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Twins discover the thrills and perils of their new found sexual pleasure

“You okay?"

Startled and embarrassed, Tina leapt from her chair as she slammed her laptop closed. Spinning around, her over-sized, red Jackson High Jaguars tee shirt fell into place from her waist area to just below her sex, but not before Chris glimpsed her lack of any pubes.

“What the fuck are you doin’ in here!? Get out! Get the fuck out you little perv!”

Standing there in just his white Jockey’s, he had caught enough sight of the porn on her laptop screen before she slammed it and noticed her red face and hard nipples, to confirm the reason for the moaning sounds he heard.

“Hey Sis, it’s 2 am. I heard moaning and was worried about you,” he replied innocently.

“That’s what you really thought? That I might be hurt or something?” she asked seriously.

“Yeah, for sure!” He continued, now with a chuckle, “Besides there’s nothing wrong with getting off.”

“You fucker! You ruined it... Jerk!” Sitting on her bed, she went on, “You know I’ve seen you jerking off into a sock. Ever wonder if Mom notices when she does the wash? I’ll bet she does. She probably holds all your socks by her fingertips cuz she’s creeped out by her pervy son.”

“Yeah... Well... B-F-D. So is Billy not doin’ it for ya or what?”
“His name is William. Stop callin’ him Billy, and he is doin’ it just fine for me.”

“Then you must be super horny. You just got back from a date with him a couple hours ago. No funzies tonight?”

“My ‘funzies’ are my business! Now get out!”

“Okay, okay, jeez. Ya know as hot as you are, you should be gettin’ all you want, whenever you want. I’ll leave, I’m goin’.“

He turned to go. Their bedrooms were connected by a bathroom with doors into each bedroom; they had to share. The setup was fine, for the most part. It had two sinks, two medicine cabinets, two built-in stacks of drawers. They shared the toilet and bath-shower combo. The tricky part was privacy. They had to depend on each other’s personal consideration; for the most part it worked out. But there had been the odd moments of surprise over the years. As a result, they were both fairly familiar with each other’s bodies.

For some reason, the fact that they were twins seemed to make these sightings basically okay. Neither one got overly upset, and neither one endeavored to purposefully snoop. That, however, did not stop the occasional prank, like Chris had just pulled.    

“So ya really think I’m hot?” she asked tentatively.

He turned back to her. “Hell yes! Jesus, you’re cute and sexy. Great figure. You gotta know your boobs are killer and don’t freak, but I just saw that shaved pussy. What more could a guy want? On top of that you are just a nice person, like me,” he said with a bit of a sly smile at his last remark. “So what is it? Don’t you give head?”

“Of course.”

“And swallow?”

“Of course. Jeez!” she snapped back.

“So what’s the problem? Is Billy gaslighting you or something? I told you he was an asshole.”

“I don’t know... Okay, he cums pretty fast and never seems to care about my pleasure.”

“He’s an idiot! Why do you stay with him? I know you’ve had better in the sack.”

“Other guys have been jerks for one reason or another. William is a really nice guy. He treats me good and is considerate.”

“He doesn’t sound so considerate in bed!”

“Ya... Well, there’s that... Sometimes I think it’s me...”

“I absolutely guarantee it isn’t you! Any guy would be lucky to have you. Hell, I would take care of you in a nanosecond if we were not... you know... bro and sis.”

“Mean it?”


“So what about you? Does Casey give you head?”

“Well... sort of...”

“Okay, out with it. I spilled my guts. How can she ‘sort of’ give head? Either you do, or you don’t.”

“Umm... well I can’t cum in her mouth. She says it’s ‘icky.’ ”

“What does she expect, vanilla ice cream? It’s not that good, but it’s a fun part of sex for gods-sake! You should dump her! Let me guess; you really like her.”

“Yeah, I do...” he said sheepishly.

“Just what you told me. Ya gotta put up with it or get out. Sounds like we both have dilemmas.”

