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Taking your best friend shopping has its benefits...
The steam from the morning coffee coiled under her nose, like a hypnotised snake dancing for its charmer. Kacey’s beige coloured mittens wrapped around the paper cup as she inhaled the rich aroma. “Mmm… nothing like a good coffee to wake me up in the morning.”

Libby smiled at her friend across the mahogany coffee table, watching as she closed her eyes, savouring every second of her caffeine fix. Kacey’s thick, chocolate hair hung loosely from her beige, woolly hat. She had not bothered to remove her coat. The dust of the freshly fallen snow lay on the shoulders of her tanned leather jacket.

The café was a tight fit, as many tables as possible had been squeezed into the small bistro. They sat next to the large shop window, their usual spot for a Friday morning. “So, c’mon tell me. What’s our plans today then?” Libby asked removing her black trench coat and hanging it over the back of her chair.

Placing her cup on the table Kacey looked at her friend. “Well first, you’re gonna tell me all about last night with the new lover boy, then we can hit the shops, yeah?”

“Well… there’s not much to tell.”

“I want details, girl. I am not leaving until we do.” Kacey blew onto the surface of the hot liquid, before attempting to take a sip.

“Erm,” Libby began, glancing around at the nearby customers who were carrying on their morning routine. “It was good. Well, it was very good. We had s.e.x.” Libby mouthed the last word across the table, spelling out each letter slowly.

“Bloody hell, Libs, c’mon. How old are ya?” Kacey quipped back.


“It was a rhetorical question! I mean like, well… relax a little on the subject, yeah? Anyone would think you were a virgin. S.e.x eh?” Kacey mocked Libby’s use of the word, before chuckling into her drink.

Libby shifted in her seat, feeling herself blushing even more. Her sea blue eyes looked down at her milky, white tea. “We were nervous. We talked about it and he was just as nervous. He didn’t hold back though.” Libby placed her warmed fingers to her mouth to cover her cutsie giggle.

“And…?" The drawn out version of the events was killing Kacey. She wanted gossip. She thrived on it. “I tell ya what. Just blink twice if he had a massive knob,” Kacey blurted out.

“Oh my god! I don’t think that old dude in the corner heard you!” Libby nodded her head in the opposite corner of the busy restaurant. Kacey grinned then stuck out her tongue. Her dimples formed prominently in her cheeks.

“Carry on…”

“Well, I wanted to surprise him. I started to talk a little dirty when we were, well… ya know, getting heavy.”

“Such as? Jeez, Libs, do I have to drag every word from ya.”

“Well, he erm… he was hard as a rock watchin’ the movie. There was some girl-on-girl action n’ she was all dressed in a sheer baby-doll, stockings n’ some killer heels.”

“Was it the girl action or the slutty look? Maybe he is a secret perv n’ likes the whole thing. D’ya think he is into gimp masks and fucking machines too?” Kacey threw her head back as she roared with laughter.

“Shit, Kace!” Libby exclaimed, afraid to look around incase anyone was listening to their conversation. She could feel the heat rising in her face, which seemed to melt away the coldness that her cheeks had experienced outside.

“Well drink up, love. I’ve a plan! We’re goin’ kinky shopping!”

Libby brought the tea to her lips. The drink had almost lost its warmth now. She smiled, watching Kacey holding her coffee cup up and grinning into her camera phone. She uploaded a selfie to her favourite social networking site before leaving the table.


Outside the streets had quietened down. The fallen snow created a slow pace for the usually busy roads and carpeted the pavement ahead of them. “Oh, I think it’s this way,” pointed Kacey as she turned down a narrow alleyway. She glanced back over her shoulder to carry on her conversation. “It is a lingerie boutique, darrrrhling,” Kacey continued, in a mock, posh, English accent.

The vintage shop was chic in its décor, the outside was slick with black paint and fine silver signage. The snow crunched beneath their boots as they headed for the entrance. “I know I need more s.e.x,” Libby whispered, “but I ain’t paying a hundred quid for a pair of knickers.”

“Oh sush up n’ follow me,” Kacey laughed, entering the small lingerie store.

