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The Flickering Flames of Lust.Ch.01

Is there a life after death?

This is an attempt to blend certain super-natural powers and eroticism into one. As such, the first introductory chapter might seem a bit lengthy. I assure you that the future chapters might be crisper.   


Par~kaya~Pravesha” is the first of Nine main “Siddhis(Accomplishments)”. The Sanskrit word if translated means one’s soul entering into the body of some other person. Any one who is capable of this accomplishment can even enter a dead body and bring it back to life.  


Place: On the banks of river Ganges, Hrishikesh,North India 


Tears rolled down the cheeks of the huge gathering of devotees who were witnessing the improbable. They have had the last glimpse of their beloved Guru, Seshadri, who had positioned himself in a yogic sitting posture inside a deeply dug pit. Within moments after the Guru closed his eyes, the masons began building a thick wall with bricks all around the pit. The devotees sobbed as they watched   a massive stone slab being lifted by the laborers with a loud roar. One of the devotees swooned unable to reconcile to the fact that his religious Guru has relinquished earthly pleasures and opted for “Jeevan Mukti” ( liberated alive from the world).


The devotees queued up one after another slamming and breaking coconuts against the stone slab. The chief disciple of the Guru began lighting the 108 mud lamps filled with gingely oil.


“Dear Disciples!” The Chief spoke in a voice that choked in emotion. “Our beloved Guru has left us all for heavenly abode. His Janma( Life ) and Karma ( Duty) have come to an end. He will guide us from the skies from now onwards.”


As the crowd began dispersing, a curious young disciple asked the Chief Disciple,"What will happen to the Guru’s soul?”


The Chief Disciple paused and then said,”If he hadn’t committed any sins, his soul will leave the planet. Or else, it might roam around looking for some other human body to live another time.”




Jamuna was all in tears as she waited outside the Hospital Administrators chambers. Her only son Dhanush had met with an accident and had sustained grievious injuries in the skull, backbone and femur. The Rosemary Memorial Hospital has never been known as the poor man’s hospital and yet Jamuna had managed to make some part payments for her son’s treatment.


However, it was hard for the poor woman to reconcile to the fact that all her efforts are going to be in vain. She had seen her son’s condition deteriorating every day. He was lying like a vegetable on the hospital bed not responding to the various treatments by several specialists. She was preparing herself to hear the worst from the doctors anytime now. But, adding to her sorrow was the anxiety to the mounting hospital bills.


‘How am I going to pay the bills?’


She was already looking older than 40 years with all the miseries she had gone through in her life ever since she was impregnated and deserted by a man who had left her looking to gain divine powers.


Jamuna was the seventh child of a peasant’s family in South India and she was her parent’s fourth daughter. The family had lost whatever little wealth they got after marrying off the three daughters. In addition, her father had borrowed several loans for buying seeds and manure apart from running the household. They had to sell off their tile-roofed house and move into a thatched hut because of their poverty.


However, Jamuna grew up into a gorgeous girl despite the family’s miserable fortunes. The whole village was eyeing on her large breasts when she became a full woman. Of course, her complexion was dark, as expected of a girl hailing from an agricultural family but she had the essential ingredients to invoke lust in the eyes of the onlookers.


None of those curious onlookers was interested in marrying her. All they wanted was just to screw her royally once if not more. The situation got worse when her parents were drowned while their bullock cart capsized onto the river during an unseasonal floods. Since then, she began realizing how unsafe and unsecured it is to be living on one’s own if you are beautiful.


It was then that she met Guru Seshadri.


Jamuna could vividly remember the events that unfolded 21 years ago, as though it happened the previous day.


Seshadri was close to 70 years and Jamuna was 19 when they met for the first time on a rainy day near the village temple.


Jamuna was returning from the nearby jungle after collecting firewood when it started pouring very heavily. She quickly ran towards the temple to take shelter in the traveller’s chambers. But, she was soaked in rain water even before jumping into the patio of the chambers. The huge wooden doors were partly open and Jamuna could see someone changing his clothes inside. Driven by a sudden curiosity, Jamuna peeped in and saw a tall man with long beard standing nude while drying off his long hair with a saffron towel.  


