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Dealing with Death Part I

We all have to stand trial in the end.
Sarah sat up in her bed. She flinched as she put her feet on the floor, waiting for the cold floorboards to make her curl her toes in pain.

“Well that’s weird.” She didn’t feel anything apart from her feet hitting the floor. Not the texture of the floor or the temperature. When she started to regain her senses she didn’t even feel cold at all. She looked outside and saw the snow on the ground outside. It was winter and the bad insulation in the house should have left the floorboards and the entire room freezing, but she didn’t feel anything. Not cold, not feeling a fever or anything. She blinked a few times and tried to remember the previous night. There were a couple of black holes, although that wasn’t unusual. She used to be a heavy drinker when partying, downing tequila and vodka like it was water. The only unusual thing about this morning was that there wasn’t a dude next to her in bed. She shrugged. Maybe he’d woken up before her and bolted. Her bed wasn’t exactly the best for sleeping, considering all the wild fucking that had happened there. He wouldn’t have been the first one to have had a bad night in that bed, if you disregarded the sex. Hell, it could have been a woman too for all Sarah knew. Wouldn’t be the first time she got drunk enough to get it on with a girl.

She closed her eyes and waited for the hangover to kick in. The brutal hammer striking her head and the storm in her stomach that would usually send her running to the bathroom. Strangely that didn’t happen either.

“What the hell? Where’s the hangover?”

“Haven’t figured it out yet?” Sarah jumped a bit and lifted her head. The room was dark and she didn’t see anyone. She blinked a few times and could make out a silhouette in the corner of her room. She flicked on the light that was on her nightstand.

“Who the hell are you? What do you want?” She couldn’t see the person who was standing in the corner clear enough to make out who it was. He was holding something in his hand though. It was something shiny somewhere, but she couldn’t make out what it was.

“Who am I? That should be easy enough to answer.” The person took a few steps towards her and got into view. Taking a step wasn’t really what happened. He seemed to more float towards her. She was certain it was a he. The voice was booming and dark, typical of a man’s voice. As he came into view she saw just the dark silhouette, but what he was holding was now quite visible. Her eyes went wide.

“You are… you are…”

“Yes, I’m the Grim Reaper. What gave it away? Was it the Scythe?” He held it forward and did a little swing with it to show it off. “That’s what usually gives it away. Never met someone who didn’t get it once they saw that. Or, there was one woman who thought I was her husband fulfilling one of her fantasies. I’m telling you, there are plenty of sick perverts out there.” Sarah still wasn’t over the shock.

“Does that mean…” She stopped talking, not wanting to finish the sentence, realising the truth.

“That you’re dead? I would bloody well hope so, or I’m fired. The boss doesn’t like mistakes.” He floated a bit further towards her. She was still unable to make out the face, the large coat and hood covering him.

“But how?” The Reaper laughed.

“How? Isn’t that rather obvious? You finally drank yourself to death. A couple too many shots and you finally passed out for good. You know you’ve joined quite an exclusive club. Lots of celebrities have drunk themselves to death. That and a bunch of alcoholics.” She shook her head before she looked up at him.

“But… I’m too young to die!” The Reaper just shrugged.

“People younger than you die every day, but considering you drank yourself to death you kinda deserved it. I guess you could say you’ve had it coming for some time.”

“I’m not ready to die!” He let out a sigh and from Sarah’s view it looked like he was shaking his head.

“Fuck me. Another one that’s gonna do all the clichés. No, you’re not ready, people rarely are unless they’re old or have been sick for a while. Any other clichés you wanna throw at me or can we get going? I have a long list tonight. It’s Saturday after all.”

“Am I really dead?” He shook his head again.

“No, you dropped some bad acid at the party and mixed with tequila you get some really fucked up hallucinations. In a little bit you’ll go downstairs and you’ll see a rabbi dance the Macarena with a priest on your kitchen table. Of course you’re fucking dead. I wouldn’t be here if you were still alive, would I? Now can we get going?”

Sarah burst out crying as reality begun to dawn on her. She was dead, her life was over and right now there seemed to be nothing she could do about it. The Reaper turned his back on her and raised his hand.

