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The Moment

You've been waiting....
All of the buildup was what made it so great. Ever since high school, flirting and touching, but never going any further, both of us knowing full well we wanted more. I'd also been curious as to how she tasted. Not only her sweet, tight little pussy, but her forbidden rosebud, nestled between the mildly firm cheeks I'd watched walk away from me in the halls.

We jump in the shower together, kissing lustfully, our hands frantically finding places to explore on each other's bodies. Her slightly curvy frame feels so smooth as the steaming water rushes over us. Her hands petting my hard prick as my tongue buries itself in her mouth, her sucking it like she needs to swallow it.

She soaps her hands a bit before she begins to pet my cock even more. The slick feel of her soapy hands stroking my shaft, along with watching the water drip across her beautiful D-cups, makes me want her even more. She makes me cum with just her hands. I watch as the ropes of thick spunk crash into her chest, trickling down her nipples and stomach along with the water.

I turn her around, ready to taste what I've been craving. I kneel down as she leans against the corner of the shower as my hands grip her ass. My tongue laps across her tight rosebud, making her moan softly. She looks back to me with a lustful smile, signaling that she wants more.

I wrap my lips around her asshole, massaging it with my tongue as she moans softly. She reaches back, holding one of her cheeks for me. She seems to be really enjoying this, maybe even more than I am. I slide two fingers inside of her inviting, shaved slit. She moans that she needs me inside of her.

I stand up as she bends over a little more. I press my cock to her pussy, but she stops me. "No," she tells me, "I want it in my ass." 

Of course, I oblige. I slowly push my throbbing member inside of the tightest of holes. I slide in, deeper and deeper as she draws a long breath. I press further. Her head tips back, and her eyes squeeze shut, but only for a moment. They open, and she is in bliss, just as I am.

She begs for more. I thrust in, slowly picking up the pace, being ever so careful to be gentle. I pick up pace as she groans, begging for me to cum inside of her.

She is so tight around my throbbing rod. All I can think of is the intense pleasure I'm receiving, as well as giving her. She presses her ass against me as I press into her. She does it over and over. I can feel even more buildup.

Finally, I can't hold it in any longer. I give her what she's calling out for. I grip her hands against the wall as the water loses it temperature, and my tension is released inside of her. She nuzzles her head against my cheek, giggling as I finish. I giggle too, kissing her on the cheek. We step out of the shower, not even bothering to dry off before we lay in her bed, cuddled up, ready to end the night together.

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