Somehow, Jamuna stood there and kept staring at the old man who didn’t seem to have noticed her shadows near the doorway. Jamuna’s eyes were glued to the six inches long cock which surprisingly looked terribly shrunk inspite of its length. Jamuna couldn’t help imagining as to how long the man’s cock would be when hard. She was soon lost in a dream thinking about the cock and failed to notice that the old man had looked around and saw her standing near the door.


"Why don’t you come inside?" The old man said softly.


Jamuna stammered a bit before pushing the door and getting in.


“Who are you baby?” The old man asked. His voice was mesmerising. His eyes were captivating. His face was glittering with a divine grace in spite of his age.


“I am Jamuna,” She replied. “I sell firewood.”


“What were you looking at?” The old man asked with a smile.


“Nothing,” Jamuna said and blushed. She never realized that she had been caught.


“Are you awed seeing my LING?” The old man said as he held his cock with his left hand and began stroking it.


“A LING?” Jamuna queried. She had never heard anyone calling the penis a ‘LING’.


“Yes,” The old man smiled again. “I guess you are awed. You are not feeling shy watching it.”


Jamuna was taken aback. He was right. She had been watching his cock all the time shamelessly, something she might have never done before. Why?


“Yes,” Jamuna said without moving her eyes of the old man’s cock. “But don’t know why.”


“Because, I have used my divine power to subjugate you,” The old man replied with another smile. “Have you ever heard of the term ‘Vastva’?”


“Never,” Jamna denied at once. “I am not educated. What does that mean?”


“It means the power to subjugate anybody and everybody,” The old man said as he threw off his towel to the extreme corner of the room.


“Who are you?” Jamna asked. She was beginning to look nervous.


“Seshadri,” He replied. “A soul in search of divine powers.”


“Why should you subjugate me?” Jamna asked.


“Because I want you to help me,” Seshadri said. “With your help I can attain more powers.”




“By bearing my child,” Seshadri grinned. “I need to sow my seeds in a virgin womb to get those powers. You have been sent by God for this purpose.”


“But you are old,” Jamna laughed.


"Don’t rush to any conclusions," Seshadri sounded a bit annoyed. “I have never masturbated in my life. I have never had sex with any woman before. My ‘Indriya’ (Powers) are much more vibrant than that of any other man living today.”


"Are you joking?" Jamna asked.


"Not at all,” Seshadri replied. “I am going to impregnate you now. We will have a son who will live like a God when his time comes."


"What if I am going to resist?" Jamuna asked mockingly. “Why should I loose my virginity to a man who looks as old as my grand father?”


“I can understand your predicament,” Seshadri smiled. “I want you to close your eyes for a minute and think about your ‘Pithrus’(Ancestors).”


“But, you shouldn’t touch me until I open my eyes,” Jamuna said firmly. “I will run away from here.”


“I don’t want you to run,” Seshadri said assuringly. “Please close your eyes.”


Jamuna closed her eyes and thought about her ancestors for a while. She felt something spinning inside her skull immediately after she closed her eyes. She wanted to open her eyes but her eyelids felt too heavy to lift. For a moment, she felt as though she was standing on fire before she heard Seshadri calling her.


“Open your eyes Jamuna,” Seshadri’s voice sounded extraordinarily different.


Jamuna opened her eyes at once and was stunned immediately to see a muscular, young and handsome nude man standing where Seshadri stood just a few seconds ago.


“Where is he?” Jamuna queried even while her eyes devoured the young man standing opposite to her.


“It is me,” The young man said with a wink. “I am Seshadri. I have become young for you.”


“What?” Jamuna stammered. “But how?”


“It is another skill I possess,” Seshadri replied. “It is called ‘Kama-rupam’. A person having this skill can change his looks whatever way he likes.”


“I don’t believe this,” Jamuna whispered. She gulped unable to bear his gaze.


She relaxed seeing a smile flickering on his face as he said, "Even I don’t belive what I am seeing Jamuna. Your breasts are simply marvellous."


His eager eyes glanced at them as he continued, "My hands are itching."


“You are now talking like a curious young man,” Jamuna blushed glancing down.


