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Tomo and Takashi

Takashi stared silently for a moment then nodded silently, he reached up, yanking his bandages from his face and mumbled very simply, "Good, one less grave to dig." He silently stared, before considering, no doubt it'd be her first time, a gentle touch would be needed. He moved forward and placed his mouth over hers.

Tomo's first instinct was to pull away from the unfamiliar touch and feeling, but she kept herself where she was, feeling and learning the soft shift of his lips. Hesitantly, one of her hands rose and rested hesitantly on Takashi's chest. It felt... nice. She pressed back a little, feeling her back press up against the wall.

Saying nothing, he slowly moved so he was on the futon, laying on his back with her straddling his hips. It wasn't that he didn't want to be on top, he didn't think his back could handle such...'strenuous' activities. His hand cupped the back of her head as he continued to kiss softly and lightly. Gentle would really have to do for now...

Some part of Tomo's mind noted the reason for the position, and thought that it was a good idea. But that part wasn't even heard. Tomo's adolescence and young adulthood had been spent training in the ways of the shinobi, so she really didn't have much idea as to kissing and other things like that.

The gentleness of Takashi's movements was strange to her, as she'd come to know the man's personality and fighting style quite well. He wasn't usually gentle. But she was thankful. Her hand curled around his shirt, gripping it lightly. She could feel his heart beating, hear her own pulse in her head. The warmth tingling over her skin was strange...

Shifting lightly, the mercenary's hand moved onto her hip, light, not gripping, just helping her keep balance. He slowly broke, allowing her a moment to breath before bringing her back down. Tongue this time asking almost too nicely for access.

But then again, he didn't wanna get it bitten off.

Tomo paused in a moment of confusion, but then parted her lips, hesitantly letting Takashi into her mouth. It felt a bit strange to her, letting someone else's tongue explore the places in her mouth that only her own had. Her other hand was keeping a bit of her weight off of the man, and that hand curled into a light fist around the bedclothes. She kissed back slightly, tongue beginning to move shyly against his own.

With a very low growl Takashi kissed back, she tasted sweet... innocent. He grinned, he liked that taste. He wanted more of it. But he wouldn't let himself be too demanding on her. Nor would he let himself take full control... it would be bad if she was completely helpless. No woman wanted to be so when it was her first time.

The growl made a shiver snake its way down Tomo's spine. It was a guttural sound, animalistic. That almost made her afraid, but she ignored the fear. She was doing this to keep from having someone killed; she would treat this like it was a mission. But... not completely. She was curious in a shy way, wanted to know what it felt like. She let her hand lift, touching Takashi's cheek and then along his jaw. She felt his pulse under her fingers.

Takashi slowly broke away from her as he felt her touch. Watching her slightly panting. He blinked as they both stilled... now what?

Tomo saw the question in his eyes, and she looked away, biting her bottom lip and blushing. "It's not like I have any idea about this," she got out, blush deepening as she spoke. She knew how humans reproduced. The basics. That was pretty much it. She looked at him, then rested her forehead on his chest, hiding her face. "Shinobi ain't easy to break, you know," she muttered into his shirt. God she was going to blush herself to death...

What an undignified way to go.

"HA!" Takashi glanced at her smirking, "Onna, if you want it rough, say so." His eyes twinkling with a sexy glint but at the moment curiosity remaining in them as well, what would she let him do?

Tomo looked up at his smirking face, and gave a rather unconvincing glare. She knew that she could form the words to say if she wanted it rough, but getting herself to speak them was entirely another. "I don't... I don't want to be smothered in gentleness," she got out. "But I'm no masochist either." She could tell he was enjoying her conflict a good bit more than he should have. But then, knowing him, what should she expect?

Takashi stared for a moment considering something, then rolled them, watching her gasp as she was pinned underneath him. Growling he bit down onto her shoulder, not enough to bleed, but enough to cause tingling pleasure.

Tomo hissed, then made a soft keening sound. Her hands rose instinctively to Takashi's shoulders. Her head tilted to the side, hair falling aside to expose more of the pall column. She wasn't sure what was telling her body how to react, but her instincts had never really led her wrong before. Her fingers curled around part of his bandages, the loose part around his neck. Slowly she pulled it down, exposing his own neck. Her mouth found his skin as well, nipping like a puppy at first before she bit down a bit more, oddly liking the taste of his skin.

