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First time and beyond

Did we actually manage that ?

We had been 'going out' for about three months and finally we were on our own in a house with no one else there.

To add context, I should explain that this was the early 70's in a provincial part of the U.K. The 'swinging' 60's had passed us by. Yes, we'd listened to the whole range of music of that decade - courtesy of the 'pirate' radio stations. For those who are baffled, these were small ships which anchored off the U.K. coast and brought us teenagers music that we never heard in its original form on state controlled radio stations).

Previously, my girlfriend and I had explored each other's bodies with exuberance - heavy petting it was called then. But, that afternoon, something was different. There was an intensity to our kissing, to our touching, to our breathing - even though sunlight was streaming in through the windows, not the night time that we'd been taught was appropriate.

We'd started by sitting side by side on the sofa. Soon, we were supine, hands under each other's clothes. Mine seeking her breasts, hers delving into my trousers. In no time, my lips were sucking on a nipple and one of her hands had gripped my very hard cock.

Slightly stunned at how quickly this had happened, we simultaneously paused and looked at each other. Our respective grins agreed our goal. Even though we knew what we both wanted, getting there was more complictated. Her clothes were in the way, my clothes were in the way but we didn't want to stop - didn't want reduce the ardour of the moment, perhaps concerned the other would have doubts. Who knows? To this day, I don't why but we both stood up and started undressing. Soon, we were naked. My eyes feasted on the body that, until then, I'd only known piecemeal. I took in the flush that spread across her chest and that led me directly to her breasts and hard nipples. For my part, I saw her eyes travelling downwards and, for a moment, I felt shy. Can you believe it?

Over in an instant, we clasped each other, our hands moving all over new territory. We mirrored each other's interests, starting at the shoulders and working down the spine until we cupped each other's buttocks, pulling us close together as we kissed with a desire not known before. Our kisses didn't last long as our breathing was too ragged - we wanted more. Somehow we landed on the sofa. She was underneath and I was trying to position myself.

Neither of us knew about oral. All we had some vague knowledge of was 'penis', 'vagina', put one in the other. I kid you not. My sex 'education' even warned that 'self abuse' may mean that hair would grow on the palm of your hand. Oh dear.

Fortunately, she had self lubricated and my aching erection slid in without any difficulty. We didn't have to think about 'protection' - AIDS wasn't on anyone's radar, she was 'on the pill' (often prescribed then to help with painful menstruation). I will never, ever forget that first sensation of the silken, hot heat of her body enveloping the most sensitive organ of mine.

We thrust, pumped, clasped, gripped, moaned, groaned and, very quickly, as I now realise, I spurted. I hope I didn't disappoint her too much! Fortunately at that age, without even withdrawing, I was soon able to start again and that 'ripple across her abdomen' with which I was soon to become familiar happened, and once more I had an orgasm. No longer was I a virgin.

Over the next months, we explored, we teased, we fucked - even in the sea (not as easy as some descriptions might suggest!) - and we married. Our exploits, still often fumbling during our honeymoon, were many but I was fortunate enough during my travels for my work to discover a magazine called 'Forum' ( I hasten to add that I have no pecuniary, familial or other interest in it other than as a grateful reader). Wow ! There were such things as 'oral' techniques, a 'g-spot' existed and different positions. Who knew? 

We were fortunate enough to be what I suppose would now be described as 'sexually compatible' - we lusted for each other. So when, often a little tentatively, I introduced such things, they were received eagerly. Soon, I'd brought her to orgasm with my tongue agitating her clitoris accompanied by a finger (or two!) inside her. Once satiated, she'd have me on my back, with me delighting in watching her mounting excitement as her breasts bounced up and down in harmony to the pounding she was giving my rapidly appearing and disappearing cock. She exulted in the flood of semen that would result from such ministrations. Our bodies would stick together from the fluids we'd both exuded.

Soon, of course, (almost expected, then, as we were married) a pregnancy resulted but that didn't stop us. Okay, I was somewhat concerned initially that we could hurt the fetus but we learned that with her on all fours (can you imagine my pleasure at seeing her ass and glistening cunt, from that angle, for the first time?), we could pursue and achieve what we both desired.

So, that is an outline of approximately the first eighteen months of my 'post virginal' time. Many sensations were discovered over the years but can they compare to the first times? 

What do others think?


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