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Paige From Her Diary

Mike's discovery of Paige's diary in his mother's closet reveals secrets and awakens memories

Michael unlocked the door with a sigh, knowing that he had to go through with this, no matter how little he wanted to.

The place still felt – even smelled – like home.  He’d grown up here, after all, and upgrading to new apartments every time a promotion made it possible meant that he had never really gotten attached to anywhere else.

He had to let it go, though.  After much soul searching, he and his sister Paige had decided that it was ridiculous to keep paying property taxes on a house that they probably wouldn’t even have time to keep up.  They both lived on the west coast, hundreds of miles away, and had full time jobs.

He climbed the stairs to his old room, knowing that it would look exactly the same as the last time he’d visited, before his mother died – almost the same as it had looked when he finally moved out after college.

It saddened him to see the thin layer of dust on his old dresser.  The room had always remained spotless so long as his mother was alive.  The doors to the bathroom joining his room to Paige’s were open – not that they would stay shut.  The doors would drift open in no predictable pattern, sometimes staying closed for weeks, and then opening every couple of minutes at just the wrong times.

Or the right ones.

He shook his head and tried to push the thoughts aside.  That was one set of memories that he hadn’t counted on awakening when he walked into the house.  Here in the bedroom, it was hard to forget them, though.

Michael left his room and walked down the hall to his mother’s bedroom.  Here too, dust had settled for the first time in decades.  He knew that he should be going back out to the truck to bring in boxes, but he couldn’t help looking around the room, which had been all but off-limits his whole life.

A strange sound attracted his attention toward the walk-in closet.  He immediately guessed that the noise was a mouse, and jerked open the door while turning on the light to see if he could catch a look at the vermin.  A skittering sound overhead let him know that the rodent was on the shelves above, not on the floor.

Knowing how frightened his sister and aunt were of mice, he decided to pull everything off the high shelves now to prevent either of them from coming face to face with their fear tomorrow.  It took several minutes to transfer all of the hatboxes, shoeboxes, and plastic tubs to the bed, leaving behind an antique wooden box that he’d never seen before, hidden deep in a corner.

Once he brought the box out into the room, he gave it a soft shake, but couldn’t really hear anything to tell what was inside.  The box was locked, but something he’d stumbled across while searching for the copy of his mother’s will might provide an answer to that.

The key from the junk drawer – as if something so perfectly organized could be called such – in his mother’s dresser looked just as old as the box.  Sure enough, it fit perfectly into the keyhole, and the box opened.

Michael laughed, his cheeks turning red.  The pictures were of his mother and father when they were dating.  The top one was of his mother in a bathing suit – daring for the day – striking a sexy pose that he simply could not make mesh with memories of her.  The rest of the pictures were much the same, and explained why the box was locked.  He was sure that his aunt would love to have them.

In the bottom of the box, he found a diary.  It was far newer than the photos, and made him curious.  He pulled it out and opened the cover to discover that it belonged to his sister.  He’d never even known that she kept one, and wondered why it would be in the box with the photos.

The first date was her sixteenth birthday, and the entry was written as if she was talking to the diary.  Curiosity overwhelmed him, and he sat down in a chair to thumb through the pages.

He learned a lot in those first few pages that he never would have guessed about his sister.  She’d harbored crushes on almost every one of his friends, and wrote down her deepest, innermost thoughts in the diary.  As the entries continued, the details grew even more intimate, especially after the one of her eighteenth birthday.

The thought of stopping never even occurred to him.  He skimmed through, his eyes absorbing the details when she would describe masturbating, shaving her pussy, and everything else that most brothers would never want to know about a sister.  She wrote less frequently after graduation, but sometimes wrote for pages when she did.  An entry about six months after her birthday caused his eyes to widen, and memories to awaken.

She’d written, “I can’t believe Mom is doing this.  All of my really hot panties are vanishing.  I know that she’s throwing them away because she thinks that they’re slutty, but I bought them!”

The entry went on, but Michael’s eyes glazed over.  Paige was wrong.  His mother wasn’t the one who had taken the panties.  It was him.

