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my wifes niece

She was about 19 at the time when it all started. I have known her since she was 16 she would always flirt with me. At first I never really took any of her childish flirting serious but when she got older the flirting got more intense. She would always ask my wife if she could go with us or stay at our house. My wife never really said anything about the way she would act when she was around me.

When she turned 18 she was well off she had nice full breast and was nice and thick. When she would come over she would always be wearing a low cut or loose shirt and would always bend over giving me a glimpse of her nice cleavage. I have to admit that I was starting to think of this once innocent girl who I watched grow as a sexy women. I remember one day I caught a peek of her turquoise panties sticking out of her pants when she had bent down. I couldn't hep but wonder what type of panty it was.

One day while I was at work my wife had called and asked if her niece could stay with us while her parents went out of town, sure I replied. When I had gotten home that evening my wife was making dinner and her niece was taking a shower. We had a bathroom that was connected to our bedroom closet and to my surprise when I went to change out of my work uniform I noticed she had left the door cracked. My heart started pounding like it was going to jump out my chest then I heard the shower stop and the curtain open. I could feel my cock starting to swell as the thought of seeing her nude was in my mind. Then it happened she passed in front of he cracked door with nothing on just a quick glimpse I had to see more,I slowly started to walk closer and there she was bending over I could see her puffy pussy lips nice and plump. Then I hear my wife calling me but the whole night as we sat across from each other I couldn't stop thinking about her pussy. 

Well time passed and she got older and one night I went out with some friends an to my surprise we ended up at the same night club she had asked where her aunt was when I told her at home this evil little grin came on her face. The music was going and she asked if I would dance with her we started dancing and she got closer and closer. She started to grind her ass against me cock and it started to swell as I started thinking of all the little things I've seen.

She turned to me and whispered that she felt the same way. The night ended I had been drinking shots of patron and feeling a little buzz. When I got outside the club she was standing there she told me she couldn't find her ride and asked if I could give her a ride to her friends house. We got in the car and started to drive when she said that she has always had a crush on me. Then she reached over an grabbed my crotch and then place my hand on her thigh slowly moving it to her pussy I could feel the plump pussy lips that I had imagined touching for the past year it was nice and moist. I had to have her we pulled over on a small country road she unzipped my pants and gently started rubbing my hard cock she then leaned over and started taking my manhood deep in her throat I had to stop her before I started to cum.

We went and rented a motel room were I could have my way with her she pushed me on the bed and sat on top of me slowly removing her shirt revealing her sheer black bra I could see her nipples were hard and starting playing with her titties she then took her bra off and the nicest tits I ever seen were revealed I had to take control so I rolled over and started taking her pants off and noticed she was wearing turquoise panties. I started tasting her pussy through her panties I could feel her leg getting stiff I was so hard and wet I slipped my fingers in her wet pussy and she gasped . I slowly slipped her panties off and stayed eating what tasted like peaches so sweet I could feel her pussy contracting as I slipped my tongue in and out. I was in heaven I had to be inside her when I stuck my cock in her hot box she arched her back and took me in. I turned her over and began slamming her pussy doggystyle she stopped me and laid me on my back and gave me the ride of my life we both were ready to let go.
She then stopped and laid on her back and started rubbing her clit and to my surprise she started squirting her juices all over the bed, I have never in my life seen this I was so turned on. After she was done she pulled me towards her and started sucking my cock till I blow my load all in her mouth. We then continued fucking and sucking for hours.

I have to say this was my best sexual encounter ever it only happened once
but till this day when at family gatherings she still flirts and smiles and nobody will ever know how close we are. Thanks for reading and for those who want to know this story is true.

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