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Online lovers first date.

Two people meet online and fall in love and have their first sexual encounter.
We are supposed to meet tonight, but I am so scared.

"What am I doing? Am I nuts?" I question myself, as I get ready to go on my secret date with Tom.

I have tried on every outfit that I have in my closet and settled on a pair of casual black leggings that show off my large booty. I am going to pair it off with a black blouse with sheer and beaded sleeves with a low scoop neck in the front that accentuates my voluptuous bosom and a nice pair of black beaded stilettos. I left my hair long and loose so he can run his hands through it.

As I look at my self in the mirror I decided to only put on a bit of mascara and a water melon lip gloss trying to keep from any transfer of my makeup on his clothes. I wouldn't want his wife to know or to see it. So I look at my self again in the mirror and I don't know if I look good enough. I brush my long hair again and put in some hair shine drops to keep it from frizzing in the night air. As I take one last look I say to my self, ‘It's now or never.’

When in the living room I take a quick look at a portrait of Jesus and I cross my self and say a silent prayer for forgiveness of what I am about to do. I grab my purse and keys and I check the contents of my purse to make sure that I have some condoms for our protection. Just in case he forgets. I am soon on my way to the designated meeting place. We chose a city in between each other because we live almost four hours apart. I think and this away neither he nor I run a chance of seeing anyone that we know. Well, at least hopefully not.

I get to the designated place and I am now circling the area looking for a parking place. Finally I find one and as I parallel park I shut the car off and get so nervous I didn't think that I could get it together. My mind starts racing with all these what if's. As I am walking to the restaurant I start to talk to myself to reassure my self that I am doing the right thing.

He and I met on a erotica literature website and just hit it off chatting and sending emails back and forth to each other.  It became a great friendship. We could feel how we either were or could be much more than just friends. We both thought the same thoughts. I told him we seemed to have clicked. I felt that I had never been so right with another person even though we had never met in person yet. As I am walking I see a man that looks like him walking my way and I got nervous. I couldn't look the guy in the face and as we got closer I started looking down at the side walk out of embarrassment of what I am doing here. 

When he passes me on the side walk he looks back and asks, “Delilah is that you?”

I turn around and it was Tom. I was in shock as we were supposed to meet at this bistro in down town but I was a little late. I guess he thought I wasn't coming. So I asked what he was doing here and he said that he was nervous and decided to walk around the block to see if he could find me. We started talking with such ease.  I looked up into his eyes they were such beautiful blue. I couldn't help but start giggling like I always do when we chat online.  He makes me feel so young and full of life.

He looks down at me and grabs my hand and pulls me into him.  He hugs me so close and nuzzles my neck as he whispers in my ear that he was so worried that I was not going to show up.  He had even started to panic about what if something had happened to me on my way up here. Oh, as he held me I could smell his cologne…Perry Ellis 360. Oh, it washed over me and flooded me with so many emotions and the feel of our bodies the warmth that was emanating from the two of us was more than I could handle at the moment. I let out a little moan in his ear of pure pleasure of the simplicity of his touch on my body. He lifts his head from my neck and looks down into my eyes again and tells me.  How wonderful I feel in his hands as he slides his hand up my back.  It sends a hot sensation straight from my head to my toes warming every inch of my body.  His hand finds my hair and he runs his hand through my hair and grabs some of it and pulls my head back lightly so I have to look up at him.  This movement exposes my shocked expression he caught me off guard as he leaned in and kisses me so deeply and passionately that I lost all knowledge of where we were. I'm sure that everyone that passed us on the side walk could hear my moaning of pure desire and wild passionate lust. I have such a need for him that I am lost in him.

Oh my God I had only dreamed of this day.  I had feared his reaction towards me. He had told me that he would not care about my size or looks because he felt in love with my heart and my sincerity. Our relationship has not been a week or two in the making. It has been months getting to know about each others lives and flirting with each other.  We finish each others sentences. I believe we know each other better than our spouses know us. We have shared with each other our deepest fantasies of how we each wish to be made love to. I for one feel that I could tell Tom anything and I know that he would never judge me as I would listen whole heartedly to him.

When I came out of my dazed state of mind, I could hear Tom was asking me, “Delilah! Delilah! are you all right sweetie?”

I looked up into his eyes and just started to giggle and blush as he held me tighter and I said, “Yes, I was just lost in the moment.”

He laughed and said he thought he had done something wrong to me.  I said “No my dear sweet man, you could never do anything wrong to me. I was just thinking and got lost in the thought of Is this real?  That I am finally here in your arms holding you my dear sweet man.”

Tom asked me what I  wanted to do now that we're here. We had reservations for dinner at the French Bistro or would I rather go on up to his room at the Hilton so we can talk?

Tom said, “I would rather be alone with you.”

