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So I asked, “Do you trust me?”

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do I really feel this way? I wonder.
That first meeting was so comfortable. And did I mention you are cute? OMFG! You are so cute. I just wanted to lay your ass across the table and jump your bones. I wanted to feel you filling me, and making my pussy convulse around you. But I could see you were stricken – I had you totally in my control. Just for fun, I decided to fuck with your head.

“Look, “ I said, “I know we agreed, no touching on the first meeting. But I am not going to lie. I want to jump your bones, right here, right now. Oh, stop salivating; I am not going to do that. How about we meet at the Jefferson next weekend. Can you make reservations?” 

You readily agreed. Too readily, it seemed to me. I decided to add a twist, and proceeded to send a few email messages during the week.

“I am a little scared. Do you mind if I set the pace?”

“ I understand. You may be totally in charge.”

“ I think I’d like to be able to keep you tied up, until I feel safe, is that okay?” I knew that you’d be completely into that; you’d told me many times, that you wanted to be tied up.

“OMG! That is so hot,” you responded.

So here we are. You're tied to the chair, and I am watching your cock twitch, still spurting cum, while you sleep. It is beautiful. I look at the soft skin at the head, and I wish I could feel what you do, when you cum.. God, there is a lot. It is everywhere. I hope the Jefferson doesn’t ding us for an exra fee, to clean the chair and the rug.

Ah, you are coming to. Now’s my chance to really fuck with your head. You’re cute, and likeable. It wouldn’t take much to make me love you. I wonder how you will react to realizing you are tied up?

“Well,” I say, “the sleeping beauty wakes.” And I think, now is my chance to really fuck with his head.

“Do you trust me?” I ask. 

You answer in the affirmative, and I know I have you in my control. I decide to blindfold you, just to see what your reaction will be. Reaching past the folded fan in my purse, I select the black scarf I had worn earlier. I am certain that, having been around my neck, it is suffused with my personal mix of cinnnamon, vanilla and jasmine.

Again, I ask, “Do you trust me?”

“Yes, dear,” is your reply. What presumption! I think. He doesn’t know me. We only met just last week, and oh, yes, we have been sending messages back and forth. But to call me Dear? I don’t think so.

” Dear? Dear? You don’t know me that well,” I say, and then, as an after thought, I add, “Yet.”

Let him deal with THAT, I think to myself. He IS nice, though. I really could grow to care for this guy. And he DOES have a nice cock. I know he appreciates expensive clothing, and good things. I set the upper button on my blouse so that the slightest tug will open it.

Turning to you, I say, “I am hot. I need to remove this blouse, You can help.” I lean across you, and cannot help but be attracted by your manly smell. You smell of a mixture of cum and sandlewood. It is incredibly erotic, and I find myself drawn to you. And he really is a nice guy, I think to myself.

Stop that! I force myself to not have feelings of caring for you, and place the buttonhole between your teeth. 

You snap your head back, almost tearing the blouse. I am surprised at both your eagerness and your range of motion; I thought I had tied you better than that.

“Be careful,”I say, “This ia a Dior original, and worth more than your crank.” And I think to myself, but actually, it isn’t. His crank is beautiful, and I am slowly deciding that I want it at my beck and call for a long time to come. I step back and admire the veins growing up the outside of it, and I stare at the edge of your glans, where it is so purple, as it curves under, to meet he shank. I think about how it would feel slipping into me, and I feel myself getting wet. I am ready to take it in me, and wetness is running down the insides of my thighs. I feel my clitoris throb, as it becomes engorged. I want you. I want you to enter and fill me, and I want to hold you against me, and feel your hard chest pressing my soft breasts into me. And suddenly the thought jumps unbidden into my head. “He trusts me. Me! I don’t deserve this, but he trusts me. Why? Suddenly, I am overcome with tenderness. I want to tell you, but I can’t. Instead, I say,“ Stick out your pinky.”

Locking pinky fingers with you, I say, “I promise, I will never betray that trust.” And I mean it with all my heart. A pinky swear may seem childish, but in this context, it has real strength. It is solemn, and I truly feel it. I lay my cheek against your arm, and kiss above your bounds. At this instant, I love you so much, I feel as if my heart may burst.

I ask myself, Could this man be he? Could this be the man who would care for me, and who would control me when I wanted it? Could he be able to take me when I needed that, and hold me, and comfort me? Would he understand that I need autonomy, but still need to worship? Would he allow me to be an adult in public, yet his slave in private? Would he let me wear his collar? Woud he keep me in just panties and a bra, so he could grasp my nipples anytine? But I stay these thoughts, knowing it is too soon.

Lord Girl, why are you thinking these things,? I ask myself. You know it is much too soon. Just get laid, and deal with the rest later. You know you want to feel his cock inside, filling all those empty places. You know you want to feel it pounding your stomach, and you want to feel the warm ooze dripping out between your thighs afterward. And damn, he is good lookng. I could learn to love this guy, and I’d sleep in his wet spot anytime. Stop it!!!

I dig the cock ring out of my purse, and slide it onto you, pulling your cock out straight, as I do. You laugh, and I do, too. “You didn’t think I was gonna let you get all soft, and not satisfy me, did you?” I ask.

You are getting harder now, but I know I need to be really ready and open, or it is gonna be too flabby. I dig the vibrator out of my purse, and lay down across the bed. It feels so good against me. There are hot shoots going directly from my clitoris way up into my insides. I can feel myself getting wetter, and wetter. I know my vagina is opening, wanting to be filled. My abdomen starts to clench, and I know I am close. I look over at your cock. It is standing so straight and lovely. I want that in me. I need to feel it spread my lips open and penetrate me.

Standing now, I go over to you, and spread my legs open for you to enter me. I lower myself over your hard member, and it feels so hot and hard in me. I am sliding up and down on it now; it feels so good. I am so full, and I feel you hitting my cervix. You are deep inside me, and I want you with all my heart. OH God, I think. It feels so good, and he trusts me! ME! Oh, God, I am coming. I feel my abdomen begin that familiar clenching, and I want you deep in me. I slam down on you, and I can feel you trying to raise yourself to come into me. I am coming, and I just love you so much. You are beautiful, and all I want to do is kiss your face all over. I want to eat you up with kisses, and take you into me and be one with you.

I slump against you, and I can feel the aftershocks; little spasms that rock my world. And I know. But what I say is, “Let’s get you untied and cleaned up.”

And just to hear your answer again, I ask, “Do you trust me?”

He DOES! He trusts ME! And the thought makes me feel so safe.

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