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Teen Lust: Lori and Lexie's First Sexual Encounter

This is the story of Lexie and Lori's first sexual encounter.
Alexandria and Lorianna were like summer sisters. Every year Alexandria's family would ship her down to Florida to stay with her aunt on the beach, right next door to Lorianna's house. As little girls, they had forged a bond of friendship that would keep them close regardless of time or distance. As budding teens, they shared stories of boys and their hopes and dreams. The girls were close enough in looks to be real sisters. They were short with long red hair and blue eyes and curvy bodies that had developed nicely in all the right areas.

When they turned 16, Lexie and Lori, as they had become known, decided to kiss. Well actually Lori had decided to kiss and Lexie (being Lexie) did whatever Lori wanted. It had been that way for years. Lori led and Lexie followed. It didn't bother Lexie much. It always led to fun and really that's all that mattered.

On the night before she left to go home, Lexie shared a story about a boy who dumped her because he said she was a bad kisser. Lori said, "Kiss me like you kissed that boy. I'll let you know if it's you or if it was him. If you ARE a bad kisser, don't worry, I can teach you how to kiss."

Lexie was annoyed. "What if I'm NOT a bad kisser?" she asked defensively.

Lori smiled and said, "Relax Lex. Then we'll both really enjoy it, because I am not a bad kisser either."

Lexie lightened up and laughed. "How do you know?"

"Try me," Lori purred.

It was awkward at first. Lexie had never kissed another girl before. But once they embraced, the kiss seemed to go on forever.

"Wow!" Lori exclaimed as she broke off the kiss. "That guy was an idiot! You are an amazing kisser!"

Lexie blinked. She felt strange. Kissing Lori had stirred up all kinds of feelings that she hadn't expected. Her nipples hardened and she started to feel warm between her legs. She wanted to kiss Lori again, but she was afraid.

Lori, sensing her friend's hesitation, moved in for another kiss. Lexie returned the kiss and soon their tongues were dancing and their bodies were pressed tightly against each other. It was heavenly and wicked at the same time. They hated to part, but Lexie needed to go back to her aunt’s house and finish packing. Lori hugged her summer sister goodbye, whispering, “Next summer we will do so much more Lexie. I can’t wait to explore each other!”
The months dragged on slowly as the girls waited to be reunited. Lexie’s aunt had a stroke and moved into a nursing home. Disappointment loomed as they feared that Lexie’s annual summer trek to see Lori would be canceled. But Lori’s mother came to the rescue and insisted that Lexie stay at there house for the summer. It was going to be the best summer ever!

Lexie was filled with anticipation as she boarded the plane. She was so excited and yet nervous as she wondered what Lori had planned. She knew Lori would make her do whatever she wanted. Lori had dropped hints all year about making Lexie submissive to her, even going as far as using the term, “sex slave.” Just thinking about it made her hot and wet. She asked the flight attendant for a blanket and then covered herself as best she could. Thank God she had worn a skirt! Her fingers found their way to her swollen labia and she rubbed herself to a much needed orgasm.

Lori greeted Lexie with a smile at the airport and hugged her tightly. They talked and laughed all the way home. That was the wonderful thing about their friendship. Time and space never got in the way of their being close.

The first few days together passed innocently enough. They swam and went shopping and watched movies like any other teenage girls. Then one day, Lori suggested they put on their new tiny bikinis and go for a walk on the beach to flirt with guys. Unfortunately, the sky was rather overcast and the beach was all but empty. Soon a soft rain began to fall, so the girls took refuge under an abandoned fishing pier.

As the rain came down harder, the well-endowed red heads huddled close to stay warm and dry. Lexie’s arm accidentally pressed against Lori’s left breast and she felt something hard poking her.

“Oh my God Lori, is your nipple that hard?” Lexie asked in surprise.

Lori laughed and said, “No, silly, I had my nipples pierced. Wanna see?”

