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Shard 74.3: Wow

The pure sexual octane of her submission flung him over the edge.

Her laughter rang in the room like the singing of bells, and though they laughed often during sex, he did not ask her why until afterward.

He had been fucking her doggy style, slapping her ass, pulling at her hair, grinding into her.  He toyed with the rim of her ass with his pussy-soaked thumb as he fucked her.

“Do you need it in two holes?  Does my good girl need both her wet holes filled?”

She flexed and pushed her ass against his cock and finger, taking them both deeper in wordless response.  She moaned loudly as his thumb slid inside her tight ring of muscle.  

“Use me,” she begged him. “Ravage both my holes.”

He took her hard then, fucking her pussy relentlessly as he worked his thumb deeper inside her ass, filling her.  He used his free hand to grab her hip and slam her body onto his cock with even more force.

When he neared orgasm, in an attempt to delay the inevitable and prolong the fuck, he pulled out of both holes abruptly.  He grabbed her by her thighs and flipped her on her back as she giggled in giddy erotic thrall.  Her giggling reminded him of the burble of a creek, splashing water. 

He pushed her legs roughly apart with his knees and fell upon her.  He grasped a wrist in his fist as he entered her, filling her entirely with one fluid motion.  She wrapped her legs around his hips, interlocking her feet to pull him close.  She arched her head to the side in reaction, moaning.

And that’s when she saw his hand, and that’s when she laughed, her laughter ringing in the room.

At the time he said, “Don’t you fucking laugh, slut, take my cock and take it hard,” growling in mock dissatisfaction, but in his heart he received her laugh like music, like church bells on Sunday.   

A feline, obedient “Yes, sir,” spilled out of her mouth in response, and the pure sexual octane of her submission flung him to the edge.  The laxness of her mouth and the unfocused gaze of her eyes pushed him over.   He shook and spasmed and thrust, burying himself deeply inside her, filling her with cock and cum.

Minutes later, as they both splayed on the bed still catching their breath, limbs interwoven like wicker, he asked.

“What were you laughing about?”

She laughed again, a tumble of silver water.  “Your hand.  Your thumb.  You had it sticking out while we were fucking.”

“My thumb?”

“Your thumb.  Your ass thumb, the one you had in my ass.  You were holding it out, away from us on the other side of the bed, so it wouldn’t be all, you know….”

“Smelly and gross?”

She laughed again.  God, he loved her laughter.  Ringing like church bells.

“Yeah,” she said.  “Smelly and gross.  And thank you for that, I appreciate it.”

“Of course.”

“But what I was saying, your thumb was sticking out while you were fucking me.  It looked like you were hitchhiking.”

He chuckled.

“Or,” and she began giggling again, that rush of sunlit water washing over him again as she said, “The thumbs up.   Like you were giving our sex a big thumbs up.  Like a fucking movie review.  Or that stupid emoji.”

His laughter joined hers.  

Or an RR on Lush!  A recommended read thumb."

"Your thumb's not blue.  Thank God."

"Or a Facebook Like,” he said, undeterred.  “A big-ass Facebook thumbs up for our fucking!”



She shook her head.  "Only a Like?  You could have at least given me a Heart,” she said.  “Or maybe that Wow face.”

He mimicked the Wow face, with wide eyes and the O mouth, and looked at her.  She guffawed.

He rolled over on top of her; he legs parted to accompany him.  

“I can give you another Wow if you like,” he said.  

“Ooh, Wow me again, baby.  That sounds hot,” she mewed.  “But first go wash your hands.”    


The Shard series is a collection of flash fiction pieces that focus on short scenes from the experiences, memories, fantasies and dreams of the narrator. Think of them as shards of a broken mirror.


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