He could still see it in his mind’s eye as clearly as if it were happening right in front of him.  He’d gone to the bathroom late one night, shortly after her eighteenth birthday, because he felt sick from drinking too much.  His girlfriend had just dumped him, and he was trying to drown his sorrows.

The nausea had faded as he knelt over the bowl, and he sat back against the wall before daring to try to stand.  The sound of whimpering and heavy breathing had drawn his eyes to where the ever-annoying door into his sister’s room had drifted open a few inches.

Paige was nude atop the sheets, bathed in the light of a full moon streaming through the window.  He’d sat hypnotized as she caressed her breasts with one hand, the other probing and rubbing between her legs at an ever-increasing pace.

Her back had arched up from the bed when she reached orgasm, her mouth open in a silent scream.  He’d only managed to creep back into his own room when she finally fell limp to the bed, her passion spent.

Stiff and throbbing from the sight, he’d masturbated and came harder than he could ever remember in his life.  The next morning, her panties were on top of the hamper in the bathroom when he awakened.  They still smelled of her – musky and intoxicating.  Before he had a chance to think about what he was doing, he took them.

It wasn’t the last pair of her panties that he took, either – as she detailed in her diary.  She knew that they were missing, but blamed her mother.  It also wasn’t the last time that he’d hidden in the shadows and watched her play with her pussy.  Even when the door didn’t cooperate by opening, he often heard her, and knew what she was doing.

The diary wasn’t done shocking him, either.  A few pages later, he discovered that his nocturnal spying wasn’t a one-way thing.

The entry read, “I was wrong about my panties.  I went to the bathroom last night and the door to Mike’s room was open.  I didn’t mean to look, but I did.  He was sniffing my panties and jacking off!

“I know that I should have been mad, but I wasn’t.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of his cock.  It’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen.  He was jerking it really fast, and I could see everything because the moon was so bright last night.

“It made me so horny that I had to touch myself.  I felt so dirty, but I was so hot and wet that I couldn’t help it.  I was so close to cumming when he shot cum all over him and I had to get away from the door so he wouldn’t see me.

“My pussy was aching so much that I had to make myself cum.  I was afraid that he would hear me, but I couldn’t help it.  I got off thinking about his big cock, and it felt so good.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I can’t stop thinking about it, and I keep looking at his cock every time I see him.  My panties are probably soaking wet right now.  I have to get myself off again, or I’m going to go crazy!”

The entries picked up after that.  She wrote at least once a day, and sometimes more than that.  Every time, all she talked about was his cock, and how hard she came when she masturbated thinking about it.  She wrote that she was playing with her pussy all the time, and had even come in the bathroom at work.

Mike’s cock throbbed in his pants, straining against the denim.  He’d never noticed her looking at his dick, but that was because he was afraid to look at her.  Every time he’d looked at her, he could imagine her naked, playing with her pussy, and it made him hard as a rock.

The last entry in the diary made his cock throb even harder.

“I can’t take it any more.  I want his cock so bad.  I’ve almost snuck into his room naked three times now and begged him to fuck me.  Mom is going to be gone for a party tomorrow night, and I’m going to do it.”

Michael glanced at the date of the entry, and remembered that party.  His mother had never gone, even though she couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks beforehand.  On the day of the party, she’d suddenly started acting weird.  A couple of days later, she’d taken Paige to Aunt Helen’s without much explanation.  Paige had acted really scared and embarrassed the whole time, too.

Now he knew how the diary had ended up in his mother’s locked box.  She’d read the diary, found out what Paige had written, and sent her away before his sister could do what she said she was going to do.  Paige had enrolled in college, and it was years before Mike saw her again.  By then he’d managed to suppress the memories of that summer.

He nearly had a heart attack when he heard her calling from downstairs.  “Mike?”

“Up here,” he answered, and then panicked, trying to think of somewhere to hide the diary.  He settled on lifting the covers and secreting it between the mattress and frame of the bed.

“Hey,” she said as she walked into the room.  She looked around and let out a little chuckle.  “Weird, isn’t it?  We were never allowed in here.  I still feel like I’m about to get in trouble.  Aunt Helen is the same way.”

