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Mom's Stocking Stuffer

Mom's stockings inspire son's Christmas stuffing.

It started out innocently enough – but I guess it always does.

As long as I can remember, Mom had always greeted me and wished me goodbye with a little peck on the lips.  Naturally, I tried to avoid it as I got older out of embarrassment, and by the time I was a teenager, it was something rare that only happened at home.

That changed when Dad walked out on us.  Mom was devastated, and I did everything in my power to help her through it.  On a whim, I brought back the old childhood ritual.  The way it made her smile convinced me to keep it up.

I didn’t realize at the time the effect it was going to have on me.

A look at the clock told me that I was right on schedule.  Mom would be home any minute, and dinner would be waiting for her.  I’m not much of a cook, but it wasn’t rocket science to heat up the leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner.  I had the day off from work, but Mom worked in a high-end department store, and this was the kick-off of her busiest time of year.

The car pulled up in the drive, and I winced at my reaction.

I’d come to anticipate those welcome kisses far more than I should have.  I knew that what I felt was wrong, but that didn’t change it.  Hearing her heels clicking on the porch, I made my way to the front door.

“Welcome home,” I said as she opened the door.

She gave me a weary smile as she closed the door behind her.  I could tell she was exhausted as she put down her purse and walked toward me, running fingers through honey-blonde hair slightly mussed by the wind.  My breath caught in my chest as I noticed something new.

The store expected employees to dress well, so Mom was in a nice button-down blouse with a vest and a skirt.  The outfit drew attention to her curvy figure, which I’d begun to notice shortly after resuming the kissing ritual.  I knew that her breasts were a large C-cup, because I’d peeked at her bras and discovered that she wore C in some brands, and D in others.  They were a perfect compliment to the swell of her hips.

What had caught my eye were her legs, though.  I got an even better look as she removed her long coat, draping it over the back of the couch.  She’d always had gorgeous legs, but I’d never seen her wearing stockings, and I couldn’t believe how sexy they looked on her.

As she reached me and leaned in for a kiss, I realized to my shock that I was getting hard.  Our lips touched ever so briefly, and I swelled even more.

The last thing in the world I wanted was for Mom to notice that, so I said, “Go sit down.  I warmed up some leftovers.”

“Thank you, honey.”

I gave my cock a squeeze and adjusted it once out of sight in the kitchen, and I could feel my ears burning.  I could still see her legs clad in dark nylon in my mind’s eye.  Something about those stockings was pushing my buttons, and it took me a minute or two to get myself under control.

I made us both a plate and took them back into the front room.  “I got the sink in the bathroom unclogged.”

“Thank you, Justin,” she said as she took her plate.  “I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t taken over as the man of the house.”

“Just helping out.”

“And you do a good job of it.”

Her smile almost made me break out in goose bumps.

We didn’t really talk much as we ate.  Once finished, I took both plates to the kitchen and rinsed them before putting them in the dishwasher.  When I returned, Mom had taken off her heels and reclined on the couch.  The sight of her feet in the dark nylon stockings had the same effect on me as her legs.  I’d never seen anything so arousing in my life, and had no idea why it turned me on so much.

She started to pull her legs up, but I waved to stop her.  “You’re okay.  There’s plenty of couch left.”

She nodded and let out a sigh of relief as she stretched her legs out again.  “I certainly can’t tell that the economy is down from the way things were today.  Ohh, my legs are so sore.  And my poor feet.  I barely had a chance to sit down all day.”

After a moment, she looked at me with pleading eyes and asked, “Is there any chance you could give me a foot rub?”

Somehow, I spoke around the lump in my throat.  “I could try, I guess.”

I sat down, lifted one of her heels, and started rubbing her right foot.  Mom let out a groan, and then a sigh, leaning her head back on the arm of the couch.  The sexy sound gave me chills, and the motion drew attention to her breasts, but the feeling of her foot in my hand was what really got me.

“Oh, honey.  That feels so good.”

I was careful of the delicate, slippery fabric as I kneaded and caressed her foot.  She curled her toes as I worked, occasionally moaning.  I was hard again – and not just halfway – in no time.  I moved up to her calves, working out the knots in the muscles.  My eyes darted every so often to the hem of her skirt, my fingers eager to move higher still – beyond that line.

Mom chuckled, and then sat up a little.  “You’re putting me to sleep.”

“So?”  I responded, realizing I had a smile on my face as I continued to knead her leg muscles.

“So, I need to have a shower.  I think I’ll turn in early.  Thank you, Justin.  You’re good at that, honey.”

“You’re welcome,” I said as I reluctantly uncurled my fingers from around her leg.

As she sat up and swung her legs off the couch, I got one last reward for my efforts.  Her skirt bunched up just high enough for me to see the top of her left stocking in the shadows beneath her skirt, and the clip attaching it to a garter belt.

“Goodnight,” she said as she stood, straightening her skirt.

“Night,” I replied.

