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M.Felix/Sprite present: Whores, Lies, and Sinker

Contributing Authors: Magical_felix 
Friday 8:36 AM

Charlotte knelt on the king-sized bed, her slender legs parted, her soft white ass nestled between her thighs as she went about the task of folding laundry. She quietly hummed while listening to the shower door slide open, glancing once towards the bathroom as she deftly folded a pair of green lace panties. She listened for the sound of the electric shaver, smiling to herself at how well she had memorized her lover’s routine. Shower, a quick shave and a thorough brushing of the teeth. Always the same. It was comforting, knowing that it would be followed by the soft sound of his tread on the bedroom carpet, and his first words of the day to her.

She glanced up once more, letting her gaze linger on his nakedness, smiling as her eyes drifted upwards to his face, her hands resting on top of the neatly folded stack of lingerie, her hazel eyes full of affection as Jack tossed his towel over the edge of the laundry basket, exchanging it for a clean pair of black boxers.

"What you got going on today, girl?"

Climbing onto the bed he knelt behind Charlotte, gently brushing her long red hair to the side, tenderly kissing the back of her neck. Leaning back into him, her hands resting upon his thighs, she sighed softly, her chore forgotten as she felt his hand sliding along the curve of her waist, coming to rest upon her flat stomach, caressing her soft white skin as he cupped her chin, turning her to him, placing a light kiss upon her lips.

"I have to work tonight, Jay called in sick and Tom doesn't want to leave the new girl alone behind the bar."

He heard the sigh in her voice, even as she leaned in, kissing him again, her breath warm against his mouth, her tongue teasingly parting his lips, a spark of desire travelling between them.

"She still can't handle the bar by herself? Hasn't it been weeks now?"

Jack moved his hand from Charlotte's chin and began caressing her inner thigh, delighting at the soft tremor beneath his fingertips as he moved ever upwards, slipping beneath the leg opening of her tiny green gym shorts, smiling as he felt her tense, and then relax against him, her kiss growing heated.

He began to move his other hand from her belly, letting it wander over the ribbed cotton of the tank top until he was cupping her small, firm beast, tenderly fondling it, his thumb brushing against her hardening nipple.

"Jack?" she asked, breaking their kiss, her voice husky with desire.

"Charlotte." Jack breathed softly into her ear, her soft curls tickling his cheeks as he began kissing the side of her neck, inhaling deeply, enjoying her unadorned scent.

"Who is Meggie?"

He paused, his lips still pressed against Charlotte’s neck for several seconds, biting her gently before replying.

"Who?" he asked, clearly puzzled by her question.

"Meggie. You got three texts from her while you were in the shower. I wasn't spying, but… your phone just went off three times and all three times it was from Meggie ‘slash’ Trixie. What does she want?"

Charlotte turned her head to look at Jack, a shadow of doubt flickering across her face.

"I don't know, I haven't read them yet," Jack continued massaging Charlotte's breast, smiling at the way she responded, her back arching as she pressed herself against his hand.

"Are you going to?"

"Yeah, probably... Is everything okay?" Jack paused, his eyes serious as he gazed into hers, licking his lips.

"I don't know. Is it Jack?"

"All I know is that I'm with the most beautiful woman who's ever folded her laundry on her bed right now. I think it's cute when she gets jealous of my friends. I love this red-haired Polish beauty."

Charlotte turned away, squinting as she reached back, slender fingers teasing through his short black hair. With a devilish smile, he slid his finger over the sensitive flesh of her thighs and into her shorts, chuckling at her soft moan as her thighs widened for him as he started playing with the short curly hairs crowning her pussy. When she didn’t protest, he moved his fingers downward and began stroking between her moist pink folds.

"So now she's your friend? You didn't seem to remember who she was just a second ago."

Abandoning her breast, he began pushing up her tank top, turning her towards him, laughing as she finished the job for him, pulling it past her firm white breasts so that he could take her swollen nipple into his mouth. Her breaths turned heavy and lust fueled as she ran her fingers eagerly through his hair as he let the tip of his tongue flicker over her hard nub and his fingers explore between her legs, pushing into her wet, hot cunt without resistance.

"How long have you known Meggie?" Charlotte managed, gasping as he nipped her.

Standing up, he laid Charlotte on her back, tugging her shorts down her creamy thighs. Hurriedly placing the laundry basket on the floor and pushing the piles of folded clothing aside, he lay down beside her, gazing into her eyes with a smile as he ran his fingers through her hair. Cupping the back of her head, he pulled her towards him, meeting her open mouth with parted lips and tongue. The room was silent for several minutes, save for the sound of desire as they lost themselves in a passionate kiss, Charlotte squeezing and stroking Jack’s cock though his boxers as he began to slowly push his fingers deeper into her soaked crevice. Breaking their kiss, he let his mouth wander down Charlotte's exposed throat, along her shoulder and the gentle swell of her breast until reaching her small pink nipple, his tongue tracing a tightening spiral around her light pink areola.

