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Piper's Piece, chapter 5, last one.

Tags: incest

You're going to be difficult aren't you?

The main reason for our trip to England was to set up a London office. Daddy knew that there was work here, a lot of work, and therefore a lot of possibilities. So it had been his idea that I go and take Rosita with me as my personal assistant.

"Maybe you'd like to see the asshole too," he'd laughed. "And tell him what he's missed out on."

I drew his face down to mine and we enjoyed a long, deep kiss as I felt his penis hardening yet again.

"God, you're incredible, daddy," I giggled, "I'd have to tell him that my father is far better in bed than he could ever hope to be."

I loved to feel him grow inside me and I loved the tender things we whispered to each other during our lovemaking. Daddy had made me feel very special ever since that first meeting at the airport in New York.

"It's because I'm with an incredible woman, Piper."

And he began moving inside me.

"Daddy?" I asked shyly, "Will you do it in my other hole?"

"Oh, baby," he said surprised. "I'd love it but..."

"I know you're a big man, daddy," I kissed his mouth again. "And if you hurt me I know you'll stop, but it's something I've always dreamt about. I want it, daddy. I want your cock in my ass."

"We aim to please," he laughed and withdrew from my pussy.

"Be sure to tell me if it hurts baby."

I was wet enough from our previous bout and I'd felt his spunk trickling out of me down around my anus. I think I surprised him with the way my anus expanded to accept him, but even then I thought he might be too big for me.

I held my fingertips on his hips as he eased forward slowly until at last, the head slipped in past my anal ring, that alone gave me a minor climax and I gasped as I shuddered in ecstasy.

"You all right, baby?" he asked and pulled back slightly.

I found it hard to speak so I grinned and nodded.

"I just climaxed, daddy," I finally gasped and reached right out to clasp his buttocks. "Now I want a nice slow butt fuck. Is that what you call it over here?"

"Yeah you got it, baby," he laughed and pushed in again.

"Ooh, daddy, this is what sex is all about." I felt every single millimeter of his penis as he slid gently in and out of my rectum. "I want it like this every day from now on."

All I could do was cling to him and moan with sheer pleasure at every movement of his cock. My nails drew blood from his back as I whispered delicious little obscenities in his ear.

"I wish you'd got two cocks daddy, my cunt's wide open."

"Fuck yeah, baby," he growled, "Make me wet, darling. I fucking love it when you do that for me."

"I'll soak the bed, daddy," I hissed, but the idea was going to make me cum.

I relaxed my bladder muscles and he gasped as a jet of golden water splashed against his stomach, my own too and it felt so dirty that I knew we'd both cum at any second.

"I'm pissing on you, daddy,"

"More," he gasped, "Gimme more, Piper."

I did, I let it all go and felt him stiffen as he neared his climax.

"Do it, daddy." I held my lips next to his ear and just as the waves of pleasure threatened to overwhelm me, I whispered, "I'm going to sit on your face tomorrow, daddy, and piss in your mouth."

Then I screamed as I felt his hot spunk splattering the far wall of my rectum!

Rosita and I were earning our salaries in London, we'd earmarked an area just north of London where an old shoe factory was for sale as was an old coal yard next to it. Remembering what daddy had told me about old railway tracks being worth a lot of money, we spent the next three days photographing the whole area. We counted the tracks and worked out a rough guide to the price. Then back at the hotel, we had dinner after sending the pictures and details to him that night by E-mail.

My phone rang as we were returning to our suite and daddy found it hard to keep the excitement out of his voice.

"I done put a bid in, baby," he said. "Start looking for an office and get some staff, I reckon we're gonna get it."

The next few weeks were hectic to say the least. We placed advertisements in all the national daily newspapers for an office manager at a very attractive salary. The successful candidate had to be well versed in demolition so daddy said I was to arrange the interviews in our suite and he would come over himself to do the interviews.

We also found what I considered to be a suitable office in a new block, it was expensive but I knew that daddy would want a prestige address, so I signed the lease myself. My first real act as joint president of Slaughter Inc!

Things moved really quickly then. Rosita said her head was spinning as we purchased loads of expensive furniture for the new office, but once it was done, we took a couple of days off and pampered ourselves.

I showed her Buckingham Palace and the houses of parliament, Big Ben and the Tower of London. We spent a whole afternoon in Madame Tussaud's and she was amazed at the likeness of the waxworks.

We hadn't forgotten about Freddie but we'd simply been to busy, so when the receptionist informed us that there was a gentleman in the bar waiting for us, it was with some trepidation that we walked in.

"Well ain't this place sump'n else?" and then we all but flattened him as we both ran into his arms.

"Why didn't you tell us you were coming?" I chided him.

He grinned that pussy churning, lazy grin of his and said, "We wanna to ask you both sump'n."

"We?" Rosita and I said together.

A voice behind me made us both squeal with pleasure, but Rosita beat me into her mother's embrace. I felt the tears rising as I looked at daddy, but they were tears of joy.

"Yes," I said, "I think it's perfect, daddy."

"You don't know what it is yet."

