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Albany to Albania, A Tectonic Story

An American girl travels to the Balkans to meet a friend.

*Please don't travel alone to a strange and distant country to meet someone you met on the internet. If you absolutely must, check in with loved ones often and let someone know where you're at, at all times*

She giggled to herself as she opened the gift wrapped package waiting for her at this hard-to-find scenic overlook and found its contents.  She was freezing, her toes numb after the short walk from the parking lot along the unshoveled path.  She thought it would be warmer here near the Mediterranean. There was a map, marked with a small red X, a blindfold, and a note.  

‘I needed to be sure you were alone.  I am most likely looking at you right now from far away, excited to finally meet you.  At the marked location, there is a bookstore.  Inside the bookstore, locate the book titled ‘Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates’ by Tom Robbins.  Inside the book, there will be a note with your next set of instructions.  Put the blindfold in your pocket, please.  Xoxo -T.'

She was getting excited.  There was so much build up to the moment that was finally about to happen!  They had met online on an erotica website and had been sharing and collaborating on stories about hot and steamy things since they were both in high school.  Although they had talked about meeting for several years, neither thought it was a possibility for geographical reasons until Janet recently came into a sizeable inheritance.  Janet is a young American, and here she was just outside of this small mountain town in Albania, of all places.  

As she climbed back into her compact rental car, she laughed that in today's GPS world, her soon possibly lover had her navigating from a large relief map.  It was fun, and she felt more adventurous than she ever had before.  She thought to call T but didn’t, she enjoyed the suspense.  Her last four calls had gone straight to voicemail anyway.  The fact that she still had no idea if T was man or woman was becoming almost painful to her, similar to the pain in her toes as the floor heater brought the feeling back into them.  It was actually Janet’s fault.  She had refused to skype or talk several times, back in the day.  When T had told her early on that what gender he or she was wasn’t important, that people are people, she agreed.  Janet had since accepted her friend's androgynous existence as just T.

The stories they wrote together often had genderless characters in them.  Some of the ones they had written just for each other were the most intense.  T’s style was darker, more dominant, and far more devious than Janets.  Janet enjoyed fantasies of submission, with romantic happy endings.  The story that T wrote for Janet that cemented her decision to come to see them was the most beautiful and erotic thing she had ever read.  It had nothing to do with the main characters physical beauty or gender, so she didn’t care what T was or wasn’t.  She just wanted to come to be with this beautiful mind for once, to hopefully feel them, to possibly give herself as a gift to them.  

Now here she was, close to being able to do it, almost as far away from home as possible.  She had never imagined how different things would be here.  She had already driven for hours over horrible snowy roads, and seen both very beautiful things, and also some impoverished places that made her realize how fortunate she had been growing up in upstate New York.  As she entered T's quaint and charming snow dusted town, her anticipation grew to new heights.  

Janet had never been with a woman.  She was beautiful and had made a great girlfriend to two different guys, both of whom betrayed her with infidelity that she couldn’t forgive.  Her sexual appetite was never-ending, so this was unacceptable to her.  Both young men were handsome and intelligent, aside from their ability to be loyal.  It had been a very long time since she had been intimate with a guy, so either possibility was equally as enticing to her.

Although she had fantasized about women and even written many lesbian stories, her inexperience led her to consider herself bi-curious.  T covered all categories of erotica with their stories, and it could be anything from amazingly romantic to incredibly dirty.  There was even scary nonconsensual and incest and taboo related subject matter in her catalog.  Even their filthiest stuff was incredibly well written and erotic though, and everything Janet had read by them thrilled her, usually causing her to pleasure herself into a frenzy.  This is something that almost no other erotica could do for her, even commercially published award-winning and popular authors.   

After she finally found a bookstore near the red x on the map, which was a challenge, Janet stepped inside.  It was a very old store, with hand carved dark woodwork everywhere.  There were candles glowing in the corners.  She browsed the categories carefully and settled on foreign since very few books outside of that section were in English.  Not seeing it, she made her way to a counter in the back, where a young pretty woman about her age sat reading.  

“English?”  Janet asked.

“Yes, some, I can help you?” The girl replied with a smile. 

“I’m looking for an American novel by Tom Robbins, it's named…”  The woman reached down and placed the book on the counter, but kept a hand on top of it, while also picking up her cell phone and dialing a number.  The attractive young woman spoke in Albanian to someone on the phone briefly, while looking at Janet.  She was smiling and giggled before she hung up. 