Inside the design was exquisite. The plush white drapes hung expertly from the ceiling creating a romantic and extremely sensual feel. The low lightening from the overhanging, crystal chandeliers added to eroticism. There were various sections of the store. Luxurious bodices, corsets and lingerie sets draped over various sized life-like models, enticing the browsing couples to spend their money.

“Hi and welcome. Can I be of any assistance?” the glamorous black-haired lady asked.

“No, thank you. We’re just browsing at the moment,” replied Kacey. A forced smile formed over her lips. “God, let us get in the bloody shop,” she whispered to Libby.

The girls giggled to each other before browsing the rails. “Oh wow, check this one out,” gasped Kacey, holding up a blood red corset.

“It’s pretty but I’m not heading for a burlesque show!” Libby replied. “This is more like me.” Libby pulled a sky blue, sheer teddy from the rack and held it against her. “What’d ya think?”

“Oh, that is pretty. Why don’t ya pick a few out n’ try them on. See what feels best?” Kacey asked before proceeding to prowl the rails for more luxurious items for her best friend. “We’ll have this one and this one…” she continued, draping the sexy items over Libby’s forearms. “Okay, now c’mon,” continued Kacey, pushing Libby towards the dressing area.

“Excuse me, could I try these on?” Libby meekly asked the shop assistant.

The over-styled assistant smiled and replied, “Yes, of course. If you need any help, please call. The dressing area is along the corridor and to the left.”

Erotic paintings of naked couples hung along the taupe coloured walls of the corridor. A life-sized mannequin dressed in black silk robe and stockings, lazed on a chaise longue beneath an antique, gold-framed mirror. Velvet covered, deep-purple curtains sectioned off the dressing cubicles.

“This place is something else,” gawped Libby, in awe of her beautiful surroundings.

“Just get in there n’ get ya kit off,” laughed Kacey, pulling open the curtain to reveal a large three-section mirrored wall.

“Everything? What happens if someone comes in?” Libby asked, closing the curtain behind her.

“We’ve just walked about a mile down the corridor. I’m right outside of here so if anyone comes, I’ll give ya a shout! That’s if I don’t disappear first. There’s a sign here for the temptation section. Sex toys n’ everything,” Kacey giggled from behind the curtain.

Libby laughed as she hung the lingerie items on the coat hooks, before removing her coat. Glancing quickly at her reflection in the three-way mirror, she could see the remnants of the day’s make-up beginning to fade. She looked at herself up and down. She knew she was in good shape she just wished she had more confidence to show it off. She loved running and her body was well-toned, however she didn’t like the fact that her breasts were too small.

Libby kicked off her calf-length leather boots and cast them aside. Slowly, she began to undo the buttons on her baby pink shirt.

The cotton material slipped from her shoulders and fell to the ground. Her white padded bra pushed her small mounds together, creating a slight cleavage. Libby unbuttoned her hipster jeans, tugging them down her muscular thighs. Her white thong stretched between her firm cheeks as she bent down.

“I’m wanting a fashion show, mind ya!”

Libby grinned at hearing her friend calling out. Should I leave my knicks on?” Libby called back, unclipping her bra before letting it fall from her frame.

“Well, if you’re rockin’ a huge bush, I suggest ya do,” Kacey replied.

Libby giggled. “Oh my god, Kace, you’re so bad. No fear of that!” Libby tucked her thumbs under the waistband of her knickers and peeled them down her legs. She stood naked. She took a moment to admire her shaven mound in the reflection of the mirror. The overhead spotlights gave a cheeky hint of her pussy piercing.

Grabbing the sky blue teddy from the hanger, she slipped it over her head. The sheer material slid over her body perfectly, clinging to her neat curves. The lace edging lay across her pert breasts. Her nipples reacted against the feel of the delicate material over her skin. Libby carefully stepped into the matching sheer knickers.

“C’mon, you’ve had long enough. I’m coming in!” exclaimed Kacey before squeezing her body around the heavy curtain. “Well… shit.” Kacey’s eyes roamed the length of Libby’s body. She stopped at her breast level. Libby’s dark pink nubs stood erect against the material. “Girl, you’ve got a nipple on!”