“Yeah,” he answered, tearing his eyes away from her.  He was still hard, and she was just as sexy as she was at eighteen.  He made a show of checking the closet, as though looking for more things on the shelves.  “I thought you weren’t coming until the morning?”

“Meeting fell through, and then I found out that they had overbooked the hotel.  Since I was so close, I figured I’d stay in my old room one more time.  Did you get the boxes?”

“Yeah, they’re out in the truck.”

“Uhm, it looks like a mouse has been chewing on that box,” Paige said while pointing at one of the hatboxes, her voice unsettled.

“That’s why I decided to go ahead and get them down.  I know how you and Aunt Helen are about mice.  I heard him running around up there when I came in.”

Paige hugged her arms around her and shivered.  “I’m not touching any of those boxes, and you’re going into every room before I do.”

He couldn’t help but notice the way her breasts lifted with her arms crossed beneath them.  “So, you want to help me bring in the boxes?”

“Sure.  Just go make sure that there aren’t any mice in my room first, so I can put my bag in there.”

He nodded and went to do exactly that.  He put his hands in his pockets and pushed them out to hide his still throbbing erection.


Mike managed to keep his arousal under control by staying busy, but it wasn’t easy.  Every time she bent over, displaying her long, gorgeous legs and heart-shaped ass, his eyes seemed to snap to her.  She stretched and yawned several times, lifting her full breasts for his overeager eyes.

By the time the sun had set, he and his sister had made a dent in the momentous task still before them.  The bulk of the work would have to wait until tomorrow when the other members of the family arrived, anyway.

Paige yawned again, her stretch threatening to send blood surging into her brother’s half-hard cock again.  “I’m beat.  I think I’m going to take a shower and go to bed.”

“Think I will too.  It was a long drive.”

“Mind if I go first?”

“Go ahead.  I could always use the other one, if I don’t want to wait.”

With a laugh, Paige remarked, “I didn’t even think about it.  We were never allowed to use Mom’s bathroom except in the most dire emergencies, either.”  She turned toward the stairs and said, “Goodnight.”


The sight of her ass swaying as she walked up the stairs was almost too much.

Once she turned into her room, Mike crept up the stairs and into his mother’s room.  He retrieved the diary from its hiding place and took it to slip it into his bag in his room just as he heard the shower start.

Knowing that she was naked just beyond the unreliable bathroom door broke down his defenses again.  He stared at the doorknob, willing the latch to release, hoping for even the slightest glimpse of her stepping out of the shower.

No luck.

He flirted with the idea of opening the door, hoping that the shower would cover the sound, but couldn’t summon up the nerve.  No matter what she’d written in her diary, a lot of years had passed.  He’d managed to forget his own lusty thoughts about her for a long time, and he hadn’t had his life turned upside down because of them as Paige had.

The door on his side of the bathroom was open when he stepped out of the shower some time later, but the one on his sister’s side remained closed.  Somewhere in the back of his head, he knew it was for the best.  It was nothing more than a fantasy from his younger years combining with a long dry spell in the bedroom to tempt him.

Nevertheless, his ears strained in the still of the night, listening for faint sounds of pleasure coming from her room.  He could see her in his mind’s eye, naked atop her bed and coming, but heard nothing.

His cock was almost painfully hard, tenting both his boxers and the sheet above.  He’d brought a washcloth with him from the bathroom, knowing that he was going to need it.  The sheet and his underwear found a new home at the foot of the bed.

The fantasy in his head was so real that he could almost believe it was Paige’s hand wrapped around his cock, and not his own.  He could see her breasts jiggling as she stroked him, and the wonder in her eyes as she finally fulfilled her desires from those years long past.

He was just beginning to feel the itch building in his shaft when the door to the bathroom burst open.

“I think there’s a mouse in my...  my...”  Paige began, and then trailed off, her eyes locked on his throbbing member clutched in his hand.

Her sudden appearance startled him so much that he didn’t even think to pull the covers over him.  The slip she was wearing further helped to numb his mind to his own embarrassing appearance.  It barely reached below her thighs – the material thin and airy.  He could easily see her cream-colored panties, and the silhouette of her large, perfect breasts through the cloth.  Not even that faint barrier hid her shoulders, or her long, shapely legs.

