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Dreams Can Come True

Dreams Can Come True

Meeting a sexy girl in a string bikini at a party

Saturday Evening, July 22

After the girls had left and we had finished cleaning up after Pam’s Girl’s only day. Pam and I were sitting together on the dock at her house on the lake, dipping our feet in the water.

At one point, I was staring into her beautiful eyes as she was telling me about her work, when suddenly, she leaned against me, taking my face in her hands and I felt her soft lips brush across mine. So tender, yet so very intense. Although hoping something would happen between us, I was a little surprised. But it only took a moment to wrap my arms around her and probe her lips with my tongue. Our soft kiss becoming more sensual, she must feel my arousal in our kiss. I feel her hands slide over my shoulders and down my back, as she pulls me down on the dock. Leaning over me and kissing me more passionately, our mutual desire apparent in our kiss. The feel of her hands on my body, her kiss, I feel that familiar tingle between my legs, feeling my moisture as her hands slide around and cup my breast. Moaning into our kiss, the feel of her hands on my body, my nipples stiff as her finger slides over the small triangle of material covering my nipple.

She reaches behind my neck and deftly unties my top, sliding her hands lower, unties the back of my top, pulling my top off, exposing my stiff nipples. Feeling the tip of her finger slide around my areola, just lightly brushing against the side of my nipple. The tingles run directly from my nipple to my pussy, as I feel my wetness. Then she slides her finger across the tip of my nipple. Moaning into our kiss, as she rolls my nipple between her fingers, pulling it. Our kiss now so passionate, lustful, our tongues doing that sensual erotic dance, a hot, deep, wet, tongue sucking kiss.

Untying her bikini top and letting it fall on the dock, I twist so that Pam is on top of me and wrap my legs around her. Feeling her breasts flatten against mine, her hips rocking slightly, pressing her mound against mine, feeling the moisture from her love flower. My hands slide down her back onto her sexy bum as my finger nails dig into her soft skin. Our kiss passionate, filled with desire, becoming lustful. Breaking our kiss, she leans up and smiles at me while I am lost in her beautiful eyes. She cups my breast and rolls my nipple between her fingers. Arching my back. Pressing up against her touch, she leans down and nibbles the side of my neck. I am now so wet, rocking my mound against hers as she pinches and pulls my sensitive nipple.

Pam slides lower, feeling her breasts slide off mine and onto my tummy as she kisses my shoulder and down my chest. This feeling is new to me, usually more forward and slightly aggressive, I generally take the initiative. But having Pam take the initiative is a new feeling, someone wants me and is taking what they want. Giving up control is unfamiliar to me, yet very intense and exciting.

Pam’s lips kiss my breast, I feel the tingle run straight from my breast to my pussy. One hand squeezing and fondling my right breast as her fingers twist and tweak my nipples as I gasp and moan softly. I feel her lips slide around my nipple, sucking my breast into her mouth as her tongue caresses and teases my erect nipple. My hips rock up hard, pressing my mound hard against hers, my desire, no my lust and need so intense, I feel my wetness run down between my cheeks.

Sucking my breast hard and deep into her mouth, I gasp as she drags her teeth across my nipple, arching my back pressing my tit hard against her mouth, not wanting this to end, the sensation so incredible. Sliding off me, shocked by her suddenly stopping. She takes my hand and pulls me up, sitting on the towel. She looks into my eyes, and whispers, “I think we should continue this inside, as she takes my hand and leads me into the house and into her bedroom. Sliding the bottom of her bikini off, she unties mine and it falls to the floor beside hers. She pushes me onto the bed, and sliding over me, presses her legs between mine as she leans down, her breasts so lightly rubbing against mine. The tingles and sensations are intense as my legs spread and I look into her beautiful eyes. Seeing a little mischievous twinkle in her eyes and her smile, I slide my arms around her and pull her to me, kissing her passionately and deeply.

