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Sweet Tasty Treats

He wanted something yummy; she had just the thing
My eyes roamed over the display full of desserts: tarts, pies, cakes, and, above all, the famous cupcakes. Sweet Tasty Treats was Eversham’s most popular bakery and the cupcakes were a big part of that reputation.

I had come in fairly late expecting the selection to be down to a few scraps, but it wasn’t too bad. My eyes zeroed in on a huge chocolate cupcake with mint icing.

“Hi, Chris,” a cheery female voice sang out.

I looked up with a grin on my face. The other attraction of Sweet Tasty Treats for me was Anna. The youngest and loveliest of their counter girls was my classmate in university and current sweetheart. Not that we had done much beyond flirting over the counter; just a couple dates, the second ending with us briefly making out in her car.

“Looking for something sweet. Got any recommendations?” I responded.

“That chocolate chunk cupcake is pretty yummy. And I have another treat you might like.”

There was a rather flirty, even salacious, tone in her voice and a corresponding glint in her bright hazel eyes.

“Oh, there’s a special on?”

“One of the most special.”

She picked out the cupcake I had been eyeing and started towards the back room of the shop.

“Lock the door and put the break sign up. Then come to the staff room and join me.”

I was not sure what Anna was up to but I suspected that I was going to like it. I attended to the door and went back. Anna was in the staff room off the main kitchen. It was a little room with a couch and a coffee table.

Anna settled on the couch with cupcake still in hand. She wore a tight sweater that accentuated her small, shapely bosom with a short, loose skirt below. Her long, slender legs, a delicious sight in their own right, were bare save for shoes and ankle socks.

“Join me,” she said, patting the couch cushion beside her.

I sat down and watched as Anna peeled the paper off of the little cake. She took a bite of it, then turned to me. Before I knew what to expect, she was transferring it from her mouth to mine, drawing me into an open-mouthed kiss. My cock stirred a little as I suddenly realized that this might get interesting.

“Tasty?” she asked as I swallowed.


We kissed again, then she offered me a bit of the cupcake.

“And now for the other treat,” she said slyly as I ate it.

“What would that be?” Somehow, I knew something was afoot.

Anna grinned at me and pulled up her skirt, parting her thighs as she did so. She was naked underneath. There was no underwear, no pubic hair; just a shaved pubic mound above pink lips.

“Want some?”

I felt myself blushing and hardening at the same time.

“How could I refuse?” I managed to stammer out. I was no virgin but not overly experienced, either.

“How about some icing on the cake?”

Before I could respond, Anna used her finger to strip icing off the remaining part of the cupcake. Then she gently smeared her pubic region with it.

“Eat up, Chris,” she said before taking a slow, sensual bite of the cake.

Swallowing hard, I got down on the floor before Anna. She slid herself down the couch so that her bum was on the edge, her pussy easily accessible. Kneeling before her, I caressed her thighs while staring at the lovely pink opening before me.

Turning my head to the left, I kissed the knee on that side. Then I lightly bit Anna on the inside of her thigh. That brought a gasp. I slowly worked my way up that thigh, alternately kissing and biting. When I reach the top, I could see that Anna was getting wet. I licked some icing off from one side of her mound. Then I lightly kissed her soft, moist lips. After a teasing brush of her clit with my tongue, I turned my attention to the right.

I repeated the trip up her thigh. Kisses followed bites followed kisses until I was at the top again. This time, I licked Anna clean, leaving her mound as bare as when we started. The taste of icing was replaced by that of her aroused pussy as I licked the soft lips. Then I probed inside with my tongue. As I did so, I lightly massaged Anna's engorged clitoris with a fingertip. After a bit, I switched, sliding a finger inside her pussy while using my tongue on her clit. Then I began to alternate gentle nibbles on her lips with soft sucking over her swollen bud.

“Oh God, Chris! Oh fuck!”

Anna was moaning and whining softly as I hungrily devoured her tasty cunt. The sounds grew louder, becoming a soft cry as a gush of fluid ran out from her opening. I lapped it up, still fucking Anna with my finger until she seemed to quiet down. Then I quickly got up on the couch beside her.

My mouth came down on Anna’s and my tongue slid in, letting her taste her juices on my tongue. That developed into a long, intimate kiss. Anna’s hand found the bulge in my jeans, massaging it gently as we continued to kiss. My hand went to her breast, squeezing it gently.

The sound of someone banging on the locked door startled us both. Anna cursed and got up. After a quick clean up with tissues, she smoothed out her skirt and sweater before going out to the shop. I stayed on the couch, knowing she would not want me to be seen.

My cock was hard and in need of some attention of its own. Anna had a sweet tasty treat of her own waiting when she returned.

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