Takashi's hand came onto her shoulder pinning her down as he stared at her silently. Message clear enough, he could touch her. But she couldn't, for the moment, touch him.

Tomo blinked, then gave a little nod, brows furrowed slightly. Then her attention shifted as one of his hands gripped one edge of her kimono-like uniform, pulling it down over her shoulder. She restrained herself again from trying to resist, her natural curiosity allowing for this.

He let his mouth wander over the skin, smiling at the taste then dragging his teeth down it, leaving red marks in it's wake. His other hand coming down to feel her side, moving up it and feeling her curves underneath her uniform.

Her body twitched slightly, goose-bumps prickling at the touch. His hands were rough and calloused from his sword, but they were also very warm. Her body shifted under the touch again, but this time moving closer to the warmth. It felt nice but for some reason, something in her wanted to tremble. Was she trembling?

His tongue moved up her neck, smiling as he did so, she was heating up. Poor girl was so innocent. He held back his darker nature as he let his hands flutter in a ghost like motion across her breasts.

Her breath hitched and her hands gripped the bed sheets on either side of her. The warmth of his touch mixing with her own body heat was making her feel strange. She knew how her body worked, what was where, but she'd never explored it other than making sure she was in proper fighting condition. The eyes that she had squeezed shut opened and looked down at him, her bottom lip between her teeth.

Takashi allowed his mouth to press to her neck, sucking lightly now, allowing her to bare his weight, he wasn't that heavy after all... and she needed to feel what would be behind what was gonna enter her.

Tomo forced back a shudder, oddly understanding what Takashi was trying to get across. And she knew how strong the man was. She had carried his sword, but he could easily wield it with one hand. It took her nearly all her strength to lift it with both arms the one time she'd tried. She mewled softly at the attention on her neck, but made no protest at his weight. It was no longer in her nature to allow herself to show weakness.

With a smirk he let his tongue go over the shell of her ear before sucking on it lightly. That was good, a female not willing to show him a weakness. He breathed in her scent, perhaps he would take her with him, the kunoichi could use more experience as a ninja than just being here after all.

Her ear tingled, tickled almost, at the warmth of his mouth. She felt her top being pulled open a bit, and she made a sound of protest, meeting his eyes and pulling at his own shirt. She didn't wanna be stripped of her clothes while he was still wearing his...

Takashi stared for a moment then breathed in her ear, "Fiiiiine." He tugged his shirt over his head without much thought, throwing it and allowing it to land on his blade. He tugged her uniform open, letting his hand come down and start to explore her chest, feeling the supple flesh underneath his hand, just watching what he fantasized about alone for the past month.

Blushing at the suddenness of her clothing's removal, Tomo almost squeaked. Instead she just blushed more and looked to the side. Warmth tingled in her chest and moved a bit lower, skin heating where Takashi touched. But then she looked back at him. The lust she saw in his eyes made her shudder, the heat falling swiftly to the area between her legs.

Chuckling at her look he rolled and fell back onto the futon, pulling her back up and onto his hips, setting her there, hand moving across her chest and stomach, exploring silently, then both hands ghosting up her sides. Her skin was so soft, he abruptly reached up, head burying into her stomach.

Tomo grunted, then made a soft squeaking sound as his breath tickled her stomach. She then slipped forward slightly, pushing him back. She was now looking down at him, her bare chest in his face. She blinked, quickly trying to sit back up.

Takashi had other ideas though, hand coming to her back and pressing her down onto him, his face in her breasts for a moment before he nuzzled each one of them, head coming back up and kissing her collar up to her neck.

"Nn... Katamura..." she got out, feeling that heat in her lower body stirring again. Her hands clenched on either side of Takashi's head, her own head falling forward lightly. She squirmed ever so slightly at the growing heat.

Silently his hands wandered up her body, feeling her breasts and squeezing them lightly. He grinned as the pads of his thumbs went over her nipples. Eyes holding amusement at her sounds.

Soft little tingles went through the kunoichi at the contact, and she mewled softly. Her body squirmed again, eyes squeezed shut and bottom lip between her teeth out of habit. One hand moved to grip at his shoulder, resting there while her other arm continued to support her.

Takashi groaned, letting out a hiss and then stating softly, "Damn it, woman." Mouth coming to her stomach, starting to nip and nibble at her skin.