"You want to know if me or Rosita will object to you and Rosa getting married."

"Yup." his grin was almost as wide as mine. "You okay with that?"

"I'm more than okay, daddy, you bloody know I am." I turned to Rosa and elbowed Rosita aside.

"Shift," I laughed, "I want a kiss from your mum."

Our kiss was chaste, as dictated by where we were, but my feelings were anything but chaste in the lift going up to our suite. Thankfully, the attendant kept his eyes on the floor whilst I wriggled on Rosa's fingers that had sneaked into the back of my panties.

"I'm just warming you up for your daddy," she whispered in my ear. "Me and Rosita have got other things to do."

In our suite, she showed me exactly what she meant by kissing her daughter hotly on the mouth while daddy opened the champagne. I smiled as I caught Rosita's eye and she winked as she lifted up the rear of her mother's skirt. The tiny white g-string did very little to hide her sexy little bottom and in the heady spirit of the moment, she wiggled sexily.

"I don't blame you for marrying her, daddy," I said as he slipped his arms around me, "She's suddenly become a very sexy lady and she needs a very sexy man."

He cupped my breasts through my dress and I moaned with pleasure as he kissed my neck.

"It's down to you, Piper," he breathed huskily. "All she talks about is pussy, most of it belonging to Rosita or you."

"There's nothing wrong with that, daddy," I sighed, "I love pussy too."

I felt his prick growing against me and I gripped the shape of him through his jeans.

"Let's talk about pricks and pussies for now."

"Yeah," he grinned and eased a breast out of my dress.

His prick was angry looking and swollen. It was hot to the taste and he grinned as he felt my tongue swirling around the head and my hands cupping his heavy balls.

"Jesus, Piper," he said softly. "That feels fucking good."

I licked down the length of him and took one testicle at a time into my mouth. A squeal came from the other bedroom where Rosa and Rosita had gone to renew their new found lust and I stifled a giggle, daddy grinned too and pulled away from my mouth.

"Bed," he growled, "I ain't never had a jet lag before, but this here room's kinda spinning and I wanna be where I can just fall asleep when you've had your wicked way with me."

He lay on the bed and watched as I took my dress off. His penis jerked as he saw my stockings and tiny pink panties and the way my breasts bulged out almost over the top of the lacy pink bra.

"You look good enough to eat, Piper," he growled again, but I noticed that his speech seemed to be slurred slightly.

"You okay, daddy?" I asked, concerned for him, but he shook his head.

"I reckon I might see a doctor, baby."

He was definitely slurring now. I ran into the next room and practically dragged them apart. They took one look at him and screamed. My big bear of a father had flown to London and died in a hotel room!

Five days later, we buried him in a little cemetery just outside New York. I was still in shock. I'd found him and lost him all in a few short months. All the staff was there, every single one of them, all his offices had closed down as a mark of respect for him and Pat had worked wonders in finding them all accommodation. I'd insisted that the company paid their travel expenses and many of them didn't even know me!

But they all knew daddy, knew him and loved or respected him. After the service was over, I went back to the apartment I'd taken in Manhattan. I needed to be alone. I was rich beyond my wildest dreams, but none of it meant anything to me. I felt empty. I didn't even want Rosita there with me.

The doorbell rang sometime on the third day after daddy's funeral. I flicked on the surveillance camera and saw Red standing there. Red was probably the only person in the world who I would have opened that door to, so I did it without speaking and he came on up.

"I reckon you could use a coffee, Piper," he said in that lazy drawl of his that reminded me so much of daddy.

"No, I'll have a whisky,"


He found it after some searching and fetched a glass to go with it. He poured it until the glass was almost flowing over and then gestured for me to take it.

I looked at him questioningly and he shrugged his shoulders.

"Drink it, Piper, I'll fill it up again when you do and then I'll fill the next one up."

"All right Red," I said softly. "Spit it out."

He sat down next to me and wrinkled his nose in distaste.

"I'm gonna draw a bath, Piper."

"Help yourself."

"It ain't for me, missy, you're going in it."

"If you touch me, you can consider yourself fired."

"I'm seventy-two years old, missy. I got about three million dollars just earning interest in the bank and when I die, 'cos I ain't got nobody else, I promised your daddy that I'd leave it all to you. I knew your daddy when he was younger than you are and all that time all he ever talked about, all he ever thought about was a little girl called Piper."

He sat back and stared at me, then his voice softened.

"Don't do this to him, sweetheart, please don't." His voice broke and without even thinking, I flew into his arms.

An hour later, I'd showered and bathed, I'd washed my hair, cleaned my teeth, changed into clean clothes and he was still sitting on the couch a big smile on his weather-beaten old face.

"I knew you weren't gonna let us down, Piper."

"So did I, Red."

I kissed his grizzled old face and took his arm, we had a job or twenty to do. People were relying on me for their livelihood!

"Red?" I said as we settled into the rear of the limo. "You ever been to London?"

"Nope and I ain't going now."

"You're going to be difficult, aren't you?"

"Just as difficult as I can, Piper," he laughed and I leaned against him.

I was back!











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