“It’s for you, no charge.”  Janet flipped thru it and located the note.

“I imagine you were just speaking to my friend T?”

“Perhaps.  Or maybe I order a book or dinner.  Enjoy your time, Janet.”

“Is T a man or woman?”  She needed to know.

“Who is T?”  The young lady smiled, and Janet realized just how beautiful she was when she did.  Her long curly brown hair framed her tan skin and deep dark eyes and she thought she may have noticed a slight blush, as she twirled and walked through a curtain into the back.  She read the note.  

‘Congratulations.  My twin sister has determined you seem lovely and are beautiful, so you are reading this.  There is a store directly across the road, please enter it and ask for Jetmir.  Do as he says, he is a trusted friend.  Xxx-T.'

Her heart fluttered remembering the store was a lingerie store.  She scurried across the street and went inside.  The store, although more modern, also had an ancient, gothic feel to it.  She asked the woman stocking the shelves for Jetmir, and she called his name.  An older, somewhat effeminate looking man appeared with a large smile, asking if she was Janet. 

“Hi, yes, T told me you are a good friend.”  She shook his hand, and he was as gentle as a woman may be.  

“Yes, we have been friends since they were a little one.”  ‘Darn it.’ Janet thought.  He said they, not he or she.  “Follow me please, I have something very special for you to wear tonight.”

When they got in the back room Jetmir asked her to remove her coat and quickly measured her bust, waist, and hips, and complimented her on her perfect figure.  He brought two identical bodices and a pair of matching silk lace panties, telling her to try both on.  He said the one that fit her the best was hers, compliments of T.  He left the room and she did as instructed, deciding on the first luxurious handmade garment.  It was black and maroon, outrageously sexy with a lace up front, and fit her like a glove.  She left it on and put her heavy winter clothes back on, and slipped her comparably frumpy underwear into her pocket.  She had thought they were sexy until she saw herself in what had been given to her.  She stepped into the showroom.

“Ah, Miss Janet, everything fit comfortably I assume?”  

“Yes, it’s beautiful, thank you!”  She could feel the silky lace against her skin, it made her aware of her body in all the right places.  

“Now if you don’t mind, I have been instructed to take you for a ride.  Shall we?”  He motioned to her car with his hand, and he placed his overcoat on and walked toward the driver's door.  

“You want to drive?  How do I know this is safe?”  She looked around nervously.

“Madam I can assure you, you are safe.  I wouldn’t hurt you, T would be profoundly upset with me!”  His smile and mannerisms put her at ease, and she figured she would probably be safer with him than alone anyway.  He looked like the type that wouldn’t swat a fly.  She climbed into the car and handed him the keys.  He asked her if she had the blindfold.

“Yes, let me guess, you want me to put it on so you can drive me to an abandoned warehouse to sell me to the highest bidder.”  She was hoping he would put her at ease again.

“No no, I wouldn’t need you to not know where we go in that case.  I drive you to T's!  They said if you were uncomfortable you need not wear it, but to try to talk you into do it.”  There was that pesky ‘they’ word again.  She was never gonna find out until she saw them.  Or perhaps, felt them.

“I’ll tell you what, I will put it on as soon as I see you know how to drive, fair?”

“Perfecto!”  He put the car in drive and drove towards a mountain road out of the town.
Eventually, she tied the blindfold on without having to be asked and it felt rather sexy, not knowing what was about to happen.  Here she was with no eyes, in sexy lingerie, with a total stranger taking her somewhere and she had no real idea where.  She gulped and felt her breathing becoming stronger.  Jetmir spoke in Albanian to someone on his phone.  Oh, how she wished she had thought to study the language before traveling here.  

“Ok, we here!  Leave on please, if you will, the blindfold.”  The car stopped.  Her door opened and he took her hand and carefully led her up some stairs and into a door.

“T said tell you, you not to be frightened, and you would probably understand.  When I sit you down, just remain still and I will be leaving, and it will be only the two of you, finally together at last, Ok?  It has been a pleasure to meet with such a beautiful woman, please sit.”

“Thank you.”  She said, realizing her friend probably was seeing her up close and hearing her speak for the first time.  She was practically shivering, but not from the cold.  It was very warm inside, and she could hear a fire crackling.  She could faintly make out someone walking in the room, but no sound of heels nor men’s shoes.  There was soft bassy music playing, something in the trance genre but soothing.  

“T?  I’m dying here.  I have to see you!”