"How do you know her Jack?"

Jack, somewhat annoyed by her continuous questions, let go of her nipple, his dark eyes intense.

"She's Kate and Rachel's friend. I don't know her very well. Probably just wondering if there's a party or something going on tonight. It really doesn't matter."

He stood up on the bed with his feet on either side of Charlotte's chest, hands planted on his hips, his caramel colored cock an obscene flag pole poking out of his boxers as he stared down at her. "You want me to show you the texts and answer her right now?"

"No... No, I was just wondering baby. I just want to get to know your friends is all."

Charlotte gave him a bashful smile as she sat up on the bed, using his legs to pulls herself up, tugged his boxers half way down his thighs, and began stroking Jack's meaty cock. She brought the head close and tenderly kissed it, giggling softly at his reaction as she pressed the tip of her tongue into his cum hole.

Cupping his balls, she stuck her tongue out and let him slowly push it into her open mouth, her eyes gazing upwards as it she began to suck on his hardening cock.

"Don't worry about it my pretty Polish princess, it's probably nothing..." Jack managed, a moan cutting off his words while he watched his dick slowly disappear between her wide stretched lips.

Yeah, nothing... It's always just nothing with you Jack... Charlotte thought, closing her eyes as she concentrated on his warm hard cock, stroking his smooth balls with one hand, her nails digging into his ass as she pulled him against her face until he let out wild grunt and filled her mouth with his hot sticky cum.

9:24 AM

"I'm going to go get us some breakfast, any requests?" Jack buttoned his jeans, a cheeky grin on his face as he noticed the slight shine of cum at one corner of her mouth and on her chin as Charlotte paused, one foot in the shower.

"Surprise me... Stud." She blew him a kiss, a faint smile lingering on lips that had so recently been wrapped around his hard cock before disappearing behind the blue striped plastic curtain.

Shaking his head, amusement in his eyes, he finished dressing. Grabbing his keys, he headed out into the cool morning air, locking the door behind him. Somehow, he managed to keep his curiosity in check until he’d pulled out of the drive several blocks, pulling into a diner before checking his messages on his iphone.

3 new messages

Meggie/Trixie: You awake yet fucker?

Meggie/Trixie: Ewwwww! You're probably with fire-crotch right now aren't you?

Meggie/Trixie: Kate wanted to get a drink with us tonight if you can. We have a surprise for you BIG boy..........

Leaning up against his black 1989 Chevy Silverado, his grin reminiscent of the cat who’d eaten the canary, heart beating rapidly, he quickly typed out a reply and hit send.

Jack: Where at? I'm busy until about 6 tonight. And don't call her fire-crotch, shit for brains.

Meggie/Trixie: She wants to go to that yuppy new place downtown. I KNOW, you don't even have to remind me, the drinks are expensive there... I'm gonna pretend I forgot my wallet hahahahaha!

Jack: Sounds like a plan. I know... It's funny how expensive drinks always make me want to go to the bathroom around bill time. Hmmm...

Meggie/Trixie: I'm telling Kate you can come, DON'T bring fire-crotch. Kate told me about her, she sounds like a drag.

Jack: You and Kate can go fuck yourselves.

Meggie/Trixie: I was joking puto! I'll call you. I KNOW, after six, so little Jackie doesn't get in trouble. <3 <-------aaaawww... see, I care!

Slipping the phone back into his pants, he took a moment to adjust his tell-tale bulge before getting bagels and coffee to go, fantasies of what could happen tonight keeping him company all the way back home.

6:27 PM

Jack slipped his feet into a pair of grey plaid Vans before pulling on a short black leather jacket over a black tee. Impatiently, he checked his iphone for messages before shoving it into the front pocket of his jeans.

“You chicks better not of started the party without me.” He growled softly, squeezing some gel into his hands and pushing his fingers through his dark hair. Just then, his phone came to life, muted rings drifting from the area of his crotch.

“Motherfucker, of course she calls right when my hands are fucking full of gel. Story of my life. Fuck that, now it’s her turn to wait.” He let it ring, satisfied when it finally stopped, punctuated by the chime. Taking his time, he finished grooming before pulling it out of his pocket and checking.

1 new message

Meggie/Trixie: Answer the phone you stupid fuck! I'm picking up Kate in a little bit. Meet us there. Probably around 8, Kate takes forever getting ready.

Look at you Jack, I'm sure you know what the surprise is yeah? Looks like one lucky cat is gonna sink his spoon into not one, but two hot fudge sundaes tonight... Jack thought. Checking himself out in the mirror with a grin, he took a moment to brush a bit of lint off his shirt before shutting off the light and heading for the front door, visions of Meggie’s tight ass and Kate’s luscious titties playing like a loop through his head.

“Yeah, you are going to get some tonight, Jackie boy.” He told himself, as he settled into the driver’s seat and turned the engine over. “You're a fucking beast.”