The moment she turned to walk toward the bathroom, I once again found my eyes doing things I hadn’t told them to do.  I don’t know whether it was natural, or something she’d practiced.  All I knew is that I’d never seen another woman move quite like her.  The way her butt danced beneath the skirt with her every step was mesmerizing.  Even the way she held her hands was sexy.  When she passed out of sight, I turned on the T.V.

I don’t know what was on, because I couldn’t get her out of my head.  The thoughts made me tingle and cringe at the same time.  I mean, who has sexual thoughts about his mother?  Granted, I was in a slump several months long between girlfriends, but that wasn’t enough to explain why I couldn’t ignore how sexy Mom looked in her work clothes.  Finally, a favorite show distracted me.

The house was quiet when I turned off the T.V.  It had been over an hour, and Mom had already gone to bed.  I stretched and thought that I should probably do the same.  I didn’t have to work the weekend, but I knew from experience that staying up too late would come back to haunt me when I did go back to work on Monday.

Besides that, as soon as I turned the television off, I had started thinking about Mom in the shower.  Shaking my head vigorously, I pushed the thought aside as best I could and went to bed.


The next day, things played out much the same.  Mom was wearing stockings again, and it was the very first thing I noticed when she walked in the door.  If anything, her legs looked even better than the day before.  After we’d eaten, she again asked me for a foot and leg rub.

Despite my best efforts, I was rock hard before I even touched her foot.

A moan that had a note of finality, similar to the sound Mom had made before getting up the previous day, left me torn between relief and disappointment.  I expected her to say that she was going to take a shower and go to bed.

“Do you think you could do my shoulders, too?”

My expectations turned completely around, it took me a second to answer, “Yeah.”

I stood up and walked to the other end of the couch, where Mom was reclining against the arm.  She scooted back a little, sitting up straighter, and said, “Thank you, honey.”

“No problem, Mom.”

Of course, I did have a problem, and I prayed that she hadn’t noticed the bulge in my jeans when I stood up.  What’s more, she’d undone a single button at the top of her blouse.  As I settled my hands on her shoulders, I could just see the upper valley between her breasts in the shadows beyond the parted cloth.

As I kneaded her shoulders, she arched her back a little.  The combination served to pull her blouse tighter against her body, thrusting her breasts up toward me.  I tried not to look, but it was nearly impossible to take my eyes off them.  Most of the girls I’d been with had been pretty flat, and Mom was anything but.

The gorgeous, mesmerizing globes moved ever so slightly whenever my fingers squeezed over the bra straps, further drawing my eyes.  My cock was throbbing, and for a few minutes, Mom’s tits were the only thing I could think of.  My imagination took over, peeling away the bra and filling in the details of what was beneath.

I snapped out of it when Mom let out a moan and leaned her head back.  I panicked and backed up when the top of her head bumped into my raging hardon.

“Oops.  Sorry, honey.”

My heart pounding and my ears burning, I managed to say, “Huh?”

“Didn’t mean to headbutt you,” she answered, and then let out a little laugh.  “Oh, that’s so much better.  Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”  I moved in behind the couch, letting the high back hide my erection.

“Well, I’d best get in the shower and to bed.  Goodnight, honey.”

“Night, Mom.”

It was quite some time before the swelling in my pants went down.


Mom didn’t have to work on Sunday, so she was dressed casually.  To my embarrassment, I missed her legs terribly the whole day as we put up the tree and decorated the house.  The jeans she wore did hug her hips and bottom, and I was about half mad at myself for noticing.

What’s wrong with me?  She’s my mom, I remembered thinking.  By the end of the day, I’d convinced myself to stop thinking about it, and had some success.

It lasted right up until she came home from work again on Monday.

I was having a little luck ignoring her gorgeous legs, sheathed in white stockings this time, but out of the blue, she upped the ante.  After our kiss of greeting, she did something that I swear bordered on witchcraft.  Mom reached behind her back, and then in a series of coordinated movements, slipped out of her bra and pulled it out the sleeve of her blouse.

Even as she sighed in relief and dropped the bra on an end table, my manhood was swelling to full attention.  Two buttons popped open on her blouse this time while I was in the kitchen heating us up something to eat.  I felt as if I had to concentrate all my will each and every moment to keep my eyes from drifting to her as we ate.  Then came the newly minted ritual of the evening massage.

I could feel a slight chill in my underwear when I moved from the foot of the couch to her shoulders, and knew it was because I had been leaking pre-cum from touching those incredible legs.  I could see more of her cleavage this time as I caressed and kneaded her shoulders.  Knowing that only the barrier of her blouse remained between my eyes and her breasts kept my gaze fixed on them.

Mom’s moans mingled into my imagination, taking on a far different tone.  I was lusting after my own mother, and there was nothing I could do about it.  I wanted nothing more than to let my hands slip lower, off her shoulders, and into the part of her blouse to the globes beneath.  Her nipples pressed against the cloth, tenting the material, and I silently wished it was transparent enough for me to see more.