Tomo let out a soft growl of her own, eyes opening. She shuddered as he nipped below her navel, coming up on the cloth she wrapped around herself to serve as underclothing. "I have... a name," she said quietly, eyes flashing ever so slightly for a short moment. "Use it..." She at least wanted him to use her name if he was going to be her first.

Takashi watched her eyes widen before his mouth came up onto hers, flipping her onto the bed and leaning over her. His body between her legs mumbling against her mouth, "Not yet Healer chan."

Tomo flinched slightly, letting out a breath against his lips. One of her hands lifted and rested on his pectoral as his lips pressed to hers. She let herself respond, one of her legs bending and her thigh touching Takashi's hip. She wanted to touch more of him, but he'd wordlessly forbidden it.

Takashi quietly nibbled her lip, then mumbled against her, "Soon though. Soon." He nipped at the pale column of her throat silently.

That made Tomo feel a bit better, but her mind was pulled away from that as his hand moved down, hooking in her underwear. She felt her cheeks heat up, and she kissed back, trying to ignore the heat that kept growing in her lower abdomen. She wanted to understand it, but she wasn't just going to ask, was she?

Takashi let his thumb merely rub back and forth in her underwear on her hip then extracted it. He would not go too fast. As her first time, it needed to be most... memorable.

The little apprehension faded away, and she let her hand rest on the side of his ribcage, feeling it expand and contract with his breathing. She could feel the heat that radiated off of him, and she moaned lightly, letting her eyes flutter closed. His hands were still very warm, and left heated trails on her skin.

Takashi smirked lightly now, such a perfect little thing she was. His mouth remained hard against hers before separated, a small line of saliva between them. His head bowed, slowly he let his mouth start down her neck, nipping and licking then reaching her collar, his mouth left another hickey there, lifting up for a moment, he stared down then smiled. Such an adorable, innocent thing. With her pale complexion and wide eyes. Pink lips just right... his hands pulled her upper uniform open more so, mouth coming onto her arm and kissing her deltoids lightly.

Tomo shuddered lightly at the attention paid to the sensitive skin, looking over at him. When his eyes moved her way she quickly turned, looking up at the ceiling. Then her eyes closed again, zeroing her keen senses in on just the two of them. The made arousal spike, and a soft moan slip past her lips. Her breath was coming quicker now, her dried hair fanned out around her head. There was a soft hitch in her breathing as Takashi's bare chest occasionally brushed over her own in places.

Almost agonizingly so, Takashi kept his attention on her upper body, he wouldn't touch her lower as he was not particularly concerned with it at the moment. He wouldn't be a pig about this unlike usually... he held attachment to this one after all.

The light softness of it was comforting. And with another man it might not have been as strange. The Takashi that Tomo knew was a brutal fighter and killer. She made a soft sound of approval at the brushes of his mouth. She let her lips brush his jaw as it moved past her. Her other arm rose hesitantly to touch his side as well.

His breath moved underneath her jaw and then he licked the under side of it. Sucking lightly down the pale column of her esophagus he paused, then bit down sharply on her right shoulder, gripping her as to keep her from escaping, it had to be authentic after all.

Tomo jerked at first, hands grabbing tightly onto his sides. She clenched her teeth, hissing in pain and glaring at Takashi. Her nails dug in for a fraction of a second before she felt him licking at the wound. She wanted to scrunch up and pull away from him, but only a little.

Takashi growled lightly against her shoulder laying across her. Tongue lapping up the blood and other hand still stroking her side. His mouth came out in a soft pant and licked up her neck nuzzling it in a light apology.

Tomo grunted lightly, one hand touching the wound lightly before it made a bold move, completely without Tomo's bidding, and turned Takashi's head to hers. She kissed him without thinking, her brain again confounded as to who had ordered the actions. She tasted blood on his lips, her blood. Her hand moved down from his face, to his neck and then rested on his shoulder.

Takashi was still, considering this action before kissing back now. Complete submissiveness would be very.... awkward for her, and just couldn't happen. Slowly he drug his teeth once again over her skin before biting on her lower lip and tugging before engulfing her in a heated kiss.

Tomo's press back was hesitant at first, but then a wave of heat swept up and over her. She shuddered and used that heat to press harder back against Takashi's mouth. Her lips would be swollen later, but that really didn't concern her. The pain in her shoulder dwindled as she started to lose herself in the kiss. She had never liked the feeling of someone much stronger pressing her in a fight that she had already lost... but this was different. The strength above her was almost... exciting. Either way, whatever it was, it didn't seem all that bad to her at this point.

