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Blue Light Fantasy

A Narrative Fantasy
Laying here and feeling the heat between my legs as the juices start to flow. I reach down and tease my hardening clit through my damp panties and think about the fantasy I came up with. The dream is me being at a bar or club where's there's dancing. I'm sitting down sipping my drink. A guy walks up to me and takes my hand, puts my drink down and leads me onto the dance floor. While out on the floor we don’t say a thing and just dance together.

We dance through a mix of slow sensual songs, and some fast ones as well. A slow jazz song comes on and the crowd around us slows down a bit, as more couples come out on the dance floor. I feel his arms around me and the soft kisses he leaves on my neck. Noticing that The dance floor is packed and it's dark except for a few blue lights on in the corners, and everything has this blue aura or tinge to it.

We both get swept up by both the music and the intoxication of being held in his arms. Our hips are joined as we slowly sway to the rhythm of the music and the beat of the tempo. I can feel him caressing my body slowly. With his hands running down the sides of my breasts, and feeling him cupping my ass.

Every touch is turning me on more and more, as I toss my head back I can feel the heat and hardness of his erection in my abdomen. He then turns me around with my back to him and I can feel his arms holding me tightly. With my back pressing up against his front still, he slides his hand around my neck and into my hair, gently trailing his fingers down my neck, with his lips following and then gently biting my shoulder. Now he is running his hands over the supple part of my breasts and gently and almost absent-mindedly rubbing my nipples.

He turns me slowly and I feel his arms holding me close as his hands find the bottom of my skirt and his fingers slide underneath. Tracing my panties he gently slides a finger under them. We are like an island surrounded by a sea of swirling dancers, and surrounded by at least hundred others I feel his finger slide in making me gasp. My breathing changes as he and I turn out there on the dance floor as he fingers me.

We leave the dance floor as the long slow song ends to a secluded spot in the bar where the lights are dimmed as much as possible. Sitting down first he opens his pants and then raises my skirt and pulls me down on his lap. Sliding my wet panties down I I can feel the moist tip of his
penis on my ass. He lifts me up slightly and slowly sinks deep in my ass, causing me to muffle a gasp.

We start rocking to establish a rhythm and he glides a hand over to my hard clit that I guide him to, and feel him rubbing in time to our thrusts. My pubic hair is soaked and I can feel the juices running down my thighs, knowing we could be discovered at anytime. I tighten my muscles trapping his cock and finger alternately.

Now feeling him tightening hard and hearing his ragged breathing on my neck I push down hard making him go deeper so that he cums deeply in my ass. We sit there panting and then I stand and pull up my soaking panties and straighten my dress as he straightens himself up.

I turn and kiss him lightly on the lips and walk away through the blue light to the exit. Walking away on shaky legs feeling both our juices mixing in my panties and running down my legs, not looking back.

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