When she got up to go to the shower, I was still trapped in my imagination.  She leaned in for another kiss before leaving the room, and my lips wanted to linger.  I wanted to wrap my arms around her, pull her close to me, stroke my fingers over her legs – far higher than I’d dared while massaging them.  I found myself standing outside the bathroom door, listening to the shower run, imagining her standing beneath the cascade of water.  I barely snapped out of it enough to hurry to my room when the shower stopped.

Lying on my own bed, I was still thinking about her, and still rock hard.  One too many glasses of tea caught up with me, and I had to go to the bathroom.

The room was still a little warm and steamy from Mom’s shower.  Beyond a second door, I knew she was lying in bed, and I wondered what she was wearing.  It took me forever to talk down my erection enough to pee, and it didn’t last long after I flushed.  When I turned back toward the door, I saw Mom’s stockings draped over the top of the hamper.

I couldn’t resist, and picked them up to feel the slippery material between my fingers.  They too were still a little warm.  I lifted the lid of the hamper with my other hand, and there they were.  Before I could even form the thought, I reached in and pulled out Mom’s panties.

They were simple cotton briefs, with just a little lacy accent.  When my fingers stroked over the crotch, they felt a little damp.  I lifted them to my nose, taking in the warm, musky scent of a woman that permeated them.

There was no way out.

I pulled down my pants, filling my lungs with the scent of Mom’s sex from her panties as I wrapped her stockings around my cock.  I was so worked up that I didn’t even last a minute.  Clenching my teeth against making any sound, I shot thick ropes of cum toward the toilet, amazed by how hard I was spurting.

I had to support myself by leaning against the sink when the long, intense orgasm finally waned.  I opened my eyes to find that I’d shot cum all over the lid of the toilet where it stood open, up onto the tank, and a sticky trail even decorated the wall behind.  Looking down, I realized I was dribbling on Mom’s stockings, too.

In a panic, I grabbed toilet paper and cleaned the mess up, blotting the evidence of what I’d done from the stockings.  Once satisfied, I carefully replaced Mom’s panties and stockings, and made my way on weak legs back to my bedroom.  Somehow, taking the step of masturbating had broken down a wall inside me.  The shame I had felt in varying degrees since starting the kissing ritual faded almost completely away, leaving behind only desire.

I lay down in my bed, welcoming the dreams of her that started even before I had completely drifted off into sleep.


A week went by, and I inserted good morning and goodnight kisses into the now familiar routine.  Mom seemed happy about that, and didn’t protest at all as my kisses lingered a little – though not too long, and certainly not as long as I wanted.

Every evening, I would drink in the sight, sound, and feeling of her as I relieved the tension of her weary muscles.  Mom seemed to relax, and the sounds of pleasure she made as I massaged her grew louder – more frequent.  She would reach up to stroke my hands as I worked on her shoulders and reveled in the sight of her breasts rising and falling with her breath.

Then, when the house was quiet and I was sure she was asleep, I would relieve the pressure with her stockings and panties.  Though I lasted longer, I still spurted with a ferocity unlike anything I’d ever experienced before.

The weekend left me feeling down, as Mom wasn’t dressed up for work.  I might have normally gone out, but I didn’t want to miss a moment, even if I wouldn’t have the pleasure of seeing her in her stockings.  I stayed home, watching television with her, ecstatic when she remarked about how much she enjoyed spending the extra time with me.

On Sunday night, she dozed off as we sat on the couch.  In her sleep, she leaned against me with her head resting on my shoulder.  My hand was so close and my desire so strong that what happened next was inevitable.

I reached up, cupping her left breast in my hand.  I had just a moment to feel the weight and softness of it before a moan caused me to snatch my hand away.  Not long after, I again cupped the breast that had once nursed me.  This time, her moan was louder, and her back arched slightly.

It was my first time touching her in what was a purely sexual manner, and it set me to throbbing.  It was a bit of a reach, but my hand moved toward her legs.  I only rested my fingers on her leg at first, feeling the warmth through the pants she was wearing.  Need got the best of me, and my fingers moved higher, to her thighs – a place I had yet to touch her.  Still a couple of inches from the V of her legs, I stroked my forefinger and thumb over her for a moment.

I probably would have gone on all night – maybe even gone further – if her eyes hadn’t fluttered open.

“I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to fall asleep.”

“It’s okay, Mom.  You were tired.”

“I’m the one who’s supposed to cradle you, not the other way around,” she quipped, and then yawned.  “I should really get in the shower and get to bed.”

She sat up straight, and I did the same.  Mom leaned in, and our lips met.  As she was pulling away, she said, “Thank you, honey.”

“For what?”

I noticed her cheeks growing a little red as she answered, “For keeping me company.  Goodnight.”


The days passed by.  I remember that it felt a little like when I was a kid, anticipating Christmas and feeling like it would never come.  Every day seemed to drag on and on, right up until the moment when Mom came home from work.  Then, the time seemed to fly away, a few fleeting moments when I could have just a taste of what I really desired.

