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The Road to Here
browncoffee & Frank_Lee

The Road to Here

Contributing Authors: Frank_Lee 

The late sun slanted through the windshield over the smooth skin of Lisa’s legs. They were flung across Arch’s lap, her toes grazing the bottom of the steering wheel. They'd been driving two hours now, and she still didn't have a clue where they were headed. He’d kept his free hand on her thigh the whole time except when he needed it to drive, and the scent of the citrus groves they were passing rushed in through the open windows.

“Just tell me,” Lisa groaned. She studied Arch’s profile as he drove with his eyes narrowed against the sunlight. “I'm gonna find out soon enough anyway.”

He looked at her for the first time in nearly an hour while he hadn’t spoken in nearly two. He seemed about to say something and she waited earnestly but then he just shook his head and looked back at the road. She dug her heel into his thigh, just hard enough to say she was reaching the end of a very thin thread. She didn't particularly like surprises, and felt increasingly infuriated by his relentless silence.

He squeezed her inner thigh firmly, pushing the speed while staring ahead as if there were something on the horizon only he could see.

Lisa rolled her eyes and made to swing her legs away from him but as soon as she moved, his arm pressed down, holding her in place. His fingers dug deeper into her thigh, a gesture she wasn’t sure was meant to silence her or make her scream. She narrowed her eyes but of course he didn't notice, so she reached down and grasped his wrist, intending to push his hand away, but the harder she pushed, the deeper his fingers dug into her flesh.

“You're impossible,” she said, finally giving in. Arch’s fingers loosened slightly as she sat back and glared at him. “I don't even understand you.”

His grip rose to the fringe of her cutoffs, patiently worrying at the apex of her thigh, daringly close to the very edge of her warm pussy. Her stomach clenched as she resisted the urge to push herself into his hand. His fingers began to work at her skin, pulling and digging all at once like he could see what he was doing, yet his eyes remained on the black, serpentine road as heat rose off the pavement in waves.

Lisa swallowed hard. She closed her eyes and almost lost herself to his touch but she couldn't let herself, she couldn't push back, couldn't possibly, when he was being so impossibly infuriating. She closed her eyes and mentally willed him to stop, knowing he’d feel the seeping nectar of her response if his fingers kept insisting. He didn't stop. His hand went further, fingertips urging past the frayed edge of her shorts and exploring the warm lace of her panties.

The stretch of orange trees they’d been passing gave way to lemons, the air now cloyingly redolent while her pussy quivered against his fingers. She inhaled a long breath and held it, watching silently as his hand ventured further between her legs, pressing hard enough to make her want to moan aloud. Despite her firm intentions, she felt that agonizing drip down the center of her being straight through her core, smoothing the passage of his fingers under her panties across the smoldering lips of her sex.

His hand shouldn't have fit beneath her shorts but it was there and there was nothing she could do but take it and feel the knowing stroke of his fingers as he pushed one inside her, feeling how completely he’d affected her.

“Fuck’s sake,” she muttered, half-surrender and half-defiance as she opened her shorts to loosen them and give his hand better access.

He glanced at her, their eyes meeting briefly and then his hand pushed back into her shorts from the top, touching her more recklessly. One finger pushed inside her as he suddenly braked, tires singing into the sandy shoulder as he veered off the road and down between two rows of lemon trees, coming to a stop as his finger curled into the wet velvet of her G spot.

“Fuck,” Lisa stared at him disbelievingly, even as her hips arched helplessly towards him. “What are you doing?”

He reached around the steering wheel with the opposite hand to shut off the engine. The tip of his finger began drawing figure-eights inside her. The sun suddenly felt too hot, her clothes too oppressive - everything inside felt wound too tight and all she wanted to focus on was his finger and the way it moved like it could solve everything if she'd only let it. But how could it solve anything when everything that needed solving was falling apart two hours behind them on a road she never knew existed?

“Will - you - please - say something?” She didn't want him to stop touching her but she needed more - words, reassurances, something, anything to make it feel right.

He pulled his finger out of her pussy and held it against her lips, not for her to taste herself, although she could, but to shush her.

“You wanna know where I’m taking you?” he finally broke his interminable silence.

“Like crazy,” Lisa whispered. The sound of his voice settled her, made her feel like things were just fine.

He pushed his wet finger briefly into her mouth, then got out of the car and walked around to her side to open her door. She nearly fell out but he caught her, guiding her up to her feet before gripping a handful of her hair and bending her over the rear end of the car. Her loosened shorts fell easily to her ankles as he pulled her head backward, working his engorged cock out of his pants and swiftly into her pussy with a hard-driving thrust. His weight pressed onto her as he leaned down to kiss her neck.

“Here,” he said. “Nowhere but here.”

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