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Codeword Red Part 2

George is tied up, and Gemma sluts herself out to tease him...
Codeword Red Part 2

“Wrists together please,” Gemma ordered.

She had placed a large white mattress on the floor in the centre of the living room, and George was kneeling on this with his back to her. He was entirely naked and surrounded by a number of soft navy hand towels and long cable ties.

As George locked his wrists together, Gemma wrapped them in one of the towels, and fastened them with one of the cable ties which she pulled over the towel and pulled tight.

George did not resist. He flopped onto his side as Gemma grasped him by his wavy hair and pulled him down onto the mattress. “Now your ankles,” she purred.

Gemma wrapped a towel around his ankles and George grunted as the next cable tie was fastened. He struggled a little as if to demonstrate his predicament and looked at Gemma with wide pleading eyes. His arms and legs were now securely fastened.

Gemma stood up, and smoothed her tight skirt down around the top of her luscious thighs. It barely covered the round cheeks of her bottom. She flicked back her long dark hair and secured it with a hairband in a pony tail at the back of her head. She stood with her hands on her hips as she looked at George in his pathetic position at her feet. His cock was hard, jutting towards her from between his clenched, muscular thighs, dripping sticky clear pre-cum from its tip onto the mattress.

“I’m sorry it has to be this way baby,” Gemma purred, “But I did warn you. And I know you have tried. But it’s not enough. Not yet. You must learn to be firmer, rougher. You must learn to treat me the way I like, and please me...”

The ring tone of Gemma’s iphone filled the air and she grinned. Her heels clicked on the wooden floor as she crossed the room to the table and she picked the phone up and placed it to her ear.

“Hi Steve baby,” she purred, “I was waiting.” She sat up on the table and crossed her long bare legs, swinging them back and forth as she spoke. “Are you on your way?”

Gemma listened for a while with a dreamy smile. “Oh baby. Don’t talk to me that way. You’ve made me so horny,” she slid a hand up and cupped her breasts. “My nipples have gone all stiff and hard. And pussy’s just so fucking wet. You’re so fucking nasty.” She looked at George and winked.

She bit her lower lip as she listened. “You what?” she questioned. “He’s with you. You didn’t tell me that... Will he now... I don’t know honey... Is he as big as you? Just the thought of so much cock is making my heart race. Will you both fuck me? Hmmm...” Gemma groaned gently.

She held her fingertips to her lips. “Remember. There’s just little ole me, and you boys are so overwhelming.

“ OK. The doors on the latch. Let yourselves in. We’re in the living room.” Gemma looked to George, straining at his bonds on the mattress. “Yeah. He’s here. All ready. I know... it’s sad. He’s pathetic, but it’s necessary. It’s the only way for him to learn. Oh God be quick baby. My cunts just gaping.”

Gemma snapped the phone off and cast it aside on the table. She jumped down and placed her hands to her thighs. In a swift movement her hands disappeared up under the hem of her skirt, and with a wiggle of her hips, she slid her tight white knickers down to her knees, and then down around her high heeled sandals.

“Best be ready,” she grinned, “I won’t be needing these.” She stepped out of the knickers, scooped them up, and wadded them in her fingertips. “They’re absolutely sodden anyway. My pussy’s so wet.” She paced over to captive George, now lying on his back on the mattress. His blue eyes were fixed on her, and his cock was twitching.

“Open boy,” Gemma ordered, and she shoved the wet knickers into his mouth as he obeyed. He groaned, and strained towards his beautiful girlfriend. She pushed him back with the toe of her sandal. “Now baby,” don’t get over excited. You won’t be getting any pussy today. It’s all for those big boys that are coming over.”

George’s eyes widened still further.

“I know,” Gemma said incredulously, “two of them. I can hardly believe it myself. I only know Steve. I’ve never even met the other one. I don’t even know his name. But in five minutes, he’ll have his huge fat cock deep inside me. Both of them will. I’ll be stuffed with hard cock meat like a whore, right in front of you, while you do nothing but watch me get fucked and filled with other boys cum.