Those little tastes weren’t nearly enough to satisfy me any longer, either.  Ever since I’d touched her in those far more intimate places as she slept, I’d wanted more – far more.  My urges grew stronger, more difficult to resist.  Though I wasn’t afraid of my feelings any longer, I was afraid of what would happen if Mom found out about them.

It was a battle I nearly lost on the final Friday before Christmas Eve.  Because Mom had worked Black Friday and there were several seasonal workers below her, she had earned a four day weekend for Christmas.  I was looking at four days of not seeing her dressed up for work, so sexy in her stockings and skirt.  Four days of not touching her.

That was somewhere in the back of my head as I kneaded her tired muscles that evening.  I had to get as much from that night as I could, to tide me over for those days that I knew would each feel like an eternity.

For the first time while she was awake, I slipped my fingers past the hem of Mom’s skirt and touched above her knee.

I could feel her start, and she sat up a little, but when I squeezed the muscle, her eyes rolled upward and she let out a long moan.  I smiled at her, hoping my nervousness didn’t show through, and thankfully, she smiled back at me before reclining again.

I stayed low, just above the knee at first.  Slowly, I worked my way higher, my heart rate increasing with every inch.  The feeling of her nylon clad legs and skirt on the back of my hands was invigorating.  When I reached the top of her stockings, I felt the lace and clips holding them up with the tips of my fingers.  The warmth beneath her skirt matched that rising within me, and it only seemed to increase as I switched legs.

Quiet at first, Mom began to moan again, and her legs even parted a little, giving me better access to the muscles.  It was all I could do not to move higher still.  I wanted to seek out the source of the warmth I felt – to see if the dampness of her panties I breathed deep of each night was real.

“Thank you, honey,” she suddenly said when the tip of one finger crept past the top of her stockings, to the soft, bare skin above.

“Did that feel good?”  I asked.  Almost immediately, my heart stuttered.  There was far more to my tone than I’d intended.

“Mmm hmm.”  Her next words sounded a little rushed.  “I think I should get in the shower and to bed.”

“Don’t you want me to do your shoulders?”

“Not tonight,” she said as she swung her legs over the edge of the couch.  “Goodnight.”

Crestfallen, I nodded.  “Night.”

My disappointment mingled with a touch of panic as she quickly walked to the bathroom without our goodnight kiss.  She also forgot her bra on the end table and her heels beneath the coffee table in front of the couch.

Did I go too far?  Does she know?

I closed my eyes, dropping my chin to my chest and shaking my head.  I wondered if I’d just closed the door on the only relief I had for my steadily increasing need.  I got up off the couch and went to my room, not wanting her to see me agonizing if she remembered her bra and shoes.  From down the hall, I heard the shower start up, my thoughts growing ever more chaotic.

Out of caution, I waited longer before making the trek to the bathroom that night.  The room was cool, and the steam faded from the mirror when I entered.  The warmth of her had likewise left her stockings as I picked them up.  When I retrieved her panties from the hamper, something was different as well.

The scent of her was stronger – far more intense.  I could smell it long before the cotton reached my nose.  Worries lost in Mom’s womanly perfume, I unzipped my pants and freed my cock.

Just as I wrapped her stockings around the throbbing organ, I heard something.  I froze, not daring to make a sound in case she’d noticed I was there.  I strained my ears over the sound of the furnace, and it finally dawned on me what I was hearing.

The explorations that had told me what size bra she wore had also revealed something else that had shocked me so much at the time that I stopped snooping in her drawers completely.  Then, the thought of Mom using a vibrator had been too much to contemplate.

Hearing it humming from her bedroom caused me to shudder and bite off a gasp.

Every other sound faded into the background as I stroked my cock with her stockings, listening to the toy hum.  I could hear the rhythmic muting as Mom plunged it into her pussy, the louder buzz of it emerging from between her nether lips growing shorter with each passing second.

I was on the verge of orgasm when one other sound reached my ears.  It was quiet – obviously restrained – but just loud enough for me to hear, and unmistakable.  My cock erupted in a geyser as Mom whimpered, the hum of her vibrator stilled from it being buried deep in her as she climaxed.  Try as I might, I couldn’t prevent the clipped grunt that escaped me along with my cum.

My pulse thundered in my ears, and I felt light headed.  Only a few feet away, I knew Mom was quivering in release, even as I was.  Though I listened through the cacophony of my racing heartbeat, I didn’t hear her make another sound.  Then the sound of her vibrator ceased.

I caught my breath, a flash of worry burning through the post orgasmic fog in my head.  She might bring the toy to the bathroom to clean it.  In a rush, I replaced her panties and stockings before flushing the toilet.  I had no choice, even though it would reveal that I was in the bathroom, because thick ropes of cum floated in the water below.

I was out the door before the water even finished swirling down the bowl.  Breathing heavily a few seconds later in my bed, I could hear the buzzing and her whimper playing through my head in an endless loop.  Far more quickly than I’d ever dreamed of, I was hard again.