Wrapping my legs around her and pulling her mound against mine, wanting her so badly. Our kiss deep, wet and passionate, our tongues doing that familiar lover’s dance, almost dueling in our passion. I feel her mound rubbing against mine as she breaks our kiss and kisses the side of my neck. I am tingling all over, her touch, her lips, letting me know how much she wants me. Feeling her breasts slide down off mine onto my tummy, she slides lower and takes my nipple between her teeth and pulls. I gasp and press my breast to her mouth wanting more.

But she kisses down my tummy and I feel her tongue in my belly button. Pam has me so hot, my hands slide over my breasts, rubbing, squeezing and pinching my nipples. I moan as I feel her hand between my legs rubbing my puffy wet lips. The tip of her tongue poking at the tip of my slit as her fingers slide between my lips, spreading them. My hips lift off the bed as her tongue slides down and slides along my inner lips, I shudder as I feel Pam’s tongue slides over my hood. Sliding her tongue up and down teasing me, then probing as my pussy clenches around her tongue as it slides in and out of me.

“Yeeeeeeesssssss,” just explodes from me as her tongue fucks me and I feel her face pressed hard against my wet pussy. I look down and I see her beautiful eyes looking up at me as she eats my dripping pussy. Throwing my head back as her tongue probes my hood, pushing it back and tickling the tip of my clit with the tip of her tongue. Almost shaking now as she teases my clit and I feel two fingers stretch me a little as she slides them into my creamy pussy.

My clit tingling as her fingers fuck me … “Oh Pam don’t stop … so close baby,” grabbing handfuls of sheets and pulling as my hips rise to meek her tongue and fingers. “Fuck Pam, I’m going to cum”, as she batters my clit with her tongue and pushes her fingers dep inside me. My legs bend back, knees in the air, I arch my back and in just that moment when I tense just a little, I let go of the sheets and my hands move into Pam’s hair, pulling her face hard against my pussy.

I cum, hard, feel my orgasm flow through my entire body. Gushing on {Pam’s face as she licks my clit and fingers me through my orgasm. Trembling as she flicks the tip of her tongue over my sensitive clit. Collapsing on the bed, my pussy still twitching and clenching around Pam’s fingers as my orgasm slowly ebbs and my breathing slows. A few mini orgasms as she licks me clean.

Finally taking her arms and pulling her on top of me, the scent of our sex covers the bed, as Pam slides on top and I pull her to me and kiss her deeply and passionately, tasting myself on her lips and tongue. Pam slides off and lays beside me with her arm around me, smiling as I look into her eyes and holding her close. She strokes my hair and says, “Was that good sweetie?”

I could only say "Mmmmmmm, still having aftershocks," as I hold her.

I fell asleep in her arms and awakening early, I am spooning with Pam. As I just lay there not wanting to disturb her, I wonder how I arrived here, in bed making love with this beautiful lady. Thinking back on the events that led us to meeting which began two weeks ago ….


Monday July 10

The invitation was on my desk when I returned from lunch. The President of our large investment company was throwing a House Warming party to show off the mansion he just had built down at the beach. It looked as though all the Vice Presidents and Managers were invited and I wondered who else would attend. He is known for having some powerful friends in high places.

The party was this Saturday, beginning at noon and would likely go till the wee hours of the morning. The invitation indicating that there would be a lunch and dinner buffet well as an open bar and Hors d’oeuvres served throughout the day. Also, that there was a hot tub at the beach house and the beach would be available for anyone wanting to bring a bathing suit. Attendance would be rather mandatory considering my position within the company, my absence would be noticed.

It’s Monday, so I have time to shop for a new outfit. Something to flatter my figure and yet still a little conservative. And perhaps a matching pair of shoes, what girl doesn’t like shopping, and can never have too many pairs of shoes. I call my friend Sue and ask if she is free Wednesday evening to go dress shopping. She said that she and Rachel had no plans for Wednesday so sure, come over and have dinner with us and then we can go shopping. With everything set up, I went back to work to finish up the financial analysis report that was due.