His hand came up and entwined in her hair, fingers starting to rub her scalp while his other free hand wrapped underneath her waist, pulling her up so her chest pressed to his and his thumb lightly stroked her backside. He groaned against her mouth and let out a soft hiss. She was soft, and sweet to his palate. He definitely wanted more of this one.

Tomo's skin tingled again, and she shuddered, a little moan escaping into Takashi's mouth. Her hands moved up on his back, holding herself better against him. This warmth may have been new and strange, but she wanted more of it for now. She hadn't really thought of sex, and certainly not like this. Her thoughts were cut off as Takashi's calloused hand squeezed at her backside. This made her pelvis lift, and she gave a muted little sound at the half hardness she encountered for a moment.

He really was containing himself from such a delightful little creature. Ravaging her did come to mind, but he kept back, eyes shut lightly as he brought his arm under her lower, gripping her backside and then nipping at her neck after breaking away playfully, even growling as such before nuzzling her with a breathy chuckle.

He really was like some predator. She turned her head and nipped his earlobe in response, sounding again like a small canine. She focused again on the little tingles and bursts of pleasure. What felt like adrenaline kept shooting down her spine, making her squirm slightly again as her fingers began to explore a bit, feeling gently around his wound, ever conscious of it.

Takashi paused, a hiss exiting him then feeling her tense and still. His hand came up slowly, and removed hers from his back before taking her mouth in a gentle kiss again, right now he wouldn't allow that touching, it did hurt a bit after all. He smirked at her gaze, maybe pointed yellow ears and big fluffy matching tail would suit her right now.

"Gomen," Tomo muttered. Her hands felt awkward at her sides, just gripping the bed sheets. She was starting to feel a little warm, and sweat had begun to just grace her pale skin. She wished that she could touch him in some way, after all, he was, at any rate, her lover for the time being. Didn't lovers touch each other? She boldly looked back then, rising up and kissing him hotly, cheeks darkening with the blush that had just begun to fade.

Takashi grunted, falling back in slight surprise onto the covers and staring up wide eyed. When they broke he cursed panting, "Da-Damn woman." His hand came up gripping her backside and squeezed, "You're tempting me to lose my mind Tomo." He pulled her into another hard kiss.

Tomo made a little grunt at the squeeze, kissing back as she braced her hands on either side of his head. She would soon be close to losing her own if he kept teasing her like that! Then she realized that he had used her name. That alone sent a little thrill through her, even if she wasn't entirely sure why. When they finally broke apart, both panting, she grinned at him. "Just returning the favor, Takashi." Her natural boldness was coming back now.

A low chuckle exited him, the woman's antics were amusing, as well as infuriating and absolutely enticing. He licked her lip lightly, then let his tongue come down, twirling around her nipple before letting his mouth descend onto it, starting to suck very softly. His other hand moving to the unattended.

Tomo keened softly, hands fisting the sheets at the unfamiliar stimulation. The moist heat made her shiver, then moan. Her eyes were shut, though she could could feel Takashi's gaze on her. It almost felt hot. She didn't noticed herself lowering slightly though, something near a purr in the back of her throat.

Takashi smirked, a long drawl coming from him as he enjoyed her face in the reaction. A low growl exiting him causing the vibrations to flow into the skin and blinked as an almost purring sound came from her, feeling her fingers in his hair.

Tomo's fingers rubbed his scalp lightly, then tensing as the growl created tingling vibrations. She gave a breathy moan, nipples hardened at the ministrations. She tried to mutter something but couldn't get the words out, hand rubbing at his scalp again before gripping lightly at the dark strands. Some part of her was thinking that it was rather a good thing that her first was a man like this, who knew what he was doing. But that part wasn't really being acknowledged at the moment, considering most of her brain was focused on the delicious warm sensations that were being lavished on her chest.

Takashi allowed his mouth to move from her, head coming up and pulling hers down in a kiss. His arm wrapping tightly around her and lifting her onto his still semi hard lap. He allowed her to sit directly on him, clothing making it wonderful friction as he ground against her.