I spurted a second time into a hastily acquired shirt before drifting off to sleep with visions of Mom masturbating fixed firmly in my mind.


I was a nervous wreck as I stood in front of my bedroom door on Christmas Eve morning.  I could hear Mom in the kitchen, and the smells reaching me revealed that she was hard at work making Christmas dinner.

Her abrupt departure from the living room and the inability to hide that I was in the bathroom while she was using her vibrator in the deep of the night weighed heavily on me.  I knew that I couldn’t hide in my room forever, so I screwed up my courage and opened the door.

To my relief, Mom simply turned to me when I appeared in the kitchen doorway and said, “Merry Christmas.”  To my delight, she was dressed up and not only wearing stockings, but also a sweater that stretched tight across her breasts.  She had on earrings in the form of tiny silver bells, and I could hear them tinkling as she moved.

She waved me toward her, and I smiled as I approached.  She gave me a good morning kiss, and then gestured with a wooden spoon.

“This will be ready a lot quicker if you’ll give me a hand.”

“Sure, Mom.  What do you want me to do?”

“Well, for starters, pre-heat the toaster oven to 425 and get out the pie pan.”

It was as if nothing ever happened the night before.  I fell into the easy routine of helping her in the kitchen, stealing glances whenever she had her attention on something or bent over.  Mom had put on Christmas music, and I felt as if I had a little more control over my desire as she hummed along.  It was still there, but tempered by so many memories of the season from before my feelings for her had evolved.

We had Christmas dinner early in the afternoon, and both of us had a bite or two too many.  It took some time to get up from the table and to the work of putting everything away.  I helped her load the dishwasher, and then we went into the living room to watch Christmas specials on television.

Mom always made mulled wine for Christmas, and for the first time, I was allowed to indulge.  I had always been a lightweight, and it went straight to my head.  I was feeling pretty silly in short order, drawing a lot of eye rolls and shakes of Mom’s head.  She drank as well, making me think of the classy women from 50's movies the way she held her cup in a delicate grip with her pinky extended.

It was snowing outside, and started getting dark early.  Mom sat on the opposite end of the couch from me as we watched the movies we’d seen dozens of times – laughing, smiling, or sighing depending upon what was on screen.  We chatted about holiday memories during commercial breaks, and sometimes kept talking even once the movie returned.  I was buzzed, and my emotions were steadily drifting back to days long past, before things had gone sour between Mom and Dad.  For the first time in a long time, I was enjoying Christmas.

Later in the evening, after we’d recovered enough to have a bit more to eat, Mom returned from pouring us another cup of wine.  Instead of taking the seat she’d left, she sat down on the cushion next to me instead.  She rested her hand on mine, giving me chills.

“This is a nice change, honey.”


“I know that the holidays haven’t exactly been pleasant for the last few years.  Your father and me fighting, and then...  Well, I wasn’t myself for a while.”

“It’s okay.  I know.”  To try to lighten the mood again, I said, “It’s almost time to open one present, isn’t it?”

Mom chuckled.  “You used to be wound up as tight as a piano string from about four in the afternoon waiting for that.”

“I’ve got a little more self-control now.”  Mom stretched as I was talking, causing her breasts to lift and jiggle just a little.  Silently, I added, Over some things, anyway, as I felt blood rushing between my legs.

“I just can’t get over how much you’ve grown up.  It seems like just yesterday when you were my little boy, and now you’re a man.  More than that, you’re a good man.”

She reached up and stroked a finger across my cheek.  “There’s no need to blush.  It’s the truth.  You took over as the man of the house, even when I was too depressed to care.  I don’t know if I ever would have gotten better if it wasn’t for you.”

“I just wanted to help.  It was hard seeing you like that.”  She was still stroking her fingers over my neck, and that was making something else hard.

“You did – more than you probably know.  Your father never would have helped with the cooking, or the dishes, or the cleaning.  You take care of almost everything your father did, and more.  A woman couldn’t ask for anything more.”

“Almost?” I said, lifting my eyebrows and smiling, not really thinking about it, because the touch of her fingers on my neck was giving me chills.

Mom blushed then – bright red – and she quickly took a drink of wine.

“I’ll have to figure out what I missed,” I said, admiring the flush in her cheeks.

“I think you already have,” she quietly said.  “Honey...”  She trailed off, swallowed, and took a deep breath.  Then, she looked away and put her cup down on the coffee table.

I could tell she was tense – nervous – and it sparked a bit of panic that what had happened the night before wasn’t entirely forgotten.

She looked back at me.  “I wasn’t asleep that night, on the couch.”

My mind reeled.  While I was fondling her breasts and touching her thighs, she’d been awake – completely aware of what I was doing.

Again, her voice was quiet as she said, “That’s the almost.  That’s what I’m missing.  What I need.”