Wednesday finally arrives and I rush through work and leave an hour early. Arriving at Sue’s condo, I knock and here come on in. Stepping in, I see Sue coming out of the kitchen with a glass of wine. I can’t help but stare as Sue comes to greet me. Sue has the glass of wine and only a skimpy thong on. We have been friends for a few years and I had been over many times, but I didn’t expect to see Sue like this, but couldn’t take my eyes off her. She is gorgeous, smaller perky breasts. And a very sexy figure. She gives me a light kiss on the cheek and taking my hand, leads me to the living room and says you know Rachel. I stare at Rachel, she too is topless with only a pair of bikini panties. While a little more full breasted than Sue, Rachel is stunning, long brunette hair over her shoulders and a full figure.

I sit opposite Rachel and Sue say, “You’re a little earlier than we expected." We just got home and were just relaxing for a few moments before you got here. Rach, get Lyn a glass of wine and let’s get dressed for dinner. Wine in hand, sitting back and thinking what a sexy couple Sue and Rachel are and how open and confident they are.

I hear some giggling from the bedroom, as I sit sipping my wine. Sue and Rachel finally return, a little flushed, I can only imagine. Dinner goes quickly and Sue and I head to the mall. She asks what I am looking for and we discuss a dress and shoes and a new bathing suit. We go in and out of a few stores not finding anything. Then in one store, Sue points out a gold dress with thin straps and a low cut neckline and short hemline I look tentatively at this dress and say, ”I don’t think so Sue, it’s a little revealing.”

She laughs and says, “Oh, you always dress for the office, just try it on." We take a couple of dresses to the change room and Sue just follows me in. A little embarrassed, I stammer about trying the dresses on and she giggles and tells me to relax, that I’ve seen her before and that I don’t have anything that she hasn’t seen before.

Turning my back to her, I undo my blouse and hang it up and unbutton my slacks and push them down around my ankles, stepping out of them. Now In just my bra and panties, I take the gold dress first to try on, but Sue puts her hand on my arm and tells me that I need to take off my bra as this dress would look better braless. Well, not much I can do, so I turn a little and undo the front closure and slip my bra off, exposing myself to Sue who just smiles.

Unzipping the dress, I slide my arms into it and let it slide down. Wiggling and adjusting, lifting my breasts to fit into the dress, I do up the side zipper. As I look in the mirror, the dress is snug and a little low cut in the front with a deep V between my breasts so that the tops and sides of my breasts are visible and the hemline is mid-thigh, a little short for me. Sue steps back and looks at me, has me turn around and says, “That’s it, it’s perfect,” I tell her that I am not sure, but looking in the mirror, I do look pretty good. Well, a little tentative but that’s the dress picked out.

A quick stop in the shoe store where we find a pair of metallic gold shoes, open toed with a single ankle strap and about a three and a half inch heel. Perfect for my outfit.

Now to pick out a bathing suit. Sue picks out a black one piece with high cut sides and a low V down to my tummy. She sees my shocked look and laughs at me. Sue has always been more outgoing than I am and dresses more provocatively. She tells me that I need to relax more and just try it on. Once I put the suit on and look in the mirror, well, a lot of skin and breast showing. Sue tells me I look good and this is the one.

Finished shopping, I head back home and lay out my purchases.

The next two days go by quickly and now getting ready for the party. A pair of thong panties and I slip into my new dress. It certainly is a little more provocative than I normally wear, but I must admit that I look good in it. Once again, Sue was right. Throwing my bathing suit in a bag, I head out and arrive about 2, the gathering already going strong.


Saturday July 15

Upon reaching the estate, there is a well-dressed gentleman taking invitations at the entrance to the long drive. Pulling along the circular drive to the front of the house, I can’t help but admire this magnificent estate house which must be at least 12,000 square feet. A valet opens my door and takes my car. Walking into the immense open main room, tastefully decorated, a cute waitress with a tray offers me a flute of champagne. Taking a glass, she winks at me and walks to serve other guests. I wander the house saying my hellos to the other managers of the company and I see the host and his wife standing at the bar talking to a Senator I recognize and what appears to be a lawyer, and a few of my co-workers and a few people that I do not know.

