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Rumspringa (Part 1)

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The first time I fell in love with another girl

This happened to me in college
The year was 2000...

Some of you may not know this, but Ohio has one of the largest communities of Amish people in the United States, larger even than Pennsylvania, which is famous for its Pennsylvania Dutch country. In Ohio, they dwell mostly in Holmes County, about sixty miles from where I grew up in Licking County (yes, Licking! no lesbian jokes!). There is a tradition among the Amish, which is largely hushed up, because it is so contrary to the Ordnung, or code of behavior the Amish strictly adhere to, but all Amish youth know about the Rumspringa. It is a time when, upon reaching the age of eighteen, the "wilding" starts among post-pubescent Amish teenagers. The elders of the church look the other way as the sturm and drang of adolescence takes its toll on the young, and the temptations of the flesh rule for a time, sometimes months, sometimes years before a decision must be made to commit to the Ordnung, or go the sinful way of the 'English' world.

It is ordinarily forbidden for Amish youth to attend universities and colleges in the outside world beyond the boundaries of their own sequestered communities, but during Rumspringa, families sometimes bend the rules with their children. I went to college with an Amish girl who used the time of Rumspringa as an excuse to get an 'English' education in marketing, since her family owned several mercantiles, rather than farming crops. She was one of my dorm-mates for two years, and no better place could she have chosen to experience 'wilding', than with me and the other girls on my dorm floor, to whom sex was as common as the wet panties hanging from every towel bar in the dorm.

There are not many lesbian or bisexual girls among the Amish, at least openly, and those who have even a passing curiosity about it, get it out of their systems during Rumspringa if they want to remain in the Amish community. My friend Sarah and I learned a lot from and about each other, and our families. Since I grew up on a horse farm out in the country, she may have felt I might understand the rural way of life of the Amish better than most of the other girls in the dorm, and since we were both early-risers, we hit the showers every morning before most of the others were up. It was during these times together every morning that we had most of our conversations.

As we got to know each other, I became fascinated with stories of the plain people no outsider ever hears. In the shower however, she was not so plain. She was much taller than me, slender, with perfect hips and a well-turned ass, and her face, with dark brows and full lips, was fair-skinned and very German. She usually wore her hair in two braids, but in the shower it was full and loose and came down past her shoulder blades. I was immediately attracted to her the first time I saw her, and arranged my mornings so as to manage to step into the shower in time to see her.

She was shy at first, and covered herself or turned modestly away from me the first few times, but I have always been so comfortable and at ease being naked in front of others, that she soon relaxed and got used to me casually joking around with her about everything and nothing, while we passed the soap back and forth around the stall divider. Since I was a LUG (lesbian until graduation) through most of my college years, I was dying to know if she was the least bit attracted to girls. I had never known her to go out on dates with any of the guys, so, being me, I just came out and asked her if she had a boyfriend back home. I think that was our first conversation about the dating customs of the Millers and the Yoders.

She was shy to talk about it at first, as it is a very private and closed culture, but Rumspringa was working in my favor. Soon she was confiding all kinds of secrets with me, including the fact that the boys she knew back home were all going through the 'wilding' in the usual way, which meant drunken escapades the girls usually wanted no part of. The girls stuck together while the boys did their thing with girls outside the Amish community. I asked her if the Amish girls ever turned to each other for sex during Rumspringa, and from her pregnant pause, I knew I had touched on an interesting subject, but I let her evade my question, bookmarking it for a later time.

As it turned out, just my asking her about girl-on-girl sex that morning, changed our whole relationship. It was like turning a key in a lock (or maybe an invisible chastity belt), but the next time we were in the shower together, I felt the change instantly. I was no longer an outsider, and her guard was down about everything. I realized that since the last time we were together, she had made a decision, and the decision was to let me in; not just in her sexual confidences, but far more than I had ever dreamed she was capable of, given her background.

Without a word, we both sensed what was about to happen. For the first time, she stepped into the same stall as me, without all the others being occupied, and we were taking our shower together under the same nozzle, stepping on each others' bare feet and bumping hips. When we both grabbed for the soap at the same time, she giggled and said I could have it if I washed her back. I hesitated a moment, then turned her around and swept her hair over her shoulders. Feeling her skin under my fingers for the first time suddenly made my legs weak. Her prominent scapulas and softly sexy sacral dimples kept me fascinated. I couldn't keep my hands off of them, but the temptation to test the limits of her acceptance of me was too much, so I slid my fingers down the soap trail until I was rounding the curves of her ass.

We both knew where I was going, and I was praying she didn't withdraw from my touch. Instead, she 'assumed-the-position', with her hands on the shower-wall and her legs spread just outside of mine. My heart was racing at this implicit go-ahead, and I slid my fingers into the crack of her ass, wondering how far we were going to take this before she changed her mind, or we were interrupted by some of the other girls streaming into the shower area. Dreading a repeat of my first sexual experience with a girl, which had ended abruptly, I decided to go for it. Stepping around her left leg so my mound was nudging into her hip, I slid my right hand past her anus, curving my finger into her slit. As she gasped a quick breath, I slid my left hand up past her tummy and cupped her soft breast, with my thumb and forefinger gently pinching her hard nipple.

 She dropped her head down, and her wet hair draped onto my arm as I pressed into her through her wet pubic hair. I had never been with a girl who wasn't shaved around her labia, and as I felt my finger turning slippery as it wiggled inside her, I leaned my head against her back and brought the fingers of my left hand down to find her clit, which soon hardened under my thumb. I threaded more fingers inside her. My head bobbed as she struggled for breath, and I could tell her knees were about to buckle.

She moaned rather loudly, and I was startled by how loud it must have sounded, echoed by the tile walls of the shower. If anyone were in the bathroom outside, they would soon be checking out whatever action they were hearing in here! She must have realized it too, because she straightened up, and I pulled the fingers of both my hands out of her. She looked nervously towards the outer entrance of the shower area, but quickly turned back to face me, and we just stared into each others eyes until I reached up on tip-toes to kiss her. She didn't know to part her lips at first, so I could give her my tongue, but slowly she relaxed her lips and instinctively let her tongue touch mine.

She pulled me close to her, and we held each other breast-to-breast with warm water pelting us from above, while she quickly learned how to dance her tongue around with mine. She dropped down, pulling my breasts together with her hands, and anxiously kissed and sucked my nipples for a moment before we heard the outer door of the bathroom being pushed open. We quickly separated and she was almost out of the stall, but when no one entered the showers, she turned back and kissed me once again, placing her finger between my wet pussy lips. I almost came at her slightest touch, but the girls in the bathroom were distracting us both, so we quit our play and rinsed off.

She left first. I just stayed under the shower jet, letting its sharp sting bring me back to my senses. I thought about the weeks that had led up to this moment; the trust we had built up, and the secrets we had shared. Standing there without her I felt vaguely incomplete, and knew this feeling was something new for me. I'd had sex with many girls in college, but it never left me feeling like this, and I just stood there, barely able to believe that I had just had sex with an Amish girl, and that I was falling in love with her. I was late for my first class that day.

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