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Latino Heat

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once you lose your virginity you can never get it back....who gives a shit!
Hey guys! My first story and entry so please give me feedback!! Please&&thank you:)

Growing up it was safe to say that sex was always of an interest to me. The steamy sex scenes in the movies, the explicit lyrics on the radio, and the unlimited access to the internet were all contributions to my curiosity. So at a young age, I was already ready to get sexed. My first experience with sexual pleasure was when I was on my period. My friend let me borrow her moms tampon which were unusually large. As I hesitated to stick it into my virgin pussy I slowly slipped the tip in I gasped, it hurt so bad! I took a deep breath and pushed the rest of the cardboard applicator in, it slid right through. As I was pulling it out a warm pleasure shot up to my stomach. I moved the gigantic applicator up and down my pussy walls as slow moans began to erupt from my mouth, it felt wonderful! Until finally my friend knocked on the bathroom door wondering if I was alright. After that, sex was brought into my life and I wanted's my

You changed my wholeeee lifeeee....don't know what cha doinggg..too meee... I groaned in my sleep. It was eight o clock on a Saturday morning and my phone was blasting in my ear, who could possibly be calling in on my rest. "Hello?" I sleepily answered. "Wake up girl!!! What are you doing sleeping!". It was my cousins girlfriend Peggy. &"Hey you, well you know I sleep in on the weekends" I said. I heard her roll her eyes through the phone "Well you better get up, you have to help me set up for the party tonight". Puzzled, I said "Party? What party?" I could really tell she was getting annoyed, "The one me and Rob are throwing! Ugh, I know I told you about it!." I seriously never recalled her telling me about a party seeing as partying wasn't used in my vocabulary often. &"Umm"; I began. "Forget it! Just get ready, I'll be over in half and hour". She then hung up the phone. I groaned and quickly went inside the shower, as I began to wash myself my hands grazed over the thick bush that had formed between my legs. I had not shaved my pussy in what seemed like forever seeing as I was not sexually active. However, I grabbed a shaver and shaved my pussy smooth inside and out without any intention of anyone seeing my masterpiece. I quickly got dressed in a simple low cute black shirt and tight dark jeans that left my thighs and ass no room to breathe.

I heard  Peggy honk her horn outside and I quickly grabbed some extra clothes and personal items and dashed out the door. As I got to her car I noticed a very attractive Mexican boy seated in the front seat talking to Peggy. As I got into the car Peggy introduced this boy as her brother Joseph. I smiled and said hello and vice versa. On the car ride back to Peggy's I couldn't help but notice how soft Joseph hair looked. It was just below his shoulders and thick and wavy. I imagined myself running my fingers through it and inhaling the sweet smell, I immediately got that warm pleasurable feeling coming from my pussy. I smiled and leaned back into the window as I day dreamed about me and Joseph having fun fondling each other.

After the one hundred million errands we ran and, the two hundred million glances Joseph and I gave each other the party was ready. Dudes and chicks roamed the place everywhere some sober, most drunk. As I sat down for a drink, I noticed Joseph playing beer pong and I watched intently. He noticed me watching him and shot the ball directly in to the last remaining cup leaving his opponent to drink 5 cups of Coolers Light mixed with Bacardi. I laughed and he looked over at me and winked. He then walked over to me and sat down beside. "How are you doing?" he asked. He had a sexy Mexican accent and big sexy pink lips that sent me over the edge when he talked. "I'm good".I replied "just a little tired". He looked over his shoulder and took something out of his pocket it was a wrapper that resembled  smarties candy. He took an orange pill out of the wrapper that had a dolphin emblem on it. "Do you know what this?" He asked. "No" I answered honestly. "This is an orange dolphin and it is a thizz pill otherwise known as extasy". I looked at the small pill in his hand and simply said "oh". He looked at me and smiled, making my underwear practically start dripping wet, "I want to take this but then I'm gonna get all horny". I shly turned my head and stupidly answered "well you don't want that happening". He chuckled, grabbed a beer and swallowed the pill whole and left.

