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In the middle of a black out a man discovers a whole new world...


“You smell nice!”

Those were the first words that Suzie said to me when I met her in the ‘flesh’ that didn’t have anything to do with work. They were also the first hint I spotted that she had a disability.

I had known her for almost six months but our ‘relationship’ had been limited to phone calls, e-mails and the occasional video chat/conference. It soon transpired that she had the sort of dry sense of humour that appealed to me. When I first saw her laugh on my monitor I began praying that she wasn’t in a relationship. I was always a ‘chicken’ when it came to asking the sort of questions that made it obvious that I liked someone. I never had a problem with a complete stranger but once I got to know someone, and was sure that I liked them; I tended to become almost shy and would avoid the sort of situations and conversations that might expose my feelings. This hadn’t boded well for the four steady girlfriends that I had previously. My relationship record stood at an impressive (not) sixty-three days!

We both worked for the same company, albeit at different ends of the country; a new profitable project had brought us together, me with my technical expertise and her with the contacts. I had been planning on moving ‘down south’ for some time and this project would give me a period of probation where I could see if I wanted to make the move permanent. As I travelled down on the train I figured if I could become more acquainted with Suzie I would be staying for good. The flip side of that was that I wasn’t sure I could cope with ‘just being friends’ with Suzie.

I’d arrived in the city and dropped my bags at the hotel before going to meet Suzie at a coffee shop near to the proposed location of the project. As I made my way in a taxi through the streets I realised that I had not been this nervous since I was eight years old and about to see the ‘dreaded nit nurse’. The tales that had been woven about the painful procedure by my so-called ‘friends’ had left me in a heightened state of anxiety. The reality of the tender Miss Lester running her gentle slim fingers over my scalp was an incredibly pleasant surprise; I hoped it boded well for the forthcoming meeting.

I saw Suzie through the coffee shop window talking into her phone and walked in. I went up to the counter and purchased two coffees; it seemed Suzie was a regular, (cream and one sugar) I walked up and waited patiently as she continued her phone call. While I was waiting I spent the minute or so trying to think of a witty opening line.

“Cream, one sugar?” Okay so I failed in the witty stakes!

Suzie looked up, “Punctual as ever Jake!” she replied.

I sat down opposite her, placing the coffee in front of her and asked how she was. We made some small talk and then discussed our strategy for the clients meeting the following morning. When we had finished there was a few moments of awkward silence before she said “You smell nice!”

“Err... thank you... “I stammered.

I stared into her eyes trying to gauge what she meant, did I smell nice? Did I smell terrible? It was only then that I realised her eyes weren’t completely focused on mine.

Her mouth curved and broadened into a smile, “I’m sorry, you wouldn’t be the first person to not realise, and there are still quite a few people I talk to on video who haven’t got a clue.”

I stuttered again and tried to rally my thoughts. Her hand edged slowly forward and searched for her coffee before lifting it to her lips an taking a sip. “Don’t feel so bad, I’ve been doing this all my life.”

“You’ve been blind since birth?” I blurted out. I felt my cheeks redden.

She smiled, “At least you’re not afraid to mention the ‘B’ word. Yes, a complication as they say of a difficult childbirth. Please don’t feel sorry for me, this is just the world I know and from what I have been told it does have its compensations. Mint and Tea Tree shampoo if I am not mistaken?” I felt myself blushing deeper as she paused before continuing, “There is one thing I would like to ask you though, if you don’t mind?”

“...err... go ahead.” I answered.

“Could I feel your face, I know your voice so well and I would like to put a shape to it; if you don’t mind?”

I hesitated briefly and then lifted her pale hand to the side of my face; her touch was feather light as her fingertips roamed over my face. My lips twitched briefly as the pads of her fingers glided across them.


It had been five months since that day in the coffee shop. I had managed to get a flat on a short term lease, just a couple of miles further out from the centre of town than Suzie’s house and had often picked her up in the company car to take us to meetings. We worked very well together and I would often be party to her little games with new colleagues. On entering a meeting I would often lead her casually into the room, arm in arm, and pull out a chair for her to sit down upon. Most people who were unaware of Suzie’s blindness would assume I was gay (I guess it was a little odd for a hetero to be a gentleman) and we would see how long it would be before they realised. She had a specialised laptop with a Braille display strip built into it and could call up files and begin reading them before most of the rest of us could move our cursors to open the file directories.

