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Reflections With The Mirror.

"A sugar mommy in my life"

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She draws an eye with a black pencil, a long curve, a black line, graceful, men don't even realize how this simple sinuous line is capable of enchanting males.

The reflection blinks, and a victorious smile appears. The mirror shows a kiss; she adorns her lip, a bright red, thick and strong. Presses her lips together to get the design right.


The mirrored portrait laughs and shows her fine teeth, the brush adorns her cheeks.

The body turns sideways, lush, sinuous. A beautifully chiseled Greek statue.

The reflection in the mirror enlarges her chest and shrinks her belly, a defect. The breasts become more exuberant and pointed, nothing better than breasts in your twenties. Tall mounds full of charm.

The picture now shows the legs, thighs, and well-designed rounded hips. It rotates and turns until it shows the back, the sinuous design of the spine, and the musculature.


The attention shifts to the design of the down, smooth carpet. It matches the curvature of her thighs, waist, and breasts. The secret of pleasure is kept right there in the middle.

My God! How expensive it is. And what's worse, the clients pay. A thousand, two thousand, or even more. When the sick show up, they want you to put out the fire of their dementia.

Yesterday alone, there were three of them, so many slaps in the face, so many slaps on the ass. The commitments were insane. It gets tiring.

She ran two fingers down the middle of the vulva and got excited thinking about her boyfriend. Imagine if Taylor knew, but Sedona is a long way from here. Just think, if he suspected that Triska Jenkins fucks with other men that she doesn't even know. Taylor honey, if you knew who I'd given my ass to, you'd never look me in the face again, especially not you.

Lying down, like dog style, sideways, sitting on the sticks. Long, curved, short, black, white. Some of them are beautiful, although most are just ordinary human cocks, nothing that they boast about. And it's a good thing they're not. Just think!

Imagine being fuck all the time by long, wide logs. It's the hard side of life, but the money pays off. Even more so when they make you cum.

Few men know how to satisfy a woman, most just want to cum and turn over and go to sleep. But some give you much more than a slap in the face in the middle of sex.

I love a slap in the face, I just love it! It drives me crazy, but what I like is when the man fondles me and kisses me. Many masturbate me, but few of them know how to make a woman tremble uncontrollably. Many don't even know where the clitoris is.

"Do you have that?"

I've been asked. Women fake it, right? Even for their boyfriends or husbands. That's one advantage of this profession: the work is timed. It's easier to get rid of the ignorant.

Yes, I've had one or two that brought me to climax and made me squirt like a fountain in a square. I love it when my body loses control and makes me a slave to my horny.

There's nothing better than combining the useful with the pleasant.

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It's a well-worn phrase, but it's perfect for defining what's best about being an escort.

Oh Taylor, my honey! If you only knew that your first love lives in a whorehouse, a classy one, but a whorehouse like so many others around the world.

Just think, a little over a year ago. I came to study history and ended up working in this nightclub to make a living here in Palo Alto. It's a good profession, you make good money, but the problem is that it costs a lot to keep the clientele. Not to mention the cost of college.

It's clothes, shoes, earrings, and perfume. But I've found a new type of client. I was never a lesbian until last month when I met Ava at a party, I wasn't even working. It just happened, we were both drunk and ended up in her room. It was incredible.

"And unforgettable."

See how I still get goosebumps when I talk about it. The best kiss of my life, and then I did it the way every woman likes it: I kissed and licked my new friend's clitoris. Ava went crazy, I made her squirt for the first time in her life. At least that's what she told me.

Only a woman knows how to touch another woman. I took a piss from Ava, not a piss, a piss, you know? It was a cumshot in the face, incredible! Think of being cummed on in the mouth, that hot, sweet juice from another woman.

I think she fell in love and so did I. That's the problem because Ava made me an offer. For her to become my Sugar Mommy. Even better than getting cum in the mouth or ass. That would certainly solve a lot of my financial problems. The difficulty is that she seems to be very jealous.

She doesn't want me to see my clients anymore. Exclusivity. I don't know, I'm not one for attaching myself to someone, even one like Ava.

"How crazy was that night? My God! What a delicious fuck!"

It's pure slutty, but it turns me on to remember what we did in her bed that night.

"Close your eyes Triska." _ She ordered.

And sat on top, that smell of wet pussy, the warmth of a pulsating vagina. She rubbed her lips against my mouth. The hot juice flowed down my throat; she was shaking and moaning. And it was even more delicious when the two of us sucked and drank together.

But the best part was sleeping together. Even more so naked, until the sun came up and fuck again after a good night's sleep. I loved sucking a pussy as soon as I woke up. I recommend it.

It seems that sex is even more special when it's with a woman like Ava. I made her squirt when I stuck my finger up her ass. She lost her decency and wet my face.

Holy shit! Good memories.

Well, the problem is that now, apart from Taylor, I have a lover, more than a lover. Someone who wants to possess me. I don't know; I've asked for some time to think about it, but I can't stop seeing my clients. I need the money, how I need it!

Well, that's enough; I've said too much.

It's time to get dressed and go earn a living like any honest girl.


Kisses. And bye-bye

Written by Perverted_Gru
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