Tomo shuddered, biting her bottom lip at the sensation. The hardening flesh further hit home what was happening, and she pressed into the kiss to hide her slight flustered expression. But that continuous grinding against her felt good, and her hips gave a slight, experimental roll in response.

Good, she was learning quickly, and that's what he wanted. After all, it wouldn't do if they were screwing when the doctor showed. Or would it? It would after all allow the claim to be confirmed.

At the positive response, Tomo pressed a bit more, her hips falling into the same rhythm as Takashi. She might have called it some sort of carnal dance. The pressure on her own body was arousing as well, the beginning flutterings of some sort of.... was it pressure? She didn't know what it was. Her toes curled slightly and she moaned into the kiss, a slight tug on his hair. That odd needing sensation was distracting her, and she broke from the kiss to hide her face in the crook of his neck, panting now.

Growling lightly Takashi bucked sharply, watching her for a reaction. Silence hung as he then went still again, noticing in delight the reaction it brought her. Keeping their clothing on was a good idea after all... he chuckled at this, that buck having made him hard. He gave a slight smirk at her expression.

Tomo gasped and shuddered, biting her bottom lip as her toes curled slightly. She moaned at the continued pressure, the friction of her clothing only making her body all the hotter. There was more wetness than before now, and she blushed at it. She gripped his shoulder, her next small moan almost pleading.

Slowly he stilled, watching her now with a grin, holding her body by the shoulders away from him. he let himself grind a tiny bit more before backing off again. Eyes twinkling in delight at her small frustrated sounds.

Tomo tried to glare at Takashi, but failed horribly as he continued his torture. She took a gasping breath, trying to regain some kind of control over herself. But her body seemed to be very much enjoying itself. And so was she. As much as it was torture, it was delicious torture. She gripped his arms as they held her shoulders, holding to him tightly as she responded to each rock of his hips with a press of her own.

Takashi smirked, such a desperate little virgin she was. It was nice to see her attempting to get him to do as she wanted and failed. He laughed again then pushed her flush against is chest, mouth ascending onto hers.

The little kunoichi made a frustrated sound into his mouth before she responded, arms going around his neck and weaving in his dark hair. She felt his tongue invade her mouth more fiercely this time, seeming to steal the breath from her lungs. One hand felt down his arm, fingers mapping out the muscles of his shoulder and biceps. He felt good under her hands.

And she felt good on top of his body. He groaned into her mouth, a fiery little creature making him buck again and again in the process, enjoying the sounds coming from her in the process. His opposite hand not cupping the back of her head finding her backside and gripping it tightly.

Tomo shivered and mewled into his mouth, a deeper sound soon sounding in her chest. She pressed back, starting to roll her hips out of sync with the light bucking, pressing down on him when his pressure on her lessened. Her hand moved from his arm and down his side, exploring what scars she met and arching into his hold. The kiss broke for a moment and she said his name, his first name in a breathy whisper. "Takashi...."

Takashi paused, staring at her wide eyed before launching forward, his enthusiasm knocking them both off the bed. He grunted on top of her however lip locked moaning. His name... It sounded so sweet on her lips... almost too amazingly sweet.

Tomo grunted at the fall, but the slight pain in her back was soon forgotten as she pressed into the heat. Her mind was somewhat hazed now, passion that had been latent until now starting to take hold. She was still unsure, but that didn't mean that she couldn't learn as she went. But it was getting hard to breathe... she forced herself to break away, gasping for breath and chest heaving. She muttered his name again, the only coherent thing that she could manage to say.

Takashi bucked against her, hand removing her uniform completely and tossing it to the side. His hand carressing her inner thigh while removing his own pants before he could hear a protest. Eyes lidded and breathing low.

The words had come from her mouth before she could stop them, tumbling past her lips. Tomo was blushing again, still panting. She had seen a naked man before, of course, but this was still completely uncharted territory for her. She still felt almost unbearably hot, still wanted to feel more, but the innocence in her still had her a bit unsure. She frowned at her own hesitation, looking away.

His hand came down feeling her flinch, then stilled, rubbing the inside of her thigh almost lovingly. His head moved down, lips pressing to her and eyes lidded as he nipped and sucked on the soft flesh of her thigh. She was adorable in her confusion.

Tomo shivered, one of her hands going the one he himself had on her hip, touching it perhaps for stability, in case she wanted him to stop. For anything really. She shuddered as he came close to her core, pressing her legs together. "Wha-what're you...?" the question faltered at her embarrassment.

