it felt easier, especially when the guy is huge.

When his dick got good and hard, he got on the bed and pushed my legs up towards my face.

"Do you have a condom?" I asked out of curiosity.

"No" He said with a nervous expression.

I said okay hoping that he "withdrew" before he came. Then he stopped for a moment and looked up at me.

"Are you on your period?" He said with an emotionless face.

"No." I said with confusion.

"Why would he ask that?" I thought.

The thought left my mind when he slammed his dick into my pussy. He was much more rough then Brandon and I had to find pleasure in this what seemed to be everlasting pain.

"OH SHIT!!" He yelled with a loud grunt.

He started pounding my pussy harder and faster and I soon started to feel a tingle in my pussy with every thrust. It was different then the tingle I've felt when I masterbated. Even with the pain I was feeling I didn't want him to stop but I knew that he would have to soon because I didn't want him to cum inside me.

He started shouting something in Spanish but since I've only been in Spanish One for a month and every now and then my Porto Rican friend would teach me how to say comebacks to her brother when he tease me in Spanish. I could only make out that he said " Oh my fucking God".

I just as I started to feel my pussy numb from the pain, he pulled his dick out breathing hard as he slowly backed off the bed. I could still feel my pussy numbing.

"What did you say?" I asked slightly sitting up of the bed.

He smirked showing a dimple in his left cheek. "I said... Oh my fucking...god your so tight." He managed to say in between breathes.

I smiled a little still feelings a little pain between my legs.

The third guy came in smiling. He was a little shorter than Tay with dark skin and short dreadlocks. I kind of blushed when I looked at him because I have a thing for guys with dreadlocks.

"Damn I heard yo ass in the living room" he said.

Tae laughed then grabbed his clothes of the floor then looked at me again before he walked out the room, naked.

The guy with the dreads then looked at me with a sly expression. He then sat near my face. I thought to myself that I didnt think I could take another dick but then my inner slut told me that I could and that it would be sexy to see his locks bounce across his face. I listened to that inner slut and unzipped his pants and pulled out his hot and hard cock.

"Wow three the hard way." I jokingly thought to myself as I licked his already hard cock.

"I taste good, don't I?" He said to my in a deep, sultry tone. I winked at him letting my inner slut take over for one last time.

To be continued ;)....
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