She felt a single finger press on her lips vertically and heard “shhh”.  T, or someone, removed her hat, scarf, then tugged at her wool coat prompting her to stand while they removed it.  Janet wasn’t frightened.  She could tell somehow there was only a single person in the room.  A single, genderless, person with a wonderfully sexy mind.  She was helped out of her sweater and top first, then guided back into the seat for her boots then jeans to come off next.  T, hopefully it was T, was apparently taking care not to give away hints with fingernails or much skin-on-skin contact.  Her hands were placed behind her back and lightly tied at the wrists with what felt to be a satin ribbon.  This increased her heart rate and the strength with which it was beating dramatically.  She could almost hear it.

Then finally, a kiss.  It was soft, very gentle, and slow.  He or she seemed to be in no hurry to speed things along.  She had no frame of reference to know what a woman’s lips felt like compared to a man’s but knew that if T was male he was most likely far more sensuous than your average man.  At this point, Janet started to relax and let her guard down.  Whoever had been kissing her for the last several minutes didn’t seem to have any intention of hurting her.  In fact, it felt as if they had completely the opposite intentions from that.   After several sultry and delicious kisses, she felt glass on her lip and drank what tasted to be fine red wine, perhaps a pinot noir.  She was fed several chocolates.  After the second sip of wine, there was more kissing.  She began to feel what she imagined was a feather duster lightly tickling her skin.  First her bare thigh, then her chest above the bodice.

Several agonizing minutes later, she was led to a bed and helped onto it face down.  The ribbon was untied and she was given a rather magnificent massage.  If T was a man, he had very soft hands and a gentle touch.  When she felt them sit on her bum, the skin on her skin and lack of anything bulging against her had her thinking woman.  She suddenly got even more excited thinking her friend was most likely a woman.  The realization that she sub-consciously had hoped this was the case hit her like a snowball.  She started to quietly moan as she thought of finally making love to a woman soon.  T sat up and guided her to roll onto her back, and that’s when she knew, when she could feel a warm vagina pressed against hers for the first time.  She lifted off her blindfold and shivered when she saw an absolutely gorgeous exotic looking woman smiling down at her. 

“Hi, Janet.”  She looked very much like the girl at the bookstore for sure, but Janet could tell it wasn’t her.  Her hair was longer and in a tight french braid.  She had no makeup or jewelry on, which her sister had lots of both.  She was totally nude and had an amazing tan-skinned body.  Her place was small, sparse, but charming and cozy, with candles lit and fresh flowers everywhere.

“Hi T, kiss me again please.”  She reached for her beautiful face but her hands ended up on her large breasts instead, when T placed them there.

“I've been waiting for this for too long, I’m so glad you came to my humble little corner of the world to see me.”  She leaned down and kissed her passionately, wrapping both her hands around Janet’s head.  “This was supposed to be more of a playful, longer introduction, but when I saw how beautiful you are in person, I guess I couldn’t control myself.”  She again kissed her, this time invading her welcoming mouth with her tongue.  “So you are aware, this is also my first time with a lady.”

“You’re kidding, your stories!  I thought you must have done almost everything?”

“No, actually I’ve done almost nothing.  I just have a fertile imagination I suppose.” She curled up next to her and ran a single finger over Janet’s heaving chest, before untying the bow on the laced-up bodice.  She slipped a hand under it and cupped her round breast, while gently nibbling on her earlobe.  Janet felt as if she was beginning to melt.  All of the buildup was melting with her, as she felt her friend’s soft hand fondling her breasts and nipples.  She could clearly hear and feel her warm breath as she kissed under her ear, her neck.  She imagined what they looked like together, the exotic dark haired Albanian and the blonde fair skinned American, two opposing types of beautiful girls, about to share their amazing bodies with one another, for who knows how long.  ‘Hopefully until the end of time', Janet thought to herself as she felt herself getting wetter and wetter. 

She allowed her hands to explore T's body.  She asked her what her name was.  As she said “Tira”, Tira pulled down the top of her bodice and licked, then sucked one of Janet's nipples.  Her hand slid down over the sexy lingerie and cupped her swollen vagina over the silk lace panties she had bought for her, and she smiled as she felt a soaking wet, profoundly soft woman for the very first time.   She rubbed her through the silk and began once again french kissing her, as she felt herself start to also drip with natural lubrication onto her nearly trembling leg.  