“I guess so...” he said, not knowing where else to take their conversation. “I guess I’ll go to bed. It’s late and we are not going to solve this tonight. Sorry I interrupted ya earlier. You know I love you right? It was a bad joke.”

“You're forgiven. Since I’ve seen you doin’ it, I just might let you watch one day...”

“Seriously?” he said, looking and sounding both shocked and thrilled, not knowing if she was teasing him or for real.

“Seriously. Now get outta here Bro. I love you too.”

Tina lay down, and Chris went to his room and did the same. Both were asleep in minutes.

Over the weekend and into the next week, life went on as if that incident had never happened. On Saturday Chris, born Christopher, and Tina, born Christina, (their parents thought it was very clever) saw their current flames, Casey and William. Later they made no comments to each other about how their dates had turned out.

They were both eighteen, seniors in their last semester. Tina was the older, by five minutes, something she loved to tease Chris about. They got good grades, were well liked by their teachers and friends, just your average high-schoolers soon to graduate and go to college.

It was Thursday night about 10 pm when Chris heard a knock on the bathroom door that lead into his room, it had to be Tina.

“C’mon in Sis!” he called out over the sound of Call of Duty Black Ops that he was playing on his computer. Pausing it, he looked back at the door. Tina was standing there in her favorite Jaguars tee shirt. She had three identical she only wore for sleep.

“Playin’ your fav game I see. When do you study? You’re like addicted.”

“I’m accepted to college, must be doin’ somethin’ right. What’s up with you? How’d things go with Billy on Saturday?”

“The same,” she said tiredly. “How about you and Casey?”

“Pretty much the same. We’re not going to rehash all that shit again are we?”

“No... I was going to tell you that you could watch if you wanted...”

Her voice was so soft he was not sure he heard her correctly. “Did you just say I could watch? Does that mean what we talked about a few nights ago?”

“Yes, I said that and yes that’s what it means. So...?”

“Hell yes!” he said jumping up, a bulge already starting to grow in his Jockey’s.

“Okay. C’mon to my room. Leave the bathroom light on and the door open, my room light is off. Here’s the rules: sit in the chair I have by the door, don’t make a sound or I quit and it will never happen again. Also no jerking off. I don’t want to hear or see that. You okay with all that?”

“It’s your show. You’re the boss,” he said as he sat in the chair and she walked to her bed, which was all in semi-darkness. She was in a silhouette, standing in profile, when she pulled her tee shirt off. It seemed almost like a black and white sketch. She surpassed Casey’s figure by far. Just this partially hidden view of her gave him a raging hard-on, something he could do nothing about.

She slowly turned, easing herself onto the bed and then languidly reclining. As his eyes became more accustomed, her form came more into view. He could make out her rubbing and pulling on her nipples as she pushed her boobs up from the side. This was better than any porn he had ever seen, it was even better than being with Casey. Something about the whole scenario unfolding before him was having a powerful effect on him.

Days ago, when she first mentioned the possibility of this, he thought it would never happen, that she was teasing. Then he thought about her being his sister and all that implied. Part of him was unbelievably turned on by the whole concept, and part of him was saying, in the very recesses of his mind, that it was taboo, forbidden, something totally unthinkable. But yet it was transpiring right in front of him.

Now, being accustomed to the low light, his vision was clearer. He saw her right hand move from her boob to between her legs. He heard her first sound, a long, soft sigh. Her body seemed to be squirming a bit as he could now distinguish just the faint movements of her hand. He knew her fingers would be doing their work on her totally smooth pussy. He assumed it had to be soaking wet, probably was when she first came to his door. He detected a whiff of what could only be coming from her pussy. He loved that word. He let it stretch and roll through is mind—pussss-saay.

