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Coming Home; Part One

Contributing Authors: Green_Man 
Fictional story of a man coming home.

For nearly four generations this house here on Jackson Forge had been the home of my father's father, and my father. Not much to look at. An 1800's log cabin with a cobblestone walkway, a stone chimney, and a roof made of neglected tree bark. Surrounded by dense brush and briers. Looked more like a house on those cheesy b-roll movies where the family living in it likes to make love with each other and the livestock.

Standing here for the first time in nearly ten years was surreal. It was the house I grew up in and what I came home to every day after school. I had wanted to leave this place so badly I could taste it. Ten years later I stood before it. It was mine now for a reason that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. My father's passing. Most people didn’t see who he really was, a mean ole drunk whose idea of a balanced diet was a shot of the ole whiskey in each hand.

Even though he gave the house to me, I felt like I didn’t want it from the years of drinking and cussing in that house which brought back vivid memories. Walking inside I saw he didn't leave the place in grandiose shape. It was a mess, with empty and broken whiskey bottles alongside empty cigarette packs, overfilled ashtrays, and moldy food containers. I started picking up the place, realizing that he had a tough time after mom left him. I took out the trash, burned it. Put all the dishes in the glass recyclable bin. 

When I cleaned it to the point of my liking, I hopped in my truck to head the ten miles into town. Stopped into the little mom and pop store on the main drag. This place was just the same as it was a decade ago. Go South still painted in the window. Dollar bills taped up everywhere. Ole Man Henry still sitting in the chair reading the newspaper. I walked in. You could have heard a pin drop. 

I looked over at Henry. "Hey, Henry! Still no radio in the place?" I said with a chuckle. 

"My word, Gloria, get in here! Little James grew up!" he said, as he lit up like a Christmas tree. 

"How are you doing boy! It's been too long!" he said ecstatically.

"I'm doing good Henry. Just in town to pick up where my pops left off," I said in a happy yet sad tone. 

"That was too bad. I liked your ole man, tough as nails, wasn't a punch he couldn't take," he said looking at me with a gleam in his eye. 

Talking about my Dad, as mean as he was, was still tender and pulled on my heartstrings too much, so I decided to say my goodbyes to Henry and Gloria and promised Henry to come back tomorrow and talk. I left the store with the cleaning agents and headed back up to Jackson Forge.

Along the way, I saw some little lady on the side of the road with her hazards on. I pulled over, getting out of my truck and asking if she needed help. Her tire had gone flat and she had no idea what to do. She saw me walking to my truck to get my jack and four-way. I could change her tire for her, feeling her eyes gazing at me. She looked oddly familiar to me. I kept thinking of names of who she could be in my head as I proceeded to change her tire. I told her she was good to go,

I hopped in my truck and headed down the road. I couldn’t help but continue thinking of her in her black dress and six-inch heels. As I walked into my new old house the nauseating pungent musk was still in the air and it made me forget about helping her.. I went back to scrubbing, sweeping, and mopping. Eventually replaced the smell of the musk with mean green and ammonia. 

The counter and table tops felt clean, the floor was clean on my feet, and the air smelled like a normal house again. I tried to wash the filth off my hands in the sink to no avail. I might as well go soak in the bath and let the black break up in the hot water, then shower it down the drain. Making my way into the bathroom where I turned on the hot water I watched it fill up the claw-foot iron tub. I climbed down one centimeter at a time, letting my body get used to the water.

Lying in my tub relaxing, I saw the water turning black. It was time to shower. I started draining the water, getting ready to start the shower. The sky lit up bright like God himself came through the pitch black of night. Lathering myself up and washing off I got out, wrapped the towel around me, and headed into the hallway towards my room. I laid down on the bed still enveloped in the towel. 

Hearing the tone of the rain thumping the tree bark roof was intoxicating, almost as much as the intonation of the thunder in the background, I was completely relaxed. Drifting in and out of consciousness for a while. I saw a ray of light in the corner of my eye. It was a set of lights and they were coming down the rocky driveway. I laid there thinking maybe they would go away. I heard the faint sounds of some stilettos clicking across the cobblestones covered in water. A knock on my door. I rushed to get some decent clothes on so I didn’t run to the door in my towel, not wanting to be the asshole who left her out in the rain. When I opened the door I realized that it was the woman from the side of the road. How did she know where I lived? 

"Can I help you again?" I pronounced.

"Yeah, I was too shy to ask by the side of the road earlier. So I went home and got my yearbook from our senior year. You left a message for me saying you were leaving when you graduated. That, also, if I were to see you in town stop by your house. It’s nice to see you again," she said smiling. 

Now it was really in my thoughts. I did leave that note for someone. That’s when I remembered. 

“Taylor? Oh, my goodness, how have you been?” I was gloating in my excitement. "How did you remember?” I asked, trying to keep myself calm.

"You're duck-footed. I'm better now that you're here. 'Cause I wanted to do something a long time ago. Now that you're here I'm going to," she said.

"What is that?" I replied to her, with my eyebrow cocked. 


She leaned forward and kissed me with a burning passion that made my balls turn ablaze. 

"Bedroom," she demanded. 

"Let's go!" I said.


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