Janet started to moan and squirm while feeling the sensuous young woman play with her.  “I’ve never heard that name before, it’s a beautiful name, ” she exhaled, between what was escalating into lusty kissing.  She rolled onto her side and scooted down in the large bed, and took Tira's erect nipple into her mouth.  She couldn’t get enough of the feel of her soft skin on her hand as she rubbed it all over her, over her curved hips, feeling her round bum.  She was the perfect mix of curvy and fit and smelled like nothing she could describe or had ever smelled.  She tasted like a buttery semi-sweet candy of some sort.  

The two women gradually escalated their petting and adventurous kisses into a more aggressive lovemaking.  It felt totally natural and beautiful to both of them.  They knew they had days together if they wanted, so they moved at a slow, intensive pace.  Tira lived off of her writing and Janet could stay here for years if she chose to, with her inheritance and the unbelievably inexpensive cost of living in Albania.  Both secretly wondered to themselves who would be the first to wrap their mouths around the other woman’s pussy, as they now were fingering each other in ecstasy, while trying to get every square inch of their skin to be in contact.  

Tira decided she could wait no longer and made her move.  She got up on her knees and pulled the bodice up over Janet's head and off of her.  She then pulled her soaked panties off and hung them on a bedpost with the top.  She slid down and lowered her head onto Janet’s open inner thigh.  She licked her clean waxed flower once, then explored it with her fingertips.  “You taste wonderful.”  She licked it again three or four times, slowly running her tongue over her opening, up over her bulging clitoris.  

“Oh my…”  Janet had never felt anything like this.  It felt much softer and sensual then when any man had tried to feed on her pretty vulva.  It felt like Tira was trying to send electric tingles from her aching pussy outward to her fingertips and toes.  If that was her intention, she was having outstanding success.  

“I've wanted to do this to you since I first saw your photo.  After reading your first steamy lesbian sex story, it’s all I thought of Janet.  I read it twice while waiting for you today.”  Tira slid both hands under Janet’s slowly undulating buttocks and lifted her drenched, wide open femininity to her mouth.  She moaned as she took her into her mouth, sealing her lips over as much of her as she could, while running her tongue in circles over and in her, tasting her juices gushing from her, swallowing them.  She tasted intoxicating, much juicier than she had imagined in her super vivid imaginations.  She could feel Janet slipping into a state of bliss as she rolled her hips and cupped her own breasts.  

“Oh my God, Tira, Tira, I… agggh.”  Janet lifted her gushing middle off the bed slightly, while Tira tried to get her mouth inside her friend.  As she felt Janet start to come, she put two fingers inside of her and rang her G-spot like a bell, like she was polishing it with her fingertips.  She lowered her beautiful exotic lips onto Janet's tingling clit and rapidly flicked it with the tip of her wet tongue at the same time.  Janet started sobbing as she came as she had never come before.  Her whole body felt like it exploded slowly from the inside out.  Tira lapped and rubbed and told her to come.  She loved it, she was higher than the moon from making this gorgeous American release, it was beautiful and everything she had been dreaming about since she found out she was visiting.

“That was unbelievable.  I am in heaven right now.  I need a glass of wine and some food but rest assured my lovely Tira, I am giddy in anticipation of doing to you, what you just accomplished with me.” 

“There are those lovely words of yours.  I can assure you, my love, I enjoyed that every bit as much as you did.  Wait until you taste my cooking!”  She scurried to the kitchen and quickly poured her guest a large glass of wine, and brought her a plate of cheese and grapes already prepared in her fridge.  She then started chopping and boiling and doing all those magical things Albanian woman do when they cook.  She repeatedly smiled at her new gorgeous and sultry looking lover, unable to believe she had gotten so lucky. A gorgeous blonde American woman here in Albania.  In her bed!  She couldn’t prepare their food fast enough in anticipation of feeling her heavenly white body against her again. 

“Your cooking couldn’t possibly taste better than your skin.”  She could barely wait to taste Tira's essence.  If she wasn’t rapidly devouring the wine and cheese, she was sure she would be in the kitchenette on her knees for her.  

“Oh Janet, I'm so happy you’re here.”  Janet could see a single tear roll down her silky cheek, as she felt some empathic ones of hers form and do the same.  With the Tave Kosi cooking in the stove, Tira came and refreshed her friend's glass and stole some cheese from her plate.  “Gosh, your eyes are so beautiful.  Not a lot of blue eyes in this part of the world.” She kissed Jan's eye.

“Do you always hang out naked?”  Janet smiled.

“Most often, yes actually.  I don’t own a lot of clothes, and I don’t leave home often.  Being nude helps me write too for some reason.  I don’t know why.”  Janet made a mental note to take her friend clothes shopping.  