He said we could also order in if you want. We will only do what you want to do  I promise. I will respect your wishes Delilah. Still lost in the moment quickly I say “Yes, I want to be with you alone. Lets go.“

Tom sweeps me off into the direction of his truck so we can go to the hotel. When we get to the truck I  look at Tom as if he was out of his mind.  How did he expect me to get up in that truck with these heels on? So I grab on to his arm so I could steady myself to takes off my stilettos. Tom looks down at me and laughs

“Oh I am so sorry I didn't think it was going to be a problem for you to get up in my truck but here sweetheart let me help you.”

As I turn I say, “No I am fine I just don't want to ruin my heels on your running board.”

As I turn and hop in with shoes in hand and I look down at Tom I say, “I'm ready, what are you waiting for?”

Tom has his suite all ready for the night with me and as I enter the suite I smell all the candles even tough they aren't even lit yet.  I can smell the tropical fruit smells. I notice he has some soft music playing.  As I enter further into the room and I turn looking at everything taking it all in.

I ask Tom, “You did all of this for me?”

Tom walks over to me and pulls me into him again holding me tight and looks down into my eyes and says, “Yes, my love this is all for you everything you have ever mentioned in our chats that you would love to have a man do for you I have tried to recreate for you my love.”

Tom leans down to kiss me and see's that I have tears in my eyes. Tom cups my chin in his big hand as I try to look down he gently pulls my face up as he places a tender kiss on my lips and wipes my tears away with his kisses all over my face.

I lose myself in him again in the most magnificent kiss I have ever had. I move my hands from his chest to around his neck pulling myself up to reach him as I was standing there on my tepee toes to keep in reach of Tom since he is so much taller. I am a mere five feet tall. Tom realizes what’s happening and brings me over to the sofa and sets me down and he sits down next to me so that we are on a more equal height. I take matters into my own hands as I am lost in the lust of his kiss. I move in closer to him switching up onto my knees and I now wildly kiss Tom back as I straddle him sitting in his lap I am all lost in the moment. I am soon running my hands through his short cropped hair that's cut into a flat top.

Tom is just as lost in my passion and wild kissing. He has his hands running all over my back and down to my butt caressing me deeply, sending a fire racing through my body straight to my love button. "Oh my God!! what am I doing here?" I ask myself as I realize I am on his lap and "Oh my," I can feel his man hood stiffen under me.  I sit forward and slightly grind down on his rock hard cock. He grabs me tightly and looks up at me with a look full of lust, want and need.

Tom moans out my name, “Delilah, don't go stay I need you, I want you and I know you want and need me as I need you my love. Please don't go.”

Tom runs his hands up into my hair and gives it a slight pull as he maneuvers me into a laying position on the sofa. With himself on top, he devours me in a lustful kiss caressing my whole body and whispers into my ear, “Oh Delilah I want to make love to you Delilah." I want to love every inch of this love filled body of yours.  Let me have you Delilah.  Let’s be one in our love, body and soul Delilah.”

“Oh my love!” I say as he is caressing my face sliding his hand slowly down my shoulder to my voluptuous breast.  He starts kissing down my neck till he stops atop of my bosom.  Kissing my bosoms lightly he stops and looks into my eyes again and asks me with those lust filled eyes of his to make love to me.

I look down into those lust filled eyes and I say, “Yes my love, I am all yours take me as you wish.”

Tom reaches for my hand. as he helps me up from the sofa he takes me by the hand and guides me to the bedroom where he begins to slowly undress me and place kisses all over my body as he sheds my clothes for me. Tom stands back to take in the look of my full voluptuous body. I realize that I am standing there in the nude and now I am trying to cover myself with my hands out of embarrassment.  I am looking down so that Tom wont see my face .

Tom moves in and grabs my hands and says, “Please don't cover yourself I love every inch of this voluptuous body of yours. I have dreamed of this moment for months baby.”

As I look up into his gaze, I take my hands away.
As I unbutton Toms shirt I begin to kiss my way down his chest with every button. As I now find myself kneeling in front of his manhood I take in his aroma the smell of his sex is driving me crazy as I fumble to loosen his belt buckle he moves in and helps my nervous hands.  Finally with his help he drops his pants and Oh My Good God!!! I was presented with his massive ridged hard cock. I can see that it is pulsating with need and desire for me. I quickly slip it in between my lips and give it a quick lick and kiss before he even realizes he's moaning. Tom pulls on my shoulders so I stand and he moves us to the bed with me wrapped in his arms and we wildly kiss. He whispers in my ear that he wants me to cum all over his tongue and he wants to drink every drop of my sweet nectar. Oh I was lost in his lustful words.  No one has ever talked to me like this before and I  was so wet and wild with just his words let alone his touch. I was already over the top and in need of his touch on me.  I was wildly groping his body, moaning in our wild kiss. He breaks our kiss to look down in my eye's with a sly smile on his face as he now knows that he has me right where he wants me. All sex craved and wanting him and needing him desperately.

Tom begins to move down my body letting his tongue trail the way teasing me all the while he is driving himself wild. He is trying to only concentrate on pleasing me and not Cumming too quickly himself but he is losing himself in my body and he stops and pulls away from me to stop his self from cumming too early. He just starts to caress my body with his hands till he's back in control of himself.  He finds my love button is all swollen and soaking wet with excitement. He begins to torment me by lightly flicking it and rubbing my button in quick short circles. He can no longer withstand it and needs to taste my nectar.  He dives in like a famished animal.