The project was soon to be finished, the building now watertight and ready to be handed over to the client for fitting out of individual floors. We had attended a “topping-out’ party and I had caught a taxi back with Suzie. It was just gone two O’clock in the morning. The road had been blocked a few hundred yards from Suzie’s and we had gotten out so we could walk the rest of the way. It took me a few moments to understand the reason for the accident and why the street didn’t ‘seem’ right. The traffic lights had been out causing a collision, the two drivers were shouting loudly at each other while a policeman was trying to calm them down. All of the building and street lights were in darkness; the only light locally coming from the ‘backed-up’ traffic. I looked upwards and whispered “Damn!”

Suzie took my arm and asked “What Jake?”

“The sky... it’s full of stars...” I wasn’t sure how wide spread the black-out was; but it was enough to see sky void of clouds and teeming with stars.

Suzie looked up, turning her head this way and that, “Isn’t it normally?” she asked.

“Oh god I’m sorry... no, not normally... you’d be lucky to see a handful of the brightest stars from a back garden. On a street like this the only thing you would ever see would be the moon and if it was low down it would often be a horrible dirty orange colour.” I continued to gaze up holding Suzie’s arm tightly, “there has been a power cut and all the lights are out.” I lowered my gaze and looked around, I wasn’t the only one who had been gazing up at the stars; scattered along the street were probably a dozen people who had stopped to stare up at the alien sky. “I wish you could see this... strange really, we spend our time turning night into day... and now...” I could feel my eyes moistening as I wanted to share what I could see with Suzie and knowing my words would be inadequate.

“I guess that would be something to see” she said, she paused to think for a moment and then continued “you can’t show me your world no matter how much you want to Jake, but let me show you mine...” she pulled me forward down towards the cross roads. “We are on Bishops Bridge Road aren’t we?”

“Yes” I said and nodded pointlessly.

“Is there an Indian restaurant on the left in what was an old bank?” she asked.

“Yes, about a hundred or so yards ahead; are you going to show me the delights of taste?” I replied.

“If I was I wouldn’t take you in there. No, we want to turn just opposite it.”

I led her across the road and down to the turning she had indicated, we walked in silence for about fifty yards, I paused for a moment and led her across a side road. On the other side she guided me to the right and up along the side of a small public garden. Her left hand reached out and felt for the railings; as we walked up the dark pavement her fingers tapped along the iron work. We had walked about twenty yards when she paused. Her left hand noted a missing railing and she released my arm turning towards the fence. She dropped her hands and lifted up her dress tucking it into her knickers making it shorter. I watched in disbelief as she reached down and pulled off her shoes. “Here, hold these...” she said and then lifted her foot up and grabbed two of the railing spikes and in one swift agile movement was standing on top of the four foot high fence.

I stood there, my mouth hanging open holding her three inch heeled shoes as she reached up and found a tree branch to swing down and into the garden beyond. She turned to face me, un-tucking her dress and held her hand out; dumbly I handed her shoes to her and she put them back on her feet and stepped onto the path beyond and walked away disappearing into the darkness almost instantly.

I looked up and down the darkened street, apart the faint light in a window of a candle or a torch it was almost pitch-black. I turned back to the park and clambered ungainly over the railings. I stepped through the foliage and onto the path beyond; it circled around a lawn, most of the trees on the outside of the path with only a couple within. I looked up to see the stars shining brightly and then searched the immediate area for signs of Suzie. She was nowhere to be seen as I stepped over the low border fence around the lawn and ventured slowly forward. I could only see clearly for a dozen or so yards; if she was standing against any of the shrubbery or foliage around the path I had no idea.

The grass was slightly damp from an earlier shower and my foot almost slipped; recovering my balance I peered into the gloom and whispered “Suzie... where are you?”

After a moment she replied quietly “Right here Jake... can’t you see me?” I tried to follow the source of her voice.

