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Pipers Piece chapter 2

Tags: incest

Still think I've got a nice cunt daddy?

We made love three more times that night. He was a fantastic lover just as I knew he would be and he told me I had the prettiest little cunt he'd ever seen.

"Tell me that again daddy," I giggled as I lay in his arms, "It made me go all gooey."

"It ain't just pretty," he said and eased me off his chest, "It's a beautiful little cunt."

I shuddered as he lay between my legs and felt his warm breath on me, he kissed the flesh of both my inner thighs gently while I lay there in complete abandonment.

"Nobody's ever done this before daddy," I said softly, "No one has ever kissed me down there."

"Not even Freddie?" he asked in surprise and I shook my head.

"Especially not Freddie, he said it was dirty,"

"Fucking idiot," he whispered and then kissed my slit.

I jerked as if I'd been hurt, but he kept on at his task of pleasuring me, he burrowed his tongue right in between my cunt lips and scooped out my juices. He even licked downwards towards my bum hole and prodded me there.

"Oh God daddy," I muttered and gripped his hair as his tongue wormed into my bottom. "Come up here, I want to suck on your cock."

"Nope," he grinned and looked up at me, his handsome face glistening with my juices. "One thing at a time little lady, I'm gonna make you cum."

"It won't be long then daddy," I told him as I ground my hips lewdly against his face, "But I sometimes get a bit wet when I cum."

"Promises promises," he laughed and swiped his tongue up the whole length of my slit.

"Ooh yes," I sighed and squeezed both breasts running my thumb over each tender nipple as daddy slid both hands under my bottom and licked gently at my yearning clitoris.

"That's it daddy," I moaned as he sucked the little nub between his lips. "Oh God yes."

He sucked, licked and nibbled at me, I was in heaven, the feelings he was inducing in me were completely alien to me, I felt myself starting to cum as a finger slipped into my anus.

"Yes," I hissed, "Daddy yes."

He sucked at my clitoris using his tongue like butterfly's wings and I came.


The ecstasy I experienced under his mouth was incredible, out of this world. I knew I must have squirted because my juices were literally running down his face and beard as he came up into my open arms.

I licked at them and savored the taste of myself as his hugely stiff prick slid into my hole yet again. I thought I would probably die with the pleasure of having a real man inside me for the first time in my life and the sheer perversity of it being my father who was making love to me!

"Tell me you want me to stay daddy."

His eyes bored into mine as I clung to him.

"Hell," he said huskily, "I ain't never letting you go Piper, never."

"Tell me you'll do this every day, I need you inside me every day daddy."

I heaved myself up at him and gripped his muscular back as he began fucking me rhythmically with long powerful strokes.

"Every morning, every afternoon and every night," he breathed into my mouth, "And five times every Sunday."

"Tell me what you're doing now daddy,"

He knew what I wanted and he supplied it straight away.

"I'm fucking you Piper," he hissed, "I'm fucking my baby girl and I'm gonna cum inside her any minute now."

"Do it daddy, fill me up," I put my mouth to his ear and nibbled it as he pumped harder and harder, "Fill my pretty little cunt daddy."


His sperm was as plentiful as it had been on our first fuck, I felt it jetting against the top of my hole as he jerked, his bright blue eyes were wide open and fixed on mine as he groaned and collapsed beside me.

"Have pity on a poor old man Piper." he grinned as I lay with my head on his chest.

"A poor old man?" I giggled, "You're the best daddy a girl could have."

He wore just shorts and trainers as I went downstairs the following morning and watched him letting the horses out into the corral. I thought he looked deliciously sexy, the bulge at his crotch was huge, he looked up and waved as he saw me smiling at him.

"Hello beautiful," he grinned, "Come and give your poor old daddy a kiss."

My breasts jiggled as I ran towards him and threw myself up into his arms, my forward momentum took him off guard and he fell laughing to the ground with me on top of him. It was far too good an opportunity to miss, so I only had to move very slightly and my pussy was directly over his mouth.

"Still think I've got a nice cunt daddy?"

"Hrrmph," came from between my legs as he closed his mouth over me and allowed his tongue to slither in between my dripping lips. I leaned right back and I giggled as my hand found his shorts,

"You're not stopping me now daddy," and I scrambled to my feet and hurriedly turned round before sinking down again onto that wonderful tongue of his.

I whipped his shorts down quickly over his erection and I heard him gasp as I took his truly magnificent prick into my mouth. Like me he didn't have a single hair down there and instead of smelling clean and freshly washed like Freddie always did, he smelled and tasted like a man, a real man!

It was a marvelous experience being naked on top of my father in the middle of a ranch yard with not a single soul around for miles. I worked my hips like a belly dancer and felt his tongue inside me, I sucked his prick like a little girl with a lollipop. I took each testicle into my mouth and slavered over them, I even went further down and repaid the compliment from last night by forcing my tongue up into his anus.

"Oh Jesus," he gasped and without warning, my mouth was flooded with his cum. He jerked and jerked, but still managed to eat me whilst in his own throes of ecstasy. When I finally jerked in my own climax, he shuddered and gave that pussy tingling chuckle of his as I turned to lie with him.

"Well I guess you found out how to git at your poor old daddy."

"I reckon I did," I drawled in a lousy imitation of his accent, "What we going to do today daddy?"

"I got an old shack way up in the trees darling," he said as he stroked my bottom, "I figured we might ride on up there and spend a couple a days getting to know each other, no phones, no TV, just me and my sweet little gal."

We actually managed to shower separately and less than an hour later, we rode off towards the far distant trees. Rebel seemed to understand that I was a novice and stood waiting patiently while daddy watched me trying to mount him. In the end though, I was almost crying with laughter when he cupped my sex and just heaved me on up!

