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Satisfaction in the Library

Leanna and her boyfriend in their special meeting place
Leanna was horny. Mark, her boyfriend of six months, had been up and gone when she awoke, leaving her morning needs unmet. Now, she was practically squirming in her seat as her professor droned on about the economics of Mesopotamia. If she could have discreetly got her hand to her aroused pussy, she would have. However, the class consisted of three grad students and a prof crammed into a tiny seminar room, so masturbating was out of the question.

As soon as the professor concluded some comments on the night’s reading, Leanna slipped out her phone and fired off a quick text message.

“Third floor. Usual place,” she said.

“Now?” came back Mark’s response.

“Please,” she shot back, ignoring some final remarks from the professor.

“OK. Needs to be quick.”

“It will be.”

Relieved that Mark was able to meet her, even if briefly, Leanna packed up her things and headed to the library. With luck, one of the study rooms would be free. If not, there was a spot tucked in behind a partition that had worked for them before.

When Leanna stepped from the elevator on the third floor of the library, she spotted Mark right away. He had his back to her, looking at a display of books in the study lounge. Grinning to herself, Leanna moved quickly and quietly up on him. When she was right up behind her boyfriend, she grabbed his ass and kissed his neck simultaneously.

“Hey, what the fuck?” he yelped in surprise.

Before he could say more, Leanna had slipped in front of him and stifled his voice with her tongue. They kissed long and hard, then Leanna pulled her mouth away.

“You said we needed to be quick,” she said.

“Study rooms are all in use. You know the spot.”

After a quick look around to make sure no staff were watching, they disappeared behind the partition. Mark pushed Leanna’s sweater up and undid the back clasp of her bra. Lifting the cups clear, he began playing with her large, soft tits as they shared another deep kiss.

As they kissed, Leanna massaged her lover’s cock through his slacks. Already a bit hard, it quickly stiffened to a full, hard erection. Eagerly, she unzipped Mark’s pants and pulled his cock out. After hiking up her skirt, Leanna moved her thong aside, and then straddled her boyfriend’s erection. Slowly, she slid her wet pussy back and forth along his shaft.

“Fuck, that feels good,” she gasped out after a bit of intense rubbing against him.

“Me, too, but I think I know what you really need.”

Grinning, Leanna dismounted and turned to lean against the back of the partition. Mark lifted her skirt and pulled her thong down. She felt the head of his cock press against her opening, then felt herself stretching to take him in. His penis was thick and a little over seven inches long, which seemed to be the perfect size for her vagina. Nothing felt better to Leanna than being filled with Mark’s hard cock.

“Like that, baby?” Mark said, “Like my cock buried your wet pussy?”

His hands were playing with Leanna’s ass as he fucked her, stroking, squeezing, and even rimming her back hole.

“That’s it,” she responded in a husky whisper, “That’s what I’ve been needing all morning. Fuck me hard.”

Mark obliged, holding Leanna steady with his hands on her waist as he rammed his cock into her repeatedly. Leanna almost had to bite her tongue to keep from crying out and alerting others to what was going on. As her orgasm welled up within her, keeping quiet became harder. Finally, she had to let out a stifled moan as the lovely feeling raced through her body.

Behind her, Mark closed his eyes and let out a soft groan as his cock exploded into his lover’s pussy. He kept fucking her until the intense feeling passed.

“Better?” he gasped as he slipped free.

“Better. Expect more tonight, though,” Leanna answered with a sly raise of her eyebrows.

“Can’t wait.”

After rearranging their clothes, they sneaked back out into the library. Reaching the elevators, they waited patiently, both hoping that they looked more innocent than they probably did. As the door opened, Leanna caught the eye of a librarian sitting at a desk nearby. The woman gave her a knowing wink and a smile. Blushing, Leanna grinned and winked back.

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