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The bass from the music was pumping from the speakers. It poured onto the dance floor like molten tar, animating the bodies writhing in the smoky gloom. She watched the dance floor and its gyrating zombies with a bored expression and a curl of her immaculately rouged lip while she lounged on a bar stool, dry martini in one hand. Her long legs were crossed, the hemline of her dress nearing scandalous. The dress matched her lipstick, matched her mood. Slutty red.

She'd been there an hour or so, watching and waiting. She'd been hit on more times in that hour than she'd bothered to count. No words of rejection could outdo the mere raising of one perfectly sculpted brow, which had them all scurrying back sheepishly to curious friends.

They could speculate all they wanted. Her fourth martini had blunted the edge of her anger, but replaced it with an itching need. A need to fuck, rut, release this torrent of seething emotion. Exquisite control kept her expression neutral as she toyed with her straw and scanned the crowd.

There. Her radar blipped. He stood over to the back right of the club, beyond the dance floor. She couldn't make out his features through the murky gloom, but knew he was watching her. He stood leaning against a pillar, one foot casually braced. His black shirt was open at the collar and tucked neatly into expensive looking black slacks. The zombies shifted, obscuring him momentarily, until he moved enough for a thin crack of light from the nearby fire escape corridor to illuminate both his face and the martini glass held in silent invitation.

Perfect timing. She drained the last drops from her current glass and placed it on the bar before sliding slowly off the stool. She took a moment to smooth her dress, running both hands down her sides from just below her breasts to mid-thigh, eyes on the dark stranger the whole time.

The zombies sensed her 'don't fuck with me' attitude and shifted out her way. When she reached him, she took the proffered drink and downed it in one. Vodka burned. She took the cocktail stick and sampled the olive, the tangy flavour filling her mouth as she studied his rangy body. To his benefit he didn't attempt to speak over the music - just waited, a hint of a smile playing about his lips.

She placed the empty glass on a shoulder-high speaker bordering the dance floor. The thrum was insidious, this close. He reached for her waist and pulled her hard against him. She locked both arms around his neck, pushing her breasts against his chest. He waited a beat, before leaning down and taking her mouth. He tasted warm saltiness from the olive as her tongue hungrily invaded his mouth.

Breaking the kiss, he grabbed her hand. The 'exit only' sign glowed weakly as he edged the door open and stood back to let her through. She brushed past him, fingers dancing teasingly against his crotch and the hardness contained within. It wouldn't be contained for long.

Semi darkness met them, the corridor's only light source another 'exit' sign above the outer door at the far end. It buzzed and flickered, eerie red glow highlighting the fire stairs leading up to her left into darkness. The loud crash of the music was suddenly cut to a muted thump as he closed the door behind him and leaned against it, waiting.

The quiescence was tense and expectant. She didn't care about his name, about anything but the feel of his warm cock in her mouth. Ravenous, she knelt and rubbed her cheek against his groin. She studied him through long lashes as she reached for his zipper. His eyes were dark slits as he watched her reach inside, freeing him.

He was satisfyingly big. Not the longest, but thick enough her hand couldn't close around him. Her pussy dripped at the thought of him stretching and fucking her here in the muted gloom, meters from the unsuspecting horde.

She licked a long, slow trail up his cock. She could feel it twitching under her tongue as she closed her mouth around his sensitive head and sucked. Yes! This was her craving. Warm saltiness burst on her tongue as pre-cum oozed. She moaned, taking him all the way into her vibrating throat then gagged as his hands seized her hair, holding her just a little too long.

When he let go, his cock burst from her mouth, trailing saliva. She greedily gulped air then swallowed him again, mouth straining and eyes watering. Her desperate noises echoed off the walls as again he grabbed her hair and impaled her throat. Panic warred with lust as her breath stuttered and her vision narrowed until he released her, panting and winded.

By the time he'd dragged her up and pressed her face to the door, she'd already soaked through her panties. He took his time peeling them down, slowly revealing her sticky sex and prolonging anticipation. She stepped out only to find him roughly forcing them into her mouth. Her arousal suffocated her senses, making her head spin as he slid her dress up over her hips.

Finally, she felt his thick head teasing at her slick entrance. He nudged his way in, stretching her tight hole with every inch. When he pulled out, she could feel her pussy lips dragging along his length possessively. He gathered her wrists in one hand and her hair in the other as he thrust back in deep. The door thrummed with the sounds of the club as he pinned her against it and fucked her hard and fast.

Teeth scraped her neck as pleasure built. He was rasping in her ear as he fucked her to a brutal climax, emptying into her as he felt her pussy clench around him. Warm cum dripped when he withdrew and she grinned against the door.

She'd gotten what she came for.
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