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Positive Thinking

A little pushing from her online mistress helps Katie realize her kinky desires
“I don’t think I ever could, Mistress.” My fingers flitted across the keyboard, my bottom lip captured tightly between my front teeth.

“So you’re comfortable with spending your life in the closet, admiring girls from the far and settling into a relationship with a guy you’ll not even like that much, just to keep up with the illusion, little one?” That was cruel, stabbing her finger into the wound I had laid bare. The smiley with a raised eyebrow she sent didn’t make it better.

“Yes!” I sent back, immediately followed by “No!”

Then she didn’t answer for a minute, and I sighed and started to type a longer sentence. “It’s just so hard. I’ll become an outsider, the other girls will avoid or ridicule me, and I can’t even start to imagine what happens if my parents found out.”

“Then let me help you.”

“Help how?” I took another sip from the rosé wine that was the reason for our current discussion. I usually didn’t drink much, and least of all at home, but today I had broken the unwritten rule. Getting a “C” in advanced psychology, learning that you can’t go home over the holidays because your parents are going on an extended business trip and being informed that your employer is going to close down, all in the course of two hours, will do that to you. My morale hit rock bottom, and with my flat-mates off at the library, I had no one but Darksapphire, my online friend, to whom I could pour my heart out. After two glasses of wine and a lot of self-pitying, that’s what I had done.

“We need to get you more comfortable with yourself, and with being around other girls. You told me you always avoid going out with your flat-mates. Locking yourself up in your room and spending all the time either studying or online can’t be healthy. Let’s play a game.”

She was right in all her points, I was aware of that. But ever since I had discovered my feelings for Linda, my gorgeous, funny, cynical, athletic flat-mate with her black bob-cut and pierced eyebrow, I had avoided girls’ nights like the plague, too fearful I might trip up and say or do something that would expose my lesbian thoughts.

Then I became aware of the last sentence she had written and took in a deep breath. In the weeks we had been chatting online, that suggestion had become a synonym for “I’ll make you do something kinky.” I can’t remember exactly how it had started, I had stumbled into this chat room for girls who liked girls and been instantly bombarded with popups. Hers was the only message that consisted of full sentences, we got talking, and one moment we had been chatting amiably about what we liked most about girls, the next she had made that suggestion, and five minutes later I had been sitting in front of the computer with my t-shirt bunched up around my neck and tweaking my nipples at her commands.

“A game?” I typed back, a little hesitantly. Our games, up to now, had gotten steadily more intimate, from sitting bare-chested to being completely naked, and what had started out as simple commands to touch myself had grown into controlled masturbation sessions for me. Darksapphire would tell me exactly when and how to touch myself and describe my reactions in minute detail, and I loved the feeling it gave me, giving her the control of my body for some time. She was quite adept at that too, and she tended to have me stroke and fondle myself for ages, horny like hell and desperate to climax, before allowing me to touch the parts that really mattered. I had even sent her close-up photos from my pussy, my lips spread wide and exposing the soft pink wetness between, and of my nipples, hard and moist from the ice cube she had suggested I tease them with. It had felt lewd, kinky, and most of all exhilarating. And lately she had even managed to extend those games to my daily routine by talking me into going to classes without underwear.

“A game,” she confirmed, “let’s call it the positive thinking game.”

“And how is that game supposed to be played?” My fingers flew over the keyboard, but my heart was already beating even faster. I didn’t know how she was able to push just the right buttons with a few words.

“You know that is not how it works. Will you play?”

I chewed my lip. My fingers hovered over the keys while I fought an inner battle that I was slowly losing. Then I typed, just three letters. And hit send before I could think about it.

“Good little pet.”

My breath was getting faster, a delicious mix of excitement and anxiety making my heart beat hard in my chest. I waited while the little box in corner told me ‘darksapphire is typing’. It took ages, and I started fidgeting.

“So here are the rules,” her words finally appeared, “you’ll go out with your flat mates. You’ll not wear panties or a bra, and you’ll choose a short skirt and a tight top. No stockings. Heels, at least two inches, you need to show off those toned calves more. And now to the most important rules: you are to answer all their questions with complete honesty. If they ask you or tell you to do something, you will do it. No evading, no protesting, no talking yourself out of it, no matter what it is. If they ask you whether you like it, you do.”

I swallowed hard. That might turn out far more intense than anything we had done before. And it left, for the first time, besides the no-panties rule, the protective confines of my own room. I typed slowly. “But what if I don’t like it?”

A grinning smiley answered me, followed by, “It doesn’t matter. You enjoy being pulled outside of your comfort zone. One way or another, you will like it. Or am I not right?”

Fuck. She knew me too well. And I had already agreed, after all. No way out. Of course, I could simply make up a story and pretend, but that wasn’t me. And it would take the edge from further games. No, I needed to go through with it.

“You are, of course, right. As always.”

“That’s my good pet. When are your flat-mates supposed to be back?”

“Around five.”

“Two hours. Perfect.”


“There’s enough time to get you hot and bothered. What are you wearing right now?”

Another game before the game. I think I knew where this was going. “White cotton briefs, the kind that sits low on the hips. And a matching bra.”

“That will do. You’ll keep like this until five and do whatever you are supposed to do, clean, cook, whatever. Don’t change into different clothes a minute before. And I want you to diddle that horny snatch of yours every fifteen minutes, but don’t come, no doing it inside your room, and also no stopping the routine before you’ve done the five o’clock diddling.”

This was escalating things too. “But what if they get back early?”

“Then they’ll catch you in your undies, with a wet spot between your legs. So what?”

“They’ll think I’m a slut!”

“Aren’t you?”

Only in my mind, I wanted to shout. But she had made her point. And the thought of Linda and Eve catching me like that made me hot.