Libby chuckled and clasped her hands over her breasts. “What d’ya think?” she asked, twirling around in front of her friend.

Kacey was almost hypnotised by the slight wobble of Libby’s cheeks. “You look fucking edible girl. The poor fucker will be jizzing in his pants, if ya turn up wearing that!”

Libby could feel a rush of heat in her cheeks as she giggled along with her best friend. “Okay, well I need to change as the hygienic strip in these knicks is a little uncomfortable!”

“Yeah, don’t be fucking creamin’ in them!” Kacey laughed. “Take a selfie n’ show him.”

“Oh god, Kace!” Libby chortled. “No, I can’t do that. It’s a surprise. Okay, now out ya go so I can get changed.”

“Hey, don’t mind me. I’ve seen everything now,” Kacey smiled, leaning against the wall.

“You’re my look out! Incase anyone comes,” Libby replied, with a slight panic to her voice.

Kacey rolled her eyes, “Listen girl, the shop is like half a fucking mile away now ‘n look…” Kacey leaned her head out of the curtain, “no fucker around. Now, get ‘em off.”

Libby slipped the lingerie set off and hung it back up. She grabbed the blood red corset from the hanger. “Will ya help me tie this up? It’s a little more erm… slutty, don’t ya think?”

Kacey eagerly slipped off her tanned leather jacket and outwear to help her friend. “Get you! Fuck, it is making me all squidgy here!” she laughed.

Libby held the boned corset against her frame, inviting her friend to tie the lace at the back. She scooped her thick, dark hair to the side and bared her back to Kacey. “This is fucking stunning, Libs. The colour suits ya perfectly.” Libby smiled as she felt the tug of the lace tightening the corset around her waist. Her bare slit was exposed in the mirror. She watched as her friend took her time.

“It might make me look like I’ve got a bigger rack,” Libby grinned.

“You’ve got a perfect rack. My titties are too big,” Kacey replied, concentrating on continuing to bind her friend into the luxurious corset top. “Ya know what’d look fucking hot with this? Some black lace up hot pants. ‘Coz of this perfect little line ya’ve got along here.”

Libby jumped slight as she felt a light touch along the underside of her butt cheeks. “Well, it’s a good job I’m not wearing any!” Libby laughed, “That touch, even made my nips react!”

“Mine did too,” Kacey whispered in her friend’s ear.

“Fuck, Kace. Don’t do that, I’ve no fucking knickers on. My ears n’ my neck are my ticklish spots!”

A devilish grin appeared on Kacey’s face. “I know you’ve got no knickers on, ya dirty girl. Now grab those titties n’ pull them as high as ya can.” Kacey tugged tight on the lace, squeezing her best friend into the corset top.

Libby pulled her hands free of her top. Her firm, little mounds, sat perfectly. The corset top hugged her figure perfectly.

“It gives you an amazing shape,” sighed Kacey, running her fingertips down the edge of the blood-red silk corset.

“I just wish I had a more hour-glass figure, like you. Bigger tits, nice handfuls,” Libby blushed. She could feel the woollen material of Kacey’s jumper graze against her back.

“You’re tits are fuckin’ perfect. Here let me take a pic of us,” Kacey said, reaching down into her handbag and retrieving her phone.

“No fucking way!” Libby exclaimed. “I will, only if ya take your top off.”

Not needing to be asked twice, Kacey grinned and pulled her jumper over her head. Her chocolate hair bounced back into place. She stood behind her best friend in a see-through red balconette bra. Her ample bosom almost spilled from the cups. Her wrinkled nubs fought against the material, as if bursting to be freed.

“God damn girl,” Libby gasped, admiring her friend’s generous portions.

“Now can we take a selfie?” Kacey laughed, standing close behind Libby, their bare skin touching.

“Jeans too?” Libby asked, her voice almost a whisper.

Kacey’s almost-bronze coloured eyes kept in contact with Libby’s as she too kicked off her boots and peeled her jeans down her legs. Her matching red, g-string clung to her mound, the elegant decorative jewel shone on the waistband of her knickers.