We rode on companionable silence for about three hours until daddy reined in and told me to look back the way we'd came.

"Everything you see Piper," he smiled as he lit a cigarette, “Is ours, yours and mine sweetheart, we own it together.”

"Daddy," I said, choosing my words carefully, "Two days ago, I was in London looking forward to marrying Freddie, I thought I loved him, but while I'm sitting here with you like this, I'm honestly not so sure."

He dismounted and tied his horses reins to a tree.

"You gotta do whatever you feel is right little lady, but I got a little something that you might find interesting."

He reached up to help me down and suggested that a denim mini skirt perhaps wasn't the ideal thing to wear on horseback, as his hand was on my bottom at the time he said it, I couldn't help grinning as I kissed him.

"It's feeling the power of Rebel between my legs daddy" I said and slipped my tongue between his teeth, "It makes me feel very horny"

He laughed as we kissed and then suggested that we camped there for the night.

"What here?" I couldn't believe it, we were in the middle of nowhere!

"There's a little creek down over yonder," he gestured over his shoulder and I saw a little brook spilling into a pool.

"Oh daddy," I cried, "That's beautiful."

I stripped naked and swam in the languid waters as daddy built a fire and fried our supper, he kept looking at me and I reacted accordingly. I loved his eyes on me, I loved cavorting in front of him, in fact I loved everything about him.

I slipped into a skimpy little robe and sat close to him to wolf down the steak and eggs he'd fried. I knew that my breasts were almost hanging completely out of the robe as I ate and I knew that my pussy was on display, but I loved it and obviously daddy did too.

"God's sake Piper," he grinned, "You sure are one hot little lady."

"Tell me what it is that you said I might find interesting."

"It's about Freddie."

"What about him?"

"He ain't what you think he is."

He reached into a saddle bag and fetched out a portable lap top,

"I hope you're ready for this sweetheart, I weren't gonna show you, but since we got what you might call, a tad closer than I expected, I reckon I've got to."

There were pages and pages of pictures of me alone, Freddie alone and Freddie with another girl, they looked like they'd been taken from a car.

"I've known about you for about three months Piper, but you'll appreciate that I needed to be sure before I gave you a cart load of money. I had a couple of guys over there checking you out, we weren't too interested in Freddie at first, but we pretty soon discovered that he was two timing you honey."

My face fell as I looked at the pictures and then I saw our bedroom!

"What's this?"

"Well remember when your company sent you on that three day course last month?"

I nodded, "Yes."

"My fellers got into your house and installed a miniature camera in the bedroom, they got in again before you got back and took it out again. I'm sorry sweetheart, but I reckoned that you should know about him."

He clicked on a film icon and the scene made me sob, Freddie was lying on top of the bed, our bed, he was naked and playing with himself as Sandra, my best friend came into view. She was wearing high heel shoes, black seamed stockings and a tiny black g-string, I watched in shock and disgust as she climbed onto the bed and thrust her crotch in his face.

"Fucking eat me Freddie," she told him, "Eat my fucking slit."

"Turn it off daddy," I said as I got up and took a cigarette from his pack, I walked down to the water's edge and sat there staring at nothing, I felt him behind me and took a can from his paw.

"I'm sorry Piper, I need you to understand that I just had to be sure."

"I'm not going back daddy."

He said nothing as I emptied the can.

"He would never do that with me, that's what I can't understand"

"He told her later that he hated the way you got wet and sometimes squirted when you, well you know."

"I'm a freak daddy, is that why you liked it, because I'm a fucking freak?"

"You're being silly Piper," he said softly and laid a hand on my shoulder, "You ain't no freak, you're a beautiful, sexy, very sexy young lady and you've sure turned my life upside down."

"Why didn't he tell me it turned him off?"

"They was planning on running away together, Piper."

"What else did they say about me?"

"You don't wanna know sweetheart."

"I do daddy, I need to know."

He seemed to shuffle uncomfortably and went for two more cans.

"She said that you were a good little pussy licker."

"Bitch," I hissed, "The dirty fucking bitch."

"I guess you and her fooled around a mite."

"Only a couple of times daddy, lots of girls do it nowadays."

"I ain't judging no-one, Piper."

"But you've got an opinion?"

"I seen them pictures and films before I contacted you baby, that should tell you my opinion, I done give you a heap of money, I made you my partner and I ain't done yet."

"Make love to me daddy," it was almost a whisper, but he chuckled.

"No baby, I wanna make love to a growed up woman. I don't want to fuck a crying girl who's thinking about the feller that she lost."

"I love you."

"I know baby." he kissed my cheek, "We gonna turn in and git us an early start in the morning?"

Our two sleeping bags unzipped and made one, so daddy used his saddle as a pillow and I used his broad, hairy chest. I felt warm and safe out there with him beside the glowing embers of the fire and thoughts of Freddie soon left me as I drifted away to sleep in his arms.

He was up before me again and shook me awake with a steaming cup of coffee in his hand. He'd rolled up a horse blanket and put it under my head as a pillow without waking me and I smiled at him in the growing dawn.

"Hi," I said simply, "I'm sorry I got upset."

"Hell Piper, after what I showed you, it was hardly a surprise."

We bathed together in the lake and washed each other all over, it was a fun thing to do and I loved it especially when he asked if he could shave me when we reached the shack.

"I'll let you do it daddy," I laughed, "As long as I can dress up in stockings and garter belt for you. I like the idea of sitting in a chair smoking and drinking while my father kneels between my legs."

"You brung stockings?" he laughed unbelievingly.

"And a garter belt too daddy, you don't think I was going to pass up the chance of a few days alone but for the sexiest man I've ever met do you, without giving him a sexy little treat?"

"Well hell baby, come on, git mounted up, I got me a little job to do."


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