By the time five o’clock rolled around, I was a mess. Doing the dishes, sweeping the floor and doing laundry in just my underwear gave a whole new meaning to housework. My eyes would flicker to the windows time and time again, fearful that someone might be looking inside and see me like this, and I was constantly listening for keys turning the lock of the front door. I glanced at my watch every few minutes, looking forward to and dreading the hand announcing my next diddling obligation. Which I didn’t just fulfill by touching my snatch a few times, no, that was not who I am. I rubbed and teased myself as close to coming as I dared, feeling the heat build up between my legs until it spread all over my body, little beads of sweat appearing on my forehead, my pussy walls clenching and my clit throbbing, and only when the tell-tale ball of fire formed in my loins did I pull my hand away and try to get my composure back.

In short, I was following darksapphire’s orders to the letter, and in the span of two hours, I had masturbated in the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, on the stairs and - the thought alone had me almost lose self-control right then - in Linda’s room, when I put the finished wash from the dryer on her dresser.

Now I was in the laundry room, a small, windowless chamber at the back of the house, having just returned the empty clothes basket and rubbing my slit through my soaked briefs again. They were almost transparent in the front, and if I pressed down while rubbing, I could hear small slurping noises. My pussy lips were swollen, and every touch sent wonderful tingles through my body that almost made my knees falter.

A small cough right behind me made me jump and turn around in shock, my hand pressing down hard on pussy in a reflex. Linda was standing right in front of me, black leather trousers and a tight Rolling Stones t-shirt accentuating her perfect shape. She must have entered through the back door, and I chastised myself for not locking it. Her eyes were wide, and as she slowly looked me up and down I could see the astonishment written all over her face. In a self-conscious motion I pulled my hand away from my snatch, only to feel her gaze come to rest there. As she lifted her eyebrow I realized that I had exposed the moist front side, and even more embarrassing, she could plainly see my pussy lips through it. A smirk tugged up one corner of her mouth.

I hastily put my hand in front of it again, making sure I didn’t touch myself this time. I felt close to fainting. Yes, this was something I had been fantasizing about, but reality had its own rules, and I felt naked and small and ugly under her eyes. I hoped she wouldn’t think I was some kind of pervert that she didn’t want to live in the same house with.

“Tsk, tsk, so this is how our uptight little flat-mate spends her time when we are away.”

I tried to say something, but then felt the heat spreading over my skin and only stood there, gaping, feeling like a fool.

“And you’re shaven,” she remarked, her eyes darting downwards for a second, “I wouldn’t have thought that.”

She made no attempt to leave, and I just stood there, frozen like a deer in the headlights, unable to turn my burning face away from her eyes. Eyes that seemed to be drilling holes into my mind, pulling out silent answers to questions I couldn’t hear. She tilted her head to the side and I could almost hear the gears in her head whirling. Then her lips parted slightly, and I could hear a whispered, “oh!” escape. Which only heightened my self-consciousness.

She slowly walked around me, and I was unable to move. I looked down at the floor while I listened to her soft steps slowly orbiting around me. Her feet came back into few, but she didn’t stop, circling me once more. My flush spread down to my stomach. She didn’t stop the second time either, but when she was right behind me, she shouted, “Eve, look what I’ve found in the laundry room!”

“Coming!” Eve’s reply took only an instant, then I heard her feet platter on the tiles of the hallway. Seconds later she stood in front of me, a bit out of breath. At first she didn’t notice anything off, but then Linda’s hand touched my arm and applied soft pressure.

She wanted me to expose my soaked underwear to our other flat-mate. And I followed her silent urging, the blood rushing in my ears as I did so.

“Oh my god,” she exclaimed when she noticed my predicament, “she was getting herself off in the laundry room?” It was a rhetorical question. “Naughty, naughty little Katie.”

The way she pronounced it, drawn out and meant to tease, sent little twitches through my pussy, and I had a hard time fighting the urge to touch it in front of the two girls.

“I think you should take a shower and dress,” Linda commented from behind me, “you stink like a whorehouse.”

A soft splat sounded, and a moment later my right buttock stung. I yelped and jumped a little.

“Off you go,” she commanded.

Oh my god! Linda had just spanked my backside. But she was right, my arousal was filling the air in the tiny chamber. My legs trembled as I took the first step forward, not looking at Eve as I maneuvered around her and fled from the room. Once outside of their eyes, I started to race down the hall, up the stairs and into my room, smashing the door closed and leaning my back onto it. I was breathing hard, as if I had run a marathon, and my mind was a whirlwind of stray thoughts and emotions.


Showering helped a bit to calm me. At least at first, once my body and hair were clean again, the patter of the drops on my skin started to get exciting and I had to leave the safe space of the cubicle and face reality again.

I thought about which clothes to put on while I blow-dried my hair. That wasn’t normally something I put much energy into unless I was leaving the house. But it was too early to dress for the evening. For a moment I contemplated just putting on my bra and fresh panties. I giggled. Now that my adrenaline levels had returned to normal, the whole incident seemed like having watched a movie. But, once finished with my hair and having pulled it into a loose ponytail, I still hadn’t solved the clothes problem.

I wrapped a towel around my body, went into my bedroom and rummaged through my wardrobe. The jogging trousers and a t-shirt? Somehow, despite this being one of my regular leisure outfits, it didn’t appeal to me. Shorts? Jeans? I just didn’t know.

Just then, Linda’s voice sounded through the closed door.


A lump formed in my throat and my nervousness was back.

Linda knocked on the door. “Katie?”

“Uhm, yeah?”

“Can I come in?”

My heart started to beat faster. “Yes. Yes, come in.”

The door opened slowly, and I couldn’t look at her. Instead, I pretended to shuffle a few clothes around in the wardrobe, showing her my side and watching her from the corners of my eyes. She sat down on the bed and looked at me for a minute. Finally, I gave up my pretense, closed the wardrobe and turned around, leaning my back against the door.

“Listen, Katie,” she sounded really concerned, “I’m sorry if I came on a bit strong earlier. I shouldn’t have made fun of you.” She bit her lip, and it was just so cute. I wanted to jump her.

“No, it’s - it’s okay, really.” I hoped I sounded more convincing to her than to me, the mix of insecurity and need making my voice tremble.