Takashi stilled, looking up at her then pulled her legs apart, mouth descending onto her core, tongue coming out and wiping itself along her, tasting that musky exotic flavor and moaning, grasping her hips and pulling her closer.

Tomo bucked and cried out in surprise and pleasure. Her hand tightened on his, eyes squeezing shut. The moist heat of his tongue along her pink, slick inner lips was making her tremble, little whimpers falling again and again from her lips as the man continued. She moaned again, neck arching back.

Slowly he began to wander her nether regions with a small smile. She tasted good and innocent... fresh. He growled with a low voice. Then began to roll her clit with his tongue, rough and wet as well.

Tomo's hips bucked, but his hand kept her down. Her other hand scraped along the floor before she clenched it into a fist. The pressure was growing again, the muscles of her thighs stared to tremble. She didn't really understand why every little motion was so damn intense, and she gave a soft little growl. Her hand wove in his hair lightly, rubbing at the scalp. She liked this... she liked this a lot.

Nuzzling her clitoris with his nose. tongue moving slowly inside her, he wanted more of that taste...growling lowly he let his tongue move on her walls and slurping lightly as her essence leaked into his mouth slowly.

Tomo's legs lifted slightly, spreading a bit to welcome in more of the delicious sensations. She felt like her body was on fire, and she didn't know what the hell was going on! She moaned in frustration, hips bucking and her hand tugging slightly. "Za-Takashi!" His name came out in a hoarse gasp.

He smirked, allowing his mouth to continue to violate her virgin mound in every way. After all, she needed to be wet... very wet and very hot before he took her.

Tomo let out a near cry of frustration, growling as her back arched. She didn't care that she was on the hard floor, didn't care that her hair was sticking to her sweaty brow. She just cared that the mercenary was being too damn teasing! She wanted him to just relieve the pressure that just kept getting hotter. She could feel heat shooting to her core even now, also added even further slickness. What was he doing to her?!

He was gonna drag her over the edge, make her cry, then fuck her. It seemed to perfect, she'd enjoy it, he'd most certainly enjoy it... he smirked and hissed lightly nipping her clit, watching her face then groaning at her taste again.

Tomo's eyes fluttered and she muttered in coherent words. Perhaps cursing, perhaps praising and pleading for more. She was feeling wonderful. More wonderful than she could ever remember feeling. But she felt like she was on the edge of something. She wanted to jump over that edge. The pressure in her lower body was unbearable now. Her next word came out in a pleading whimper that almost ashamed her. "O-onegai..."

Takashi paused, then broke away. Thinking, his mouth came away and then up, mouth coming onto her clit, starting to suck, he let loose a low growl while giving a long hard suck.

"Aaaha!" Body shuddering, Tomo nearly screamed in ecstasy as something exploded in her lower body, sensation filling her as she arched off the floor. Her fingers pulled his hair and her toes curled, nearly every muscle in her body tightening and releasing as she fell over her edge in her first orgasm. She fell back panting. "Ha... wha?" she mumbled, brows furrowed. What was that?

Takashi leaned back then wiped his mouth licking up the rest. From around his mouth, his chin... he sighed lightly then moved towards her again, kissing her, his first finger coming into her up towards his knuckle.

Again Tomo arched, the sensation of being entered again so soon after climax close to almost being painful. She half moaned, half whimpered into Takashi's mouth. She could taste herself there as well, but that was soon lost as she felt his finger slide a bit further. Her physically demanding lifestyle had done away with most of her physical virginity. Her hips twisted a bit, arms hesitantly going around his neck.

He began a slow pace, smirking at her face and expressions. She was to damn precious... he slowly added another finger, starting to feel a bit of impatience inside his mind.

Tomo shifted her hips again, taking shuddering gasps as her hands rested on his shoulders. She looked up at his face, seeing lust burning in his eyes as he pulled back and looked down at her, seeming to take in every detail of her body with a gaze that was almost like a rough caress. She shuddered, moaning as his fingers continued to move inside her.

Oh god he didn't know if he could last much longer. His fingers began in a scissoring movement to stretch her out more. The slickness of her making it much easier. His thumb for comfort came up, rolling her clit hard.