Tom’s animalistic desires for me were so intense he thought he could no longer control his urges to just screw the life out of me.  He was a man of passion and a man that wanted more than anything to give me all the love and passion I have so deserved and to treat me like a real woman should be treated .

I am lost in my ecstasy. Withering in his hands. His hands they feel so big and strong rubbing and pinching and pulling on my bosoms as he is still consuming my hot and juicy love spot.  It has never been so full of nectar as it is now.

I have always been the dutiful wife that did all that I was told to do and trained to do. To please my husband was all I knew and truthfully I did enjoy giving pleasure.  It really turned me on how I could always control his orgasms with my talent in giving good head rapidly or I could slow it down to torture him in a long blow job. Or when he would let me mount him I would use all my muscles that I had. I keep in tone with Kegel exercise .Just as a pay back to torture him a little, milking his cock, but I have to block all those bad memories from my mind and remember that I was with Tom and not my husband.  I just have to lie back and enjoy this good licking that Tom is so good at doing.  Oh, I can hear how he is moaning and enjoying every lick and slurp of my nectar and I have had myself on an all fruit diet for the past couple of days so when Tom went down on me tonight my nectar' s would be as sweet as possible for him with no foul orders or bad flavors something I learned in one of my erotica books I so loved to read.

Tom is sending me over the edge with my orgasms and moaning.  I was blinded by the ecstasy of Tom's pleasures.  He has me so lost with pleasure as he has inserted two fingers to locate my G spot. Oh he looks at my pearl and sees how swollen it is and sensitive as he teases my pearl with his tongue encircling it with his tongue and flicking it…ohhhh how it is so wonderful this new sensation I was experiencing. It has me quivering and moaning so loudly and lost in all the lust I have for him.

Tom is such a caring and passionate man.  He also has his needs. Tom and I are a perfect match in so many ways, not all are sexual. We complete each others thoughts. We have the same desires to be loved, and fulfilled with passion.  I was withering and almost incoherent as I beg Tom to please give me his all. I want to feel him inside of me. To be one with him as we melt together in our passion and love for each other.

Tom releases my pearl and looks up at me.  I am his beautiful Delilah and he looks at me and takes in my beauty.  Every inch of me is his.  As he slowly moves up my body, kissing every inch till he comes up to my lust filled face and he takes my beautiful face in his hands.  He kisses me passionately letting me taste myself on his tongue.  This makes me even more wild and lustful for him.  I can feel his ridged man hood on my thigh as I wiggle trying to position myself for his entry and he tells me in my ear to slow down, that he will get to that in due time.  He wants me to feel all the things I so desire and need to be a complete woman full of passion.

I just moan and purr at his request. Tom pulls me up and has me kneel in front of him as he moves from the bed.  Now standing to the side of the bed I reach for him and he pulls me onto him and makes me straddle him.  Wrapping my thick thighs around his waist he teases my pearl with the tip of his manhood.  Oh, I was so lost in him and my lust.  He takes me to a higher place in my mind, an out of body experience.  I was grinding on his waist as he pushes me up against the bedroom wall and I lose all control.  He thrusts himself in me and he feels how my hot silky walls of my love spot envelope his stiff member and he realizes how much he loves me and my silkiness.  He moans in my ear that he loves me and I look at him with tears in my eyes and I beg him to return to the bed so I can show him how much I love him too.

As Tom moves us back into bed, he nuzzles my neck and whispers into my ear telling me repeatedly how much he loves me and needs my love. Tom gently places me back on the bed and I move around so he can lie next to me. I ask him to please relax and close his eyes and let me love him now. Tom gets a big smile on his luscious lips and lies back and closes his eyes.  He can feel me move down his legs like a slithering snake, softly letting my bosoms glide over his legs.  I was soon in between his legs rubbing him with my soft little hands and placing small tender kisses all up his legs till I reached his man hood.
I took his manhood in my mouth and gave it some tender sucking and tongue lashings, getting it nice and wet for it's easy slide into the silky smooth lips of my love box. I moved over his erect manhood now and slowly enveloped his steel rod with my warm silky lips as I move myself up and down inserting more and more of his stiff hard member.  Oh, I was in ecstasy slowly riding on his hard member for all its worth swaying back and forth and grinding down with all my might as we  moaned in unison.  He is quivering with joy and meeting my every thrust with his own thrust. Oh how Tom was enjoying my love making.  Tom reaches up and caresses my nipples and causes me to moan so loudly and as I began to quiver I was having the biggest orgasm I have ever had.  When Tom feels my silky walls milk his manhood, he also loses himself in me.  We cum together mixing our juices together as one. Oh how I was losing control and I practically collapse on him all spent and short of breath now lying on his chest, panting to my hearts content. As he wraps his arms around me and I hold him so tight, he thinks to himself how he wishes that he never had to let go of me.

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