“Well, you certainly have a body for it.  After I taste your cooking you know I am having you for dessert, don’t you?”

“I have to say, I’m not opposed to that idea!”  She filled her glass and shared a sweet kiss with her companion. 

After finishing the lamb dish with eggs and yogurt, which was delicious as promised, the vigilant Janet took the dishes to the sink and rinsed them, then walked to the young beauty and pushed her gently on to her back.  She licked her neck, sending shivers down the length of Tira.  She licked each nipple.  She ran the bottom of her tongue down her flat belly and circled her belly button.  She let the drool drip onto her tongue and licked her lower belly repeatedly, each time getting lower.  She licked her dark manicured pubic hair, then finally made it to the hood of her clitoris, slowly pressing her wet tongue against it and drawing it upward several times.  Tira grabbed her ankles and mumbled something in her language.  

Janet pressed down on her thigh with one hand and slipped a pillow under her tiny butt with the other, then continued to lick her exotic tasting pussy.  She licked it like it was an ice cream cone, but slower, taking in her complex and interesting flavor.  She pushed down on both thighs to spread them wide open and pleasured her with her mouth every way she knew how to.  Tira unbraided Jan’s twin braids, and ran her fingers thru her naturally blonde hair, fascinated by the way it felt against her inner thighs and belly.  She told her not to stop, as she felt her drinking from her.  She loved the way she would stop and kiss it, then rub her lips on it.  Janet was trying to become good at pleasuring Kira with her mouth as fast as possible, while also completely enjoying herself and becoming rapidly aroused again.  

She began playing with her own drooling ladybug while she ate her friend.  After a few minutes of this, she just had to fuck her.  She straddled Tira’s saturated slit with her own and began riding her rolling hips.  She placed both her hands on the young Albanians perfect breasts and squeezed, as she felt their swollen nobs find each other, and make love to each other.  They made sounds of ecstatic women lost in lust and passion, as they continued to fuck each other.  They could hear their juices sloshing together and it drove the lovers wild.  They found a rhythm and bounced off each other, mixing a tiny amount of sweet pain into the highly sensitive and hardened clits as they danced and smashed into each other.  

Not even cognitive any longer Janet spun around and they locked into a sixty-nine.  They pushed into each other in a tight upside down embrace, as both ladies rolled onto their sides, and ate each other for dessert until they both climaxed simultaneously.  Then they kept going.  Both faces were drenched in each other and both girls beside themselves with joy.  They kept devouring one another until they both came yet again.  Janet struggled to spin around so they could snuggle and they finally both fell into a deep sleep, holding each other.  They were soaked, sated, and fully entangled in one another both mentally and physically.

Janet was awakened and helped back into her sexy medieval looking top a couple of hours later.  Tira explained that there was going to be a surprise.  She lit several more candles as night was falling, and changed the music to some classical compilation.  Before she put her blindfold back over her big blue eyes, she fed her some chocolate covered strawberries and told her that she was having the time of her life, and wanted her to experience something special while she was here.  She slipped behind her in the bed, and put Jan's hands over her head and told her to just relax.  Janet touched her lover's hair and face, and she felt Tira begin to suck on her thumb.  

The door opened and closed and a woman’s voice said something in Albanian softly.  They spoke in soft tones for a moment before she felt the woman massaging her feet and calves, slowly working her way up her legs with a masseuse style touch.  While her twin disrobed, Tira whispered to her trembling lover,

“My sister Sihana has always been my muse and is the most sexual person you could ever imagine.  All of my stories are either inspired by her or based on her life experiences.  We have never been together but now is the time Janet, it’s something we’ve talked about since we were both debutantes.”

“Oh God,” is all Janet could come up with in reply, as she felt Sihana’s hands and mouth feel her, and begin to taste her.  Tira slid her hands under Janet's top and gently squeezed her nipples and breasts, while she watched her sister take advantage of the American.  She looked so beautiful going down on her.  Tira had always wanted to be a part of something sexual with her twin.  She was always so fascinated to listen as Sihana told her sibling detailed stories of sexual exploits with several of the more desirable people in town, whether they were married men or women or some of the clients she had become a mistress or dominatrix to.  She would sneak into their dad’s room late at night when they were younger, when mom was working at the hospital.  Tira would listen to the sounds they made together while she masturbated silently, wondering if she herself was too timid, or her sister was just depraved.  

