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Amy's First Time

It was early January and Amy had just turned twenty-one. She was a dainty little brunette with big blue eyes. She was beautiful and perfect in every way except one. She was still a virgin. Since she was young, she had always promised herself she would not have sex until marriage but she could no longer control the urge, the desire to be penetrated.

One night, she decided this would be the night she would lose her virginity. She texted just two words to her boyfriend Chris “I’m ready”. He quickly got into his car and drove to her home, knowing what she meant. He walked into her door and she met him on the other side. He pressed his lips to hers and ran his fingers through her soft, brown hair. She wrapped her arms around his strong, thick torso as he lifted her and carried her to her bedroom.

He gently laid her down and began kissing her neck as his hands began to explore her body. He began pulling up her shirt and felt the warm, smooth skin of her stomach. He kissed her navel slowly working his way towards her chest. Amy closed her eyes as her breathing began to slowly become faster. Chris cupped his hands around her breasts and played with them after pulling off her bra. He kissed her nipples and sucked them causing Amy to moan softly. He pulled her shirt off completely and worked his way back up her neck to her mouth.

Slowly he pulled away as he stood up and pulled her body towards the edge of the bed. He slid his hands down her body to her jean shorts and gently unbuttoned them. He carefully pulled her zipper down and pulled off her shorts releasing her sweet pussy smell. Her panties were already wet with her pussy juice. He ran his fingers up and down her panties sending her into a wave of pleasure. He quickly located her clit and massaged it, making her moan.

He then began to pull off her panties and used his hands to gently spread her legs. He knelt down and gently began licking her clit. She shuddered in instant pleasure. She couldn’t believe how good it felt and all she could think of was how badly she wanted him to get inside of her. He slowly pushed his fingers into her tight, wet cunt. Amy had to hold her breath so she wouldn’t scream out from this newfound pleasure she was feeling between her legs. He pulled his fingers out and began licking her wet pussy. She tasted so sweet he never wanted it to end. But this was just the beginning.

She could feel her orgasm building as her breathing quickened. She began to grind her hips as his finger found her clit. She started to gasp and moan heavily as her first orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. Her back arched in pleasure as she climaxed. Chris couldn’t wait any longer he needed to get into her pussy. All those times he imagined her lips around his cock and now it seemed so inferior to what he was about to do to her.

He pulled his tongue out of her and sat down next to her on the bed. Amy stood up and put her arms around him passionately. She felt his tongue enter her mouth, the taste of her pussy still lingering on his tongue. She lifted one leg over his so his legs were in between hers. She positioned the entrance of her pussy at the tip of his dick. Slowly she lowered herself into his lap. His cock slid slowly into her tight pussy and Amy immediately gasped. She had never felt something so euphoric she couldn’t believe the intense feeling s she was experiencing. Her head fell back as her eyes closed. She felt no pain; only extreme pleasure. She pushed herself back up and began riding his cock as the feeling grew more and more intense. She was moaning loudly and her breathing was so fast she felt like she could pass out. Almost all at once she felt her orgasm hit her. She couldn’t breathe, her entire body was tingling. She froze with his cock buried deep in her cunt as the wave of pleasure stunned her. She realized she was screaming. She never imagined sex could be this good. As it began to subside, she began to catch her breath and opened her eyes. This was the beginning of a very long night she would never forget.

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