Their eyes met at the exact same moment, after a long, detailed study of each other.  Even in the moonlit room, both could see the desire in each other’s eyes.

“Aren’t you missing something?”  Paige asked in a low, sensual tone as she walked toward the bed.

With his hand still on his cock, which was throbbing even harder now, he couldn’t manage an answer.  Every ounce of his brainpower was devoted to drinking in the details of her hips swaying, and the slight bounce of her breasts as she approached.

As soon as she reached the bed, Paige lifted the bottom of her slip, and pulled her panties down.  As the cloth fell again, he could see the shadow of the triangle that she left unshaven on her mound, and just the faintest hints of her bare pussy.  She bent, showing off the upper globes of her breasts, and stepped out of her panties.

Paige leaned over the bed, sliding her hand up his thigh, and held her panties out to him.  “You don’t have to steal them anymore.  I want you to.”

Overwhelmed by the sight of her, her voice, and her touch, he needed her scent as well.  He took the silky cloth from her hand and brought it to his face.

A deep inhale caused him to shudder.  It was just as he remembered it, if not more intense.  He could feel a damp spot against his nose as he filled his lungs with the aroma of her arousal.

“Don’t stop.  I was always too far away when I watched you from the bathroom.  Stroke it for me, Mikey.  Please?”

In a near state of intoxication, he started pumping his fist over his erection.  She crawled into the bed with him, and tickled his balls with her fingertips, letting out excited little moans all the while.

“It’s so gorgeous.  You’re so gorgeous.  Make it come for me.  I want to see it up close, Mikey.”

The itch of impending orgasm returned, even more powerful than before.  His hand squeezed tight as it stroked his hard flesh.  A drop of pre-cum welled up from his tip, and Paige leaned over him to lap it up with her tongue.  She let out a quavering moan as she tasted him.

“Oh, Sis,” he cried out, and then groaned as he felt his seed surging up for release.

“Oh yes.  Do it, Mikey,” she encouraged him in a breathless, excited tone.

“Ah!  Ah!  Oh!” he grunted as he reached the point of no return, and then a groaning cry of release exploded from him, along with his semen.

Thick ropes of cum arched from his pulsing cock, spattering on his chest, and even reaching his chin.  As soon as he ceased to spurt, his sister took him in her mouth, pulling his hand away at the same time.

Paige moaned around him as he oozed the last of his cream into her hot mouth.  He twitched uncontrollably from her lips engulfing him and the slippery caress of her tongue on his sensitive organ.  After only a few seconds, he lifted a weak, trembling hand to push her away, unable to take any more.

She released him with a moan, and then licked her lips.  She obviously hadn’t had enough, though.  Paige stood his softening organ straight up, and then lapped at the pool of cum on his belly.  While he continued to tremble and lurch from his orgasm, she lapped up every drop of cum decorating his body, ending with the dollop clinging to his chin.

“You taste so good,” she leaned in to whisper in his ear.  Before he could register what she was doing in his post-orgasmic state, her lips found his.

The feeling of her soft lips pressing against his completely erased any thoughts that those very same lips had been wrapped around his cock only a minute earlier.  Likewise, his tongue twined with hers in the kiss without reservation, though she had lapped his body clean of cum with it.

“Mmm... I always knew that your kisses would be this good,” she said as their lips parted.  “Do you want to watch me?”

“Play with your pussy?” He blurted out, and then winced as the thought caused his sensitive cock to protest against such arousing thoughts.

Paige bit her lower lip and smiled, the grin somehow both naughty and endearingly innocent at the same time.  She nodded, and then moaned when he nodded in turn.

Mike rubbed her damp, silky panties between his fingers as she rose up to her knees and pulled her slip over her head, revealing her body to him up close for the first time.  Her pink nipples stood out erect, calling him to wrap his lips around them.  She let her slip fall to the mattress, and then reclined next to him.

He fought against the lethargy of his own orgasm to sit up, giving her room to part her legs, and a good vantage point of the prettiest pussy he’d ever seen.  Thin, perfectly pink lips guarded the entrance to her treasure, and those parted to reveal the glimmering of wetness when her hand glided down her body, between her legs.

