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The Android Lover (PART ONE)

A lonely woman buys an android lover to satisfy her needs

The Order

She had never been one for socialising, 28 and still a virgin, extremely shy around other people and even worse, when a man would dare speak to her. But she wanted to feel the touch of a lover so badly.

She lived a frugal life, spending her money on just what she needed to live and as she never went out to socialise, had amassed quite a sum of money as her savings - the only items she spent her money on was her underwear. She loved the feeling of knowing that she was wearing the sexiest of lingerie, beneath her very ordinary clothes, when she was at work or doing her weekly shop.

One evening, she was surfing the internet, when she came upon an advert for what was termed an 'android lover'. She clicked the link to the website and there she learned that she could in fact buy an android to her specification; skin colour, height, body type - all the prerequisites to build her perfect man, but she had no experience of men so only knew what she like the look of. She was going to take the plunge and use some of her savings to buy this product, although at £75,000 it seemed a little excessive. She would sleep on it.

Waking up the next morning she decided she would go ahead and buy this 'perfect man'. It would take two weeks from order and payment to delivery so she set to work, marking down on the website what she wanted her man to be.

The Delivery

It was a Saturday morning, when there was a knock at her front door. A large steel box was delivered and she told the two delivery men to stand it in her front room. They left and she sat for a long time, staring at the large steel box. She eventually picked up the instructions and started to read.

There was a large green button on the front of the box which the instructions directed her to press, in order for the registration of her android to start. She pressed the button and straight away, the box opened. The two halves of the front slid back into the sides of the box, to reveal her android.

She scanned him from head to foot, without touching him and she was unsure about his appearance, as no skin was showing. He was wrapped in a skintight bodysuit; covering his face, his torso, right down to his feet. But first impressions were very pleasing, as she could see the shape of his body - 6 feet tall, broad shoulders and well muscled. The bodysuit seemed to be made of some kind of thin plastic, with zippers ready to undo, at various parts of his body. It looked so good on the android, she almost thought it would be a shame to take it off.

She stepped forward and unzipped the plastic which was covering his face. Firstly, she could see pale white skin, smooth chin, full lips, a straight nose and strong brow. Best of all, there was no hair - she really hated body hair and wanted her man to be completely hairless. The android was beautiful and she could feel the excitement running through her, as she unzipped the other parts of his suit. Soon she had his top half uncovered. He had a wide broad chest with well-muscled flat stomach, large arms and hands.

She knelt down and gripped the zipper at his waist. She lowered her gaze and could see the large bulge between his thighs. She hadn't known what to ask for on the order form, so when asked how well endowed she would like him to, be she had chosen 'large' and the android certainly seemed to have plenty packed in down there.

She started to pull the zipper down and saw a thick fleshy appendage. She unzipped some more and it sprang out. This was very big. She knew nothing of men, but she'd seen images on the internet and this was big. She continued to unzip and the large orbs of his balls hung down between his legs. She had also asked for these to be large, as she liked it when she saw pictures of men with a nice large bulge cupped between their legs.

She unzipped his legs and stepped back to view his whole body. She was very impressed and she was especially curious to see how big that large flaccid penis would get. Thinking about this gave her a dull pleasant ache in her groin. His body was completely hairless as she had requested and completely smooth - not a blemish in sight. She stepped forward and touched his chest. It seemed to be made of a smooth, warm rubber material. She pressed and felt the hard springiness, much like muscle. She ran her fingernails down over his stomach, over his hip and down his thigh. She wanted to be naughty and feel him down there, but couldn't quite bring herself to do it.

She sat down on the sofa and stared at her new toy and imagined what kind of lover he would be; how he would feel kissing her and caressing her skin. She sat back and straightened her legs - she could feel the tight velvet of her underwear, pushing up into her sex and bunch between her buttocks, as she slid down forward onto the floor. She sat there staring, pushing her skirt up over her knees. She let her fingers slide underneath and up her thighs until she could feel the soft velvet tightly stretched over her sex. She was excited because it felt damp against her fingertips, as she traced her lips slowly. She decided to stand up and see what this android penis felt like.

She knelt in front of the android's feet and moved her hand up to gently cupped his balls, weighing them in her hand and feeling their considerable size, she squeezed lightly and saw that the penis was growing. She squeezed harder and it got thicker and longer - just how big could this get?

Some time went past with her squeezing and measuring, squeezing then measuring some more and when the jutting penis was ten inches long and seven inches around its circumference, she thought she'd better stop. Her heart was racing and she was flushed and damp - this was a magnificent beast and she was sure it could get even bigger… But she didn't want to break it.

Was this how she had to work his erection or would it be automatic when she activated the android?
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