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Third Place “Oral Sex” Competition.


I squatted down to tongue and taste her freshly waxed vulva.
We walked over the pile of Brown’s clothes into the jet-black darkness of the windowless bathroom just outside of her office. We shut out the light and the sound of the driving beats behind us.

Brown’s birthday soiree would have to go on without Brown.

Naked cocoa Brown had the supple soft skin of a lamb and the scent of a goddess. She wore a floral fragrance with just a hint of sandalwood. Beneath the flowery layers, I recognized the distinct aroma of her musky dew trickling down the inside of her thighs. She grasped three of my fingers and guided them on a journey upstream to sample her kitten. The excursion was not as I remembered.

Although, her aroma was familiar, the feel of her silhouette changed. She was a mother. Brown traded the lean sprinter’s thighs of her youth for a meatier version. Gone were the defined striations of her quads and the firm mounds of her hamstrings. She had softened and I liked the way she felt under my touch. Her arse and breasts were slightly rounder and their position on her frame had dropped down a bit. But she was still sexy as hell. Her aged hips were a bit wider, nevertheless welcoming.

It had been five years since I savored her sap, and I wanted to take full advantage of my time with Brown.

I basked in the moment taking time to explore every crevice of her depth before my fingers became a prisoner of her pulsating snatch. With my hand turned palm up, I allowed my thumb to push onto her swollen button. Pressing in, I maneuvered my thumb vertically for several strokes and then horizontally for several more strokes. Rhythmically, I performed the series of motions repeatedly. Brown’s scent beckoned my taste buds. I squatted down to tongue and taste her freshly waxed vulva. The simultaneous cadence of my fingers, my thumb, and my tongue ravished Brown and pushed her to the brink.

“Oh, oh,” Brown whimpered what I imagined to be the sound effects of what I knew was Brown’s contorted face. But in the blackness, I really could not see to cosign what I heard.

“Shh, we have to be quiet,” I reminded her in a hushed voice of subtle correction.

“Mmm. I…I,” she stuttered.

I quickly stood and placed my hand over her sweaty face and mouth to muffle her moan.

Brown leaned back and steadied herself against what I believe was the sink and she gyrated her generous hips up and down on the full length of my fingers. She pushed into my thumb until I could no longer continue the pattern of movements previously established. With my available hand, I kneaded Brown’s large round breasts and leaned in to extract her liquid snack. Her nipples were rigid as dates and her milk was just as sweet. Drinking Brown’s milk quenched my curiosity. I sipped, sucked, and rolled my tongue around her firm nipples. I left a trail of delicate kisses as I headed back down to her kitten.

Without speaking one word, I knew that Brown was about to climax. Her breaths were short and they increased in frequency until she sounded like a winded runner completing a 5K in record time. Brown’s movements alternated between spirals and quick jerks back and forth. Her scent intensified and the aroma filled the tiny bathroom. The wetness from her kitten dripped down my wrist. Brown stiffened and tottered. She nibbled on the fatty flesh just below my middle finger.

She was cumming.

Brown’s gentle nibble morphed into a full on bite. Brown screamed out, “Fuck!”

“Ouch! Bitch!” I spoke in full voice as I jerked my hand away from her mouth. Her teeth were sharp, but I was relatively sure that my skin was not broken from Brown’s bite of passion.

“Shh, heifer! We have to be quiet! Ha, ha, ha!” Brown laughed as she regained her composure.

Guided by the heat of Brown’s breath, I placed my mouth onto hers to shut her up. I gently bit her plump bottom lip then sucked the salty sweat from her upper lip. Brown’s laughing squeal quickly turned into a sensuous low moan as she willed her tongue to dance with mine. Brown’s hands were all over me, and I was all over Brown. While kissing, she stripped my little black dress, bra, and thong off me as if I were a wire hanger. My kitty throbbed and pulsed with anticipation. Mmm, I missed her kisses.

In unison, we knelt down onto the bare hardwood. With no sense of direction except the musky scent of Brown’s kitty, I lay beneath her. Brown lowered her hot hips onto my face, and she let out a groan with decibels exceeding our agreed standard of quiet. She began squirming immediately pressing my head deep into the floor.

Brown has loved my skillful tongue since we were roommates in undergrad. I am a certified cunnilingus guru, a subject matter expert. I dipped my tongue deep in her kitty, and I licked her clitoris with certified skill. I opened her outer labia folds to gain better access to her hole. My tongue completed recurring sequences darting in and out of her kitty and stroking her engorged button.

Brown’s mouth was a slippery sensation on my kitten. My little grasshopper flicked her tongue back and forth on my clitoris. She shook her head side-to-side and sent me into the stratosphere.

We were out of control as we neared a mutual climax.

“Nadine? Nadine Collette Brown.” It was a male voice accompanied by a knock of caution. It was Brown’s husband.

“Yes babe?” Brown answered in an agitated manner.

“Nadine, what... is... going on in that bathroom? Is everything okay?” he asked.

“Lisa is helping me get my zipper up on my dress. The zipper is stuck.” Brown answered.

“Oh, really? That’s baffling dear, because your dress is out here with me.”

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