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Twilight dreams V.2

Tags: pleasure
Contributing Authors: hornywidow 

Erotic thoughts

It’s an unusually hot night I am lying in bed alone thinking of you. Listening to slow, soft music , my mind slips into solitude, eyes closed. Air from the fan embraces my naked body. We had spent a beautiful day together, and then took our separate ways home. Now the memories of the time spent together fill my head and I smile to myself. Oh yes! The time spent together was too short, as always.

Glancing in the mirror across from the bed, I glimpse my nude body. My skin is glowing from my body heat Reaching for the light switch, I turn it off. The room remains dimly lit by the street light outside my window. The shadows on the ceiling captivate my mind for a few minutes before I finally close my eyes. I keep seeing your face in my mind as I last saw it, drawing away from our kiss goodbye. I imagine that I can feel your arms holding me close to your body, your lips on mine, sweet and tender…it takes my breath away! I want to pull you close to me and never let you go.

Resting my hand on my stomach the heat explodes from my body. In my twilight sleep I imagine that you are here next to the bed and you’re watching me. Leaning against the headboard fingertips parting my lips, I slowly suck on them taking in a deep breath exhaling slowly and relaxing into the mood that’s now overtaking me.

I hear you whispering to me telling me what to do I respond to your bidding. I move my hand slowly up to the prominence of my breasts lightly passing my fingertips over my nipples. The response is quick, my hands move back to my neck and into my mouth. I stretch, arching my back flexing my tired muscles. My hands make their way back downward pausing at my breasts, awakening my barely concealed passion.

You sit back looking at me with pleasure in your smile. When you murmur your approval. I continue to caress my breasts as I fix my gaze on you and get lost in the excitement of yours While the other hand slides down my body hunting my inner thighs. My legs part slightly allowing just enough room for my fingertips to slip between.

You whisper, “Yes, baby, nice and slow, open up let me see!”

I lose myself in your demands. I will do whatever you ask me to whatever pleases you. The feeling this gives me is mind-blowing.

At first, I was self-conscious but now, the exhibitionist in me slowly comes out of her shell and I want to show off for you. I want you to be pleased with the performance you command.

You walk to the edge of the bed and take my ankles in each hand and slowly and easily spread my legs apart. You gaze at me with full admiration in your eyes, My fingers move further in parting my lips tickling and teasing. My nerves are on easy by now You instruct me to use both hands. licking my fingers first, and inserting them deep inside. "Oh, God!" I moan softly.

“Yes baby, play with it good,” you continuing to prod me along. I feel warm and wet my fingers sliding in easily my breathing is quick and shallow. I feel your lips tease my nipples barely brushing them but making sure they are aching for your attentive kiss. Craving your tongue teasing fingers quicken as I feel you grasp my hands. I feel like I am losing my mind not being able to continue the sweet feeling that has possessed me.

With my legs spread and yearning you climb between them.Your lips playing over my thighs in quick random licks tickling and thrilling me. I want more and try to pull you in closer, but you pull away each time I try. I beg helplessly for your tongue your kiss your licks and that special bite that drives me wild.

You move up the length of my body as you simultaneously caress it with wet kisses, pressing me down onto the bed. I look into your eyes and wrap my legs around you as we kiss a tender deep passionate soul-searching kiss. Taking our time in prolonging our pleasure moving synchronized with each others' rhythm.

The silence is killed by our demanding lovemaking filled with moans of passion that cloud the air. You look at me and I believe you want me, to touch me, to take me, to taste me, and you do. I can’t get enough I never will. We remain in this amazing state as long as we can. However, it’s still over too soon. We enjoy touching and caressing still lovemaking never ends abruptly with’s ongoing...and we enjoy every second of quiet delight.

I wake too soon only to see the sunlight piercing my curtains. The cold hard reality of my sweet solitude reaches my waking mind. I rise to face another day without you. Yearning to see you and have you again and again.

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