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Maya's Revenge

"Oh fuck!" Maya cursed as she looked in the rear view mirror and saw the police car's lights flashing and heard the shrill beep of the siren. She wondered how long the cop had been following her.

Maya was usually a perfect driver, she was aware of stories from friends and family of D.W.B, aka Driving While Black. Knowing that, she didn't give reason for cops to stop and harass her. Except tonight was different, she was driving with a leaden foot and on top of that had a few drinks. She honestly thought she was okay to drive. Besides she had only a few more miles before she was back in the suburbs, back to her house.

Maya took a deep breath as she pulled the silver BMW over to the shoulder of the quiet and secluded county road. She began to think fast, remembering a co-worker, Stacey, sharing a story with her about how she flirted with cops whenever she got pulled over and never got a ticket. Maya adjusted the neckline of her blouse, lowering it a bit so that her 36 DD breasts was on the verge of popping out. She looked in the mirror as she moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue, pouted, and practiced batting her lashes bashfully.

"Shit!" she winced as she went to reach for her license and registration, she realized she was in her soon to be ex-husband's car. "Okay, don't panic. Just play along." Maya said to herself as she lowered the window,

She looked into the mirror at herself, again. She was attractive, she thought immodestly. At 5'8", 32 years young, with smooth cocoa skin and a slim yet curvy body, any red-blooded man, black or white, could see that. Maya hoped she could win the cop over with a few licks of her full lips and a bat of her lashes then she could be on her way. She just wanted the comforts of her warm cozy bed and to forget about her awful day.

Maya had started her day great, after she dressed in her favorite office attire, a grey fitted pencil skirt and pale pink blouse. When she went down to the kitchen, she saw that her husband had made a pot of coffee, but had already left for work. She sighed as she grabbed a mug full of coffee and headed to work herself. On the ride to her office in the city, Maya thought about how the spark was dying in her marriage. There was a time when her husband greeted her every morning with a raging hard-on and fucked her wildly before she could even make it to the shower. Now, seven years later, she was lucky to even see her husband before going to work. She knew he was committed to his career, but damn, she was a woman and she had needs.

That's when she decided to surprised him for lunch. She was her own boss at the art gallery she owned, so she would just take a longer lunch break, pick up her husband's favorite meal from his favorite restaurant, and stop by this office. She didn't worry about her favorite meals, since she was planning on filling her mouth with her husband's cock. She smiled as she pulled in the parking lot of her art gallery.

Later at noon, when Maya walked into her husband's office and saw his blond secretary bent over his desk, and her husband grunting as he fucked her from behind. Maya dropped the bag of carry-out she was holding and went into a blind rage, cursing and yelling. She threatened both her husband and the blond hussy until her husband had no choice but to call the building's security guards, who escorted Maya out of the building.

Fuming, Maya aimlessly walked around the neighborhood until she ended up at a bar, just in time for happy hour. The bartender was more than generous as he poured her a martini on request. By the time she finished it, a handsome young man sat next to her and offered to get her next drink. Usually Maya didn't take drinks from strangers, but fuck it, he was charming and she felt like getting even with her low-down cheating husband.

By the end of the evening Maya couldn't actually go through with hooking up with this stranger. She let the handsome stranger walk her back to her car, still parked at the art gallery, gave him a friendly kiss, and decided to head home.

"Now this." Maya said as she waited for the officer to approach her car.

The officer shone a bright flashlight into the driver's side window, nearly blinding Maya. She couldn't make out the face of the officer, she just hoped he was at least attractive.

"Good evening, Miss," a feminine yet husky voice spoke. "License and registration, please."

Shit, Maya said to herself, realizing that the cop was a female. There goes my flirtation plan, she thought as she handed over her license and registration.

"Is there a problem, Officer?" Maya asking hoping she didn't reek of alcohol.

The officer didn't say anything as she looked at Maya's license, looked down at Maya, then asked "Do you know why I pulled you over?"

Because I'm black, Maya wanted to say, but instead she shook her head, "No idea, Officer. Did I do something wrong?"

"Your tail light is out." the lady cop said, "And now I see this isn't your registration, or car."

"It's my husband's," Maya tried to explain. Just calling him her husband made her feel angry, again. No, first thing in the morning, she was throwing his belongings out. He could go shack up with his secretary for all she cared.

"Turn off the engine and wait here," the officer said before heading back to the squad car.

Maya was sure the cop was just checking to see that the car was shared registration between her and her soon to be ex-husband. As soon as the officer cleared that up she would be on her way. When the officer approached her again, Maya just smiled.

"See, I told you . . ." she started, but was abruptly interrupted.

"Step out of the vehicle, Miss Jackson," the cop said.