8:23 PM

Jack strolled through the front door of The Green Rhino Lounge, searching along the bar until he spotted Meggie and Kate chatting it up with the bartender. From their gestures, they were doing more than chatting. Flirting, more like it, so they could get free drinks. From the looks of things, it was working. He took a moment to admire two of the finest asses he had ever seen, one in tight black denim, the other in an even tighter leather mini, perched side by side on bar stools.

He took a moment to observe the two woman. Meggie, short, athletic, shapely, her usually wild brown hair bound in a scarlet scarf, her yellow cotton tank looking like it was painted on. Kate, the taller of the two, her wider hips and fuller breasts giving her an hourglass figure, her dark curls tumbling down her back, the crimson of her blouse setting off her caramel colored skin. So different, and yet, so alike in other ways. Their appetites, for instance. At least, that’s what he’d been led to believe.

Meggie turned, catching him admiring her back side, her smile saucy, her deep blue eyes full of mischief.

“It's about time, Jack. You like what you see, don't you?”

Jack gave her a playful leer, aware that Kate had also turned his way, resulting in the bartender giving him a decidedly unfriendly look. He’d have to keep an eye on him if he didn’t want his drinks watered down. Or worse.

"Well, well, well... I'm not too late to the party am I?” Jack greeted the two creatures before him with a hug and a kiss. His hand lingering on Kate's delicious hip a little longer than necessary.

Kate’s dark eyes flashed with what he hoped was amusement, a wicked smile growing on her round face.

“Just in time, in fact. You just cost me ten bucks. I bet Meggie that you’d chicken out.”

Jack’s breath caught in his throat now that she’d focused on him, her low cut blouse showing off a hint of black lace and a generous portion of cleavage, her bare legs disappearing into knee length leather boots. Swallowing, he tried to think of something clever to say, and failed.

“It's been too long since I've last seen you.”

“You’ve probably spent most of it thinking of ways to get me into bed.”

Jack’s smile faltered for a moment at Kate’s quip. It had, after all, hit close to the target. All she’d had to do was include Meggie into the equation and she’d score a bulls-eye. Just the thought of watching the two of them, naked, touching, caressing, kissing… It was enough to make his blood boil. He felt his cock stirring to life, pressing against the zipper of his jeans. It wouldn’t have been so bad if both woman’s eyes didn't seem to focus just below his navel at that precise moment.

“Kindly tell my man behind the counter to refill our glasses and you just might get your wish.” Meggie hinted, gesturing with her head at the smitten barkeep behind her.

She blushed as she winked, leaning into Kate, her lips puckering slightly. Kate didn’t waste a moment, meeting her half way, planting a kiss on her inviting lips. Not just any kiss. This wasn’t one of those kisses most girls shared with close friends. This kiss was full of juicy promises. Jack’s eyes narrowed as it went on, a wide grin creeping onto his face. Hands drifting over bare arms, nails raking goose bumped flesh, fingers brushing through hair, legs shifting on stools until finally, they broke their kiss, both breathing harder than they had been moments before they’d locked lips. Kate turned her head, wearing a playful smirk.

“Why don't you get the ladies another of whatever they're having and I'll take a vodka cranberry. Goose."

"Pay up, Jackie. Tonight could be your lucky night if you play your cards right.” Meggie said, draining her glass of the last few drops of white wine that remained.

He couldn’t help but notice the healthy helping of thigh Kate showed as she swiveled on her stool, her back turned to him. Nor did he fail to note Meggie hungrily devouring her with her eyes. Turned to one side as she was, he was presented with a wonderful view; the profile of her breasts rising and falling erotically, lost in the moment and presumably unaware of her thighs slowly spreading, her right hand toying with the snap on her jeans. He felt himself swell painfully, and let out a silent groan.

“I'll be right back, I need to make a quick phone call. It's a little noisy in here, the bathroom is this way right?” He managed, desperately needing to readjust himself before they caused him actual physical harm.

"Right," Meggie answered, never taking her eyes off him until he reached the door, He turned to look over his shoulder, catching her, right before disappearing into the bathroom. Meggie focused back on Kate and pressed her soft lips against hers once again.

9:36 PM

Kate’s key clicked in the deadbolt and a moment later, the door to her pricey two bedroom apartment swung open, soft porch light illuminating the entry way. Jack did his best to follow her in, his movement hampered by a tipsy Meggie, her hands clasped around his neck, giggling as she tried to kiss him for the sixth time since climbing out of his Chevy. Not that Jack minded, feeling no pain after downing his last drink in record time once Kate had suggested they go back to her place for a little ‘fun and games.’

"Fuck, Kate, I haven't been over here since you first moved in. this place is looking pretty nice."

Meggie had plopped down on an expensive looking leather couch, letting it swallow her up as Kate took a seat beside her, their hips pressed together, her arm snaking around the other woman’s shoulders and settling comfortably. Hiding his grin, he watched as she teasingly caressed the swell of her Meggie’s perky breast through the fabric of her top, noting the tell-tale bump of her hardening nipples.