I don’t even remember what happened between those words and the kiss.  This was no mere peck on the lips, like those we’d shared for so many years.  My pulse raced as our tongues slipped over each other.  A quiet moan escaped me when Mom lifted my hand, pressing it against her breast.  A much louder one followed when her hand settled into my lap, over my rapidly hardening cock.

I wormed my fingers beneath her sweater as we kissed, finally able to feel the full weight and softness of her breasts.  They were still restrained by a bra, and so I tugged upward on her sweater.  Mom leaned back from the kiss, lifting her arms, and I could see the desire in her eyes.  The sweater hadn’t even settled into a woolen pool next to the couch before she unhooked her bra.  It was red, matching her stockings, and accented with lace, but I only had a brief look before she tossed it aside.

Mom’s breasts were heavy and pendulous.  A wide circle of dark pink surrounded nipples that were small in comparison to the globes.  The perfect beauty – dimly remembered – called to me, and I answered.

“Mmm, honey.  Yes,” she cooed as my lips closed around her right nipple, which was stiff with desire.

As I suckled and kissed her breasts, Mom cradled my head as she probably had when I was a baby.  She moaned, running her fingers through my hair.

“Oh honey, it’s been so long.  Do you like them?”

“They’re beautiful.  Perfect,” I said as I switched nipples.

Back and forth I went, listening to her coo, moan, and whimper in delight.  I lifted them in my hands, squeezing gently, and teasing with my thumb whichever nipple I wasn’t sucking at the moment.  Her body undulated from my ministrations, but never enough to cause me to lose contact with the stiff buds.

Mom’s fingers found my erection again, stroking along its length hidden beneath the denim.  She squeezed and traced the outline, letting out a moan that sounded pleasantly surprised.

“Let me see how much you’ve grown,” she whispered, her warm breath stirring my hair.

I let her nipple go with great reluctance, though I liked the sight of them even more glistening with my saliva.

Deft fingers unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans in less than a second.  I lifted my butt off the couch as she tugged, pulling them away from the dark blue briefs beneath.  She moaned again at the sight of the revealed bulge, and then looked up into my eyes as she continued to pull down on the denim.

I kicked my shoes off, letting them fall to the floor, and my jeans followed soon after.  Mom gave me another squeeze through my briefs, causing me to groan, and then hooked her fingers beneath the elastic.  She pulled downward, freeing my cock from its restrictive prison.

“Oh honey, it’s bigger than your father’s – and so gorgeous.”

I couldn’t help but smile when she said that.

“You’re so hard,” she said as she wrapped her hand around me.  “I’ve never felt one so hard.”

My briefs were still above my knees, so I shrugged them down as Mom squeezed and explored my cock with her hands.  I saw her lick her lips, and the thought caused me to throb, but I knew what I really wanted.

She looked a little confused when I ran my hand down one leg, setting off a powerful throb in my manhood from the feeling of nylon over skin.  I took off one shoe, and she kicked off the other.  She still seemed perplexed until I lifted her foot higher, and between my legs.

The most sexy, crooked smile I’d ever beheld crossed her face, and she tugged on my near knee, encouraging me to pull my leg up on the couch.  At the same time, she scooted to the other end.  I leaned back against the arm, one leg along the back of the couch and the other resting on the floor.

The tip of her right big toe tickled my balls, making me gasp.  “Do you like Mommy’s stockings, honey?”

“Uh huh,” I answered, unable to find any other words with her toes teasing me.

“I know.  You didn’t clean up quite as well as you thought you did.”

My ears warmed as I realized that she’d known all along that I was jerking off with her stockings.  She probably knew I was in the bathroom when I heard her using her vibrator, too.

A foot slipped behind my erection, standing it up.  She turned the other sideways, nestling my cock in the arch and stroking it.  I groaned, and a drop of pre-cum welled up from the tip.

If she hadn’t done this before, she was a natural.  She had remarkable dexterity with her toes, using the nylon clad digits to swirl over the head of my cock, trace the thick vein running along its length, and even curl around the shaft.

It must have been exciting for her too, because she squeezed her breasts and pinched the nipples, all the while, watching either my cock or looking into my eyes.  Then, she lifted her skirt, revealing panties that matched the rest of her outfit.  Two fingers pressed the cotton into her cleft, and she whimpered.

“Oh, Mom,” I gasped, already feeling the itch in the tip of my cock after only a minute or so.

Her foot stroked faster up and down my length.  “It’s okay, honey.  Come for me.”

It was as if her permission was all my body was waiting on.  A few strokes of her foot later, I let a loud grunt and came.

It wasn’t the ferocious spurting I’d grown used to when masturbating, but no less intense.  Cum erupted from the swollen head, hanging in the air for an instant before spattering back on my cock and Mom’s feet.  My cream dribbled down the shaft as she kept it held straight up and tickled it with her toes.  I just kept pumping out little dribbles for what felt like eternity, each one accompanied by a chill that ran from head to toe, and caused every muscle to stiffen.