Walking to the bar, Mr. Jones turns and I see that slight hesitation as he sees me in this tight slightly revealing dress. Nothing like my usual work attire which tends to be very conservative. We say our hellos and he introduces me to his wife and the others congregating around him. I notice that he is not looking me in the eye as he does at work. Instead, he looks me over, up and down, and he just seems to stare at my breasts as I compliment his house, grounds and decorating, which are all extremely impressive. I excuse myself, saying I am going to look around the yard and pool. Walking away, I look back and see him staring at my ass as I wiggle a little in my tight dress. I watch as his wife grabs his arm with an annoyed look and turns him back to the bar. I smile to myself thinking Sue was right about this dress, and feeling a little more confident.

Stepping out the back, I admire the view of the ocean, the lovely sand beach and the beach house with hot tub. There are many guests sitting in patio seating and under umbrellas. Waiters and waitresses are walking around with trays, offering glasses of wine and taking orders for the bar. I wander down towards the beach where there are lawn chairs set out, a few people there chatting and getting some sun. I see that there is a bonfire pit set up with firewood neatly stacked off to the side.

Walking back towards the beach house, I deposit my empty glass on a waiter’s tray and pick up a glass of white Pinot Grigio wine. I go to check out the hot tub. Five people in the tub, two couples and an attractive girl. Smiling I ask how the tub is. One of the couples says Hi, and that the tub is great and say that I should join them. The single girl smiles and says yes, please join us. I tell them that I would but I left my suit in the backseat of my car. The girl signals a waiter that comes over and offers the tray of drinks, one of the couples takes a drink each, while the girl says “my friend here left her bathing suit in the backseat of her car, would you get it for her please.” He replies … certainly ma’am, what is your valet ticket number? I look at my ticket and reply “96”. He leaves his tray on the bar and heads into the house.

A few minutes later he returns with my bag. The couple tell me that there is a change room and towels just inside, so I go and change. Putting on my new swimsuit, still thinking that it is a little risqué. Returning to the hot tub, the girl stands to let me in and I stare in awe. She has a tan string bikini on, her very sexy ass cheeks visible as the string is between her cheeks. Two small triangles of material, just enough to cover her nipples for her top. She is beautiful, and her bikini not leaving much to my imagination. Shaking off my shock, I bend over and step into the tub, and catch her eyeing my breasts as I bend over. Settling into the warm water, feeling the jets pulse over me, we all pick up our glass and toast one another as we introduce ourselves. One couple is Peter and Janet and the other couple is Frank and Cheryl, and the young lady introduces herself as Pam.

Small talk ensues, asking how we each know our host. I explain that I manage a department in his company. One couple, he is one of the lawyers in the law firm that represents us, and the other couple are wealthy clients and I recognize their name. Pam moves a little closer, smiles at me and tells me that she is just a neighbor and that she has a small place just down the beach. We relax, have a couple of drinks and make small talk. As we chat, Pam touches my arm to make a point and just her touch sends a jolt of electric energy through me, although remaining calm, trying not to let show the effect this sexy girl is having on me. As we chat, we are constantly interrupted by people walking by and greeting Pam, both men and women smiling at her as they say hello, and I see a few of the girls looking back at her as they walk away. I sense that Pam is very popular, and just being friendly with me, while being desired by most of the men and women at the party. I realize that she is a very friendly person, yet although being attracted to her she is one that would be unattainable.

Time just slips away and the dinner buffet is being served. I start to head into the change room when they all tell me not to worry about changing, the swimsuit is fine as the buffet is very casual and we can bring our plates back to the chairs beside the beach house. The buffet is excellent and we all return to the beach house and chat while we eat, a cute waitress bringing us drinks from the bar. I notice that Pam is watching the waitress as she brings our drinks and stares at her ass as she walks away.