“Really?” A hint of relief tugged her lips upwards.

“Really. It’s fine.” Somehow I found a measure of boldness. “And I guess I really begged for it, it’s not as if you were off the mark.”

Now it was Linda who was looking for words. “You mean - really? You did?”

My Mistress’ rules. No lying. “Uh-huh.” I nodded, red color rising to my cheeks.

She started at me intensely, but then an expression flittered over her face that I hadn’t seen before, and she became uncomfortable. “So no hard feelings?”

“No hard feelings,” I acknowledged, meeting her gaze and trying to convey my truthfulness.

Eve’s head appeared in the doorframe at that moment. “You done, lovebirds? I’ve made sandwiches and salad, if you can tear yourselves away from each other.”

“Coming,” Linda pushed herself off the bed, “I’m famished.”

I looked at myself in the mirror while I listened to two pairs of footsteps pattering down the stairs. “Whatever!” I snubbed at my image and turned towards the door. If they had seen me in my soppy, see-through undies, they would well survive seeing me wrapped in a towel.


When I arrived at the table wrapped in a towel, Eve lifted an eyebrow but didn’t say anything. A platter with sandwiches was in the middle, a bowl with tomato salad with Greek cheese next to it. My stomach rumbled and I snatched a sandwich, plopping down on the free chair and taking a big bite. I only now realized how famished I was and closed my eyes in delight. “Mmmm, that’s delicious!”

“Thanks, Katie.”

“Here you go,” Linda chimed in, having put a good serving of salad in front of me.


I was all focused on eating for a few minutes. It was an evasion tactic, I admit, but hey, it worked. For a time. Then I became aware of the silence. Our meals were normally filled with incessant chattering, but not today. I looked up and saw my housemates watching me intently, both chewing slowly, their eyes only straying from me to exchange meaningful looks. I blushed. It was silly, but I felt nude, as if the towel wasn’t even there. I had to do something.

“You guys going out tonight?”

“Yeah,” Linda grinned, “we’re planning to hit that new club, the Plum Factory, tonight. Why?”

There goes nothing. “Can I - can I come along?”

Eve almost choked on her sandwich and needed a big gulp of apple juice to clear her airways. “Oh, wow, it’s a day of firsts!”

I smiled, albeit a little insecure. “Well, I think I should get out more.”

“Of course you can come.” Linda was excited. “It’s going to be a hoot. I think it’s been more than a year that all three of us went partying together.”

We finished eating, my friends now chipper that I’d tag along with them, and they entertained me with tales of nights at the clubs and hear-say descriptions of the new one we were going to visit. It had apparently opened a month ago, without much fanfare, but had already become a major attraction. Eve hinted that they were picky about their customers, but they wouldn’t elaborate on that, only ensuring me that I wouldn’t have any problems getting in. I would hate to be turned away and spoil their evening.

“What are you going to wear?” Linda inquired. She was probably, and with good reason, a bit fearful I might wear my regular outfit of jeans and a loose t-shirt. But tonight I had my rules.

“I think I’ll wear a mini-skirt and a tank top.”

“Good idea. Don’t you still have that pink outfit from the Halloween party two years ago?”

I think I stared at Eve for quite some time while my thoughts raced. I did have that outfit. She and Linda had almost had to force me to buy it, and I had felt quite silly in it at the party, which had turned out quite lame. It had been a few houses down the road, only locals, the music was just as bad as the speakers, and they had run out of beer at ten and non-alcoholics at eleven. We had gone home a little after that.

“Uhm yes,” I admitted, “I still have it. But I have filled out a bit since then. It won’t fit anymore.”

“Nonsense,” Linda reprimanded me, “of course it will fit. It was a bit loose anyway.”

“Okay,” I agreed, a little meek but forcing a smile, thinking of my online Mistress’ orders.

“Perfect! It’s seven now, what says we meet down here at half past eight?”

Both Eve and I voiced our agreements, and the two of them were off to their rooms, while I put the dishes in the washer like had become our routine. I didn’t mind that.

Back in my room, I still had little more than an hour to kill, so I sat down in front of my laptop and opened the chat. Darksapphire wasn’t online, but I typed a message to her nonetheless, describing in minute detail what had transpired downstairs. It was probably a bad idea, because doing so brought back the wicked feelings, and I caught myself a few times running my fingers up and down between my legs and staring blankly at the screen. And I completely forgot the time. It was only the banging of a door that pulled me from my fantasies, and I quickly sent the message and closed the laptop.

Thank god that the pink outfit was where I thought it would be, because I had only five minutes left. I dropped the towel and slipped into the skirt. It was neon pink, and it was really short - shorter than I remembered, ending just a couple of inches below my crotch. I’d have to be very, very careful about moving too quickly in the skimpy thing. The top, once I had pulled it over my chest, wasn’t any better. The last time I had worn it, it was slightly form-fitting. Now it was more than skin-tight, stretching over the smallish orbs of my tits and, worst of all, my tight nipples. The material was thin enough to not leave anything to the imagination. I had never worn anything that exposing before.

Then a small wave of panic caught me. Shoes! The two pairs with heels I owned were a black and a white one, none of which would go well with the pink. For Halloween I’d just put on my pink trainers, but those were ruled out tonight. I had to ask Eve. It’s actually funny that we are the same shoe size, with her being five inches taller than me. I sometimes envied her, the small feet looking so delicate on her long legs.

So I gave my hair a few strokes with the brush and traipsed down the stairs, conscious to move slow enough not to expose too much of my lower body.

Linda and Eve were already there, and I could identical grins tucking on their mouths. Linda wore her dark brown leather trousers, skin tight and glistening, and a tight army-style t-shirt, making look like she jumped right of an Underworld movie. Eve, in contrast, had put on her dark green chinese dress, with a high collar and a tear-shaped opening at the front that exposed just a bit of her cleavage. The dress ended above her ankles and had a slit at the side. Her shoes matched the dress’ color and had incredibly high heels. She almost towered over me with the additional height.