He touched his cock, covered by the cotton Jockeys. It was straining to get out. He had never wanted to wack off so bad in his life. Maybe she wouldn’t know. Of course she would, in one way or another. Just then he heard her first actual, somewhat loud, moan. Oh god, she was getting close. He saw her right hand in almost frantic movement, her left was still squeezing and pulling her tit. Her body was now in nearly constant movement, writhing and twisting on the bed. Her moans were also virtually constant. He worried he might actually cum just from the sights and sounds before him. Part of him wanted to divert his attention, give his mind a break before he exploded, yet there was no turning away from the sight, no blocking her sounds.

Suddenly her body arched upward. She let out a stifled cry. Then, “Yes, yes, yes, oh god YES!”

Her body dropped into a shudder which slowly faded as her ragged breathing began to normalize. Chris was also panting, something he did not realize until her orgasm was complete and she began to calm. Her calming caused him to do the same. Then he grasped just how close he had come to releasing his seed into his shorts. Everything was replaying in his mind at lightning speed. He never thought anything like this was close to possible. Then he finally heard her.

“Chris, Chris, CHRIS! Are you with me?”

“Yes baby, I’m here. I’m... God Tina that was incredible!”

“C’mere. Get over here.”

He did as she requested. Quickly he was standing by the bed; he could now clearly see what had been only shadow. Her body was stunningly beautiful. It glistened from the moisture covering her. She lay on her back, legs apart, staring at him.

“Get those Jockey’s off and lie down. I want to give you what Casey won’t.”

He wasted no time complying. She crawled between his spread legs until she was positioned to go down on him. “Whoa Bro, you got more than I realized. This is going to be fun for both of us! I hope you can recharge for me after I take your waiting load.”

“No worries Sis, that has never been one of my shortcomings.”

She was engulfing him as he finished speaking. Her right hand caressing his balls and her left with a firm grip on the base of his cock, she took him in, loving the feel of him in her mouth, her tongue swirling as her lips slid up and down his shaft.

“Damn Sis, you are incredible! How did you get this good? No, wait don’t answer, just keep it up! I almost came from watching your little show; you will get me quick at this rate.”

She plunged down, taking every inch of him down her throat, and lifted back up. Each descent elicited groans of pleasure, which, in turn, exhilarated her and spurred her on. Soon his body was beginning to tighten, a sure sign it would not be much longer. Then a few salty drops trickled out as he tried with all his strength to hold back. A deep breath; one more trip down and he was gone. Surge after pulsing surge of his cream shot down her throat.

He grabbed her head and held her still with his cock still pumping. “God, oh god! Tina, you’re so incredible! I don’t have words for how totally fucking amazing you are.”

Just as she was about to force herself off him, he raised her up and pulled her to him. They kissed like long time lovers enjoying yet another of their many times together. It all seemed so right, so perfect, so meant to be.

When they finally parted she rolled on her side and he turned to face her. No words were exchanged as they stared and contemplated each other and what had just happened. Thoughts of desire, love, admiration, excitement, and forbiddance ran through their minds. Tina’s consumption of the forbidden fruit’s essence left them both knowing they had entered upon dangerous ground.

After what seemed like less than a minute, Chris moved downward, pushing her on her back and spreading her legs. She offered no resistance.

“My turn now,” he said just before his lips surrounded her petals and his tongue began to flick across her clit. She just sighed as she began running her hands through his hair.

He proved he was just as adept with her pussy as she had been with his cock. Gently licking and sucking, he teased her into a passionate ecstasy. He briefly thought of Casey as he was pleasuring Tina. Casey always seemed to have a bit of stubble that was distracting and sometimes irritating; Tina was smooth as silk, plus she exuded a slightly sweet nectar, something else Casey lacked.

Tina was about as ready as Chris had been when she started working on him. It was not long before she changed from stroking his head to pulling him tight against her as she twisted and arched her pelvis up to give him the best possible angle. Her tightening thighs and ragged breathing were familiar clues; her orgasm was not far away.

“Oh god Chris, I’m so close. Easy, it’s getting sensitive but work it! Yes, like that. Do it lover, make me!

A few seconds passed...

“FUCK YES! YES! OH my god Chris!”