“Here we go with the crying. Fuck. Why can’t people just accept it anymore? Everything was so better before. They accepted that they were dead because it was part of life. Shit happens. Nowadays people have to cry and beg to get everything reversed before I finally get to drag their ass to where they belong.” Sarah sobbed a bit and looked up at him.

“Can you not be so insensitive? I’m dead! My life is over! I’ll never meet my friends or family again!” He turned around towards her and moved his hand in a circular motion.

“And there are so many things you have left undone and you haven’t lived life and you have regrets and all that. I’ve heard it all before, now will you please get over with it so I can drag your sorry ass to wherever it is you belong?” She looked up at him, tears still running down her cheeks.

“And where’s that?”

“Hmmm, hang on. Let me check.” He reached into his coat and found a clipboard with a pen hanging in thread from it. There was a big bunch of papers stuck to it as he flipped up a couple of pages and went through the names in his files. “Ah, Sarah Klein. You’re going straight to hell it seems.”

“What? I’m being sent to hell? Why?”

“All these fucking questions. You’re being sent there due to excessive and raw fornication. You also broke a couple of commandments along the way. It says here it wasn’t a difficult decision for the Heaven or Hell committee. The vote was unanimous.” Sarah got up and took a step towards him. Although she was still shocked she was now more angry than sad. Another step in realising that she was dead.

“What have I done to deserve going to hell? How have I broken the commandments, other than lying. But if you send every liar to hell how can there be anyone left to go to heaven?” She was yelling at him now. Frustration and anger made her blood boil as she stared into the empty hood where the face would be.

“It’s not just the commandments. Let me see what else we have here.” His bony finger was gliding down over the page as he skimmed through it. “Ah, here we go. Remember Johnny Wilkins?”

Sarah looked a bit confused as if trying to remember the name.

“No, can’t say I do.”

“Let’s see. 16 th of February 2005. He was saving himself for his girlfriend but you decided to take his virginity.”

“Oh, right. I remember that one.” Sarah gave a nervous giggle as she reflected on her night with Johnny.

“Please Sarah. I don’t really wanna do this.” Sarah crawled up over Johnny’s body, kissing her way up along his skinny chest and neck. Her prowling reminded more of that of a predator moving in for the kill, at least from Johnny’s point of view. All she wanted was him and his cock.

“Really, Johnny?” she lowered her pelvis so that she could feel the small bulge between her legs, straight on her thong as her short skirt had slid up a bit. Her mouth went up to his ear and she whispered in the most seductive voice she could “Are you sure you don’t want to feel my tight pussy glide over your rock hard cock? Fill my pussy with all your delicious cum?” Just as the words escaped her lips she felt a sudden pressure against her pussy through her thin thong. The bulge had just gotten very noticeably harder. Sarah smirked “Mmmm, I think you do.”

“Sarah. You know I’m saving myself for Cathy. We both know this is wrong.”

“Why don’t we let your body decide if it’s wrong or not.” She started kissing and nibbling softly on his neck as she undid his jeans. The bulge in his boxers came to show quite easily and she reached a hand down to gently rub it through them. Johnny let out a sigh as he felt a gentle shiver go through his body. Sarah smiled to herself as she kept on playing with his neck. She could feel the heat the cock was radiating even through the soft silk fabric.

With nimble fingers she quickly pulled the boxers down just far enough to free his cock. Another sigh escaped from Johnny’s mouth as he felt his cock spring free from the fabric prison. Sarah let her fingers slowly glide down the shaft of his cock, feeling it pulsating under her, wanting to be touched, caressed and pleased. Johnny was frozen, not moving an inch as he felt a woman’s touch on his member for the first time. Sarah traced her soft kisses up to his ear once again and started whispering while feeling his hardness.