"Thanks. It took me a while. I've been busy with work and, of course, Rachel. She means well, but I spend half my time picking up after her.”

Holy fucking shit... It's going to happen Jack, play it cool. You got this ice man...

Jack walked over to the balcony, opened the door and stepped outside to have a cigarette, earning him a furious glance from Kate. Quickly, he snubbed it out on the rail which apparently wasn’t appreciated either. He wondered if he’d pay for that later as he strolled back inside, a cocky grin on his face, too buzzed to care.

Perhaps not, seeing as the girls seemed to have forgotten him once again, their faces pressed together in a contrast of cream and caramel, Kate’s hands roaming freely over Meggie’s breasts as she pushed her further back into the couch. Licking his lips, Jack began to stroll over to the couch.

"Uh, uh, uh, lover boy... You don't take one step closer." Kate looked Jack in the eye then turned to Meggie.

"You want to go through with this? Not going to chicken out on me, are you, beautiful?" Kate gently squeezing Meggie's protruding nipple, her dark eyes narrowing as she glanced in Jack’s direction.

"Mmmmm yes... let's go to the playroom. I'm no chicken..."

He watched their gazes travel down the hall, noticing for the first time a sliver of light leaking beneath the door of what he guessed was the guest room.

“Jack. Be a good boy and wait here until…” He followed her eyes across the room, settling on a neon rimmed wall clock that wouldn’t have looked out of place at a ritzy diner. "Ten. Unless you’ve got something more important to do. Like getting back to that hot little piece of ass you’ve got waiting for you at home?”

Jack swallowed, noting the look of naked lust in both women’s eyes, directed not only at each other, but at him. He’d wondered earlier if this had been all some sort of elaborate tease, but now… God, he was going to get the wish of every red-blooded American male fulfilled tonight and make it with these two sex goddesses. Thoughts of Charlotte faintly entered his mind. Her long beautiful red hair which he loved so much a distant memory now as he felt his cock surge to life. Heart pounding against his ribs, his mouth suddenly dry, he shook his head.

“I think I can chill for a few hours.”

“Good. See you in a bit. And Jack?”


“Don’t you even think of playing with yourself. Tonight, your cock belongs to me.”

A lesser man would have cum in his jeans. As it was, it was too close for comfort. As he watched the minutes slowly tick by, he did his best to think of something, anything, but what awaited him down the hall. Driving in traffic. Company meetings. The DMV. The dentist. His mom.

“Damn, Jackie boy, you are one lucky son of a bitch.” He muttered with a smile, his eyes glued to the neon wall clock, hands settled, shoved into the pockets of his leather jacket. "Maybe they won't notice if you take a little peek... No, relax Jack. Don't get greedy and fuck this up."

10:01 PM

He’d spend the last two minutes standing beneath the clock, willing the second hand to move faster. He’d finally abandoned his leather jacket along with the need to look cool, needing to actually be cool, the heat of his lust making the apartment seem uncomfortably warm. As soon as the clock struck ten, he was down the hallway, pushing the door inward, revealing the most amazing scene he could have imagined. The girls were kneeling on the carpet completely naked, making out. Reluctantly they broke their kiss to gaze up at him, Meggie trying hard not to giggle while Kate grinned tauntingly.

Holy shit Jack... How do you do it my man? Looks like you are going to have one of those nights to remember... 

Jack grinned, not wasting a moment as he tugged his shirt off over his head, careful not to muss his hair any more than was necessary.

“I think I need a second to let this view I'm having get tattooed into my brain. You girls look absolutely delicious, mhhmmm...” Jack walked up and stood towering over them.

"There's your throne, Cali King." There was hint of mockery in Kate’s voice as she flickered her fingers in the direction of a plain high backed wooden chair in the center of the room facing the bed. Helping each other to their feet, the girls then took his hands and walked him to the chair, turning him and giving him a gentle push backwards.

"This is gonna be so much fun, baby!" Meggie giggled, leaning forward and pressing her mouth against his, her kiss full of desire as she ran the tip of her tongue between his lips. 

“Hey, what are you doing girl?” Jack awkwardly smiled up at them, tensing as he felt something rough brush his wrist, tightening around it.

“Hold still, asshole.” Kate laughed, Deftly securing his wrist to the arm rest with a length of rope. “This is part of the deal. You play on our terms, or you go home and jerk off in front of the computer, knowing that you fucked up. Meggie wants to give you a show. We’re going to tie your ass down and give you a blow job you’ll never forget. Then, if you’ve got it in you, she’s going to ride you like a stallion. Did this with a boyfriend once. He said that being tied up like this made it twice as intense.”

“I don’t think--”

“Doesn’t matter what you think. This is how it’s going to play out. Two of the hottest girls you will ever meet are going to go down on you until you blow your load in one or both of our mouths, and then we’re going to fuck the shit out you, Jackie. Now, are you going to let me tie you up, or you going to run home to fire-crotch like a whiny little pussy?”

