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First Time With The Golden Tongue

this is a true story - enjoy

It all started from me seeing the man’s picture of his tongue posted in an interracial Internet group. He had left a comment asking for the ladies of the group to show him some love. So when I seen this man’s picture with this rather large tongue I had to make a remark “With a tongue like that I'm sure you won’t be lonely long."  He was also a rather nice looking thick black man so I was sure that would help. 

  A few days later I received a message from him on my messenger. For the next several months we stayed in contact via the Internet, phone and his two-way.  He was a truck driver and his job was finally bringing him close to my area. 


 I had mixed feelings first time we would be meeting face to face so I was a bit scared of how things would go. Would he really like me? Would I be pretty enough?  


So we made plans to meet in Chicago right off the interstate so it would be easy for me to find and for him with the truck.  So off I went to finally get to see the man that had my attention for all these months.  


 He had told me the company he drove for and as luck would have it I pulled right along side of him on the interstate. I got so excited that I took the wrong exit.  So I had to turn around and I lost sight of him in the process. He called my cell and told me what hotel he was at waiting on me. So I hurried to meet him with butterflies in my stomach but I have to be honest I was wet between my legs. As he walked out of the hotel and approached my car.  I was like oh damn this man is way sexier than his picture.  He got in my car and looked at me and said , "Hey dickhead "  how I had gotten that pet name is beyond me but that was  him Mister Romantic. He then had a few more comments to make but overall we both were pleasantly pleased with one another.


 He had gotten a room so off we went for him to clean-up and get to know one another a bit better.  We entered the room and automatically just started talking like we had known one another for years. 


 Finally, I couldn't take it any longer I just had to kiss those sexy lips and taste him for myself.  So I got up from my chair walked over to him sat down on his lap and kissed him. They were as kiss able as they looked and I have to say he enjoyed it as much for I felt a bit of hardness under me. I was hoping he couldn't feel just how wet and hot my pussy had become. Well, we kissed and touched one another for a bit longer until he decided it was time for him to hit the shower. 

 I was so wet and wanting to feel more of him so I tried to sit patiently and wait well he did his thing.  He came out of the shower and put on a jersey that hit just below his sexy ass of course nothing else on.

 Then it was my turn I went and changed into something a bit more revealing and something I hoped would get his attention.  Well it worked I came out and joined him on the bed and let me tell you the heat in that room had to be well over a 100 degrees. 

 One thing we had never really discussed was the size of his dick so what a pleasant surprise I got when I finally seen what he had to offer a beautiful black rock hard dick all for me. I had to have it and so I began to show him just how happy I was to see him sucking and licking every inch of it feeling the thickness and wanting to taste him. 

 He had other ideas and began to eat me and let me say that man knew exactly how to use that tongue he was showing off in that picture. He had me so wet and had made me cum so many times my body was on fire. He hit every inch of my pussy with that tongue spending much time on my clit. I had one orgasm after another until I felt I had no more in me. 


 Then he showed me just how he could use that beautiful dick and could he use it he had me squirting and gushing to the point of soaking both of us, the bed, and my lingerie. This was something new for both of us. I had no idea what was happening to me I knew it felt different than urinating it was unbelievable. This went on for hours until there wasn't a dry spot on the bed. I was so fulfilled and satisfied by this man but I still wanted more.

 I will never forget when he looked at me looked at the bed and said damn that spot looks like the  messenger we both laughed and went right back to pleasing one another.


 Well he did need to get some sleep since he had to drive again so it was time for me to leave because as long as I stayed there with him he wasn't getting any sleep. So as much as I didn't want that evening to end I headed out leaving him to get some rest. It was 5:00 am and the sun was shining when I walked out of the room with a smile on my face and a very satisfied body. He had made me feel so good I swear I felt like I flew home instead of driving all I could think of was until the next time.

 I spoke to him later that day and we agreed there would be a next time but not at that hotel since his name is probably still posted in the office for owing for a new mattress.  


Did we ever meet again?  Yes!!




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