He fought her pushing him away as he drank in her flowing nectar, but gave in as she bucked and let out a muffled scream. He pulled back and watched the orgasm dissipate as her body calmed down. She finally opened her eyes. Looking at each other intently, she just held up her arms. He moved forward to accept her embrace and share the taboo nectar remaining on his tongue with her waiting lips. As they kissed his hard cock was making slight contact with her dripping cleft.

“You know I’m going to fuck you if you don’t stop me. Whatever we’ve done, whatever this is, I love you; I always will.”

“Do it, Bro! I want that beautiful cock in me, making me cum. I want your seed deep in me. I need you to be a part of me, if only for a brief period. I love you just as much, no matter what we’ve done.”

He started to slowly push against her, his cock-head seeking out the hot, wet tunnel that awaited. If they could read each other’s mind, read the deep, almost subconscious part, they would find similar thoughts. They knew this was the final piece. What had gone before was the lead-up. A part that some would not consider “sex” in at least a narrow, legalistic definition. This would complete their entrance to a dystopian world where few ventured. Its discovery would mean shame and scandal. None of this mattered. They looked deep into each other’s eyes as he pushed and withdrew, pushed and withdrew. Each stroke coating him with more of her slippery essence. One last push, he was fully in—filling and stretching his sister’s vag.
“Oh god, I’ve never been this full, this stretched. Do me Bro, do me deep and hard!”

“Sis, you’re amazing. This is totally perfect. No one has ever felt like you! I’m going to make you cum and cum before I fill you with my hot jizz!”

Determined to complete his promise, he proceeded to put every possible effort into his performance. She had pulled an edge of her pillow into her mouth to muffle her moans and screams as he drove her into orgasm after orgasm. He went on and on, relentlessly. She yearned to scream his name and proclaim her joy but knew it could not happen—this must stay in the dark forever.

When she was exhausted and close to fainting, he finally reached his release. The feel of his hot seed filling her pushed her over one last time, just as he tried to stifle a groan of satisfaction from the orgasm that wracked his body. He fell to her side, both of them exhausted and gasping for breath.

Even after they were mostly recovered, they lay quietly, side by side. She grasped his hand tightly. “You know this was so wrong. It should never happen again... should it?”

“Fundamentally, you’re right. We destroyed barriers that society has put up for centuries. But then, what if no one ever knew? It’s like the tree falling in the forest. Does it make a sound when there’s no one to hear? If we make the decision, and no one ever knows, is anyone harmed? No matter what, I love you more than ever. I will happily carry this until the day I die.”

She gripped him even tighter as he was talking. “I feel the same. No matter what, you are my brother and I love you more than I thought I ever would or could. No matter what the future holds, I will also carry this to my grave.”

They contemplated their own emotions for a bit and then turned, giving each other a somewhat chaste kiss.

By now it was midnight. Stretching his somewhat cramped muscles, he sat up. “I’d better go shower. Somehow I think we’ll both know what’s right for us. Time will put it all into perspective.”

“I think you’re exactly right. Go enjoy your shower. I think we’ll both sleep extra good tonight. I’m going to lie here and just be for awhile or maybe all night. I love knowing part of you is still a part of me. See you in the morn, little Bro,” she said with a big, satisfied grin.

The next day went on as usual. The only very noticeable difference was that after school Tina had bought and, after she got home, applied bright red nail polish, Sally Hansen Red Eye, to her finger and toenails.

Mom was the first to notice. “Wow Tina, could you have gone any redder? Shall I call you Miss Fire Engine?”

“Haha, Mom. I just felt like a change. Time passes. Things change. I got tired of my old clear or pinky-fleshy polish. Decided I needed something new, something bold.”

“Well you succeeded sweetheart. Actually, I like it. It makes a statement. Of what I am not quite sure but it is... daring and fearless, just like you.”

“Thanks Mom!” she said as she headed back to her bedroom.

Chris and Tina were both doing homework so they did not see each other until Mom called out that dinner was ready. They both walked out of their rooms at the same time.