“See,” Eve exclaimed, “I told you it would still fit perfectly!”

I blushed. “Can I - can I borrow a pair of shoes from you, Eve? Mine don’t work with the pink.”

“Of course,” she immediately agreed, “and while we’re at it, we’ll add some makeup and do something about your hair.”

I wasn’t big on makeup, and I liked my hair falling down freely, thank you very much. But tonight was different, and so I just smiled and said, “of course Eve, I’d love that!”

I let myself get pulled up the stairs again, and moments later I was sat on the stool in front of Eve’s dresser, though with my back to the mirror. “No peeking ahead of time,” she told me and set to work, “close your eyes and let me do my job.”

Having my makeup done like this was a new experience. I never knew where my face would be touched next. Eve applied lipstick, eyeshade, rouge and a few other things I couldn’t put my finger on. Somewhere in between I felt a hand on my left foot and could barely suppress a gasp. The sharp scent of nail polish filled my nose. I’d never painted my toenails before.

It made me feel like a pampered princess, and knowing that the soft fingers holding my foot in position were Linda’s had me struggling not to moan. The same was repeated with my other foot, then I was told to extend my fingers and keep them still while they received a painting too. My feet slipped into something cool and smooth, and then straps were wound around my ankle, once, twice, three times, ending quite a bit above it. The procedure was repeated with the other foot, and it felt equally delicious.

A light pulling started on the hair at one side of my head, at the same time a wet point traced the outline of my lips. I could only hope that my hard breathing and flushed cheeks didn’t betray any of the wicked emotions inside me. The hair on the other side was pulled and twisted for a bit too, then I felt the familiar tugging of mascara and almost flinched when the kohl was applied. A loud hissing noise startled me, but it was only hairspray.

And then they declared me finished, and, both giggling like schoolgirls, they pulled me upright and led me, precariously balancing on heels higher than anything I had worn before, through the room, telling me repeatedly to keep my eyes closed.

My heart was beating in my chest when Eve told me I could look. I was standing in front of the full-size mirror in her wardrobe door, and a stranger looked back at me. My hair was done in braids at the sides of my head which were fastened with pink flower clips. My lips and eyes, even my cheeks and lashes, were done in pink, matching my dress. A few strands of hair were left loose at the side of my face and sprayed pink. The eyeshade was done quite generously, and I felt a bit sluttish. And then there were the shoes - I think the heel was more than four inches high, and they were all straps, starting at my toes and running up to my calves. Like pretty pink bondage restraints for my feet!

I gasped. “Oh my god. Wow!”

Eve giggled. “That was fun. And pink is definitely your color.”

Linda was watching my mirror image over my shoulder. I wasn’t sure, but I thought she was looking especially close at my nipples, which started to tighten and throb. When she bent close to my ear and whispered, “Bad little Katie, not wearing panties with that flimsy skirt,” my knees almost gave out, and I could see my reflection’s lips form an embarrassed “oh”. For a moment I fantasized she would reach around me and grab my tits, berate me for being so naughty, and pull me over her knees to give me a deserved spanking.

Instead, she stepped to the side and whispered something to Eve that made them both giggle. I blushed, and only then realized that I couldn’t see it on my face. Because the way Eve had colored my cheeks, it looked as if I was in a constant blush already.

The next half hour went in blur, and before I knew it, we were at the entrance of the club. The bouncer was female, but big and broad enough to fill her role well. Eve and Linda were waved into the club without a second look, but when it was my turn, I had to show my id.

But I finally got inside and was immediately enveloped in the soft, deep drums of a slow trance track that filled the dimly lit interior. Linda pulled me through the crowds to a table, and a moment later, Eve was also there, three cocktails in her hands. A mojito, I realized, for Linda, a screwdriver for herself and something unknown but decidedly pink for me. We hopped onto the barstools and clinked our glasses, their giddiness infectious.

“To a wild night!” Linda exclaimed, and we echoed the words.

The alcohol went directly into my brain. Fifteen minutes later my nervousness had completely settled, and we were chatting amiably about school, work and friends.

We were laughing about a particularly funny incident at college that had happened a week ago and I’d had the luck to watch, where Jessie Brighton had failed to see a shopping trolley behind her car when she reversed out of the parking lot. The trolley had shot off like a rocket across the empty space and almost hit our arts teacher, Miss Grey, who had managed to jump to the side but dropped the stack of papers clasped in her hands into the trolley. The parking lot sloped a bit, and the trolley was running off with her papers, so she ran after it in pursuit, shouting for it to stop. The whole scene was hilarious, and we all had tears in our eyes when I was finished with my retelling.

“You know, Katie,” Linda suddenly watched me intently, most of the laughter gone from her face, “what I really want to know?”

“Uhm, no?” The switch in mood was sudden.

“Do you do that all the time, diddle yourself around the house in your underwear?”

I think all color drained from my face. “Uh - oh - no,” was all I managed to stammer.

“Something’s different about you lately,” she observed, leaning close to me across the table, “and I’m curious. Did you want to be caught?”

I shook my head, to afraid I might stutter. Eve also leaned in, watching me with curious eyes.

“But you were caught. You knew we’d be around at this time. You could have gone to your room and had all the privacy you needed. Why didn’t you?”

There it was. The speed of my heartbeat reached new levels, and I prayed for the ground to open up and swallow me. It didn’t.

I took a deep breath instead. I had to fess up. But perhaps they’d just make a little fun of me and be okay with it. “I was ordered to.” I hung my head and stared a hole into the table.

There was silence. Long and drawn out. I knew the next question was inevitable.

It was Eve who asked it. “By whom?”

“By -” I swallowed, total honesty, damn, “by my online Mistress.” There it was, just a few words, but enough to tell them all they needed to know about my kinky same-sex fantasies. My lower lip started to tremble. They’d probably scramble to get as far from their perverted housemate as they could.

Somehow they didn’t immediately, but it might just be the shock or curiosity, I surmised.