After sitting in the hot tub awhile, Pam suggests we go down to the beach and sit by the bon fire. Taking our drinks we wander down to the beach finding chairs and just sit looking out over the water as the stars start to twinkle, the fire burning casting a warm glow over the beach and feeling it’s warmth. Pam sitting close just chatting about her place down the beach, telling stories about her puppy. Her closeness is having an effect on me, I feel that I want to hold her hand as we chat. She is so easy to talk with and funny as well. She exudes an easy going sexuality, intelligence and confidence. There is no other way to describe this feeling, I am just attracted to this gorgeous young lady.

As it is getting late, I tell everyone that it is time to head home and head to the beach house to change. I am surprised when Pam follows and chats with me through the change curtain. She tells me that in two weeks she is having a girl’s day at her place and that I should come. Stepping out of the change area, feeling somewhat overdressed next to this sexy young lady in her very skimpy bikini. I say that I would love to come and we exchanged phone numbers so she could give me directions.

Getting home and undressing, laying naked on my bed, all I could think about was Pam. Her athletic body looking so sexy in her string bikini, her friendly and easy going attitude and that maybe I would get to see her again in a couple of weeks.

Time passes quickly when you are busy with too much to do, there seems to never be enough time, but when I am waiting for something, time goes so slowly. Finally. It is the Monday before Pam’s get together and she calls to give me directions too her house, just down the road from my boss’ place. She tells me that she is on the beach and also has a hot tub, and that I should just come casual and bring a bathing suit, and that everything is looked after and I don’t have to bring anything else.

The week passes so slowly. Every day, I think about Pam, how beautiful she is and her sexy athletic body. Her smile lights up a room and I could just fall into her beautiful eyes. Remembering the tingles from her touch and seeing her in her string bikini. It seems strange to feel this way about someone that I only met for a few hours. I can only describe it as an infatuation or a crush. I just can’t stop thinking about her.


Saturday July 22

Finally, Saturday morning. I start to pack a few things. Some sun screen and the sexy new string bikini that Sue helped me pick out just for today, along with sarong wrap skirt to cover up, as the string bottom is far skimpier than anything I have worn.

Arriving at Pam’s place, she greets me at the door with a peck on the cheek. Once again, I am at a loss for words, just the touch of her lips on my cheek sends shivers through me. She takes my hand and leads me to a bedroom where I can change. Tying the bikini, I wrap the skirt around my waist and step out into the yard. There is a nice beach with a dock and lawn furniture and the hot tub where four girls are drinking wine and laughing. The introductions made, Pam says, “Pinot Grigio, right.” I am surprised that she remembered. I nod and she says that she will be right back and that I should slide into the tub and get to know her friends.

Lindsay, Laura, Jean and Rachel are all very attractive and friendly, asking me questions and including me in the conversation. Rachel and I seem to hit it off, and start chatting. Just getting acquainted and what we like and dislike, what we do for a living. Rachel is so sexy in her bikini, very pretty and friendly, instantly putting me at ease.

Turning the conversation to Pam, I ask what Pam does for a living to afford a place like this. Rach tells me that Pam is a real estate lawyer, at which I wink and say, “Well, everyone loves lawyers.” Rach laughs and says that Pam is really sweet and this as an older house on the beach as most of the others have been bought up by developers, the older houses torn down and mansions built.

Asking Rach how she knows Pam, I see a twinkle in her eye as she tells me that they have known each other for quite a while. I smile and tell her that she has a Pam glitter in her eyes. She responds that she sees a Pam glitter in mine also. We laugh as we chat and joke feeling a certain attraction. Finally Rach asks if I would like to come for dinner one night next week. Telling her that I would love to, just as Pam returns with two glasses of wine and steps into the tub, wearing the same sexy bikini she wore at my boss’ party.

Pam sits rather close to me and raises her glass and says, “Here’s to new friends.” Everyone takes a sip from their glass. Small talk ensues as I politely ask questions to find out a little more about Pam’s friends. If they are in relationships, or are couples here, straight, bi or lesbian. Not sure if Pam knows that I prefer girls, but I have the impression that she likes girls from the way she looked at the waitress at my boss’ party.