Paige ran the tips of two fingers up and down the parting of her nether lips in a slow, sexy caress.  “Mmm...  I’ve done this so many times, thinking about your cock, Mikey.  I come so hard when I think about it deep inside me.  I never stopped thinking about you – ever.  I pretended that it was you every time I had sex with someone else.  I’ve wanted you ever since I first saw you touching yourself.  I just couldn’t stop.”

Though he thought that he’d successfully locked the memories up when he moved away, realization dawned on him as she spoke and stroked her pussy for his adoring eyes.  Every woman he’d ever dated resembled her.  Subconsciously, he was living out his fantasy, even as she’d consciously lived out hers.

“Did you ever watch me?”  She asked.

He nodded.  His eyes never left the V of her legs, and the hypnotic tease of her fingers slipping over her folds.  “Yeah.”

Paige gasped and let her fingers slip deeper between her nether lips.  “I always hoped that you did.  I watched the bathroom door when it was open, wishing that I would see you there when I was petting my pussy.  I wanted you to see me come.”

Mike moaned as his sister’s fingers moved faster, taking on a circular motion.  Her body undulated, thrusting her breasts and her pussy upward in waves as her pleasure mounted.  The soft, wet sound of her folds sliding beneath her fingers and the scent of her arousal drew him even deeper into an excited trance.

A series of loud whimpers emerged with Paige’s rapid breaths.  “Oh, Mikey.  I’m so close.”

His eyes finally left the mesmerizing sight of her masturbating to make eye contact with her and say, “Come for me, Sis.”

“Oh yes!” she cried out, and then her ass lifted up from the mattress.  Her hand shifted higher, centering over her clit.  Her fingers moved back and forth in a blur, and her mouth dropped open in a silent scream.

Mike watched as his sister’s skin flushed with color from the tips of her ears all the way down to her breasts.  Her head lifted up off the pillow, whimpers mixing with her panting breaths.  Then, her eyes shot wide open and she squealed; her fingers losing rhythm as ecstasy overwhelmed her.

Paige fell heavily to the bed again as the first shockwave of pleasure waned, her fingers still convulsively rubbing her pussy.  She cried out and moaned, trembling between waves of orgasm as her muscles locked tight.  After a few seconds, her legs snapped closed around her hand, and she let out a long, slow moan.

“Oh wow,” Mike muttered, knowing that he’d never seen anything so sexy in his life as his sister quivering in climax.

Her breasts called out to him, making his mouth water.  He’d been with women who had larger ones, but never with anyone who could match the delicate balance of size and firm shapeliness of his sister’s.  Her eyes fluttered open as he shifted position on the mattress.

“Ohh yes,” Paige cried out in a sharp whimper as his lips closed around her left nipple.

He labored over her stiff pink buds, giving each equal attention from his lips and tongue.  Her fingers tousled his hair and pulled him toward her, even as her back arched to thrust her breasts toward him.  He felt her knee settle against him as her legs drifted apart again.

Mike slid one hand down her body, until it reached the parting of her legs.  All it took was one finger slipping into her warm, wet embrace to draw his attention away from her breasts, and to the far sweeter treat below.

“Oh yes.  Please.  Please.  Lick my pussy,” she pleaded as he kissed his way down her body.

As he breathed in the perfume of her need, Mike kissed his sister’s thighs twice, each in turn, moving closer to where he and Paige both wanted his lips.

“Please, Mikey,” she begged while trying to lift her needy sex to his lips.

He let the tip of his tongue brush her folds for the briefest of moments, making her whimper, and then let her feel his hot breath kissing her, before finally relenting to his own desire.

Paige let out a quavering moan as her brother’s tongue delved between her nether lips.

Only a determination to savor his first taste kept him from simply devouring her.  Mike teased his sister’s folds, tantalizing every square inch of her pussy and delighting in the textures on his tongue.  He lapped, probed, and flicked his tongue, ever seeking new pleasure points while he drank in her bittersweet nectar.