“Look at me!” Linda’s voice was almost a growl, and without thinking, I did so.

“You’re a lesbian?”

I nodded, biting my lip to keep it from giving away my dread.

“And a submissive?”

Another nod, and the almost unbearable urge to hide my face.

“My, my. And all this time we thought of you as our innocent, nerdy housemate.” Eve looked off into space, a strange glint in her eyes.

Linda’s face didn’t betray any of the revulsion I had feared to see either, so there was room for hope. “You enjoyed being caught, didn’t you? It made you wet!”

I gasped. And nodded. Hesitated for a moment, then nodded again. They were stripping me bare with their questions, and the throbbing heat that built up in my pussy made me squirm on my seat.

I thought the questions would continue, but suddenly I was yanked out of my self-conscious mood and physically off the barstool.

“Let’s go dancing,” Eve exclaimed and pulled me onto the dance floor. It was already crowded, but she found a free spot and immediately started to twist and wiggle to the sound. It took me a bit to get into the music, a faster track this time, but finally I relaxed into the beat and mirrored her motions. Linda appeared next to us, her movements slower but sensuous, and when she threw back her head, her black hair swishing through the air, her eyes closed, all I wanted to do was press my body to hers.

Eve grabbed my hand and twirled me around. My skirt flew around me, and belatedly, with more than a little shock, I noticed that the movement must have bared everything down south. I wanted to tell her to stop, but she was already spinning me the other way, and at that moment that kinky feeling returned. I was showing off, baring my naked bum and pussy to whomever might be looking!

Then it was Linda’s turn to twirl and spin me. They were quite aware what they were doing, I was sure. And I basked in the glory of the naughty adventure. The song reached a crescendo, then stopped and changed to a slow, hypnotic beat, and Linda gave me a mighty twirl and let go, too fast for my clumsy feet, and I stumbled, my hands trying to grab onto empty air.

Fear welled up in my chest, any moment I’d crash to the floor, hit my face, sprain my ankle.

But I was caught before anything could happen, and suddenly found my back pressed hard against Eve, her arms encircling me. She swayed softly now, and I couldn’t do anything but follow her movements.

Then Linda was in front of me, and my heart stopped when her fingers reached out and came to rest on my bared hips. She kept them there for a moment and looked deeply into my captivated eyes. She looked hungry, and then her fingernails trailed up my body, brushed against the sides of my breasts and over my shoulders, only to run down my arms. My skin turned into a field of goosebumps. ‘Oh my god’ was all I could think. She bent close, and my heart did somersaults. She was going to kiss me!

But at the last moment her head moved to the side and further up. I tilted my head back against Eve’s shoulder and gasped. She and Linda were kissing, with me sandwiched between them! Then a wave of jealousy swept through me, followed by a tearing feeling in my chest. The kiss was sensuous, intensive, and they looked perfect together. A tear trickled down my cheek.

The pulled apart with a smacking sound and Linda looked down at me, her cheeks flushed and her lips full and ripe. Another tear follow the first, and a dam broke.

“Oh shit,” she whispered, not audible over the loud music, but I could read her lips even through my blurred eyes.

She took my hand and pulled me after her, away from the dance floor, between the table and into a dimly lit corridor where the music became only a dim rumbling.

“Shit, shit, shit,” she exclaimed, now louder. “Oh god, Katie, please stop crying. I didn’t mean to…” The look she sent me was full of warmth and regret.

“It’s - it’s okay,” I sobbed, “you couldn’t - couldn’t have known.” I looked at the floor, there was a corner chipped off from one of the grey tiles.

“Bullshit. I should have been more sensitive. You had a crush on me all this time, didn’t you?”

I nodded. The tears dripped from my chin.

Her soft fingers covered my cheeks, and I was forced to look up at her. The warmth was still there in her eyes. Eve stood behind her, I hadn’t seen her come with us, too wrapped up in the misery of the moment, and she had her head on Linda’s shoulder, her face full of concern. She whispered something into her ear which made Linda shake her head, then some more energetic whispering, and finally Linda appeared to relent and nodded. Eve smiled.

Linda took a deep breath and seemed suddenly a bit insecure herself. “Okay, Katie, I’m not sure if this is a good idea, but Eve seems to think it is. I’ll blame it all on her if this goes wrong, though I’d hate to see you hurt.”

I watched her expectantly. Something meaningful was going on. My tears ebbed and I held my breath.

“You’re a pretty little thing, Eve and I both think so.”

My pulse quickened.

“But we’re already an item, and we’re happy with each other.”

Where was this going? A gentle let-down? I bit my lip and tried to appear strong, but my mind and heart were a twisting, churning mess.

“We don’t want or need a third equal partner.” Seeing the misery take hold of me again, she quickly added, “Stop! Let me finish!”

I nodded, trying to hold on to the tiny strand of hope that was dissolving between my fingers.

“But we’ve both been fantasizing about having a little submissive plaything that we share equally. We’re both quite dominant, and it sometimes puts a bit of a strain on our relationship. Eve thinks you might be the solution to those desires.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. To be Linda’s plaything? Even if it meant submitting to Eve too? Hell yes!

Eve giggled, and I realized I had said that out loud.

“Well,” Linda’s lips formed a grin, “it looks like her gut instincts are better than mine. Let’s see what we’ll be getting.”

With that, she went to my left side, Eve to my right, and before I knew what was happening, Linda had pulled up my skirt to expose my naked pubes. Her fingers snaked over my pussy, and I slumped back against the wall, my knees turning into jelly. This was exactly what I had been daydreaming about.

Eve’s hand roamed over my stomach and I gasped and closed my eyes. Oh my god, this was delicious.

“Whatever happens, keep your eyes closed!” I had to strain my ears to comprehend Eve’s whispered order, but I quickly nodded. Fabric scraped over my tits, then cool air hit my nipples and turned them even harder. Deft fingers cupped my tits, pinched my nipples and pulled them. Linda’s fingers slipped deeper into my folds and made me moan, then one fingertip trailed over my engorged clit and started to flick it, each touch making my whole body tremble with desire.