“Alright, fuck it Kate. Guess if you girls need it that bad, I’d better give it to you. Just be gentle. It’s my first time.”

Feeling pleased with himself, he grinned, punctuating his words by playfully thrusting his hips towards Meggie, before leaning back to let Kate finish tying his wrists firmly to the sturdy wooden ‘throne’. Before she finished, he’d managed to get a couple of mouthfuls of Meggie’s firm breasts, much to her obvious delight, paying little attention to Kate as she secured his ankles just like she had his wrists. Of course, that was before the ball gag…

“What the… muvveh huka! Mway! Mmm! Mmmphm mmn!”
His only consolation as Kate buckled the leather strap behind his neck was that he’d made them work at getting the red rubber ball between his teeth. Struggling turned out to be pointless and, apparently amusing. He did it anyway until finally, he gave up, obviously defeated, glaring his defiance. 

“Much better. Sometimes, Jack, I get so tired of listening to your bullshit. Now, I’m going to teach you how to please a woman. From what I hear, you need a few lessons.”

With a grin, Kate took Meggie by the hand and pulled her over to the bed, pushing her playfully onto her back and climbing on top of her while Jack was forced to watch as they put on a show, more for their benefit than his…

They kissed, not sweetly nor tenderly, but hungrily, eyes half lidded, mouths pressed together, tongues dancing and exploring. He heard a deep moan as she gave Meggie’s nipple a teasing tug, answering her with a pleased sound as Meggie’s nails raked her back, living trails of pink in their wake. Hands caressed heaving breasts, fondled quivering asses, fingers tangled in hair as they shuddered with passion, moaning into each other’s mouth, hips grinding, backs arching, an erotic display of need and unquenched desire. Kisses, savage and tender, a sharp cry as Kate’s teeth found Meggie’s shoulder, another as her legs spread wider, allowing the girl with the wild brown hair to stroke her pussy until her fingers were slick with it, parting her fleshy petals and pushing them deep into her. 

Jack watched transfixed, his cock swollen painfully, trapped inside his too tight jeans, drool pooling, running down his chin, dripping onto this bare chest and clothed thighs.

“Fah!” he cried out uselessly. “Gah hamma!”

He watched as Kate held Meggie down, her mouth fastened to her nipple, making her squirm, her back arching, her legs wrapping around the darker skinned woman, giggling uncontrollably, the sound shivering into a deep moan as Kate moved slowly down her flat belly and settled between her legs, pushing her thighs slowly apart.

“Oh, god, fuck me you bitch!” Meggie cried out, her head rolling to one side, meeting Jack’s gaze with a wicked smile that left her face as quickly as it came, her eyes rolling back as Kate’s tongue delved into her wide open pussy. 

“You are one hot little fuck beast.” Kate growled, pushing the tip of one dripping wet finger against Meggie’s puckered ass, grinning at her sharp cry as she was penetrated, her fingers tangled and clenching in her dark curls. 

Meggie answered by grinding her trembling pussy against her mouth, her hips bucking as she tried to force her tongue deeper, crying out as she felt a hot wet mouth on her clit, tongue tip flickering against her swollen flesh, her nerves on fire as she was pushed closer and closer, a pair of cunt soaked fingers alternating between her tight little pussy and her even tighter ass until finally, with a shuddering exclamation, she climaxed, thrashing as white hot pleasure overtook her, stealing her senses from her until she began pleading for her lover to stop…

Jack wondered if it was possible to cum without actually touching himself… he quickly decided that yes, it was possible, and that if they’d kept up their show too much longer, he would have been in danger of shooting his load inside of his jeans, a thought he almost voiced when Meggie wobbled over to him, her thighs slick, the lips of her swollen pussy parted like an obscene invitation, her swollen nipples looking angry in contrast to her fair skin, a dazed look on her face. 

"You having fun Jack? You're one lucky boy!" Meggie giggled at Jack, playfully mussing his hair up with her fingers, touching her forehead to his. She sounded like she was still drunk, but this time, with lust rather than booze.

"Mmmmwhatmmmboutmmee?" Jack managed to mumble through the ball gag.

"You have to pee?"


"Here, hold on. I'm taking the gag off but you have to promise to be quiet. You know I like the strong silent type!" Meggie’s throaty laugh had a wicked edge to it.

"I thought we were all gonna get it on?" Jack whispered, glancing back and forth between Meggie and her partner in crime. 

Without taking her eyes from him, Kate pulled a large leather bound paddle from under one of the pillows, waving it at him cheerfully.
"Don't worry Jackie, we haven't forgotten about you. Your turn is coming up!" She smacked the paddle against her bare thigh, the sting causing her to momentarily close her eyes, open her mouth and quickly fill her lungs with air.

"Damn. This is going to hurt. Glad it’s not my ass. You’re not going to be sitting down for a few days, so you’d better enjoy it while you can.”