“They’ll fuck my ass too, and my mouth. They’ll fuck me every place they can I guess. And I won’t stop them. They won’t ask nicely, but I love it. I want to be their whore, and I want you to see it.”

Gemma grinned as she heard a car door slam, and footsteps outside.

“Oh baby.” She pressed her fingertips up between her thighs to brush the lips of her pussy. “Looks like we’re about to begin.”

Moments later the door to the room swung open and two thick set young men paced into the room. They both had dark short hair, and were unshaven, and wore dusty thick overalls. Their hands were black with greasy grime from work.

George grunted through the wet knickers in his mouth, and struggled a little, and Gemma gasped and took a step back. The first man paced towards Gemma whilst the second man hung back.

The first man put a huge hand around Gemma’s throat and leaned in to kiss her. She moaned deeply in delight as his lips roughly met hers, and she opened her mouth to let his tongue plunder her.

He shoved her back, and she breathed hard, already overwhelmed. She reached out and put a hand flat on his chest.

“Steve,” Gemma breathed heavily. “Before we start baby,” she pointed over his shoulder to the other man he had brought along, “he. He knows the game?”

Steve smiled. “Yes baby. He’s a BDSM man. He knows the drill.”

“Codeword Red?” Gemma questioned.

“Yes baby. Codeword Red, as always. Like I said, he’s a BDSM man. He knows the stop word, and he knows the game. I filled him in on it all.”

“And his name?” Gemma whispered.

“Richard,” Steve smiled, “though we call him Dick.”

Steve reached his fingers into the low neck of Gemma’s tight cotton vest top.

“Now,” he snarled as he ripped Gemma’s top open in one swift violent show of strength, “enough questions.” Another tear and her top was shredded and her heavy round breasts bounced free.

Steve threw the shreds of material to the floor and groped Gemma’s breasts in his heavy palms, covering her glossy tanned skin in a sheen of oily grime from his fingers. He pinched her nipples hard and tugged at her flesh. Gemma threw her head backed and groaned with pleasure.

The powerful man stepped behind the pretty brunette, and slid his arms around hers, locking her arms behind her, and then squeezing, so her shoulders were forced back, and her breasts were thrust up into the air invitingly. They were black with the grease of his hands, and her nipples were as hard as two pebbles from a beach, jutting out obscenely.

“You’re such a filthy bitch,” Steve sneered appreciatively as he shoved Gemma forward towards Dick.

The second man grew animated as he grinned lewdly and he raised a hand as Gemma and Steve approached. He was holding what appeared to be a wand, with a black handle and a red triangular shaft. Gemma had seen such a thing in the BDSM films she enjoyed, but had never experienced the electric jolt she knew it delivered.

“As I say,” Steve grinned as he presented Gemma to the other man, lifting her so her toes were only just touching the floor. “Dick here is a bit of a BDSM man.”

Dick’s smile was pure evil as he held the tip of the red triangular shaft close to Gemma’s heaving breast flesh. He pressed a button with his fingertips.


A blue spark arched between the tip of the shaft and Gemma’s skin.

“Ow,” she hissed, struggling in Steve’s tight grip.


Another blue spark, this time to the other breast, and Gemma’s heels clattered on the floor as she kicked out.

Steve spun Gemma around and pushed her down over the mattress beside the helpless George. He held her still as Dick took hold of her small mini skirt, and pulled it down her thighs and legs, over her feet, scooping her sandals away at the same time, and throwing the clothing into the corner of the room.

Steve released her, and both the men laughed as Gemma scrambled onto her back, legs spread wide, exposing the gaping wetness of her eager pussy. She looked at them defensively.

“You bastards,” she hissed.

Dick pointed to her with the electric wand.

“Red,” he smiled, “that’s all you need to say. Or the gimp too. He can spit out your knickers, and can say red too. Then it all stops...end of game, and we’ll be off.

“But you won’t. Neither of you; because you love this, you crave it, both of you. And both of you know...the fun is just about to begin. I know you want fun, don’t you?”

To be continued...

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