After we sit and make small talk for a while, I believe all the girls are at least Bi, based on some of their comments. And all are wearing very sexy string bikinis and are being flirty. At least I don’t feel uncomfortable wearing the bikini Sue picked out for me. The afternoon passes quickly. A few glasses of wine and joking and flirting with the girls. About eight o’clock, the girls say they should be getting home and start to get changed. Pam asks me if I would mind giving her a hand cleaning up. Agreeing, I head to get changed she tells me that we can change after cleaning up and maybe sit on the dock for a few minutes. Feeling a little tingly from the wine and at the thought of spending some time alone with Pam, I start to pick up glasses and napkins and head to the kitchen.

Putting the glasses in the dish washer and tidying up, making small talk, Pam asks how I enjoyed the day. Told her that I thoroughly enjoyed myself and that her friends are great. Having finished cleaning up, she asked if I would like another glass of wine and to sit on the dock for a few minutes. Agreeing and taking my wine, we walked down to the beach. Stepping onto the dock and laying a towel down to sit on, we sit on the edge and let our feet dangle in the cool water. Making small talk about the day and our jobs, Pam while making a point, touched my hand a few times and once my shoulder, sending an electric shock through me, right to my pussy.


Sunday Morning

Waking in the morning, it is early, the sun just barely peeking through the patio door. I am spooning Pam, my breasts against her back, my mound pressed against her sexy bum, my arm over her resting against her breast, my leg between hers. Feeling our bodies almost molded together, feeling her warmth, just feeling so relaxed and comfortable. My face in her soft hair, the scent of her shampoo so light yet just inhaling her scent is arousing. The bedroom still smells of our sex. Adding to my arousal.

I start to kiss the back of her neck, and gently rub her breast and nipple. Hearing her moan softly, I press my mound against her bum, rocking slightly, Pam slowly wakes up as I keep kissing the back of her neck and pressing my breasts against her back. I whisper, “Good Morning Lover.”

Little light kisses on the back of her neck and across her shoulders, as I slowly kiss lower and slide my tongue down along her spine. I kiss her sexy bum cheeks all over while I slide my hand over her pussy.

Rolling Pam onto her back, I lean over her, my right breast pressed hard against hers. Smiling as we look into each other’s eyes, my fingertips lightly circling the areola of her other breast. I lean closer and just lightly brush my lips against hers, feeling her lick my lips. Our kiss soft and sensual as I tease her nipple. I feel her slide her arms around me and pull me to our kiss. Sliding my leg between hers and pressing against her pussy.

I kiss across her cheek and suck on her earlobe, kissing and nibbling down the side of her neck. I slide over her pressing my legs between hers. Taking her hands in mine and holding them stretched out to our sides, feeling our breasts pressed hard together, my nipples stiff. We kiss passionately. Just our kiss and feeling her soft skin and warmth under me, I feel myself leaking again. Kissing her neck as I slide down a little, my breasts slide over her tummy as I kiss across her chest and finally slide my tongue along the curve under each breast. Kissing her breasts all over but not touching her sensitive nipples.

Kissing and sucking lightly, then slide the tip of my tongue slowly around her areola careful not to touch her nipple as she twists and pushes against my face, her nipple begging for my touch. Building her desire as I finally slide my lips around her nipple and suck her breast into my mouth as my tongue slides across the tip of her nipple. Hearing her moan as she arches her back to press her breast against my mouth. I roll the nipple of her right breast between my thumb and forefinger, gently pulling on it. Dragging my teeth across her nipple then flicking the tip of my tongue lightly over the tip of her nipple. I feel her hands slide into my hair pulling me down hard against her breast as I suck harder and play with her sensitive nipple.

Slowly, I kiss down over her tummy as her fingers slide over her nipples. Sliding down between her thighs, I kiss the tip of her lips as I feel her lips lift, feeling her need as her scent fills my nostrils, making me want her even more.