Tomo's head arched back, the slight stretching pain balanced and somewhat covered by the stimulation. Her heart was pounding in her chest, feeling the beginnings of building pressure once more. The slick noises of his fingers inside her made her flush, the color creeping down from her face and over her chest slightly. She let out a little breathy cry as a third finger was added. She winced only slightly, but the pain hardly bothered her now. She'd felt worse pain. Then she shuddered and something was brushed inside her, making a surprised, confused noise.

Takashi grinned as he ground against her clit, eyes narrowed before grasped her legs, lifting them up and over her head, angling his fingers as he plunged them against that spot. Smirking at her lovely response to it.

Tomo gave a sharp little cry, hips bucking. She was flexible, so the shift of her legs didn't bother her. It was a deeper feeling now as that inner spot was pressed again and again. "Ku... kuso...!" Her body tightened around his fingers, seeming to want them, or something else inside. Her lips were constantly lifting now in time with the thrusts, breath coming in slightly jerky gasps, Takashi's name mingled in between.

"You shouldn't be so quick to curse..." He chastised her quietly, eyes lidded and breathing soft, enjoying himself, she was just too adorable like this, gasping, hair to her face, blush across it, eyes wide. She'd be ready so soon.....

"Sorry... my vocabulary is kinda... limited at the moment!" Tomo shuddered, gritting her teeth. She was going to go insane if he kept doing this! She needed relief from this. But also, she would kill him if he stopped now.

Takashi laughed, outright laughed out at her fury. He moved between her legs, kissing her hard and letting his fingers rub directly against her. Eyes lidded before watching her writhe then buck as she reached her glory.

The sound that Tomo made into his mouth was nearly a scream, her hand coming up under his arms to grab his shoulders. Even as orgasm crashed around her she was mindful of Takashi's wound. She was panting then, forced to break from his mouth to breath properly. She may not have known much about sex, but she knew that what the mercenary was making her feel felt damn good. She looked up at him, allowing her thoughts to show clearly in her eyes and on her face.

Slowly the male smiled down at her, then let her legs down, spreading them lightly and moving forward, his hard manhood pressing against her slick wet slit. He inched his head slowly into her then stilled, eyes narrowed as he slid the rest of the way up to the hilt.

Tomo grit her teeth against the pain as what was left of her womanhood was torn with the invasion. She curled inward towards Takashi, shaking slightly as her bent legs pressed against his hips, hands clutching at his shoulders. It hurt, a lot, but there was pleasure there as well. The mix of sensations made her shudder, panting into Takashi's neck.

Takashi shuddered in the tightness, leaning over and wrapping his arms tight around her, head buried into her shoulder as he panted, whispering lowly through gritted teeth, "When you're ready..." But the quivering in his muscles was more than enough to say that he did not wanna wait long.

Giving a shuddering nod, Tomo breathed a word of thanks. She forced herself to take deep, even breaths, managing the pain. He was inside her, her virginity gone and forfeit to the mercenary above her. She wasn't sure how long it was before she had calmed herself, but the quivering in Takashi's muscles seemed a bit worse. She took a breath, nodding silently and letting her lower body tighten purposefully on him.

Takashi fought it back, but failed, thrusting forward hard before clutching to her forcing himself to still after her cry, eyes shut as he shuddered several times then slowly, painstakingly began slowly. Nails digging into her back silently.

Breathing down the shock at the first hard thrust, Tomo began to adjust herself to the motion. There was no doubt in her mind that Takashi was above average in size. She could feel her flesh stretched around him, his length filling her completely and totally. She lifted her hips slightly, the pain slowly being outweighed by the pleasure. She opened her eyes and looked up at his face, then she rose up a bit and pulled him down to her lips, needing more contact.

Takashi grunted, eyes opening to stare down at her, he had been hard for some time now... he let out a very soft and low hiss, one of pleasure as he rocked her against him then began long solid thrusts, groaning against her neck.

Tomo clung to him, gripping at his back but away from the wound. Her hips fell into the same rhythm as his, a little awkward at first. The feeling of being so filled was strange to her, but she wouldn't deny that there was something good in it as well. His weight above her and the heat of his own naked skin on her own calmed her, as well as the even rhythm. She nuzzled his neck, sucking then and giving him a mark of her own.

Takashi's hand clenched on her back, nails digging in, ripping, clawing, he felt her release crying out and pinned her down giving a hard fast deep thrust for good measure then retaining the pace kissing her fiercely.