“Now?” Kacey smirked as Libby’s eyes roamed her friends body.

“For our eyes only, yeah?” Libby asked, turning back to face the mirror.

“And no-one else’s,” Kacey replied, sweeping her friends hair to the side and pushing her body close to Libby’s back. Kacey extending her arm out in front as both friends posed for their photographs. “Fucking beautiful.”

“I best get this thing off,” Libby interrupted. “I think they’ve turned the temperature up!”

“Let me help ya,” Kacey offered. Her warmed fingertips slowly began to untie her friend from her top, purposely taking her time. Kacey reached her hands around the front and slowly removed it from Libby’s body. “No hurry to get dressed. I think they’ve forgotten we’re here,” Kacey whispered into Libby’s ear.

“Fuck. Kace… I’ve got a confession to make.”

“What’s that, Libs?”

“I’m… well, I’m wet,” Libby gasped.

“Well, that makes two of us.” Kacey’s voice was almost a low growl. “I think I’d better check. Put your hands on the mirror n’ open ya legs.”

“Wha..?” Libby muttered.

“Just fucking do it!”

Libby needed no further instruction. She was horny. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would be doing this. She wasn’t a cheat and certainly not with her best friend. “Fuck it,” she thought. She was horny. Libby almost buckled as she felt Kacey’s forefinger trace along her wet slit.

“Hmm… this is pretty,” Kacey whispered as she touched the piercing on Libby’s clit. “You’re inner slut is desperate for a release. Kacey could feel her best friends cream drip onto her fingertips as she trailed them along her slit. “Look at my fucking fingers. They’re soaking,” Kacey continued, spreading her fingers wide and showing Libby her own arousal juice. Libby panted as she watched Kacey take her own fingers to her mouth and suck them clean. “God damn, you taste like candy.”

Kacey held Libby’s eye contact in the mirror as she lowered herself down. “Oh god,” Libby panted, feeling her butt cheeks being spread apart. Libby bit her lip, trying not to moan out loud as she felt Kacey’s warm tongue invading her tightest hole. Libby spread her legs wider giving her further access.

“Hmmm…” Kacey moaned, squeezing herself between her friend’s legs to look up at her. She began licking the length of her best friends slit. Pushing her middle finger inside of Libby, Kacey licked her lips at the sound of her friend’s deep breathing and panting. “Ya like that, d’ya?” she asked, before pushing in her forefinger. Libby’s sopping hole welcomed a second finger. She was soaking.

Libby’s clit was solid. She needed an orgasm. Libby pushed her own fingers against her swollen, nub and started to rub it furiously. “Fuck, Kace. I need it… I need to cum,” she mouthed.

“Cum in my fucking mouth!” Kacey whispered; her voice was almost a bark. Kacey frigged her best friend. Her fingers sawed in and out of Libby’s cunt. She could feel her muscles squeezing around them, a sign of her impending orgasm.

“Shit, Kace,” Libby cried, her fingers circled against her hardened clit as her sodden pussy engulfed her friend’s fingers. She was cumming and she was cumming hard. “Oh god…Oh god, I’m cumming for you!” she panted. Her left palm was firmly pressed against the mirror as she reached her earth-shattering climax.

Kacey lapped at her friend’s cunt, catching as much of her juice as she could. She felt the tightness of Libby’s tunnel closing against her fingers. Kacey slowly withdrew as she heard Libby beginning to recover, and sucked her fingers clean. “Mmm… you’re fucking yummy.” Kacey greedily lapped the rest of her best friends cum from her bald snatch, as if she was an addictive drug.

Kacey stood up and smiled at Libby. The best friends locked eyes before moving in for a passionate kiss. Their tongues fought against the other as if finally surrendering themselves. “I’m buying ya this corset. On our way we’re grabbing those knicker shorts n’ ya coming back to mine. Understand?”

Libby nodded her head before grabbing her strewn clothes. “Oh yes,” Libby giggled. “Fuck, I this has to be my favourite shopping trip yet!”


A special dedication to my friend, Saga.

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