Footsteps approach our position, the clicking of heels coming closer and closer. “Oh my god,” I moaned, knowing that the owner, whoever she was, had an unhindered view of my lewdness. She stopped right in front of us.

“Show us all what a little slut you are,” Eve whispered into my ear.

When the stranger’s melodic voice commented, “How cute,” it became too much for me. Linda’s nail scratched lightly over my clit, and I exploded. I cried out my release, waves of lust washing through my body like I had never felt before, my hearing filled with the racing beat of my heart, and I shuddered and gasped and moaned.

It felt like ages until the tremors stopped shaking my body. An exhilarated, floating feeling swept through me, and I couldn’t stay on my legs anymore. I slid down the wall and tried to get back my breath, my legs bent and spread, my top bunched up above my tits.

“You can open your eyes now, little one.” Eve stroked my head softly.

I looked up and gasped. The stranger was still there, a woman perhaps in her mid-thirties, in a business skirt and blouse, with a soft oval face, short brown hair and glasses.

“A pretty little slut you have here,” she complimented my flat mates.

“Thanks,” Eve replied with a sly smile, “we just got her, but she will be so much fun to play with.”

Normally, after a big O, I’m spent and done with sex for half an hour at least, but my pussy didn’t seem to remember that fact, clenching when I heard those words.

“Well, have fun,” the woman said with a smile, “and thanks for the show. It was inspiring.”

“You’re welcome,” Linda chimed and waved, “have fun too. I think we’ll move our fun back home.”


Getting to the car happened in a bit of a blur for me, I was still dizzy from the intensity of the events. All I know is that someone, probably Eve, pulled my top down, then a bit of stumbling, and when I got back my bearings I was seated in the back of Eve’s old truck with Linda next to me.

“How long?” Linda wanted to know.

I bit my lip. “Since - since the day we moved in.” Seeing how big her eyes got, I hastily added, “But I wasn’t really sure until after Christmas!”

She threw back her head and laughed. “Oh Katie, that was still one and a half years ago.”

“And?” In inquired, feeling insecure and crossing my arms in front of me.

“And? And think of all the fun we could have had in that time! And all the times Eve slipped into my room, or I into hers, and we had to turn up that crappy music so loud so you didn’t hear us. We couldn’t understand our own words!”

Now it was my turn to laugh. “So you weren’t drunk and didn’t stumble against furniture all the time? I really thought you couldn’t get enough at all the parties you went to.”

“Well,” Linda’s eyes narrowed cat-like. “We couldn’t get enough alright. It was just something different from booze.”

We both giggled.

“So what turns you on?” She suddenly changed the topic.

My giggles died in my throat. Confession time again. I took a deep breath and was glad for all the online discussions with darksapphire. Without them, I’d probably have stammered like a fool. “Being told to do things. Darksapphire says I’m a true sub, whatever that means. Being exposed. Being forbidden to come. A bit of pain, like clothespins on my nipples. I guess being tied up too, but I couldn’t really try that on my own.”

“Ever done pet play?” Eve asked from the driver’s seat.

I shook my head, then remembered that she probably couldn’t see that. “No, I haven’t. But I’ve read a few stories about it.”

While we talked, Linda’s hand had somehow found its way to my thigh and had started to stroke up and down my soft skin. Now she pulled up my skirt and tugged the hem into the waistband, then her index finger lightly brushed over my pussy lips. “What’s your kinkiest fantasy?”

I stared at her, my heart beating hard. Could I? No! I shook my head. “I can’t tell you.”

Her hand started to rub over my pussy, and it felt delicious. “And why is that?”

“It’s - it’s kinky. And private.” I turned my head away and looked out the window, trying to appear composed, but the fingers between my legs almost made blurt out my secret.

“Tell me.” It was just a whisper.

“I can’t!”

“Tell me. Now!” Her voice was louder, sharp, and each syllable made me tremble.



She wouldn’t let it go. But it would expose how dirty my mind really was. She might find the idea sick to the bone. Her fingernail scratched across my clit.

“Pee,” I croaked, “I’m being peed on,” I coughed and swallowed, but my voice faded into nothing more but a soft whisper, “by you.” I went stiff and watched her fearfully. She looked deep into my eyes for a moment, and I just knew that this had been too much. She would pull my skirt down and we’d never, ever talk about tonight.

Instead, she moved with lightning speed. Before I could take in what she was doing, she had stripped out of her trousers and panties, opened the hatch of my seat belt, spread her legs, grabbed my braids and pulled me to my knees on the floor in front of her.

“Lick me!” Her voice was deep, throaty, full of urgent need.

I stared at her pubes. This was it, at long last, my first time of tasting pussy! She was even prettier than I had fantasized. Her pubes almost completely shaven, just a small strip of short, dark hair above it, her outer lips thick and slightly opened, exposing the rosy sweetness in between. Thin, glittering threads of moisture connected her inner and outer labia and glittered in the light from the street lamps that rushed by. Every heartbeat felt like a drum inside my chest as I lowered my head to her altar of pleasure. I tentatively stuck out my tongue and licked a line from the bottom of her slit to the top. It was a new taste, musky, with a hint of sweetness and even a slight sharpness. It reminded me of ginger, honey and cinnamon.

I got more daring and repeated the motion with more pressure. Her soft moan told me I was doing the right thing. Again, a long lick, and then I twisted my tongue a bit and licked first one lip, then the other, then right in the center again. Her breathing got faster.

“Oh god yes, Katie, just like that, don’t stop!”

I had no intention to. This was what I dreamed about for endless nights in the secrecy of my bedroom. I kept up the long strokes, getting faster just as her breathing did. Her hands were kneading her tits through her t-shirt, and her moans got louder every few seconds. My face cheeks and chin were wet from her moisture. Extending my tongue as far as I could, I wiggled it into her satiny hole, and the way her breath hitched she loved it. So I alternated, licking and tongue-fucking her. Her thighs started to tremble next to my head, and I knew it wasn’t long now.

