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For her he had always lusted

Two teenagers give in to lust to try things they only dreamt of doing with each other.
Outside, the sun had long since faded. The moon, nearly full and obscured slightly by fine clouds, bathed the trees and rooftops with a white hue, and the soft yellow glow of the sodium street lamps gently illuminated the distance.

The air on this cold November night was chilled, the slow, regular gusts of wind making it mildly bitter.

Michael embraced the air of the night as its refreshing cool flowed over his face from one side to the other. Resting his arms on the railings in front of him, he leaned, relaxing, tired from the faded party in the house behind him. He stared out down the long garden and thought of nothing.

For a while he stood there. The wind gradually stopped, and everything became still and quiet. Looking at his watch, Michael turned towards the large sliding glass doors and quietly walked into the warm, spacious dining room, gutted of all furnature and littered with cans and half empty beer bottles.

Most had already left. Michael lightly stepped across the hardwood floor, checking every surface for his missing phone. He moved through a doorway into the hall, and carefully opened the wooden door into the living room and crept in, leaving the door ajar behind him. He looked to the sofa at his right, and saw a young woman lying on her side, her long, dark hair drapped over the arm of the sofa closest to him.

The girl sat up slightly and turned her head to face Michael, her hair partly covering her face and one of the lenses of her glasses. Their eyes briefly met, and Lauren turned away and smiled, moving again into an upright position. She leaned down and reached for a phone on the floor.

"I think I have what you're looking for," she said softly and sleepily, as she held Michael's phone out in front of her. Michael politely smiled as he leaned in to take it, and Lauren pulled it close to her chest. Michael stopped inches from her face, and looked up from his phone and into her eyes. She looked at his lips, and steadily worked her way up his face, and they locked eyes.

They both held each other's gazes. Michael looked down and began to move back, but Lauren remain fixed on him and leaned in closer, and they locked eyes again. Michael calmly moved in closer to Lauren. Their lips met, and they softly kissed. Michael passed his hand through her smooth dark hair, slipping his hand just behind her neck. They kissed for breif moments in this position, then paused, and lightly kissed again.

Lauren dropped the phone and ran both her hands through Michael's short soft hair and held them behind his neck, and they both stood, both still with their lips on each others. They both stopped, and gazed at one another, Michael's head angled just slightly down into the hazel eyes behind Lauren's glasses. Steadily, Lauren moved Michael backwards towards the wall behind him, until she had him pushed against it. She firmly pressed her hips against Michael's, staring deep into his eyes as she did, her dark pupils swallowing up the surrounding hazel ring.

Michael swiftly slid his hand around Lauren's waist, his other still behind her neck, instantly spinning her around against the wall. Quickly, he leant in kiss her, his head bumping into Lauren's, causing her head to hit the wall. Her face winced in pain, and Michael quickly moved his hand behind her head, his eyes wide and concerned. They both looked at each other and started laughing, Michael lightly stroking the back of her head. Gradually they stopped laughing, staring still at one another.

Lauren let go of Michael's neck with one of her hands, and followed her index finger with her eyes as it carelessly slid down Michael's chest and over his abdomen, and with her hand, felt her way around his groin. She stroked the bulge running down his trouser leg, playfully bit her lip, and worked her gaze back up his body and into his eyes.

From her waist, Michael moved his hand onto Lauren's thigh, and moved it up her skirt. Feeling his way up her leg, Michael searched for her underwear, and found none. Lauren looked to him and smiled mischievously, and Michael edged his two fingers into her soaked vagina, continuously and steadily manipulating it. Lauren closed her eyes and opened her mouth, breathing in irregular, short sharp breaths.

Lauren hesitantly grabbed Michael's hand and pulled his fingers out of her. With both hands and looking down, she unzipped the fly on Michael's trousers leaving the top button fastened, and slid her hand into his trousers. Unbuttoning the front of his boxers, she reached in, and worked his hard penis comfortably outside of his trousers, so pointing directly at her navel. She gripped it softly with one hand, the fingers on her small palm just unable to meet while wrapped around the circumference of his penis. She dexterously slid back the foreskin behind the head of his penis and stroked the length of it with her fingers.

They stood and focused on the other's eyes. Michael wrapped his arm behind Lauren, and with his hand caressed her soft behind. With the other, he lifted Lauren's skirt, positioning the tip of his penis inside her. She bit her lip, looped both of her arms underneath Michael's and held his shoulders tightly.

Michael, with both his hands firmly holding Lauren's behind, pulled her waist towards him, progressively forcing his penis deeper into her wet, tight but accommodating vagina, until her abdomen was pressed on his. Tightly, Lauren gripped Michael, and she quickly placed her head onto his shoulder, bearing down on it. With her lips parted, she breathed deeply.

Michael pulled his waist back slightly, then thrusted deep back into Lauren, again pulling her closer with his hands, grasping hard on her behind. Slowly withdrawing and then intensely driving his penis deep back inside Lauren's vagina, Michael unhurriedly increased the rhythm of the thrusting, whilst simultaneously increasing the force of the thrusting, until both their pubic bones were smacking vigorously together.

Harder and harder Michael pounded Lauren. Tighter and tighter, Lauren squeezed Michael's shoulders, moaning intensely as Michael pushed deeper, harder and faster inside of her. Their hips continuously smashed into each other, until Lauren could take no more, orgasming uncontrollably as Michael continued to energetically thrust into Lauren's pulsating vagina.

As she forcefully reached climax, Lauren's grip began to weaken. Tighter Michael gripped her behind, and his penis grew harder and throbbed harder, until he could contain himself no longer, and hot semen surged from his fiercely hard erection, and filled Lauren's vagina to an inordinate volume, until the excess gushed out and flowed down the shaft of Michael's penis and down Lauren's thighs.

Both breathing heavily, and they continued to hold one another, resting their foreheads on each other, and Michael pulled his penis out of Lauren. Using her skirt, Lauren wiped the semen running from her vagina and down her legs, and wiped Michael's dripping penis. They both composed themselves, and slowly leaned in to kiss each other gently on the lips.
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