“You have a very nice cock, Johnny. So thick and hard. I wanna try it out.” With a bit rougher bite on his earlobe she lent up, so she was straddling him, resting on her knees and her pussy hovering above his cock. She could feel her panties getting wetter by the second as she looked down on Johnny and grabbed his cock with one hand, pointing it upwards to her warm hole. Looking into his eyes she moved her other hand under her skirt and pulled her thong to the side, exposing her soaked pussy. Slowly she lowered herself a bit, just enough to let the head push against her lips. Johnny groaned as he felt her juices starting to drip down over the head of his cock.

“See, Johnny. Your body wants my pussy. You can’t deny it.”

“Please, Sarah. You know it’s not ri-“ was all Johnny managed to say before Sarah lowered herself all the way down on his cock, taking his full length inside her. As she hit the base they both let out a soft moan, him for feeling her tight pussy grab his cock and her from feeling his surprisingly thick cock stretch her pussy.

“It is so fucking good.” She put her hands on his chest as leverage as she started to slowly raise and lower her body on him, taking her time at first and enjoying his cock as well as she could. The feeling of his entire length filling her up, stretching her muscles soon took over as her lust wanted more. Her hips went up and down, riding him faster and harder as she rode his cock, Johnny not being capable of anything else than groaning and moaning. Her breathing became harder and faster as she almost fell down on his cock with each stroke, letting gravity take over just to get the fucking a bit harder, make him go a bit deeper.

She slammed down one last time and then started grinding, feeling his rough pubes rub against her now sensitive clit, her body shaking with excitement as each little grind made her toes curl. She shifted, now steadying herself with her hands on his thighs and started riding him again. Her pace was faster this time, her luscious breasts bouncing up and down along with the pace as Johnny just lay there, moaning in pleasure, partly wanting to fight it but the enjoyment of Sarah’s tight pussy made him just want more. It made him want her to fuck him harder, to fill her pussy with his cock and his cum.

Once again she leaned down and gave his earlobe a little nibble.

“You want me to stop, baby?” Johnny instantly felt a little shiver as the soft voice rang through his ears. By now his self control had given in to his primal desires.

“Please don’t. I need you.”

Johnny felt his cock beginning to throb hard inside her. Being a virgin and never having been touched by another woman before he hadn’t realised the sensation of an orgasm brought on to him by someone else, least of all a tight pussy. But he knew the feeling that was stirring, that he was about to cum, hard.

“Sarah! Stop! I’m gonna cum!” Was all he managed to get out between the moans as his body began to tense, every muscle hardening as he held back as well as he could.

“Yes! Cum for me! Fill me up!” was the words Sarah needed to mutter before she felt his cock finally unload inside her pussy, streams of cum shooting out. Johnny felt like his cock exploded inside her, his mind going blank and only being able to let out a long moan as he kept on cumming. Sarah finally slid down, feeling his cock still twitch inside her. Johnny’s eyes had gone blank, just staring straight up, still trying to come to terms with the amazing fuck he’d just had. Although it had only lasted for a little more than a few minutes and she hadn’t been anywhere near an orgasm, Sarah was more than satisfied. She had her pussy filled with cum and she was the girl that had opened the door for him into the wonderful world of sex. Her, not that bitch Cathy.

Sarah leaned down and gave Johnny a little kiss on the cheek as a thank you before getting up, sliding the now semihard cock out of her and pulling her panties back in place. She knew she would enjoy the feeling of his cum and her juices soaking her panties as she walked home. Maybe she’d lick and bite them while she masturbated when she got home. It was a certainty that she wouldn’t get any less wet even if it was a good 20 minute walk home.

Sarah giggled a bit as she remembered the incident, and got a bit wet too. Although she couldn’t see it she could feel the Reaper stare at her with a rather annoyed look, if he had any expressions at all. For all she knew that dark hood could just be empty.

“See where I’m going with this? You haven’t exactly been Mother Theresa.”

“You’d rather I be a nun who never fucked anyone?”

“I don’t give a flying fuck what you were. I’m here to take your soul to hell, I’m not here to rate your moral behaviour on a scale from 1-10, even if according to your file you’re pretty much in the negative numbers…”

“How do I end up in the negatives?”

“Do we really have to go there? I have a shitload of work to get done. You’re not the only person in the world dying and I have a quota to fill.”


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