I knew what to do, playing with myself for hours so often had taught me quite a bit. So I moved my tongue upwards, made my tongue stiff and quickly flicked it over her engorged little nub, and the new sensation drew a long wail of pleasure from her throat.

“Ngghhyesss,” she groaned, her words broken by wonderful, high-pitched, keening sounds, “don’t - don’t - oh my god! Suck it!” Her hands gripped my head and pushed my face hard against her sex.

And I did. I wrapped my lips around her little pleasure nub and sucked for all I was worth. One second, two, and then her body went stiff and started to tremble. Her fingernails dug into my skull, but I didn’t mind. The only thing that mattered was to give my love a wonderful, earthshaking orgasm.

“Yes!” She cried out. Her legs clamped around my head and her body started to shake like mad. I kept on sucking as best as I could, and she trembled and moaned. It was glorious.

I think it took almost a minute until her trembling eased and her legs relaxed. She softly pushed me away. I looked up at her and my heart contracted. She look incredibly beautiful, her eyes glassy and huge, her cheeks aflame, the smile on her lips transcending the world. I rested my cheek on her thigh, and we both sighed contently at the same time, then we looked at each other and giggled.

Her hand softly stroked my head, then cupped my cheek, her thumb caressing my face. “Thank you, my pet, that was wonderful.”

I smiled at her. “I live to serve you, my love,” I took a deep breath and look into her eyes, trying to communicate all the affection and dedication if felt, “my Mistress.”

“You two done in the back?” Eve chimed from the front seat. “We’ll be there any minute, so unless you want to give the neighbors a show, you should probably tidy yourselves up a bit.”

I wished we could stay like this for longer. I climbed back onto the seat and Linda hurriedly slipped on her clothes again.

When we left the car, it was to the outside as if nothing special had happened. Eve and Linda were joking around and I traipsed behind them. But as soon as the door had snapped shut behind us, Eve pushed me back against the door and started to knead my tits.

“God, you’re such a hot little thing,” she purred into my ear, “and now you’re going to eat me like you did Lin!” She lightly bit the sensitive skin where my neck and shoulder met.

I moaned, and she grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the couch, throwing me on it and turning her back to Linda. “Help me, luv?”

Linda was all too eager to assist her lover, pulling down the zipper at the back of her dress and guiding it down her body. There were no bra or panties beneath.

I had never really thought about Eve’s body. Perhaps a mistake, I found. Where Linda was athletic, her muscles tight like a bow about to be fired, Eve’s was, for lack of a better word, regal. Her skin was milky white, her hips were wider, her tummy soft and her breasts, big but only slightly sagging, crowned with long, dark nipples. Above her pussy was a small triangle of hair, dyed fire engine red and pointing at her entrance like an arrow.

I licked my lips, eagerly awaiting the moment I could have my first taste of her.

“Shit,” she broke my marveling, “I’ve got to pee first.”

She turned on the spot, but Linda touched her shoulder before she could rush off. She whispered something into her lover’s ear, and I saw Eve’s eyes widen.

“Come,” she said to me, softly, and extended her hand.

I didn’t hesitate a moment, jumping up from my awkward position as gracefully as I could, putting my hand in hers and letting myself get dragged up the stairs and into the bathroom. Without further ado, Eve lifted the toilet lid and plopped down. Her face relaxed, her eyes closed, and with a sigh she let go, her pee splashing heavily into the ceramics bowl.

“Kneel in front of her and put your chin on the seat. Quick.” Linda only whispered, but I scrambled to follow her order nonetheless. A moment later I was perched on my knees in front of Eve, my chin on the cool plastic of the seat, watched the yellowish spray of pee splash down inches in front of me and smelled its sweet, slightly acrid aroma. For a moment I thought about extending my tongue and sticking it into the spray. It was such a naughty, forbidden idea, and I shuddered from the wicked lust that travelled through my pussy.

Eve peed for ages, or so it felt, but finally it became a trickle, and after a few final bursts, it stopped. Her labia glistened with the remnants, and I looked up at her, entranced and eager.

Her eyes were sparkling when she answered my gaze. “Do it,” she whispered, her voice like velvet, “lick me clean, taste my stinky piss!”

My chest heaved. My face flushed. Her crude words tingled over my skin. I bent forward, parted my lips and reached out with my tongue, rested it against her smooth pussy lips.

“Oh god yes! Do it!” Eve’s hand touched the back of my head, and I could feel her aching to push my face between her legs.

I licked, slowly, savoring the moment. It tasted nothing like I had expected, a little bitter, yes, and salty, but also flowery. Eve groaned, and I started to lick for real, repeating my act of worship to Linda’s sweet plum. She was on a short trigger, the games in the club and the car obviously having excited her far more than she had let on. It only took seconds to have her moaning and trembling and telling me to suck her clit. A few more seconds of that, and she growled, bucked like a wild horse and clutched my head between her legs. Her juices almost gushed out of her and dripped down my chin. I was in heaven.

When she relaxed again, I plastered her thighs with small kisses. I didn’t know why, but it felt like the right thing to do to show my admiration.

I could see her knees shake a bit when she got up and I couldn’t suppress the wide grin that spread over my lips.

Linda’s hands rubbed my shoulders. “Do you need to go too?”

I nodded. She had taken off her clothes, and she was simply stunning. Lean, muscular, with firm tits that defied gravity and were adorned with needle-sharp pink nipples. Somehow, this all seemed surreal. Things I had thought forbidden, unachievable, were suddenly playing out for real.

She pulled me up and guided me towards the shower. Somewhere along the way I lost my skirt, I think Eve pulled it down, but my memory of events is a bit hazy, so many endorphins were running through my body. Linda helped me into the shower and told me kneel with my legs spread.