Tira, being more reserved, was more concerned with her reputation and self-image than Sihana.  Sihana had always considered herself somewhere between a deplorable slut and a sexual goddess.  She was insatiable and couldn’t get enough, from a young age.  Female, male, teachers, policemen, fat, old, young, it never mattered.  She was addicted to sex and divulged her nymphomania shamelessly at every opportunity.  Tira lived vicariously through her and documented her exploits.  Most of the people who read her stories were never aware most of them were biographical.  

Because of her beauty and confidence, Sihana got away with most of her debauchery relatively unscathed.  She had a reputation, sure, but it was one of more seductress and a tough, intelligent vixen than a trashy whore.  Even most of the women that were outspoken about their hatred of her were secretly curious about her intimacy, and almost no men were turned off by her.  Except for a priest and a few gay men, and even they had their moments of curiosity.  Tira was always able to resist Sihana for some reason, until tonight.  She had a deep love of her, and as a confidant, always wanted to keep a purity between them, a sisterly love unclouded by judgment or lust.  She was her protector.

But while Janet slept, a quiet phone call changed things.  Sihana said she had to have them both and was not going to take no for an answer.  Tira, having just revealed to herself that she unequivocally loved women in a sexual way, gave in to her needy sister's desires and told her to come.  The morally innocent one, the one that had for so long stayed chaste to make up for her darker twins sinfulness, had now officially caved in, as she watched the naughty mirror image of herself do what she does best to her friend and lover.  As she made love to Jan's lower half, Tira caressed her upper body, while kissing her lovingly.  

Janet, not expecting this indulgence, was relishing in it.  Her mind was spinning off of the planet, unable to process what was now happening to her.  Tira alone had thrown her.  Now there were two of her, enjoying her body like it was a luxurious meal and they hadn’t eaten in a week.  When they both straddled her and began kissing each other, the excitement was an almost visible aura encompassing the trio.  It was so taboo and naughty, yet beautiful.  Stunning twin sisters loving each other physically while riding on top of the beautiful western girl.  

The sisters had both longed for this with each other for so very long, and with Tira finally giving in, it was like a dam had come crumbling down.  Janet was being showered with their love for each other in more ways than one, and felt incredibly fortunate to both witness and participate in something so rare and beautiful.  It was like winning the grand prize in some international lottery of lovemaking.  

The three women spent hours enjoying one another, all of them beside themselves in lust and wonder.  Even the sirenesque Sihana had never had felt quite this sexual, something about the fair-skinned blonde American and finally being able to express her love for her sister had her dizzy and intoxicated.  The chemistry of the other two women was causing some sort of cataclysmic event to build within all three of their bodies simultaneously.  They all were grinding, sucking, licking and groping with such intensity that they felt the earth moving beneath them, and wondered if it was real.  

When they heard glasses dinging and felt an unmistakable rumbling, they all climaxed simultaneously, in awe that the earth itself was also climaxing with them.  They just continued making love right through it as pictures fell off shelves and glass shattered, mimicking something happening to all three of their souls.  All three were convinced at this moment that they had somehow caused this, that their intense passion for each other had broken some metaphysical barrier and caused mother earth herself to shudder and shift.  Who is to say they didn't?  Who could ever know for sure, except God herself?

After the event, they laid motionless for a few moments, like a delta, each head on another girl's lap.  Then there was laughter.  One of them started chuckling and it contagiously spread like the spilled water on the floor next to them, until all three were crying with laughter at what had just occurred.  As the laughter faded there was kissing, and aftershocks, in both the women and the ground beneath them.  Janet found it hard to talk with them, as they were so identical in looks and personalities that she couldn’t address just one, and their second love session had her feeling the same way when she couldn’t focus on either beautiful girl.  Her mind had double vision.  

Both sisters felt similar, they had wanted each other for so long, but were both also obsessed with the blonde and fascinated by her smell, the way she felt and tasted.  It was as if they were a computer program stuck in a loop.  They couldn’t compute so just spun together in a circle of passion and lust.  Her bookstore closed and no scheduled appointments with clients, Siha didn’t have anywhere to be.  Tirana also had an open schedule as always, and Janet was as free as her country claimed it was, having no intentions of going back to her shitty waitress job working for the misogynist she hated with all of her being.  As their bodies began to slither and mesh again, they wondered if they were in danger of creating a black hole, but decided to go for it and throw caution to the wind.  As arousal rapidly took hold again, they started to glow again, this time slightly more visibly.








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