I smiled to myself, “Not in the slightest” I answered.

Her voice drifted through the darkness, “Well close your eyes then...” I stood completely still and closed my eyes listening intently. Almost immediately the sounds that had been a constant in the background seemed to grow louder. I could hear the faint hum of traffic from the main roads, the sound of a horn in the far distance, a woman squealed and laughed from one of the nearby flats; as my ears attuned to this new world I found I could hear the light rustle of the leaves on the trees surrounding me. My smile broadened; I felt and heard the muscles in my face alter, I almost laughed as I became aware of my breathing and the gentle beat of the blood in my temples.

There was a very quiet sound of a footstep behind me on the damp grass. I remained still. “Is this your world?” I asked in the slightest of whispers, a couple walked along the edge of the park; their footsteps seemingly like gunshots as they echoed of the surrounding buildings. “It must be bedlam during the day?”

“So much more and so much louder, yes; but then so much more detail too.” She replied as she slowly walked around me. “And yet you haven’t even started...”

I sensed her stopping in front of me, I resisted the urge to open my eyes when I felt her fingertips graze across my chest and then head upwards to my neck. After only a moment’s hesitation she quickly undid the tie around my neck; the material whispered as she drew it from my collar and she trailed a fingernail around my shoulder as she walked behind me. I felt her reach up and wrap the tie around my head and over my eyes; adjusting it slightly before tying it off. I felt a strange sense of relief that my vision was now taken from me and a complete trust in my guide.

Her hands rested on my shoulder and I felt her warm breath wash over my right ear. “So far you have given up one sense and replaced it with one more... you have another three that you haven’t begun to use...” her words had been the vaguest of breaths as I had felt her chest press against my back. She remained against my back as I felt the warmth of her body slowly seep through the layers of our clothing, I could feel each breath she took with the rise and fall of her breasts; I felt myself blush involuntarily as her hard nipples moved slowly up and down against me. Her fingers dragged down my arms, her nails scratching down the material of my suit, rasping in the quiet of the gardens.

“Sight... sound...” she breathed into my ear. I inhaled deeply through my nose. The aroma of the damp grass was the first smell to register. I took another breath and breathed in the subtle hint of her perfume, I didn’t know its name but it was one smell I was already familiar with; more scents began to register, my own de-odourant, the peaty taste and scent from the Guinness I had drunk earlier. Another breath and I detected the faint acrid smell of exhaust and the distant spicy aroma from the Curry house’s kitchen. My mind raced to make sense of the whole new universe that was opening up before me and within me. Colours seemed to fill my mind as it fell back on my primary sense of vision; I imagined the scent of grass like a humid light green cloud, the Guinness of course a velvety smooth black liquid and the spice from the restaurant as orange smoke twisting in the air. Suzie’s scent was a warming light red mist swirling slowly around and over me.

Again her whispers sounded in my ear as she lifted herself onto her tip toes, “My world is so full of tastes, textures, sounds and smells...” her tongue slid slowly up and down the shell of my ear; “...sensations that excite the nerves...” her teeth closed on my earlobe. I felt the dull pain register though strangely intense in the void of my vision. “Even pain applied can be quite exquisite...” she continued as she released my flesh from her mouth. Her hands slipped beneath my arms and circled around my waist, her nimble fingers quickly loosening my belt. I swallowed deeply and tilted my head downwards in vain. I heard her chuckle behind me, “There is no point looking Jake.”

I lifted my head back up and turned it to the right where I thought her head was behind my shoulder, “How... how could you know?” I asked.

I gulped as I felt her fingernails clasp the zip on my trousers and slowly tug it downwards, the cool night air wafting across the stretched material of my boxers. I had been aware that my cock had slowly been growing since I felt her nipples rub across my back. It had been lying to the left and had swelled in position uncomfortably. Her voice whispered from my left as I felt her breasts move slowly across my back and around my arm, “It’s simple when you know what to feel for... your upper back muscles stretched and your coat lifted a little as your head dropped forward Jake...” The cold fingers of her right hand slid around my back pulling my shirt free of my trousers before scratching their way up my back. I groaned loudly as I felt a fingernail drag over the outline of my cock.

