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Home Alone

She was a little tease, and I couldn't wait until I could have her again

I watched as my girlfriend Sammy left to go back to her own apartment, which she shared with her over-bearing older sister. If I had it my way, Sammy would stay with me forever, and we would never leave the bed, but I didn't have things my way. Sammy left to go to the bathroom, wiggling her ass as she left the room, which made my cock jump. Just thinking about the night before, and thinking about her sweet ass made me hard. 

Sammy came back into the room a few short minutes later after having brushed her teeth and having a quick wash. She smiled at me mischievously when she re-entered the room, making me smile in return and wonder what she had planned, what possible ways she could tease me now. Sammy always had been a big tease, which I loved. She packed up the rest of her things and came over to kiss me goodbye before she left. She smiled at me mischievously again and I knew that she would leave me with something. "I'm not wearing any panties," she said in a teasing voice. She threw her sexy black panties at me and winked before she did a little wave and then left. A few minutes later I heard her car start up and the distinct splutter of a dying car driving away. 

She's not wearing any panties, I thought happily, naughty girl. But I loved that she was so naughty and I loved that she was such a tease. My cock throbbed underneath the sheets, begging for my attention. I wrapped my hand around it, imagining that it was Sammy's much smaller and softer hand rubbing me instead. I closed my eyes and leaned back, thinking about the previous night. Last night was incredible, for both me and Sammy. There's something very special when two people's bodies come together in such a way that creates magic and electricity between them, and that was what happened last night. She was a part of me and I was a part of her. 

I picked up Sammy's panties from where they had landed on the bed. They were sexy, that was for sure. All of Sammy's underwear was pretty sexy, from the little lacy thongs and g-strings, to the sheer, see-through panties and the silky pairs. I loved her in anything. I held the underwear in my left hand and slowly jacked myself with my right hand, loving the feel of the material in my hand, imagining Sammy going about her daily tasks with no panties on underneath her jeans. It was a very arousing thought and my cock swelled just thinking about it. I wished that Sammy didn't have to leave. I wish that she had stayed so she could help me with my hard-on, but rubbing one out quickly would have to do. For now. We could always hook up again later. 

I made a fist with my hand and pumped my dick, enjoying the feeling. Masturbating early in the morning was always one of my favorite things to do. I looked at the panties in my left hand again; black lace, small, the material only just covering a decent amount of her ass, though she was still on display. It was that fine line between decent and slightly slutty. I loved it. I imagined Sammy parading around in front of me in her black lacy panties, which did very special things for me, and the urge to cum became stronger. I was fairly desperate now, but I could hold off, because if I did it was stronger. 

I waited a few seconds before I started touching myself again. The need to cum was starting to wane. I imagined Sammy bending over the edge of the bed, her black lace panty-clad ass right there in front of me. She loved to be spanked, so I imagined spanking her. I could almost hear her moan for real, as if she really was here. I remembered that last night she had teased me, slowly stripping down for me, playing with herself along the way. Squeezing her tits and pulling on he nipples. She then masturbated for me, which was so incredibly hot. 

The urge to cum was returning again, so I loosened my grip on my dick and took a few deep breaths in and out, in and out. I slowly returned to what I was doing when I had calmed down, softly jacking myself and thinking about my beautiful girl, with her ash blond hair, gray eyes and delicate features. She was a real beauty, a keeper as my father told me often. I imagined Sammy wiggling her ass at me, begging for me to spank her. I imagined her on all fours, waiting for me to enter her and give her a good fucking, which I had last night. Remembering how she felt when I was inside her was all too much for me and I came, a big, strong cum. Sammy was one heck of a girl, even in my imagination and memories.

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