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The walk.

a late night walk turns into a arrest.
  I was 16 living at home with my parents. My mother and sister knew I wanted to be a girl, but not my father. All I ever wanted to do was all the normal things a girl would do. Take a walk outside, go out with boys, go to a dance, whatever.
  My father worked second shift came home and went to bed about midnight. I use to lay in bed waiting for him to go to sleep. Once he did I would get up get my cloths that I had hidden, get dressed real sexy and sneak out the back door. I'd wear my high heels, silk stocking, a nice wig that I saved up for, and I had this real tight dress I would wear. It was so tight I could bearley walk in it. I could only take little steps.
  Each night I went out I walked a little further, till one night I made it all the way down to the boulevard 5 blocks away. I was just about to turn around and come home when a bright light shined on me. My first thought was to run, but I couldn't do that in the heels and tight dress, so I started to walk up a sidewalk to someone's house, when I heard a voice say. "Miss stop there"
  I stopped and turned and there stood a police car and policeman not 15 feet away. My heart began to pound and thoughts of going to jail and calling my parents began to go through my mind. "Come here he said" Once up to the police car he asked me a few questions. He then turned me around had me put my hands behind my head and he began to search me. His hands went from my shoulders around the front of me over my breast, down to my waist, over my ass, then down the side of me to my feet. From there his hands went up my legs and up my skirt. Up and down and up and down 4 or 5 times. He then grabbed my hands put them behind my back and cuffed me.
  I knew something was strange when he put me in the front seat. He told me several times how he really didn't want to take me in to the station, but if I promised to behave and do what I was told he would let off this time.
  I know what he wanted and I was not in the position to say no. Once I agreed he opened his zipper and pulled out his penis, telling me to be a good little girl and suck on till he came. I had never done this before and was now past the point of being frightened till he told me he wanted me to swallow every drop. He placed his hand around the back of my head and pulled it toward him with me fighting at first. Don't fight or I'll take you in and stupid me believed him. So I went down on him taking the whole thing in my mouth. Faster he said faster and so I did. I knew he was going to cum because I could feel it getting bigger and bigger till I was almost ready to choke.
  Then he exploded in my mouth. I tried not to swallow but he kept my head down so I couldn't take it out till my mouth kept filling more and more till I just could hold any more and swallowed it I did and again, and again and again. When he was done he sat me up asked me where I lived. I told him and he took me home in the back around the alley.
  He told me he did not want me brushing my teeth or washing my mouth out till morning. He also told me he wanted me out there on Friday night at one a m or he would come knocking at my door.
  There I was 3 days later doing it all over again only this time in his car. Every day I thought about about it and how much I loved it. I couldn't wait to see him again. I saw him for almost 6 months after that then all of a sudden he just stopped showing up. My heart was broken, but that's something a girl has to live with. I still think about it till this day.
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