The nail found its way to the tip of my cock, some pre-cum had seeped out and dampened my boxers; she teased across the material restraining my manhood as I bit on my bottom lip. I saw sparks of light detonate silently behind my eyelids as her nail pressed into the eye of my cock. The sensation disappeared as her finger moved upwards and hooked itself in the waist of my boxers. I sensed her face move closer to mine, she murmured quietly before her tongue flicked across my mouth as she pulled the boxers forward and my erect cock sprang up freed from its confinement. The cold night air chilled the wet tip as I moved my hands onto her hips.

My fingers pressed into the flesh beneath her dress as the pad of her finger smoothed the juice from my cock around the head. I opened my mouth to moan once more and her tongue slipped inside caressing my own. My hands moved around over the soft cheeks of her ass as she sucked on my tongue. She broke the kiss; “...we haven’t even got to taste yet...” I expected her pre-cum smeared finger to leave my cock but before I could react I felt two of her slim fingers slide into my mouth. I sucked on them hungrily tasting her own juices; a tangy sweet sensation flooded my mouth as I wondered when she had slipped her fingers into her obviously dripping wet pussy. “You like?” she asked.

I nodded and then mumbled around her fingers “...y...yes...”

“Pleasure and pain...” her mouth lowered to my chest and sucked and then bit my nipple through my shirt as I moaned loudly around her fingers. I moved my hands up her body as she bent forwards and cupped her full breasts through her dress and bra. I gently caressed her left breast with my hand feeling her nipple roll beneath my palm as I pinched her right nipple hard between the first and forefingers of my left hand. She gasped in response and her left palm pressed onto the bulge of my cock. She breathed heavily; “... and a personal favourite of mine... hot and cold...”

Her breasts dropped away from my hands as she knelt in front of me tugging my boxers down; my hard-on waving in the cold night air. I felt her blow across the wet tip, chilling it and causing my cock to quiver and then the heat came. Her mouth slid over and down my cock in one movement, her lips wrapped tightly around its girth till they came to rest in my pubic hair. The tip of my cock touched the back of her throat as she sucked hard upon it; her tongue snaking beneath along the vein and her cheeks hollowing against the sides. “oh.. fuck Suzie... oh fuck yeah...” I said. One of her hands cupped my balls, her nails scratching behind them as the nails of her other hand dug into the cheek of my ass.

I could hear her pulling air in through her nose as I threw my head back and my cock shuddered inside her mouth. She felt my balls pull up within her hand and massaged them firmly; my cum surged up through my cock and deep into her throat. Her mouth stayed locked on my spasming cock as my seed emptied. My legs began to shake as she slowly withdrew her mouth off my cock, my hand resting on her shoulder for balance. She stood up, her hand wrapping itself around my softening cock while the other moved around behind my neck; the fingers scratching through my short black hair.

“Taste...?” she asked.

I slid my hand into her long auburn hair and then bent slightly till I found the hem of her dress; my hand went under it and slid up her thigh. She moved her feet apart granting me access. As I slipped my hand into her damp knickers and curled two fingers into her wet slit I pulled her head towards me and kissed her deeply on the mouth tasting my seed on her tongue. My thumb sought out her clit and rolled it as I stroked the rough spot behind it inside her pussy; she groaned into my mouth.

When we broke the kiss her hand moved to my chest. “So Jake have you made a decision yet?” she asked.

I was confused. “About what?” I replied.

She laughed lightly; “Are you going to be staying on after the contract is over?”

I smiled and answered “I want to stay... as long as you want me too...”

I squeezed my thumb and fingers together, “...ahh... oh I want you...” she kissed me hard.

She wrapped a leg around mine and ground herself down onto my thrusting fingers. When she pulled away she said “I think we should finish this back at my flat... this is far too expensive a dress to ruin...” She pulled herself of my fingers and lifted them to her mouth licking them clean. “Now if you will be so kind as to point me in the direction of where we came in, I seem to have lost my bearings...”

I pulled off my tie and looked around the gardens with only the vaguest notion of where we had entered it. “Hmmm...” I began.


The End

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