Dropping the paddle on the covers, she pushed herself off the bed, pausing once to kiss Meggie playfully and again to caress Jack’s cheek with her fingertips, her perfectly manicured nails catching on a hint of stubble.

"What the fuck Kate? You crazy bitch." Jack tried, once again, to work his way free without success.

"Shhhhh... Or else I'm putting the gag back on." Meggie walked over to the corner of the large playroom to a large box completely covered by a crimson colored silk sheet.

"Meggie! MEGGIE!"

"I told you to be quiet Jack!" Meggie glared, holding his gaze in hers, before turning her back on him, her attention turning to Kate as she returned, holding a black porcelain bowl with the word ‘kitty’ carefully painted on it in pink letters. 

“Nap time’s over, Kitty.” She announced, motioning for Meggie to remove the sheet, revealing a rectangular cage with stainless steel bars and a single latched door on one end in which lay curled a small blonde girl wearing a pair of tawny kitten ears and a pink collar with a bell attached. As he watched, she lifted her head, blinking sleepily as the cage door was opened and the bowl placed in front of her.


“That’s right kitty. Dinner time.”

The young woman tried to stretch in the cramped confines, wiggling her bottom slowly before lapping at the creamy contents of the bowl, apparently unaware that all eyes were upon her. Remembering Meggie’s warning, Jack kept several rude comments about pussies to himself, and the women seemed content to exchange playful touches and soft kisses as the kitten/girl enjoyed her treat. Finally, she signaled she was done with a soft ‘mew’, lifting her face to smile up at Kate, cream dripping down her chin. 

"Good girl. Does kitty want to watch too? Momma loves it when kitty watches the fun..." Kate reached through the bars, fondly scratching behind the naked girl’s ear, her words gentle.

The blonde rubbed her cheek against the bars of the cage, a soft sound that resembled a purr rumbling from somewhere inside of her, blinking curiously as she noticed, first Meggie, and then Jack, in the room.

Jack watched them fuck helplessly, cold panic settling in, unsure how long he would be tied to the chair or of what Kate and Meggie had in store for him. And to top it off, he was being stared down by a sexy little blonde in a small cage who apparently thought she was a cat. What had started out as a promising fuck-fest was slowly becoming a nightmare. 


Groaning, he turned his attention back to the cage, watching with a sense of fascination as the girl, extended her arms though the bar, her back curving, belly pressing against the steel floor in a reasonable resemblance to a cat’s stretching yawn. As she pulled herself in again, she smiled at him, tilting her head to one side. That’s when it hit him.

“Holy shit. Rachel?”

He hadn’t recognized her until now, not with the ears and the nakedness and being tipsy and having two amazingly gorgeous woman going at each other’s pussies just out of reach.


“Rachel, come let me loose. It's fucking me, your friend." 

Jack kept his voice low, not that the other women were listening. In fact, their shared moans would probably drown out all but a shout. Still, he didn’t want to draw their attention now that he thought he found a way out of this mess.

Rachel cocked her head and stared blankly at Jack before turning away and lapping at her bowl of milk again.

"Rachel! Stop fucking around! Come let me loose, this isn't cool anymore."

Rachel eyes rose, focusing on his mouth as if trying to translate his words into something meaningful, a hint of mischief in her smile. Droplets of milk clung to her chin for several seconds before plummeting to the floor as she turned her head to watch Kate and Meggie going at it on the bed, ignoring Jack to his mounting desperation. 

Clearly frustrated, he did his best to keep his words calm, not wanting to frighten the kitten… girl… whatever the hell she thought she was.
“Kitty... kitty, Come help me."

Turning her attention back to Jack, she smiled hesitantly, her brow wrinkling thoughtfully as she pointed to herself, ignoring Meggie’s grunt of pleasure as Kate pushed her tongue into her ass.

"Yes... yes, come help me kitty. Here kitty, kitty, kitty... Get your fucking ass over here!”

Reaching through the bars of her cage, the small blonde endlessly fumbled with the latch until he thought he would scream, finally opening it after countless tries. Proudly, she exited the steel box, crawling out on her hands and knees, her back curving, her ass lifted high into the air. If she had a tail, it would be pointing proudly towards the ceiling. She crawled over to Jack and started rubbing her cheek against his calf while purring loudly. 

"Rachel… umm… kitty, listen... You have to help me. Kate is scaring me talkin' about paddles 'n' shit. I just want to go home now."

"Mew?" Rachel paused just long enough gaze upwards, a puzzled look on her face, before resuming affectionately, this time rubbing against his other leg. He glanced towards the bed just in time to see Meggie's face pressed between Kate’s thighs, clearing enjoying the taste of her pussy, grinding her own against the other woman’s eager mouth. 

“Oh Jesus Christ. Look, there's a box cutter on that desk over there. Bring it to me and put it in my hand.”

