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And then there were three

A weekend of carnal delight
Some six months ago, my girlfriend of three years had split up from me. To this day, I don't know the real reasons.

I'd been very upset for the first three months and all through that time my friends, Jon and Jeni, had offered much support. Enduring my self-indulgent rants, low moods and so on. But time had, as is so often the case, started to heal the inner wounds. Seeing this, they'd invited me to his parent's holiday home for the week-end with strict instructions that I should arrive for lunch on the Friday and not think of leaving until after breakfast on Monday.

As you can imagine, now that I in a better frame of mind, my libido was re-asserting itself with frequent morning reminders of its neglect by me. Sometimes I did stroke myself to ejaculation but there was always the missing element - knowing that another person was taking as much pleasure in the orgasm and intimacy.

Arriving at the house was a delight. It is set back from the coast a little but benefits from being secluded and having a swimming pool. Also, the house is on a rise so from the terrace there is an unobstructed view to the ocean.
It was on that terrace that the three of us enjoyed a light lunch with chilled drinks to cool us in the warm sunshine.

About half-an-hour after we'd finished, Jeni said she was off into the pool and more or less ordered us two lazybones to follow. I was about to go and fetch my swimming costume when I saw Jeni strip, step to the edge of the pool and dive in. I'd always known Jeni was attractive but seeing her for that brief moment, completely naked started stirrings in my groin. It was then I noticed Jon was looking at me and grinning. "No excuses, Jo, it's starkers for all." Saying that he stripped off by the table and strode confidently to the pool.

Jon and I had known each other since childhood and, growing through puberty together, we'd never been shy about seeing each other nude. This, though, probably because of my heightened libido and awareness of my partial erection, was definitely different !

I managed to undress with my back to them and enter the water whilst they weren't watching - or so I thought.
I dived in and re-surfaced some way down the pool. Once my eyes had cleared of water, I saw Jeni looking at me with a decidedly wicked grin, looking down as though she could see my still partially hard cock through the rippled surface.

Nothing more was implied by either of them and we spent the next hour or so playing around, splashing each other, swimming off to stretch our limbs and simply enjoying the freedom of the partial weightlessness. Eventually Jeni said she was off for a shower and could we tidy up the plates and cutlery that were still on the table.

This we did and it was during that time Jon said to me, "I've known you've always fancied Jeni and she knows it as well. So, since we all are aware, just let us all enjoy each other's company, Jo."

I sighed with relief and simply said, "Thanks, Jon."

After the table on the terrace was clear and the kitchen was tidy, I told Jon that I was off for a shower and then a doze for an hour or so. It had been a long drive to their house after a hard week in work.

Leaving the en-suite shower, dried and refreshed, I came back into the bedroom and was immediately aware of muffled sounds. A smile spread across my face as I realised they were the familiar ones of two bodies thoroughly enjoying each other. There were the whimpers and moans coupled with the occasional creak of a bed being enthusiastically used. Looking across the room I realised I'd left the door ajar. I went to quietly shut it since, though the sounds were undoubtedly arousing, hence the thickening of my cock, I did feel as though I was eavesdropping.

Walking back to my bed, I gently stroked my now rigid erection, even stopping to grip harder and push my hips against the pressure. Lying down on my back, not bothering to cover myself, I continued the pleasurable friction, feeling my balls tightening into my groin.

However, fatigue must have overcome me and sleep won the moment. For how long, I know not but I was roused to the deliciously sensuous sensation of being engulfed. For a moment I thought I was back with my former girlfriend since she often woke me this way. Then, I was fully awake and my eyes flew open, looking down. It was Jeni's mouth !! I reached down to pull her off but my hand was batted away. I was so far along the route of arousal, I closed my eyes and gave myself up to the desire. My hips reflexively moved up and down with the suction on my prick. I could feel each swirl of her tongue and the grip she had on the shaft to hold my foreskin clear of the sensitive tip. My cock hit the back of her throat. I so wanted this go on and on.

Wanting her to slow down, I opened my eyes to see how I could stop her for a moment and that was when I realised there were two pairs of eyes, all heavy with lust but crinkled at the edges with grins. Jon was busily fucking Jeni from behind as she worked her magic on me.

To say I was shocked would be the understatement of my life but I was so near ejaculation that I simply gripped the sheet with clenched hands and spurted a seemingly endless stream of spunk into Jeni's mouth. She carried on sucking and swallowing until the final spurt subsided. As I finished, Jon came, accompanied by grunts of pleasure as he reached his climax. I was panting hard and still shocked so didn't speak. Jon was also out of breath. It was Jeni who broke the silence. I was concentrating on the small traces of my semen on her lips as I tried to take in what she was saying.

"Jo, Jon and I have both known you fancied me but also that you'd do nothing about it whilst you were with Sue. So, whilst we wanted to help you through the last few months, we also wanted this."

I was still regaining my breath as Jon and Jeni lay down. Jeni between Jon and I. She stroked my stomach as Jon caressed her breasts. Despite my recent orgasm, I felt my cock hardening once again. The sight of them and the sheer eroticism of what the three of us had experienced must have triggered a longing deep within me. I rolled on my side and started kissing Jeni, tasting my own semen on her lips. Her hand slid down and caressed my balls. My tongue explored her mouth. I still couldn't fully take in the situation until her hand left my groin, reached up to my shoulder and gently pushed me onto my back. She rose, lifted a leg, giving me a superb view of her trimmed cleft, lifted my erection off my stomach and slid it into her pussy which was still slick with Jon's juices.

There she was, sitting astride me with Jon lying nearby. Her eyes looked from one to the other, she smiled and settled my cock deeper inside. Jon moved closer so that he could play with her left nipple. I reached up and toyed with the other. Jeni's eyes closed, her head went back and her body found the rhythm it wanted. Her hands were on my thighs, my free hand held her buttock to keep her close to me. The three of us were together in this journey and yet each enjoying our own sensations. Jon was stroking his own erection in time with Jeni's movements.

I knew I didn't have to think about cumming too quickly so I could watch the ascent of her arousal as a flush spread down her neck and across her chest. I felt the increased pressure of her downward thrusts, the convulsions of her vaginal muscles and the gradual acceleration of her movements. Soon, she fell forward, her hands each side of my chest. I grasped her buttocks and pulled her onto my shaft, thrusting upwards as hard as I could. Gasps and moans escaped from her. Jon moved round and slid inside her arse. She whimpered. I felt his cock rub against mine through the thin membrane inside her. This was my second revelation. I had always thought I would be repulsed by the feel of another man's cock but, I wasn't - it was good.

Soon, we were a mass of writhing bodies intent on our own pleasure and yet anxious to ensure it was shared.
Jeni was on my chest, just her hips pumping, my hips moving in unison as Jon thrust against her buttocks. I felt her juices deluge my balls with their flood, she slowed. I felt the first convulsion of Jon's climax and followed suit. We were a heaving trio all trying to regain our breath. I felt her heart pounding against my equally beating one. 
We fell apart, each of us touching one another with a part of our body. All aware of the other's heat and all aware of how good this had been.

Thus was the start of not only a week-end of shared ecstasy but a realisation of how much each of us desired others. 

Where could this lead ?

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