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Socking It Away

Socking It Away

Being away from home can make you awfully horny when you are in the services. This was true for me in the Army National Guard. I was in training several times a year. I was away on maneuvers often. I volunteered for the duty. But I did miss sex. Being a good boy I didn't spend any time with female troops. It was frowned upon. My wife would have killed me, anyway.

I was at a training command learning a new MOS. This was for two weeks. I knew I was going to be needing relief before I left there. I was assigned to a room with another NCO. I had little time to myself. But I had a way to please myself. Probably we all did. I didn't ask.

We arose around 0600 get prepared. Then down to mess, and out to training areas. In classrooms in the training facility or into the field. Lunch might be an MRE. If lucky you ate in the mess hall. Then more training that finished with dinner at 1700 hours. Our evenings were free at this command, and we could leave the base, but there was no sex available. Not for me, that is.

My evening was spent in the lounge area of the residence hall. I either studied or watched television, and read. Then up to bed around 2100 hours. We had a TV in our room, and there was cable at this command. We would usually hit the sack by 2200 hours to bunk down. I watched the TV for awhile from bed. My fellow sergeant would go to sleep. Luckily he was a sound sleeper.

This is how horny I was. We had cable, but the one adult station was blocked. We could hear voices, but the picture was scrambled. The sounds were sexy, though. I could get hard listening to them. I did get hard. Every night.

As I was lying under the covers my cock was semi-hard. It was anticipating. I watched some innocuous show on the tube as my room mate drifted off. The sound was down low, but I could still hear it. I could fondle my prick, slipping it out of the skivvy shorts I was wearing. I loved the feel of my own dick, as it grew larger in my hand. It was always so hot.

Jacking off was an accomplishment. I learned it well in my youth. Now I had perfected it to the point where I could masturbate and cum in just a few minutes. But who wants to cum fast. I took my time. Here in the residence hall I used a sock. It gave me some nice friction, and I could cum as hard as I wanted. I had no need to clean up afterwards.

It was actually rather exciting to be jerking off right in the same room as another person. Doing something that could be embarrassing or even disastrous if you got caught. I got even harder as he started breathing more heavily. I knew he was going to sleep. I was rubbing the sock against my hot, tender cock flesh.

He was sleeping. I switched the TV to the blocked porn channel. Immediately the faint voices and sounds of people fucking, or sucking, or some sexy thing was heard. I was getting nice and hard. I stroked my prick with the sock enclosing it, and listened and pictured in my mind. Yeah, this was working. It always did. My pre-cum had dripped out and was spreading over the head of my cock. I removed the sock to jack off feeling the flesh.

Before I shot my wad I would replace the sock. This was fine. Paying attention to the TV, and listening to the heavy breathing of my room mate, and thinking about the sex I knew that was being performed on the tube. It was all part of the sensuous nature of this act of self-stimulation. The pleasure inherent in manipulating your own body in a sexual way. My prick was waiting for me to get serious.

That was when I sped up my stroking. I was jerking faster, still keeping an ear out for any sounds that the sergeant about two yards from me was awakening. He was beginning to snore a little. Good. That's what I needed, just as the woman I was hearing on the TV was getting what she wanted. Damn, I wished I could see her getting pounded. But, still, I could hear her wet cunt getting slammed, and her moaning and begging for more.

Faster I was beating my meat, and sitting up. I spread my legs wider under the covers, and jerked my prick. I made sure I didn't breathe too loud, and kept pounding away, making as little noise as I could. The bunk had a tendency to squeak. I had to control that. Control the vibrations, while jacking my cock harder and with the speed I needed to get off. To really shoot out that cum into my sock.

Now, now, it was close. I slowed slightly, feeling the roughness of the socks's material on my circumcised cock. The head was swollen and engorged. I squeezed even tighter and got rougher with myself. My mouth was getting drier as I breathed deeper, and faster. I was close, so close, ready to explode. Yes, now!

Fuck... it spurted out into the sock. Once again I stroked, and once again my spunk shot out. Then another and another, but slower now. Slower and with less force. So tender, as I slowed my hand and milked it out. Yeah, get it all out. It was all done. My heart was slowing down now. And my breathing.

I wiped up any stray drips, and squeezed my cock dry. Softly and quietly I arose and tossed the sock into a laundry bag at the foot of my bunk. Now to get some sleep. Training tomorrow. Sarge was still snoring.

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