She never had the money to buy the lingerie to cover her breasts beneath her shirt. She always knew that the whole village yearned to have a look at her protruding nipples but had stopped worrying about them. But, she could realize that her nipples were hardening as Seshadri kept gazing at her breasts from so close.  


As their eyes met, Jamuna innocuously jerked her shoulders back, letting her breasts to jump as though she was daring Seshadri to have another look.


Her head bowed as she muttered, "I think you are impressed with my breasts. They are all yours. You can watch them as long as you wish. You can play with them anytime you wish.”


He wasn’t the dirty old man anymore. Everything about him was so youthful and exhuberant. His gaze trailed downwards focussing on her chest while his expression changed like lightning showing how excited he was. He kept starting at her breasts as though he was researching on them . The admiration in his eyes was profound as he didn’t bat his eyelids while he devoured her chest. Jamuna felt a few tingles in between her thighs apart from the teasing sensation she felt on her nipples. She was gasping in excitement as though it weren’t his eyes but his fingers which were feeling her breasts.


“I want you to take off that shirt,” He ordered. “I know you won’t let me say that again.”


He was right. Her hands quickly reached her back and began unbuttoning her shirt.

It took a while before she could muster the courage to look at him.


"You are an apsaras( Angel)," he said in a voice soaked in lust.


“Your LING is very long,” Jamuna murmured. “Very hard and very thick.”


He smiled as he watched her gaze dropping to his erect cock.


"It is not LING now," he said with a mischievous smile. “It is a cock.”


"OK," Jamuna said and   slipped out of her long skirt letting it drop on the floor in a heap. She wasn’t wearing any underwear as she stood upright heaving heavily.


"How do I look like?" Jamuna asked him standing straight and looking straight into his eyes.


He kept staring at her without replying for a while before, his left hand clutched and began stroking himself even as his eyes roamed all over her breasts.


"What are you waiting for?" Jamuna questioned.


"For you to feel my cock," he replied.


"You mean it?" Jamuna asked nervously.


"Of course I do,” he replied with another smile.


Her heart pumped hard as she watched the sparkles in his eyes. She took a few steps forward standing so close to him that her breasts were almost brushing against his chest.


"Do you want me to hold your cock?" Jamuna looked deep into his eyes and asked.


Instead of replying to her question, he gripped her hand and placed it on his cock.


Jamuna’s fingers encircled the huge meat. She quickly watched the sudden change on his face as her palm brushed against his cock. She knew that her mere touch was giving him some pleasure


"Keep playing with my cock,” He commanded.


Jamuna’s fist began pumping his cock with some urgency. It was a moment when her passions had taken over her.


"Touch me,” Jamuna whispered.


His eyes lit up with eagerness as he gently raised his hand and stroked her silky cheeks. Jamuna’s eyes were half-closed as his hand dropped to her shoulder before pulling her towards him.


She shuddered as he kissed her deeply. Her body was pressing against him and she instantly felt his cock brushing below her abdomen. His tongue popped out and made its way between her lips inside her mouth. Her mouth opened readily relishing the feel and the passion with which he began exploring her mouth. It was a long kiss and Jamuna wished it longer when it broke.


"Jamuna," he whispered. "You are straight from the heaven."


Jamuna felt and shivered before watching his hands slipping under her breasts, lifting and caressing them.


“Oh Yes!”


She stood on her heels as he held her nipples and started rolling them between his thumbs and forefingers. Jamuna gasped for a while and soon began whimpering with pleasure. She helped his hands cup more firmly over her breasts and massage them in a slow but sensual motion. She groaned out loud.


She desperately struggled to touch him to please him in reciprocation. Finally, she abruptly swirled and wrapped her arms around him and kissed him pressing her body against him. He grabbed her naked ass cheeks and pressed her loins hard against him. When their kiss terminated, he pushed her away gently holing her at an arm's length.


His mesmerising eyes probed hers as he asked,”Are you ready for the ritual?"


Jamuna wasn’t in the mood to reply. Dropping to her knees, she moved forward and pulled him to her. Her hand gently grasped and stared lustily at his erection. He held his cock and pushing forward slightly,   rubbed the tip over her tender lips.