“Pee!” I had known the order would come, but nothing could have prepared me for the intensity of the moment. It was lewd, naughty, kinky, dirty, every attribute that I associated with my dark thrills. The pee splattered on the ceramics with loud, splashing sounds, sprayed my thighs and pooled around my shins.

“Who would have thought that,” Eve surmised, clearly intending me to listen, “that miss correct Katie would someday turn out such a pissy slut.” She looked at me and I could see an idea forming behind her eyes. “Stick your finger in and lick it.”

I think I moaned. And I did as she asked, letting my hot pee splash on my index finger, then bringing it to my mouth and sensuously licking its length. I held her gaze while I did so, and when I stuck the finger into my mouth and sucked on it, the quick widening of her eyes told how much me she liked watching me do this.

Finally, I was finished, but my two new mistresses simply watched me kneel in my pee, softly caressing each other’s arms. I began to feel self-conscious, kneeling in the cooling, smelly puddles and started to fidget.

Linda had apparently just waited for this moment, because she stepped into the shower, mindless of the pee under her feet, until her pussy was right in my face. I tilted my head back and looked up at her. She ran her hands lovingly over my hair.

“I want to fulfill your dream, little pet,” she purred, “will you be a good pet and open your mouth?”

Oh my god! She wanted to pee directly into my mouth. That was even beyond my fantasies. But when I looked up, her lips were slightly parted, her cheeks flushed and her eyes dilated with need. This wasn’t about love, or simply about kink, I realized. This was about power. It was rolling in waves off her, enveloping me in a tight, warm blanket of submission. She was asking for an ultimate act of submissiveness. It was crazy, it was gross, but it was exactly what I needed. I opened my mouth as wide as could and stuck out my tongue.

The fingers of her left hand spread her pussy lips apart, and a second later the hot stream splashed over my face. I closed my eyes and basked in the heat of my submission, her pee streaming all over my body. Then it hit my mouth and filled it up, smelly and bitter and sweet. Without thinking, I swallowed it, only to be awarded a fresh, hot mouthful. It was exhilarating. And I was almost sad when she was done. I wiped my eyes, and when I could see clearly again, the look of bliss on her face worth every degrading moment.

“I love you, Mistress.” I scooped up a few drops I felt trickle down my cheek and licked them from my fingers.

“You’re really something,” she told me with a warm chuckle, “it’s going to be so much fun.” Her hand turned up the shower, and the water was ice-cold at first. I shrieked and tried to cover my body, but it warmed up quickly anyway.

I finally got rid of my soaked top and Eve joined us. We spent an inordinately long time in the shower, washing, fondling, kissing and licking each other. We spent even longer in Linda’s queen-sized bed doing the same, minus the washing.


We spent very much time there over the years. Linda had decided, after only a few weeks, that my room could find better use, so Eve and her converted it into our private dungeon. At first it held just crude, improvised furniture, but over the years, we got a real spanking bench, a gynecological chair, a leather-padded X-frame and my biggest enemy, a wooden horse.

Linda, it turned out, loves the psychological aspects of dominating me, she thrives on being able to make me embarrass myself and make me beg for my ‘punishments’. She also has, as I soon found, a big and steadily growing circle of like minded friends whom she involves, to my heightened humiliation, in our games on a regular basis.

She’s very creative in her means of embarrassing me too, and she likes to spring the unexpected at me. You wouldn’t believe the lengths she goes to. My whole body still tingles when I think back to the evening she took me out to a well-known restaurant and made me strip naked in the middle of the room while everyone else was eating. To this day, I still can’t really understand how she managed to cajole me into fulfilling her requests, but she did. All guests were members of a bdsm club, I later learned, and the whole event had been timed so I’d not notice anything amiss. But I didn’t know that when I sunk my pussy onto the unlit candle on our table and fucked myself to a screaming orgasm on her command. I wasn’t aware of that when I licked the toes of the indignant woman in her late forties at the table next to ours, and I was still clueless when she had me pee into a glass bowl on the table and thrashed my buttocks for splashing a few drops on the table cloth.

She finally did tell me though, right before she concluded the evening by putting a collar around my neck, silver and shiny, with a small badge that dangled from the front and read ‘Linda and Eve’s dirty little kitten’ and a number of O-rings to fix leashes and shackles to it. I wear it all the time, and when I’m at home, it is often accompanied by a headband with pink kitty ears and a butt plug with a long, equally pink tail.

Eve, on the other hand, loves to hurt me. She takes me to my limits over and over again and keeps me balancing right on the small edge where my body can’t distinguish any longer whether it is pain or pleasure it is feeling. I’ve shed many tears through our sessions in the ‘dungeon’, and will hopefully continue to do so. Every single session so far has culminated in a mind blowing, earth-shattering orgasm for me. She’s just as creative as Linda, and she’s got that friend of hers, a real nerd, who comes up with the most wicked implements of torture, involving electric current, moving parts, timers, pulleys and winches and thousands of other things I hardly understand. And she’s got that spot in the back garden that we’re forbidden to mow, which is basically a small field of stinging nettles. When she’s in a particularly vindictive mood, she’ll tell me to wait for her so she can cut a few flowers for me. By the time she’s back, my thighs are already drenched with my juices.

You might think I’m a bit of a deviant, knowing that I’ll never be Linda’s one true love. I don’t care. I know that, over the years, we have become closer than many ‘regular’ couples ever manage. I’ve come to love Eve just as much. Even when she’s spanking my pussy and my tears stream down my cheeks like rivers. She did motivate me to finish my classes with nothing but ‘A’s. Anything less in a test would mean a red, blistered backside that made sitting a torture.

If you want to know what became of my online mistress - we did meet up for real, or rather, Linda arranged for her to visit us. I was only told who the sophisticated looking woman in the business outfit was after her hand had vanished all the way inside my cunt. The exhilaration of having a fist inside me for the first time in my life, mixed with the surprise and the gratefulness towards her for having set everything in motion for me, made for the strongest climax ever. So strong I passed out. Thus, sadly, I can’t really remember most of it. But I’ve seen the video.
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