Mom moved her feet, and my head lolled back, leaving me staring at the ceiling as I panted for breath.  I felt the couch shift, and looked up to see her pulling her feet under her, and leaning toward my still throbbing cock.

“Ah!”  I cried out as her tongue slipped along my full length.  When it reached the tip, her lips parted wider, and she took it in.

One last, fitful contraction pumped cum into Mom’s mouth, and she let out a sharp, high-pitched moan around me.  I couldn’t believe my eyes as she took my cock in to the root, her nose nestled in the hair at the base.  Then, she sucked slowly back to the head, cleaning up every drop of cum from my sensitive organ.

I was still in a fog as she slipped in behind my cock, lapping up the cum on my abdomen as well.  She sat up straight, looking directly into my eyes, and licked her smiling lips.

My eyes snapped closed as I shuddered, and when I opened them, I saw Mom’s skirt sliding down her legs to the floor.  Her garter belt matched the rest of her lingerie, and she looked incredible standing next to me, bare-breasted but otherwise completely adorned in sexy, lacy red.

I opened my mouth to protest when she reached down to pop open one of the clips connecting her garters to the belt.  She put a finger to her lips to shush me, and continued to unhook the rest, leaving the straps dangling along her thighs.  When she stepped in next to me, fingers gliding over her panties, I realized why.  With the straps hooked up, her panties wouldn’t go past the top of her stockings.

She nodded down toward where her fingers still teased, and I realized what she wanted.  I found new energy at the thought, and sat up to pull down her panties.

First, I saw a trimmed triangle of curls, slightly darker than the hair on her head.  Then, more of the manicured nest that dipped into a thin valley.  All the girls I had been with had shaved bare, and I found the sight of Mom’s hairy pussy incredibly exciting.

Once her panties were past her knees, she gave a little wiggle and stepped out of them.  She held out a hand, and I reached for it, allowing her to guide me to stand.  My knees were still a little weak, but I felt like I was floating as she pulled me along.  Her bare bottom danced for me, garter straps dangling and jingling, as did her bell earrings.

She led me to her bedroom, and then to the bed.  There, she turned and pulled up on my shirt.  Once it was on the floor at the foot of her bed, she pulled me close for a hungry kiss.

I kissed back, reaching behind her to squeeze her butt.  Her breasts pressed against my chest, and I could feel the curls between her legs tickling me.  When her lips left mine, she slipped one leg in behind mine, pressing her sex tight against my leg.

“Do you think you could do Mommy a favor, honey?” she asked in a sultry whisper.

Without waiting for an answer, she sat down on the bed behind her, and moved toward the pillows.  I was right behind her, and fell onto my hands between her legs as soon as she parted them wide before me.

The scent of her womanly arousal was incredible – intoxicating.  Far stronger than the hints of musky delight that had made me throb as I inhaled it from her panties.  I took one deep breath, filling my lungs with her, and then settled my face between her thighs.

Mom let out a shuddering moan as I delved a furrow in her curls with my tongue, exposing her dark pink nether lips.  I could taste her juices even with that single swipe, and didn’t hesitate for even a moment before pressing my tongue into her folds.  She let out a whimper, much like the one I’d heard the night before, but completely unrestrained this time.

I lapped, sucked, probed, and teased, exploring every inch of her with my mouth.  Her hand came to rest on the back of my head, and when I looked up, I saw her rubbing her breasts with the other.

When our eyes met, she said, “Oh, honey, that feels so good.  Your father was never that good.”

“You taste so good, Mom,” I said before pressing my tongue in deep for another drink of her nectar.

The long moan that had accompanied my tongue pushing into her canal changed into a yelp when I went directly to her clit afterwards.

“Right there, honey.  Oh, right there.”

I teased it with just the tip of my tongue, causing her fingers to tighten in my hair and her hips to rise up toward me.

“More.  Faster.  Please, honey.”

Drunk on her juices, I did just that.  I stiffened my tongue, rolling the swollen bud as fast as I could.

“Yes.  Don’t stop.  Ohh, you’re going to make me come.  Make me come.”

I kept up the pressure, though I was beginning to feel a crick in my neck.  Both of her hands were on the back of my head, and her bottom hovered above the bed, holding me tight against her pussy – as if I had wanted to be anywhere else.

“Uh!  Uh!  Uh!  Oh!  Oh!  Oh yes!  Oh yesss!”

I knew she was coming when she screamed, and her thighs clamped down around my face.  Her fingers dug into my scalp, but I didn’t even notice the sting.  She lurched and trembled, her clit twitching between my lips as I suckled it while she came.

A broken groan escaped her as she went limp, her legs falling heavily to the bed and straightening beside me.  She pushed with weak hands against my head, and I sat up from between her legs after a final kiss over her clit.

My face was coated in her juices, and the curls all around her pussy were damp.  She continued to twitch from the aftershocks of the climax I’d given her, and I felt myself swell with pride.  Something else started swelling as well.

