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The London Eye

My first time with a British guy in the London Eye in London, England.
It all started out so innocently. I was in London for summer break. It was my three best friends and I. We were all 18, bored, and wanting fun. So on the first day they decided they wanted to go site seeing, but of course being the lazy bum I am, decided to stay in the hotel. So at about 11 am London time, I headed downstairs too see what British people eat for breakfast. Tea, bagels, cereal; typical stuff; except for the tea. I was wearing my ultra short jean shorts, a tight white tank top, and black converse sneakers. (hey I was 18). So I'm looking around, and I noticed this INCREDIBLY gorgeous guy staring at me. I mean GORGEOUS. He was about 6'1, VERY well built, with light brown hair, and piercing blue/green eyes. My hair is a little bit longer than the tips of my breasts, and I was glad. I'm a size 32C, and I wasn't used to being checked out, other than by my boyfriend whom I just broke up with. I saw him walking over to me, and I quickly turned the opposite way. I felt a sudden hand on my shoulder. I turned around, and there he was. Our eyes melted into each others, and he said in the most adorable accent ever "Um, hi I couldn't help but notice you over here. Are you by yourself?" I replied "Um, no. Wait, actually I am." He smiled and said "Good. I'm Mark Goodman." I smiled back and said "I'm Marissa." "Would you like me to show you around London Ms. Marissa?" I totally blushed at that. "Sure." I said giggling. "You can call me Marissa." He took my hand and kissed it gently. Then he looked in my eyes and said "Of course."

We went everywhere that day. He took me to Harrods, to lunch at a small restaurant, and on a boat on some lake. On the boat we were talking. He was 20 years old, and was single. I told him I had just gotten out of a bad relationship, and he told me his girlfriend cheated on him several times. I looked at him and said "I'd never do that to you if I was your girlfriend." He looked back at me with his soft eyes and said "I know." With his finger he lifted my chin and slowly started to kiss me. We just were sitting there kissing, until he pulled away. I put my hand around his neck and he put his hand on my hip and we started to get into this makeout like session; just not too extreme. When we finally pulled away, he wrapped his arm around me and I placed my head in his shoulder. When we got out of the boat, he asked me if I wanted to go to the London Eye. I just kissed him and said "That's my answer."

He smiled and we went on our way. After about 30 mins in line, we got in our cart thing. (Haha) We very slowly made our way up the Eye, me in his lap kissing him and him rubbing my thigh that time. (Remember my short shorts.) I was getting horny, and I let a slight moan slip my lips. We pulled away and in a husky voice he said "You like that baby, you like me rubbing you like that." I kissed him a yes, and he started nibbling and kissing my neck. After 5 minutes I couldn't take it anymore. I stood up facing him who was sitting down, and pressed my stomach against his face while hugging the back of his neck. He pulled my shirt up, planting little soft kisses all around my flat stomach. I moaned, and he looked up and laughed. He flung my shirt off and I was just in my bra and short shorts. He stood up, towering above me looking down at my cleavage. I pointed at it saying "Hmm baby you like this?" He nodded hungrily still looking at it. He dug his face in it, but didn't do much. After about a minute, I felt his tongue start licking my cleavage. This guy worked wonders. After about 4 minutes, he pulled my bra off, and started sucking on my nipples, and took my whole breast in his mouth, devouring it like a hungry lion.

I took my shorts off, leaving me in my thong. He licked his way down there and gave my thighs a complete tongue bath. I definitely couldn't take it anymore. So he got rid of my thong and stared at my glistening wet, shaved pussy. I was soaking wet, my juices dripping down. He slowly started licking up and down my slit, avoiding my pleasure bump. He tongue fucked me, and I just moaned in pleasure. He made his way to my clit, and started to suck the hell out of it. By this time I was humping his mouth and gyrating my hips in all sorts of motions. Then he did the most erotic thing ever; he took his nose and started wiggling it in my pussy. The thought of that made me cum immediately. This motion sent immense shock waves of everlasting pleasure throughout my body. I just held his face to my pussy, him doing occasionally licks up and down it.

I got up, and he had this huge smile on his face. I smiled back and said "What happened?", and he said "Oh nothing", then bent down and kissed me. I could taste my salty/sweet juices on his mouth and tongue. He was fingering me while we kissed. I bent down, zipped his jeans down, and pulled his underwear down exposing his rock hard cock. It flung up in the air like a rocket. I smiled at him, and I took his member deep in my mouth. I licked his shaft up and down, sucking on it and occasionally sucking his balls too. His pre-cum filled most of my mouth up, and it taste delicious. Usually I will NEVER swallow cum or pre-cum, but this was so different. I worked it up and down doing everything possibly could to it. I got it between my breasts and he fucked them. Then he said in a stutter "B-b-babe, I-I'm about t-to cum!!!!!!!!!!!!" He shot his load in my face and it lasted about 10 seconds. I took my finger and wiped my face with it and sucked it all off. Then I grabbed his now again rock hard cock, and finished it off. It was still pointing to the sky when I was done. I sat back down and bit my lip. I took my pointer finger and told him to come. He took a condom out of his jean pocket which was on the floor, and slipped it on. He swirled the tip of his dick around my pussy, teasing my most extremely that I came right there. He smiled, then made his way in. The heat of his cock inside of me turned me on like never before. I threw my head back as he started to thrust in and out, in and out. After a while, he started to fuck harder and harder. I started to moan louder than before. "M-Mark dont stoppppppppp!!!!!!" He was going about 30 mph when I reached my climax, I had 30 orgasms in that one sitting. He kept fucking me harder, and harder, till he slowed his pace down. "Oh.. Marissa I'm about to cum!!!"

I yelled "Take your condom off and go back inside of me. I want to feel you so badly; don't worry I'm on the pill."

He whipped his cock out, flung off the condon and started fucking me again. A minute later I heard him groan and his hot and creamy cum filled my pussy. He collapsed next to me, as he started to kiss me. He took his finger and started to finger me again, I tried to make him stop because I was very sore from my orgasms, but he didn't. Eventually I had the most explosive orgasm EVER right there. He took me on top of him and started to stroke my back. He whispered that he loved me when he first saw me, and I slowly kissed him. We got back dressed, and when we were coming back down on the London Eye, I sat on him again, only to realize he was still hard. I smiled, and zipped his zipper down and out popped his cock. I sucked it really fast until he came in my mouth 5 minutes before we reached the bottom. I sat back on top of him and he rubbed me through my jeans, and I had yet another orgasm. We still keep in touch to this day, recalling on our wild adventure in the London Eye. After we got off, we smiled, only to go back in my hotel room for another round.

But that's another story.
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