Maya felt a shiver of panic, "Wait, what?" she said as she opened the door and placed her red soled high heel shoe on the gravelly shoulder of the road. Her tight pencil skirt had rode up her thighs from sitting in the car, she self consciously tugged it lowered.

"What exactly is the problem?" Maya inquired.

She was college educated and an intelligent woman, she knew if she kept her cool and reason she could get out of this. Besides, the officer was a woman, Caucasian, dark Mediterranean features and slightly shorter than herself. Maya doubted the worst, police brutality, would come to be.

"You're not listed as co-owner of this vehicle and this car was reported missing three hours ago," the officer informed her.

"What!" Maya did exactly what she warned herself not to do, she lost her cool. "That bastard! First he fucks his secretary, now he fucks me over like this!" Maya said heated.

"Ma'am, I'm going to need you to turn around, face the car, hands on top of the car," the officer said.

"What? What is happening?" Maya asked confused.

"I'm going to have to take you into custody, Miss Jackson," the lady cop said.

"But I didn't steal this car. It's my husband's," she said with growing distaste for that word. "I just caught him cheating on me with his secretary and he's probably just mad at me. That vindictive little bastard!"

"Turn around and face the car, Miss Jackson," the lady cop repeated. "I'm sure everything will work out when I get you back to the station."

Reluctantly, Maya turned and placed her hands behind her back. "Do what you have to do. Arrest me," she said out of fight.

"Place your hands on the hood of the car and spread your legs," lady cop said.

"Is that really necessary. I'm complying," Maya said over her shoulder.

The lady cop stepped forward and placed her foot between Maya's and forced her to step further apart, "I said spread your legs," she said slow and sternly.

Maya was shocked by how quickly the officer turned into bad cop. She prayed that this would be over quickly, as the female officer knelt down and began to run her hands along Maya's legs. As her hands moved higher, they slowed down, almost lingering and caressing.

Maya startled in surprised when the lady cop's hands moved over her tight skirt, caressing her hips and cupping her round ass that strained against the taunt pencil skirt. Maya realized the lady cop was enjoying it.

"Oh my god! You're a dyke!" Maya said.

"I believe the term is lesbian," the cop grinned as her hands, now on Maya's waist, moved in closer to Maya, pressing against her soft ass.

Maya pulled from the officer's hold, but the officer was much stronger and faster than Maya. She held her steady.

"Are you resisting arrest, Miss Jackson?" the lady cop asked, "Is that what you want? You want me to arrest you. Then he wins, right? Your lying cheating husband wins?"

Maya slowly began to comprehend that this lady cop actually believed her and was on her side.

"No, I don't want him to win," Maya said relaxing a bit, but still curious. "What do you want from me? Whatever it is, I'll do it."

"I don't think you can handle what I want," the officer said in a playful suggestive whisper against Maya's ear.

Maya felt a warm wet rush between her legs and was shocked by her reaction to this female cop. Maybe it was the few drinks she had earlier, maybe it was the crappy day she was having, and her initial thought of getting even with her husband with a stranger. Either way, Maya now felt daring.

"My, Officer, is that a gun in your pocket or you're really happy to see me?" Maya teased as she pushed her ass against the lady cop.

The lady cop grinned as she pushed back into Maya's ass, "Lucky for you, its just my gun. Now stand still and let me finish my job," she said as her hands continued moving around Maya's waist and around her flat stomach, upward to cup her hefty breasts.

The officer's small yet strong hands squeezed the plump mounds before zeroing in on Maya's pert nipples. They immediately harden under her touch as she gave then a rough pinch, eliciting a moan from Maya.

"Finding anything you like, Officer?" Maya teased.

At the same time she wondered why her body was betraying her, why she was getting really turned on by the touch of another woman.

"I've found plenty," the lady cop said playfully teasing her rock hard tips. "But the question is, are you?"

Maya moaned and admitted, "I've never been touched like this, by another woman."

The officer laughed, "I'm not done touching you, yet. There's one more place I need to search," she said as her hand moved down the front waistband of Maya's skirt and inside her lacy panties. The lady cop smiled smugly, realizing how wet Maya already was. She rubbed her palm against Maya's soaked slit.

As if suddenly sobering up, Maya realized how far this little game with the lesbian cop had gone. She began to protest.

"Wait. I don't think you should be doing this. I think you should just take me to the station," Maya said between moans.

"Don't resist, or I might just have to use force," the lady cop said and at the same time she slid a finger inside Maya.

Maya moaned softly, in spite of herself.

"That's it," the lady cop said against her earlobe. "Relax, that's a good girl."