"Suck it baby," he ordered and Jamuna’s tongue popped out to lap at him.


"Suck it harder," He instructed as he pushed himself forward. His cock was suddenly inside her mouth, sliding along her tongue. She curled her tongue around the huge meat and heard him groan with pleasure. She kept lashing her tongue at him and reached down his shaft as far as her tongue could reach. She came back to the tip with a few quick flicks along the shaft and soon she was gagging with her mouth stuffed with his enormous cock.  


Jamuna was just about to enjoy the warmth and slipperiness of his cock that she felt his hands grabbing her hair fiercely and lifting her up. Before she could realize what was going on, he was flat on the floor pulling her body on top of his cock.


“Oh God!” He groaned aloud.


Jamuna felt the brief sharp pain right in between her thighs and moaned heavily. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened the very next moment. There he was- inside her.


Jamuna’s eyes closed again. She started jumping on him slowly, coping up with the persistent gentle pain. However, the warmth of his organ getting deeper inside her was simply fascinating. As he kept pumping in and out of her, moving his hip upwards and downwards, it was getting easier and more joyful.


Jamuna couldn’t resist a smile as she watched Seshadri enjoying her with eyes partly closed. He breathed heavily while his hands tightly gripped her ass cheeks. Jamuna was quick to steady her motions into a nice rhythm matching the slamming of his hips on her thighs. In a way, she felt proud thinking that her virginity has been taken by another virgin, no matter how old he was. While she was immersed in the pleasure of being enjoyed by him, Seshadri grabbed her and rolled over on top of her. To Jamuna’s utter surprise, he had managed to change position without letting his cock slip away from her. More surprises were to follow, as he began thrusting into her in a tremendous speed and intensity.


Jamuna was whimpering as she was letting herself to be mastered and mauled. She screamed feeling her hips slamming against him and meeting each one of his strokes into her. Each and every thrust of his cock felt like thunderbolts of pleasure piercing through her. The faster he went, the more she screamed unable to cope up with his monstrous speed and intensity.


Suddenly, Jamuna’s body began quivering. Her eyes widened. She felt like flying. She felt something breaking open inside her while his cock went rigid like a rod before it began shooting loads of hot semen inside her. Jamuna screamed weakly. She knew that she had experienced her first orgasm and also that her womb had been filled up with his overflowing semen.


Seshadri gasped for breath lying on top of her before resting his head on her shoulder exhausted. His cock was gradually slipping out of her.


Seshadri kissed her and smiled.


"You will have a son," Seshadri said."He will live twice.”




‘Am I not dead yet?’


Seshadri woke up and found himself on some hospital bed. He could hear the beep sounds emanating from the ventilators. He tried looking down and saw the countless cables stuck all over his chest and abdomen.


‘Oh God! Who brought me to the hospital? I am supposed to have attained Jeevan Mukti,’ Seshadri murmured in dismay.


Within seconds, he could hear sounds of foot steps approaching him very fast. He opened his eyes and could see a few women in uniform all around his bed.


“Dhanush! Can you hear me?” The man who stood right at the other end of the bed spoke.


‘Dhanush? Who is that? I am Seshadri,’ He wanted to reply, but couldn’t.


“Sister KanJamunaa! Inform the Medical Superintendent,” The doctor almost screamed. “The patient is conscious now.”


“Dhanush! Can you hear me?”


“You are in Rosemary Memorial Hospital! Can you see us? I am Dr. Naren,” The Doctor kept talking.


Seshadri could feel the nurses tapping on his feet and shoulders. As he struggled hard, he realized what might have happened to him.


“Who am I?” Seshadri managed to ask. The entire medical team looked puzzled.


“You are Dhanush,” The Doctor replied after regaining his composure. “Are you alright?”


Dhanush! Dhanush!! Dhanush!!!


Guru Seshadri began closing his eyes once again. He knew that his soul had entered the body of some Dhanush. He realized that from then onwards he had to live another life as Dhanush. He also realized that he might not remember his previous life once he wakes up from the sleep. He is going to be Dhanush and not Seshadri anymore.



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