A look up when he gave her clit a slow swipe of his tongue revealed her caressing her breasts and tweaking her nipples.  “Oh, that’s good,” she encouraged him.

“You taste so sweet,” he said to her, before stabbing his tongue into her canal, to gather up an even more flavorful taste of her juices.

After a few more seconds of teasing licks, Mike felt her hand on the back of his head.  Her fingers twined into his hair, and she tugged him insistently toward her.  He responded by broadening his tongue, and lapping from bottom to top, where he finished by sucking her hood between his lips.

“Oh yes, suck it,” Paige exclaimed in a rush as his lips engulfed her.

He did exactly that, caressing her with his lips, and then stabbed his tongue beneath the protective sheath.  She sucked in a loud gasp as he flicked his tongue over her unprotected bud.

“Oh god,” she cried out as soon as the gasp filled her lungs.

Mike moaned, and then gave her clit a brief respite to lap her with quick tongue-tip strokes.  She yelped when he returned to the center of her pleasure, and a powerful shiver shook her body.

With his sister trembling beneath him, he truly loosed his tongue.  Her grip on his hair tightened, and small sounds of pleasure emerged with every breath.  Her juices flowed, making him feel lightheaded and giddy.  She writhed more with each passing second, her voice growing louder as well.

“Oh, Mikey.  You’re going to make me come.  Make me come so hard.”

“Oh yeah,” he mumbled in response around her folds.

“Mmm hmm.  S-so close.  Oh please, make me come.  Make me come, Mikey.”

His slippery organ found her clit again, just as her other hand joined the first on the back of his head.

“Right there.  Don’t stop,” Paige blurted out, holding her brother’s head tight to keep his lips centered over her throbbing bud.  “Gonna come,” she yelped.

Mike imagined that her scream must have been ear piercing, considering how loud it was with her thighs clamped down tight around his ears.  Her canal squeezed his tongue when he stabbed it inside her to drink up the flow of milky juices from her depths, foreshadowing things to come.  He could hardly imagine how good her tight pussy was going to feel when she came on his cock, which was now beginning to swell again.

Just as his neck started to ache rather powerfully, her legs fell open and she squealed.  Mike sat back to admire her pussy, quivering from the pleasure that he’d given her, and licked her juices from his lips.

Though the uncontrolled pitch and tone of her voice left little doubt that she was still coming, Paige pleaded, “I...  I want you inside me.  I want your cock.”

He was only about half hard when he rose up to his knees, though still slowly swelling.  She licked her upper lip suggestively, and beckoned him with a trembling hand.  He scooted across the bed to kneel next to her, throwing his head back and groaning when her tongue swiped over his balls.

“Make it hard for me, Mikey.  I want it.  I need it,” she said between licks of his dangling orbs and cock.

Under the ministrations of her talented tongue, he stiffened to full erection in short order.  “Oh yes.  Fuck me,” she insisted, her voice thick with passion.

Reality slammed into him.  “Paige, I don’t have a...”

“I’m on the pill,” she said, anticipating what he was going to say.  “Please, Mikey.  I need your cock inside me.”

Those words spurred him into quick action.  He could count the number of times his bare cock had slipped into a woman on the fingers of one hand, and only two of them had let him come inside them.  His heart pounding with excitement, he’d barely positioned himself between her legs before he pressed the tip of his cock against her folds.

“Oh!” she cried out as his thick cock invaded her, and he let out a deep, rumbling growl.  “So big.  So full.”

“Fuck, you’re tight, and so hot,” he said as his tip settled in her depths.

“Fuck me, Mikey.  Fuck me hard!”

He had little choice, his passion taking control of him as he fulfilled his ultimate fantasy.  He pounded his cock into his sister’s saturated pussy, grunting with effort, and holding tightly onto her thighs.

“Y-y-y-yes!” She screamed, her voice warbling in time with his fast-moving hips.  Her breasts bounced from the power of his thrusts, and she added her flashing fingers on her clit to the stimulation of his cock sliding rapidly in and out of her.

Worried at first that he wouldn’t last long at the frantic pace, Mike calmed when he realized that he was still somewhat numb from having come not so long before.  He pulled her toward him with every thrust, their bodies colliding with loud smacks.