Maya couldn't believe what was happening. This lady cop had a long slender finger inside her pussy, slowly sliding in and out, making her even wetter. She stopped struggling and just surfed on the tide of pleasure she received.

"Aah, you're so fucking juicy. I love a sweet, sopping wet pussy," the officer said fingering her deep as her thumb pressed on her clit. "I love it even more on my face."

Maya's knees grew weak and her insides felt like melting butter as the lady cop preceding to kneel behind her. She peeled Maya's tight skirt over her ass, exposing a sheer lacy black thong. She playfully bit on the smooth round cocoa ass, then sweetly kissed it.

"Mmm, this ass," the lady cop moaned before wedging her face between the cheeks, she snaked her tongue between her thighs, lightly flickering her tongue against the sheer material covering Maya's slit. The crotch of Maya's thong was already drenched in pussy juice, as she licked and sucked through them.

Maya didn't know what to think or what to do about what was happening to her. She wanted to be outraged that a public servant would take advantage of her. Also, she should have felt disgust from having another female touch her so intimately, but she didn't feel outraged or disgusted. As she leant against the car for support, with her ass bared to the cool night air, Maya only felt aroused and electrified. This lady cop was licking her with a tongue so long and thick, Maya couldn't help but moan in pleasure.

"Mmm, yeah." Maya said as the expert tongue pushed the flimsy panties aside and traveled up and down her slit, alternating soft feathery licks and long exploring strokes. When her tongue flickered at the puckered opening of her tight asshole, Maya convulsed in pleasure.

"Oh my god, yes!" she said as she reached a hand back to grab her ravager. In the process, she knocked the cop's hat off and dug her fingers into a mass of silky soft hair, as Maya held the cop's tongue against her ass.

"Mmm, bad girl, you like that, huh?" the lady cop grinned as her tongue circled the tight hole.

"Mmmhmm, yes," Maya moaned, aware of how wet her pussy was getting from the anal play. "Oh my god, I can't believe how fucking wet I am right now."

The officer slid two fingers knuckle deep inside her pussy as she continued to lick along her slit and asshole.

"Ah, yes, fuck me!" Maya whimpered as she felt the lady cop's fingers twisting and thrusting deep inside her.

"Mm, my bad girl likes to be pounded hard, huh?" she said increasing the pace of her fingers.

"Yes! Fuck me. Fuck me hard," Maya said pushing down against her hand.

The lady cop briefly pulled away to turn Maya around and lifted her bare ass onto the hood of the silver BMW. Maya got a good look of the lady cop for the first time without her hat on. She was surprised to see that she wasn't the stereotypical lesbian cop. She had long, thick dark brunette hair that flowed in soft waves down her shoulders, framing her face with bright blue eyes sheltered by long dark lashes, a chisel straight nose and big pouty lips. Maya thought she looked a lot like one of her favorite actresses.

"What?" the lady cop smirked at Maya as she just stared at her.

"You're gorgeous," Maya smiled.

The lady cop just held Maya's legs apart as she lowered her tongue deep inside those moist folds, again.

"Oh my god, yes!" Maya moaned grabbing a handful of hair and riding the cop's face. She had never felt a tongue so long, thick, and hard so deep inside her, licking and sucking and slurping every inch of her pussy. "Oh my god, you're going to make me cum," Maya cried as her tongue did a hard assault against her clit.

"Not yet," the lady cop grinned as she now shoved three fingers deep in her swollen pussy.

"Yes! Yes! Keep fucking me like that," Maya cried out in immense pleasure.

The officer banged her hard and deep until her whole hand was covered in Maya's juices.

"Ah, fuck! I'm cumming!" Maya cried out.

"Mm, yes, that's my good girl," she said removing her fingers and replacing with her tongue. She licked and sucked and slurped every single drop of Maya's juices. When she was done, she unceremoniously sat Maya back on her feet and yanked her skirt down her hips.

Maya, still in a daze from her phenomenal orgasm, grabbed the officer by the neck and pulled her forward as she planted a big, wet sloppy kiss on her lips. Maya loved tasting and smelling herself on her lips and tongue. Mmm, that tongue, Maya thought as she sucked on her tongue greedily.

The cop pulled away, grinning at Maya. "Just because I ate your pussy better than any man ever had, and ever will, doesn't make you a big ol' lesbian now. You still want a big fat cock fucking that sweet wet pussy. Rather it's your husband or not, who knows."

Maya smiled, "No, I'm not a lesbian," she started as she peeled off her drenched thong and tossed it inside her husband's car. "But I just got even with my lying cheating husband." She turned and faced the car with her hands behind her back. "Officer, you can arrest me now and report you found the stolen car."

The officer complied as she placed the handcuffs on Maya and walked her back to the squad car.

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