“Holy shit Sis! You’ve never used polish like that. It’s sexy as hell but isn’t it maybe a bit... flashy? Not that it does not appeal to me but—“

“Things have changed in my life, our lives. I feel different. Like when I lost my virginity except ten times more thrilled and awakened. You probably don’t understand,” she said with a bit of disillusionment in her voice.

“God no! I totally get it! I think we are having the same thoughts. It is just that you have always been more outgoing, emotional and thoughtful than me. I’m sorry if I seem unaffected. That is far from the case!" He pulled her to him for a brief kiss that was lovingly returned. “Just be your usual cool self. I am leaving our future entirely up to you. Now let’s go eat.”

The rest of the week and weekend went on as usual, with their expected William and Casey dates, resulting in their familiar outcomes, then back to school on Monday. There was no more mention of what had happened Thursday night.

However things were a bit different. When they talked and looked into each other’s eyes, the glimpses meant more, they held their look just a tad longer. They found perfectly plausible reasons to touch each other. When they did, memories came forth, tender passionate memories. They did not acknowledge any of this to each other. It was almost happening in an autonomic way. Both wanted to believe they had experienced a one-time thing, but somewhere deep inside, not consciously thought of or acknowledged, it was growing—more every day.

Chris had held to his very conscious decision—if anything more was going to happen Tina would have to initiate it. He knew he wanted more than just the one taste but did not want to pressure Tina into doing anything she did not want or was not totally comfortable with. So he waited... and hoped... and thought of her red nails.

On Wednesday night, again around 10 pm, Tina knocked on Chris’s door. Getting no response, she tried the knob; it was unlocked, so she peeked in. Chris was at his laptop, in his Jockey’s, playing a game with his headphones on. Unseen, she walked up behind him and started to massage his shoulders. He jumped, startled at her touch. Quickly removing his headphones, he reached back and began stroking her legs as he sighed from her touch.

“Sis... I hope this means what I think it does.”

She bent down and whispered in his ear, “I’m in if you are. Scoot your chair back.”

As he quickly pushed back from the desk, she moved and straddled him so they were face to face. Her swollen pussy settled on top of his rapidly growing, Jockey-covered, hardness. Her distinct moisture was unmistakable.

Wasting no time, he began caressing her breasts and fondling her hard nipples. As he was about to speak she put her finger to his lips. “Let me go first. I‘ve thought of little else since last Thursday. The sex was the best I’ve ever had and I wanted more,” she said as she began to instinctively rock back and forth on him. “But as we both know there is so much more at stake... potentially. I kept trying to push it from my mind, to erase how my feelings for you had changed. Nothing worked. Now I am totally at peace with the new us. I want to live in the now and not worry about the future.”

“I’ve been waiting and hoping you’d come to me. You said it all perfectly. You’re the best I’ve ever had. Let’s enjoy this as long as we can. To our graves.”

“To our graves,” she replied. Then suddenly accelerating her hip movement and grabbing him tightly she exclaimed, “Jesus, I’m coming! Holy fuck!”

Calming down and slowly releasing her grip, they kissed ardently. After gradually parting she quickly alighted, saying, ”Follow me and let’s finish what we started.”

“I’m right behind you... lover,” he said as she headed back through the bathroom into her now fully lit bedroom, shedding her tee shirt as she moved. Rapidly dropping his Jockey’s, the sight of her beautiful ass and thoughts of what they were about to do rushed through his mind—without a bit of doubt or hesitation.
She flopped on her back, the bed springing a bit from her weight. Her legs, already spread, disclosed her silken, juicy ‘gina. He flopped right beside her, his cock hard and ready. They had set in motion forbidden, unmentionable events. The consequences would only be determined as their future unfolded.


Author's Note - I never contemplated writing an incest story, but then thought about delving a bit into the psychological/emotional feelings that the characters might have. I hope the story conveyed some of that to you. I am very interested in your comments, good or bad, regarding the story. Hope you enjoyed it, but feel free to tell me anything.






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