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My Father's Day Gift

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Men are simple creatures and one gift is always sure to please
It must have been the sound that woke me. A light metallic clatter of silverware jostling. Then my weary eyes opened to the pleasant glare of sunlight filtering in through our bedroom drapes. It was as refreshing a sight as it was unusual for me as I'm normally up hours before dawn.

Not having really registered the aforementioned sound of flatware, I gazed in mild disappointment at the empty sheets next to me. I'd hoped my wife would still be asleep, but the cold and vacant sheets that would have otherwise been embracing her wonderful body seemed to dash my hopes of a romantic Father's Day morning tryst.

"Oh, did I wake you, honey? I'm so sorry. I wanted you to be able to sleep in this morning."

Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I happily rolled over to see Janet's smiling face. "It's okay," I said with a yawn. "I've got a bunch of things to do today anyway." Then I noticed the tray. "What's this, breakfast in bed?"

Janet sat next to me and caressed my chest. "Yes, it is. I thought you deserved something special for Father's Day." Janet beamed at me and slipped a piece of bacon into my mouth.

I munched the divinely tasty tidbit, savoring the delightfully wonderful flavor. "Oh wow, that's the real thing. I didn't think I'd ever see real, honest-to-god bacon again!" I was teasing of course, although Janet did watch my diet far more closely than I ever did.

"Well, it is Father's Day. I figured once a year wouldn't kill you. As for your plans for the day, yeah, they're not happening." Her blue eyes sparkled in anticipation and I knew she had some sort of surprise planned.

I finished the crunchy little bit of heaven and then took her hand in mine. "Okay girlie, spit it out. What's going through that devilish mind of yours?"

"You're a wonderful husband and terrific father and I wanted to give you the best gift I could. I could have bought you something, but I knew anything you really wanted you would have already bought and then it hit me, the perfect gift!"

As she spoke, Janet rose from the bed and let her cotton robe fall away, revealing her nude and incredibly sexy body. "So today my love, my wonderful man, I'm going to do all of those naughty things you're always wanting me to do but were afraid to ask." Janet pulled the covers away and smiled widely at the sight of my quickly expanding erection. "Mmm, I'd say I guessed right."

I'm not going to lie, I was as shocked as I was happy when she slid over me, and I cupped her very fine ass in my hands as we kissed. It was a terrific idea and I loved her for it, but I'm a father and I knew well that having pre-adolescent kids pretty much killed any chance of day time sex. "What about the kids, we can't just lock them out of the room. They're going to be wondering--"

"Hmm, don't worry yourself. My Mom took them just before you woke up. We have the whole house to ourselves!"

Janet giggled and then started kissing her way down my stomach as I realized just how well she had planned this out. My heart was pounding as she flowed down my body. My cock was throbbing in anticipation and I gasped at the incredible sensation of her succulent tongue swirling over it.

My body tensed and my blood roared in my ears as Janet sucked me deeply. The feeling of her warm, wet lips and tongue bathing my cock stole my breath and I clutched at the sheets as she took me into her waiting mouth.

"Oh damn, that's good," I hissed as my whole body began to feel the warmth of her touch. Janet's eyes blazed at me and she smiled playfully around my cock. I know it's said often, but there really is nothing more enchantingly beautiful as watching the woman you love suck your cock, and at that moment I was completely mesmerized.

Janet started so slowly that my legs were quivering as she drew her moist lips over my turgid and inflamed penis. Her hands caressed and fondled my balls, making me writhe under her. Her motions over me caused her thick blond hair to bounce beautifully and every nerve it touched sent electric bolts of pleasure racing through me.

Janet knew exactly what I was going through and pulled off just long enough to smile wickedly. "Don't be afraid to cum baby, we have all day and this is just a taste." Then she stroked me tightly until a glistening drop of precum appeared. Janet made a show of slowly licking it up and glossed her lips with my shiny emission. "Mmm, in fact it tastes delicious."

I couldn't help but laugh, but the sound turned to a garbled moan as she took my straining cock back into her mouth. Janet moved faster, sucking harder and using her tongue to massage my entire length. She pulled off now and again to slide her lips along the underside of my shaft, or to kiss and suck my balls, but each time she would quickly return and slide as much of it into her mouth as she could take.

Twice Janet tried to let my cock travel into her throat and both times she gagged. Her face was red with effort and her eyes watered but that didn't deter her from trying again. When I felt her nails dig into my hips and then the soft constriction of her throat squeeze my cock, my whole body convulsed and I screamed out loud as my hot, thick cum boiled into her mouth.

I was covered in sweat and my heart beat wildly as she licked the last drops away. I could only smile breathlessly as I said "Mmm, what a fantastic gift!"

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