When Mom’s eyes finally opened, she beckoned me to her, and I leaned over her for a kiss.  She kissed me deeply, and then let her tongue swirl over my lips and chin, lapping up her juices.  My nearly hard cock tapped against her tummy, and she let out a moan.

A hand slipped between us, fingers curling around my manhood, and it sent a final surge of blood, bringing me to full erection.

“I need you inside me,” she said in a breathless voice.

I scooted back a few inches, pausing to kiss each of her breasts in turn.  Mom moaned, bending her knees and parting them wide around me.  Supporting my weight on one hand, I used the other to guide my cock through her curls until the tip was poised at her entrance.

A push of my hips popped the head of my cock inside her, and Mom gasped, her head thumping into the pillow and her earrings jingling.  She was wonderfully tight, hot, and wet, squeezing around my swollen helmet.

“Easy.  Slow,” Mom said in a rush.

I gave another little push, slipping an inch deeper into her satiny embrace.  She growled, her walls contracting around me and her features tightening.

“S-so big.  More.  Please,” she said.  Her eyes were still closed, and she gripped the bedclothes tight in a clenched fist.

I felt a moment of lessened resistance, and my body took over.   Mom moaned loud and long as a steady thrust buried me to the hilt inside her.  When my balls settled against her, she gasped, and her eyes opened at last.

“Your pussy feels so good, Mom.”

“So full, honey.  Oh, stay there for a moment.”

I bent one arm, lowering my body down enough to take her nipple in my mouth.  Mom’s legs wrapped around me, the slippery nylon caressing my back making me throb in her depths.  When I switched nipples, I pulled back as far as I could and thrust again.

Mom grunted with every slow, short thrust.  I released her nipple, looking into her eyes and seeing them widen whenever my tip settled into her depths for a moment before retreating.  I kept up the slow, sinuous motion, knowing that I’d never felt anything as wonderful in my life as Mom’s tight pussy wrapped around me.

After a minute or two, the slightly pained sounds quieted, and her features softened.  My need swelling, I pulled back a little farther, and thrust harder.  Though she gasped from the initial shock, a long, sultry moan followed immediately afterward.

I kept up the pace, and between pants, Mom said, “That’s it.  Right there.  So good.”

I straightened my arm again, rising up above her.  I could see her breasts quivering, and thrust a little harder.  The quiver became a jiggle, and Mom let out a whimper.

“Mmm hmm.  That’s it.”

Only a few thrusts later, I was past the point of self-control.  I levered up onto my knees, curling my fingers around her thighs, and gave vent to my need.

Mom’s body rocked beneath me, her breasts jiggling and quaking.  A clap sounded every time our bodies came together, my balls slapping against her.  I looked down to see a milky sheathe of her wetness coating the entire length of my shaft, encircling her vagina, and decorating the hairs around it.  She was so wet that I could hear the sound of my cock sliding in and out of her.

She began to cry out.  “Oh.  Oh.  Oh yes.  Faster.  Harder.”  Her head lashed back and forth on the pillow, setting her silver earrings to jingling.

The bed creaked in protest as I gave her everything I had, feeling the ache of an approaching climax despite having come so recently.  I clenched my teeth, grunting from the effort of holding back my seed.

“Almost...  Oh!  I’m going to come, honey.”

“Can’t.  About to come too,” I growled, knowing that I wasn’t going to hold out much longer.

“Don’t stop!” she cried out in a rush.  “Oh!  Yes, yes, yes!  I’mmm!”

She squealed, and her walls contracted tight around me as she exploded into orgasm.  Her back arched up high from the bed, and clawed fingers fisted into the bedclothes.  She sucked in a loud, ragged gasp, and then screamed, “Yes!”

The rhythmic squeeze of her climaxing pussy was too much.  I buried myself balls deep with an explosive growl and erupted inside her.  I came so hard that I could feel it tickling the slit of my cockhead, flooding Mom’s depths with great pools of cum.

“Oh, that’s it, honey.  Give it all to me.”

When I finally ceased spurting, I fell forward onto my hands.  Mom wrapped her stocking-clad legs around me again, and stroked my back as she quivered and moaned, still caught up in her own climax.  For long minutes, we panted for breath, twitching from the aftershocks, with my cock still nestled inside her.  I finally couldn’t handle any more, and pulled free to collapse next to her.

Mom snuggled up next to me, pulled the edge of the comforter over us as best she could, and I drifted off into an exhausted slumber.


When I opened my eyes to the morning sun in Mom’s bed – our bed now – she was running a finger through the sparse hairs on my chest, and wearing a brilliant smile.

“Good morning.”  She leaned down and kissed me, the customary peck of greeting we’d shared for so long.  “Merry Christmas.”  The kiss that followed was deep and lingering.

“Merry Christmas,” I said when our lips parted.

“Do you want to go open presents?  See what Santa brought us?”

“There’s only one thing I want for Christmas.”

“Me too,” she agreed, and tugged on my morning erection.

The presents remained unopened for quite some time as we shared our own Joy to the World.

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