Tomo pressed back into the kiss, moaning softly into it. One leg hooked around his hips, and she gasped at the new angle. The feel of his sweat-beaded skin rubbing against her own as they moved. One hand slid around his neck, going to his hair. This was all new to her, all of the sensations, everything. But she was enjoying it. The pain was almost gone.

A low feral growl exited him as he now pounded into her, eyes narrowed and breathing short pants. His head bowed, kissing her neck and sucking on it hungrily, she felt so close, so warm so wet And -

//So-fucking-prec-ious,// he thought between four hard deep fast thrusts.

Tomo's tougher exterior as a kunoichi was fading fast, the pureness of her nature showing through as she started to whimper. Each thrust was punctuated by a little gasping cry now. It didn't matter that her back was bleeding slightly where his nails had broken flesh. Takashi felt... good. Even the roughness was making her cry out in pleasure. Her body had adjusted, and she continued her little cries as the mercenary continued to thrust into her.

Slowly with an even growl he watched her innocent expressions, eyes glowing with his lust, he couldn't really hold on much longer... he had been hard for too long, but he wouldn't leave her either. Grinding against her clit, he smirked at her reaction, continuing this again... and again, his thrusts slow and now dramatic.

Her soft cry tapered off into a shuddering moan. The doubled stimulation made her hips buck a few times. She looked up at him with pleasure hazed eyes, panting hard. She was starting to feel lost, almost drowning in sensation. It was overwhelming and almost frightening. But the tight grip that Takashi held on her kept her from fear.

Takashi finally lifted her, moving her into an easier accessed position. He then hit THAT SPOT. His eyes narrowing at the reaction and smirking, lifting back then running forward, slamming hard into her.

Tomo let out a strangled cry, hands clutching at his back, fingernails digging in and drawing blood. She threw her head back, clamping down on Takashi as he ravaged her. She felt like she was burning up, like she was melting. her cries lost all coherency, tears actually beginning to form at the intensity of feeling. Everything else had just faded away, and only the world of burning sensation existed.

Again he pounded into her, breathing low, eyes shut and brows furrowed in concentration. He grinned down at her face when he opened his eyes, moving a bit harder, he needed her to c- He roared his release as her walls clamped down on him in her own.

"Takashi!!" Tomo's scream mingled with the mercenary's roar, her back arching and body taking his last few violent thrusts as he spilt himself inside her. She writhed, crying out still as she lost conscious for a few seconds. She felt herself still holding to him, warmth clamping onto his arousal even as it slowly softened. "Takashi..." she keened softly.

Leaning up, his mouth came onto her neck, smirking and licking, "Tomo." He rolled, pulling her up from the ground and flopping down onto the bed, head buried into her breast, he adored this little female....

Tomo was panting as she lay there, body spent. She blinked slowly several times, looking down at him as he lay there. Her hands came around his neck where they lay. She touched his face lightly, looking at the man. He'd never said her name like that before, and she hoped that she'd hear it again at some point. She'd forgotten why this had started for now, and obviously, didn't care to remember. Her hands rubbed over his shoulders slowly, fingers moving in soothing circles as she laid her head back, breath slowly evening out.

Takashi nearly purred, happy to satisfy HIS female as much as she had satisfied him. As time went on though it would be quicker, it would also be more loads for them both. He nipped her chest before remaining snuggled against it, breathing her in and shuddering, blessing this woman for healing him and screwing him.

Tomo leaned down and nuzzled the top of his head. The show of tenderness was a little out of place, but she didn't particularly mind. Then she lay back on the pillow, dark hair fanned out around her. She closed her eyes, letting out another breath. She would deal with Madaku later. For now he could just sit and wait outside and be eaten alive by mosquitos for all she cared. There was little that could ruin her afterglow at the moment.

He crawled higher, laying beside her and reaching out, gently tracing her stomach and belly button, then up her ribs. He paused, thinking for a moment and cursing inwardly to himself but say nothing for a moment, neither of them used protection... there was a chance..... He buried his head into her neck and inhaled, eyes shut, later. He'd think about it later.

Tomo knew her point in her monthly cycle, and she was fairly sure that nothing would result... but she was too tired to think about it. She muttered his name again, along with a few other words. She rolled onto her side, nuzzling into him as her foot hooked the blankets up around the them to the waist. She rested her head under his chin, her smaller body fitting against his well.
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