She fit him like a glove, her pussy squeezing him and giving him a wonderful sensation of hot friction.  His temporary reprieve faded, and he felt the first tingles of an approaching climax.

Paige cried out and panted, her skin once again taking on a rosy hue.  “Faster!  Harder!  Don’t stop!” she exclaimed in a loud voice.

He was already giving her his all, but despite her passion-filled cries, it seemed to be enough.

“Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  That’s it!”

With the tingle in his cock growing to a demanding itch, it was only the fast, consistent speed of his thrusts that was keeping him on the edge.  He knew that the moment he lost his rhythm or the sensation changed in any way at all that he was going to explode.
“Can’t hold...  Ah!”  Mike growled, as he perched precariously at the point of no return.

“About to come,” she squealed.  “Give it to me.  Come inside me.”

That was the trigger.  Hearing those words shattered his tenuous control.  He managed one more thrust, but knew that the next time his cock plunged into her depths that he was done.

It was enough.  Paige let out a loud, warbling scream, and her walls clamped down on the tip of his cock.  The tight squeeze wasn’t enough to hold back the power of his final thrust, however.

Mike slammed his cock home, letting out a loud, growling scream as he flooded his sister’s pussy with cum.

“Oh!  Oh god yes!” Paige screamed as another shockwave of orgasm tore through her, triggered by his pulsing cock.

He managed a few more halting thrusts before his chin fell to his chest, all his energy expended with his seed.  He panted for breath, even as his sister let out contented moans and whimpers beneath him.

Her pussy squeezed him, causing him to throb, which in turn caused her intimate muscles to tighten once more.  For long minutes, the siblings remained caught within the blissful, yet almost painful circle of aftershocks from their nearly simultaneous climax.

Finally, Paige’s legs wrapped around behind him, and he fell forward onto his hands.  Her arms joined her legs, pulling him down to her, holding him deep inside her, and tight against her.

“So wonderful,” she whispered, her breath hot against his neck and ear.

“Yeah,” he managed to mutter, and then stiffened when she squeezed his sensitive cock in her velvety embrace.

Paige let out a little giggle and said, “Sorry.”

“I-it’s okay,” he responded, and then chuckled.

A minute or so later, the awkward position made his back ache, and his cock grew more sensitive by the second.  He gave a little pull, and his softening cock slipped from inside her.

Though she let out a sad whimper when he pulled free, Paige rolled with him as he lay down on his side, keeping her arms wrapped around her.  Their eyes found each other, and they kissed.

When their lips parted, Paige admitted, “I didn’t hear a mouse.  I just wanted you to see me half naked.”

“I didn’t mean for you to see me, but I’m glad you did.”

“Me too,” she said, and then snuggled up against him.

Not long after, brother and sister drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.


Mike stirred, and then started awake when his leg shifted into a cold, wet spot.  His eyes popped open as he jerked away from the uncomfortable sensation, revealing Paige standing next to the bed.

She smiled, and put down her diary on the dresser next to the bed.  With that, she walked to the bathroom, her hips swaying and her heart-shaped bottom giving him a show that made his morning erection throb.

He sat up, and noticed that a pen lay in the crease of the open diary.  There was also a new entry in black, contrasting with the blue of the final one she’d penned before events had pulled them apart.

I finally did it, and it was everything I imagined it would be.  I came so hard, but it was so sweet and wonderful, too.  Nobody has ever made me feel as good as my Mikey.

I haven’t said anything before, but the company offered me a promotion to management.  The only catch is that it’s in San Francisco.  I didn’t know if I wanted the extra stress, and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to move, so I haven’t given them an answer yet.

The only thing holding me back now is finding a place to stay.  I think that I might just do it if my big brother will put me up.  I’m going to go take a shower.  I wonder if someone will want to join me? 

Mike heard the water turn on, and put down the diary to watch his sister.  She twitched her eyebrows at him, smiled, and then pulled the curtain aside to step into the shower.

He slid out of the bed, a wide smile on his face, and his hard cock bobbing in anticipation.

It was time to add a new page to her diary.

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