Before Lexie could answer, Lori removed her top and showed off her newly pierced nipples. Lexie was immediately aware of her own nipples hardening in excitement. Without warning, Lori removed Lexie’s top and rubbed their nipples together. Lexie tensed with this bold move and was suddenly scared and confused. While she couldn’t deny how good it felt, it also seemed taboo.

Lori looked at Lexie for a moment as if trying to decide whether she should stop or push further. Then she took Lexie’s hand and said, “Trust me. I promise that I won’t do anything that doesn’t feel good. You don’t even have to do anything to me. Just lay back and let me explore you Lexie.”

Lexie obeyed and lay back on the sand. Lori stood up for a moment and removed the bottom of her bikini. The she motioned for Lexie to lift her hips and do the same. Whatever doubts Lexie might have had were pushed away when Lori bent down and took one nipple in her mouth and sucked it gently. They both knew at that moment that Lori could do whatever she wanted to Lexie and there would be no resistance.

Lori continued to suck, alternating nipples every so often. It was driving Lexie crazy with lust and desire. Gone were any feelings of hesitation. All she felt now was this intense need that Lori was creating in her.

Lexie moaned, “Oh God Lori…yes…no don’t stop…do more…do anything…fuck it feels so good!”

“Anything Lex?” Lori asked wickedly.

“Yes, ANYTHING!” replied Lexie with desperate need in her voice.

Lori slid her fingers down Lexie’s smooth, tan tummy until they reached her soft mound. She played with the soft wisps of strawberry blonde hair that was trimmed into a little triangle. Without warning she slapped the mound hard, causing Lexie to yelp in pain.

“For starters,” Lori said sharply, “This little bush needs to go. I want your cunt smooth for me when I lick it. When we get home, you will spread your legs for me and let me shave you bare.”

Lexie merely nodded. She felt dizzy as fingers began to explore the pink folds of her pussy until they found the wet, throbbing hole and plunged inside. Her back arched and her hips bucked. Her whole body felt like it was on fire.

“My God, you’re a slut Lexie! Letting me play with you like this. You love it don’t you? You’re so fucking wet! Such a naughty little slut! You need to cum don’t you baby?” Lori hissed.

Lexie nodded again. Speech beyond her capability at this point. All she could think about was how desperately she needed release. Yes, she was a slut and she would keep being Lori’s slut because it felt so wicked, yet so fucking good!

Lori turned away for a moment and reached into her beach bag. In what seemed like one fluid motion, she pulled a thick-handled hair brush out of the bag and plunged it into Lexie’s needy pussy. Lexie cried out at first, but was soon bucking and moaning and begging for Lori to fuck her hard with the brush handle.

“Yes! Oh fuck yes Lori! Please…more…harder…deeper…faster…feels so fucking good! Yes…faster…harder…deeper….” Lexie writhed and screamed as her cunt was repeatedly assaulted by that brush handle, pumping into her mercilessly!

“Take it Lexie, you little slut! Take that hard cock in your cunt! That’s right, it’s just like a cock fucking you, only better because it’s ME.”

Lexie’s back arched and she let out a primal scream as her pussy exploded with the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. Nothing she had done to herself had ever produced this feeling! She collapsed back onto the sand and lay panting while Lori slowly removed the brush from her still spasming hole. She put the brush up to Lexie’s lips and said, “Now suck it clean like a good little slut.”

Lexie opened her mouth and took the brush in obediently, sucking and licking it like a shaft. When it was clean of her juices, Lori took it back, nonchalantly brushed her hair with it and put it back in the beach bag. They she stood up abruptly with a wicked gleam in her eyes.

“The rain has nearly stopped, race you back to the house,” Lori shouted as she took off giving herself a good head start. “Winner gets to do whatever they want with the loser!”

As an old man silently thanked God for the sight of two naked red heads running past his deck with hair flowing and tits bouncing, Lori was already envisioning how Lexie would look tied to her bed.

Oh yes, It was going to be a wonderful summer!
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