Rachel turned to look, looked back at Jack with her eyes wide open looking for approval.

"Yes... Be a good kitty and bring it to me, come on kitty. GO!"

She nodded and slowly saunted over on her hands and knees, her pussy on display now that her back was turned to him, making him even harder than he’d thought possible.

"Yes, yes right there. Bring it to me."

Instead of getting the box cutter, Rachel flipped open a large leather chest by the desk and started rummaging through it.

"NO, not the box... The box cutter!" Fuck me...

She pulled out a long translucent pink dildo, holding it between her teeth, dragging it across the floor and dropping it at his feet, head tilted to one side, pride in her expression.

"NO! bad kitty!"

Knitting her brows, she tried again, this time pulling out a long thin vibrator which she managed to turn on, looking startled as it sprang to life. Playfully, she began batting it around the floor like a toy until it rolled toward him coming to rest against his shoe, buzzing softly. Gazing up at him, she smiled and nodded her head quickly, clearly pleased with herself. 

Jack frustrated, kicked the vibrator away. He mouthed the words 'box cutter' slowly, focusing his gaze on the rectangular knife, glancing over just in time to see Meggie riding Kate’s face, hands planted firmly on the woman’s tits, her head thrown back, her body trembling as another orgasm washed through her. 

Rachel blew out her cheeks, looking as frustrated as he felt before returning to the trunk, this time digging through a scary assortment of sex toys and more, before finally pulling out a leather riding crop. Clenching it between her teeth, she scrambled over to Jack and held it up to him, waiting for him to take it from her. Jack quickly shook his head and tried to wiggle free with no success, looking surprised when he let out a loud curse. 

“Fucking fuck! My Hands are tied! You’re doing this on purpose now!”

"Kitty! What are you doing out of your cage? Come to momma." 

Kate gave Jack a sharp look, her frown menacing. In the background he could hear Meggie’s moans, his eyes drown between her glistening thighs where her fingers were hard at work thrusting in and out of her drenched pussy, unwilling to let her lover’s sudden absence stop her from cumming for a third time. 

"Kitty! Drop that and come here!" 

Rachel let go of the crop, letting it settle across Jack’s thighs, and scurried towards the bed, giggling happily while Kate picked up the whip, grinning down at Jack.

“I was just going to use the paddle, you know. This is going to leave some marks. Good luck explaining them to Charlotte.”

After that, they ignored him, ignoring his occasional leering comments, his pleads to let him free, his curses, and let their appetites run free, making a meal of each other until finally he gave up and watched, the pain in his crotch growing more and more intense.

It was like some real life porn show, only hotter. He watched as Kate pushed Meggie back on the bed, straddling her face, riding her like a cowgirl. Meggie didn’t waste time burying her tongue in her cunt, slurping at her juices greedily. Rachel quickly joined it, pushing her face between Meggie’s thighs, kissing her way slowly towards the sexy brown haired girls drenched pussy, giggling when she caused her to cry out, the sound muffled my her partner in crime’s cunt.

“Good kitty, make her scream. I’ll give you a treat if you make her cum for me.”

Apparently, kitty girl liked treats. She soon had Meggie thrashing on the covers, her legs wrapped round Rachel’s torso, as the blonde girl pumped her finger in and out of her tight cunt and her tongue in and out of her tighter ass.

“Oh fuck.”

Kate gave a cry, gushing all over Meggie’s face, her juices spraying against heaving breasts. Not missing a beat, the trapped girl lapped at her dark haired pussy like the most succulent of prizes as her wild moans where smothered in cunt. It wasn’t long before her back arched impossibly and she cried out, her own orgasm shaking the bed. Jack began to wonder if it would ever stop as the blond haired nymph kept plunging her tongue into her cunt, giggling playfully when Kate tried to push her away. Obviously, she wasn’t ready to stop.

With a sigh of relief, Jack figured once they rested up they’d free him. It wasn’t too be. Round two was even more sordid as the toys came out. Kate soon had Meggie and Rachel connected by a flexible translucent red dildo with two heads. Growing more uncomfortable by the minute, he watched as they began pushing their asses together, driving the monster in, fluids leaking down the insides of their thighs. Rachel spared him a shy smile, licking her lips as her gaze fell to his parted legs, but other than that, he was ignored as the girls impaled themselves on the monster cock. Not wanting to be left out, Kate slid beneath Meggie and pressed her mouth against her clit. This time, the girls wild moans weren’t muted as the pair drove her to the brink of orgasm and kept her there until finally, she exploded in ecstasy.

Please, let it be over… Never, in all his life, had he been so eager to get away from a trio of hot, naked, sex-craved women. His luck, however, ran true to course.


“Oh, my poor kitty hasn’t cum yet, has she?”


Round three was… there were no words. If he hadn’t seen it, he wouldn’t have believed it. Somehow Kate was able to fit her clenched fist into the tiny blonde’s cunt. Slick fluids covered her forearm as she fist fucked a yowling Rachel until he wondered if the neighbors had ever complained about a cat in heat being locked inside the apartment. Meggie, apparently re-energized, joined in, twisting and pulling on the blonde’s nipples until Jack winced in sympathy.