I kiss her wet lips and suck one into my mouth and caress it with my tongue, tasting her sweet love juices. My hands on her hips as I slide my tongue up and down along her outer lips, her soft moaning just making me want to please her more. Sliding my tongue between her lips, I probe her hood with the tip of my tongue, pushing it back and touching the tip of her engorged clit. I feel her push her pussy against my face, as I slide my tongue over and over her clitty.

Sliding my tongue down a little and pressing into her warm wet folds starting to tongue fuck her. My hands caressing her hips and pulling her against my face as I devour her sweet pussy. Sliding my right hand over her thigh and up her inner thigh, I rub her perineum as my tongue dips in and out of her pussy. Sliding my tongue up and rubbing over her clit, I rub my fingers over her lips, then slowly into her warmth, feeling her soft inner walls. Curling my fingers and rubbing looking for that special spot as I slide my lips over her clit and suck it while flicking the tip of my tongue over the tip of her clit,

Sucking harder as her moans tells me I have found her g-spot. Pressing her pussy against my face and arching her back, feeling her need. I suck and lick her clit as my fingers start to slide in and out of her pussy. I hear her almost scream, “Don’t stop, oh Lyn yes,” as I eat her pussy and tease her clit. My face covered in her creamy love juice, as I suck and lick her clit, my fingers sliding in and out of her pussy faster and faster.

She screams out, “Yes Lyn, oh fuck yes right there, don’t stop baby, you’re gonna make me cum.” This just makes me suck and lick her clit harder as I drive my fingers in and out pumping her dripping pussy. She arches her back and I feel just that moment when she tenses just a little then her orgasm takes her. Her hips rocking hard against my face, my fingers slide out and I cover her gushing pussy with my mouth and she cums in my mouth. Taking all of her sweet love nectar and drinking her, knowing she is inside me, a part of me. Licking and sucking as she cums till slowly her orgasm ebbs.

Kissing her pussy, I give her clit another flick with my tongue as I feel her hips buck, her clit is so sensitive. She leans down and grabs my shoulders, pulling me up and kisses me hungrily, my face, lips and tongue dripping with her cum. We hold each other and kiss for what seems like forever. Then sliding beside pam, I kiss her breast.

Pam reaches over and pulls open the drawer in the bedside table. Curious, I watch as she takes out a blue feeldoe. She smiles at me and says, “You don’t think we’re finished yet do you.” She holds the bulb against my lips and I slide my tongue around it then slide my lips over it and coat it with my saliva, sucking it.

Pam sits up resting on her knees and spreads her legs. One hand holding the doe and the other spreading her lips. I watch as she slides the bulb into her wet pussy, pushing it in deep. Kneeling on the bed with the blue doe protruding, she rolls me onto my tummy and pulls me back. My boobs on the bed, with my ass in the air as I spread my legs and she slides between them. Rubbing the head of the doe up and down along my lips, she slaps my ass and starts to push into me. Feeling the head push into me, stretching me a little as her hips push forward and she slides it all the way in till her hips are against my cheeks.

Holding there for a few moments then pulling back till just the head is in me then thrusting hard into me filling me. Moaning as she starts fucking me deep and hard, my hand slides down and I rub my clit. Knowing the curve of the doe is rubbing against Pam’s clit. Her hands on my hips pulling me as I meet her thrusts. I am so wet, my creamy love juice dripping from my pussy as I rub my clit, the doe pumping and filling my pussy. Closing my eyes and taking it all inside me, wanting more as she fucks me hard and deep. I feel that tingle, getting close, “Oh Pam, I’m cumming.” I press down against the doe as my love juices flow and I cum hard, pushing against the doe as I hear Pam start to cum again. Feeling her hips pressed hard against my ass cheeks as we both cum, my pussy pulsing and clenching the doe. My orgasm rips through me, so intense.

Finally Pam slides out of me and I collapse on the bed. And Pam lays beside me. Smiling at each other, I put my arm around her and I whisper, “You are amazing.” She kisses my cheek. Just laying together in the afterglow holding each other.

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