After a couple of hours of the party and having seen way too much smoke, booze and puke, I went into my cousins and Peggy's room and laid face down on the bed ready to crash. As I was about to daze off I felt a warm hand placed right in between my leg and a warm breathe whisper in my ear "So how old are you?." I immediately knew it was Joseph and apparently so did my pussy because it started pounding with each syllable of that sentence. I nervously answered "seventeen". He paused, he knew i was lieing. "You aren't gonna tell anyone are you mamie?". I couldn't breathe, my body was in turmoil and every inch of my body wanted to claw away at his and fuck every part of him. "Nnnoo" I stuttered. He then kissed me softly on the lips and I eagerly returned his affection. He slowly pushed his tongue through my lips and began massaging my tongue with his. He turned me over and climbed on top of me while still having a tight grip on my tongue. He then began to massage my titties through my shirt. He rubbed at my breasts while his thumb and index finger pinched at my hard nipples. "Oh Joseph that feels good" I managed to say through his tongue attack. "Oh mamie you like that?, I can make you feel even better". He then lifted my shirt just below my titties and began kissing my stomach as he slowly moved downwards. He unbuttoned my jeans and peeled them off as he began making out with my underwear. He reached inside my panties and began rubbing my pussy in little circles. I began to moan uncontrollably and instinct move my hips toward his fingers for an exceptional feeling as he began rubbing my pussy harder as I did this. "Baby yes you like that huh?" Liked it? I loved it! I reached down into my underwear and pushed his fingers inside my pussy. "Please baby put them inside" I begged him. He put two fingers into my tight hole and struggled to push them in and out until they finally fit. &"Fuck mamie, your so tight! Are you a virgin?&"; I shly answered "yes" and I saw his face light up. He pushed them in deep and pulled them back and pushed them in. I gasped. "Oh my god!! Joseph don't stop, don't stop!!!! I think I'm gonna cum!" He immediately stopped and dug his tongue inside my hole. I screamed and released my cum into his earnest mouth and he swallowed it delightedly. "Oh mamie, you taste so delicious"
He then licked my clit and sucked on it until it swell with my burning desire for him. All the while I clutched the bed sheets and squirmed with pleasure from his miracle tongue as I was about ready to release my second load he stopped and said "your not done." He then positioned himself right above my pussy and pulled his dick out his pants it was not fully erect so he began rubbing it against my pussy lips. As I watched his attempt, I sat up and grabbed for his 7 inch manhood. I then enclosed my mouth over his dick and began to slurp and suck and whatever else I could think of. I loved the taste of his strong dick it was thick and I couldn't help but graze my teeth on his meat. I heard him start to really get in it and he put his hand over my head and guided me up and down his shaft. As it grew in my mouth he began panting "oh shit Jenny! Keep going! I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm coming!!!!!!" And with that a wave of thick cum squirted into my mouth and I choked on it, while the rest squirted along my thighs and pussy. I swallowed the salty cream in my mouth and enjoyed licking the corners I missed. "You taste good baby! I love that hot cum!" He wiped the cum off my thighs with his fingers and inserted them into my pussy. I moaned. "I want to fuck you so bad!" He said in a barely audible voice. I laid down on the bed and waited for him to mount me. He opened my legs and fully removed his pants. He then looked into my eyes and said "Jenny baby, this is gonna hurt. Are you ready?" But my pussy wanted pain it wanted to be pounded and fucked and I didn't want to wait any longer.   

I pushed myself up on my elbows and kissed him going straight for the tongue as we exchanged each others insides. I answered his question, He slowly pushed the tip of his dick inside and I squirmed at the discomfort. He then slid his dick into me about half way in as I yelped in pain. He rubbed my cheek and reassured me that I was okay. I took a deep breath and told him I was ready. He smiled "That's my girl." He then penetrated his 7  inch penis inside me slowly as I closed my eyes at the antagonizing pain. Tears began to roll down my eyes as he penetrated in me again and again. After about the eighth one I no longer felt any pain and in return of that I felt pleasure in every way, shape, and form. I put my fingers in his hair as he rocked in me back and forth and as we moaned in unison. "I told you I can make you feel even better. Didn't I?". "Oh yes! Please just keep fucking me! Baby I want your dick in me forever!! Oh my god!!" I couldn't control myself, it was the best fucking feeling in the world. Suddenly I felt my pussy muscles clenching and an orgasm shooting from my mouth "I'm comingg!!" I shouted. And me and Joseph both came together for what seemed like an hour. I laid exhausted in his arms with his manhood still inside my diamond while he played with my nipples. "You have huge areolas baby" Joseph admitted. I blushed self consciously "I know I hate them" I admitted. He then sucked on each of my areolas and nipples before looking up and saying  "I love them, they taste delicious!". I laughed and kissed him hungrily. "What a party huh?".

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