“Come on! Cum already, you fucking bitch!” he shouted in frustration.

Moments later, his prayers were answered as Rachel went into spastic frenzy, so far gone in pleasure that her screams came out as little more than squeaks. When she finally collapsed on the bed, he let out a sigh. Surely, it was over…

“Alright Kate... okay, this has been funny. I agree this shit is funny if you aren't me but... OH MOTHERFUCKER!”

Kate spared him a glance, grinning wickedly as she pinned Meggie to the bed, tenderly kissing her, smiling gently as her mouth travelled downwards, lips to throat to breasts, where she spent what seemed like hours making love to the girl’s swollen nipples. Then onward, over ribs, flat belly, her heaving mound, until finally she found her swollen clitty and dripping pussy.

Before, it had been raw sex, but this time, it was slow, gentle, tender. Lovingly, she played Meggie like a flesh 'n' blood instrument, teasing mouth-watering moans from her lips, making her squirm and twist as her desire slowly built to a crescendo, backing off every time she neared peak, guiding her from highs to lows, each time taking her closer and closer until…

“Oooooooooooooooo nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Meggie’s orgasm was a thing of beauty, rolling through her entire body like a wave. When it finally subsided she slumped to the bed, content to let Kate and Rachel crawl on top of her and snuggle close together, much to Jack’s chagrin.

“Don’t you fucking go to sleep on me, you fucking bitches! Wake up! WAKE!"

Giggling, Kate turned her well satisfied smile on Jack and pushed herself out of the pile of well satisfied naked girls, lazily picking up the riding crop that Rachel had left earlier in her hurry to join the orgy that had taken place before his eyes. Taking a few practice swings, the leather head buzzing angrily as it cut through the air, she blew Meggie and Kitty a kiss before leaning over the Cali King, her elbows resting on his forearms, her breast tantalizingly close, her eyes intense. He could smell the sweet tang of pussy on her breath as she brushed his lips with a soft kiss.

“Don’t worry... stud. We haven’t forgotten about you. I think I'm going to have fun using this vicious little toy."

“What makes you think I’ll let you? Just wait until I free mysel--”

"Shut up," Kate's glare harder than concrete.

“There are three of us stud… I like you Jack, I really do. That's why my little kitten girl is going to give you the best blow job of your life while I turn your bottom redder than the Devils. You want to cum, don’t you?” Kate diabolically caressed Jack's cheek with the riding crop.

He swallowed nervously wondering if balls actually turned blue or if that was just a term. He felt like his might have gone to purple long ago. Kate moved the riding crop under his his chin and tilted his head up. She leaned in close and looked right into his eyes.

“Yes or no? Boy."

“Mew?” Rachel added, looking eagerly at his crotch, licking her lips with exaggerated slowness. Meggie watched from the bed, on her belly, legs bent, face in hands. All she needed was a tub of popcorn.

Jack stared back at Kate for several seconds before answering. "Do your worst, bitches."

With that, Rachel rolled off the bed and eagerly crawled over to Jack while a wide, twisted grin crept onto Kate's face...

1:18 AM

Jack pulled the Chevy Silverado into the drive, groaning as he poured himself out of the car, limping up the apartment steps. Fumbling for his keys, he unlocked the door, shutting it carefully behind him and heading straight to the bedroom, careful not to make too much noise and wake Charlotte. Thankfully, she was curled up under the covers, her red hair hiding her face. Breathing a soft sigh of relief, he retreated back to the living room and passed out, fully dressed, on the couch.

Hearing him leave, Charlotte lifted her head slightly, her hazel eyes peering at the softly lit doorway, managing to stifle her giggle at the sight of Jack’s back as he beat a hasty retreat from the room. Moments later, her phone buzzed softly with a message. One she had been expecting.

Kate: Hook, line and sinker. I think the Cali kitten just had a night he'll never forget. That was easier than I thought. Meggie is the best lure I have, girl. Let me know if you'll be needing to teach Jackie boy another lesson any time soon.

A smile played over Charlotte's face as she let her lids drift back down over her eyes. Moments later she was lost in her own private dreamland.

The End

A few notes on the process of writing Whores, Lies, and Sinker... I believe it was Magical Felix that brought up the idea of collaborating, but I grabbed onto it quick. We worked out a quick sketch of what the story would be and than he sat down and wrote out the first version and sent it over to me. Most of his original dialogue remains, while I tinkered, sometimes lightly, sometimes heavily with the scenes he gave me and added the actual sex scenes. What you just read (and hopefully enjoyed) was a true 50/50 venture, one which we both enjoyed enough to keep the possibility of another such tale open. Thank you to Meggie and Kate for letting us 'use' them and for Jack for making this such an easy and fun story to write.


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